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Crabs, Foreign Substances attached to : Francis P. Pascoe,
Colour-blind Engine Drivers, 325

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1889, November 17) discovered by Lewis Swift, 69; Dr. | ferring Phosphorescence on, 137
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Gas-Flame, 357

Daily Graphic, the, 66
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Dalmatia, Earthquakes in, 136
Constellations, Large Scale Charts of the, Arthur Cottam, 45 Dana (Prof. James D.), Sedgwick and Murchison, Cambrian
Continents and Oceans, the Permanence of, Joseph John

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Danish Expedition to East Coast of Greenland, the Proposed,
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Causes of Variation, Prof. E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 128 Darwin (Prof. G. H., F.R.S.), Microseismic Vibration of the
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Darwin's and Lamarck's Theories as to Transmission of
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F.R.S., 513

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kester, F.R.S., 415

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ton Dyer, F.R.S., 247

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Romanes, F.R.S., 59 some Notes on Dr. A. R. Wallace's, Dreams, Dr. Julius Nelson, 546
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Duchayla's Proof, Prof. J. D. Everett, F.R.S., 198
Daubrée (M.),

Analogy of South African Diamantiferous Matrix Dumont (M., Natality of Paimpol, 332
to Meteorites, 263

Dun Echt Observatory, 351
Journey in North-West Cashmere, 165

Dundee Technical Education Association, 113
Davidson's Cornet be 1889), 429

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Dover, 418

Dast, the Motion of, Hon. Ralph Abercromby, 406
Dawson (Sir J. W., F.R.S.): Fossil Rhizocarps, 10; Certain Dust Particles, the Number of

, in the Atmosphere of certain
Devonian Plants from Scotland, 537

Places in Great Britain and the Continent, with Remarks on
Day (Francis), Fishes, 101

the Relation between the Amount of Dust and Meteorological
Deformation of an Elastic Shell, Prof. Horace Lamb, F.R.S., Phenomena, John Aitken, F.R.S., 394

Dutch East Indies, Science in, 547
Dehérain (P. P.), the Exhaustion of Soils cultivated without Dutch India, Flora of, 461
Manure, and Value of Organic Matter in Soil, 119

Dwight (Jonathan, Jun.), Birds that have struck the Statue of
Delachanal, Vincent and, Sorbite, 23

Liberty in New York Harbour, 181
Demography and Hygiene, Congress on, 401

Dyer (W. T. Thiselton, F.R.S.): the Duke of Argyll and the
Denniker (M.), Classification of Races, based on Physical Neo-Darwinians, 247 ; Acquired Characters and Congenital
Characters only, 332

Variation, 315
Denning (W. F.), Recent Observations of Jupiter, 206

Dynamics, Elementary, of Particles and Solids, W. M. Hicks,
Dentine and Bone, the Longevity of Textural Elements, parti. F.R.S., 534

cularly in, John Cleland, 392
Dentition, a Milk, in Orycteropus, O. Thomas, 309
Derbyshire, the Flora of, by the Rev. W. H. Painter, 77 Earl (A. G.), Elements of Laboratory Work, 461
Descartes and his School, Prof. Kuno Fisher, 171

Earth and its Story, edited by Dr. Robert Brown, 341
Desert of Atacama, on the Supposed Enormous Showers of Earth, on the Creation and Physical Structure of the, J. T.
Meteorites in the, 108

Harrison, 151
Deslandres (H.): Fundamental Common Property of Two kinds | Earth's Crust, Microseismic Vibration of the, Prof. G. H.

of Spectra, Lines and Bands ; Distinct Characteristics of each Darwin, F.R.S., 248

of the Classes ; Periodic Variations to Three Parameters, 576 Earth-currents and the Occurrence of Gold, Geo. Sutherland,
Deslongchamps (M. Eugène), Death and Obituary Notice of, 464

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Deutschen Seewarte: Annual Report of, 85; Meteorological Earthquakes : Record of British Earthquakes, Charles Davison,
Observations, 231

9; at St. Louis, 18; Earthquake of July 28, 1889, at
Dewar's (D.) Weather and Tidal Forecasts for 1890, 546

Kiushiu, J. Wada, 23; Relation of certain Magnetic Per-
Diamine (Diethyline), Dr. J. Sieber, 428

turbations to Earthquakes, M. Mascart, 23; the Earthquake
Diamonds, the Formation of
, M. Daubrée, 263

of Tokio, April 18, 1889, Prof. Cargill G. Knott, 32; Earth-
Dianthus, Enumeratio Specierum Varietatumque Generis, F. N. quakes in Algeria and Servia, 113; in Italy, Dalmatia, Bos-
Williams, 51

nia, and Herzegovina, 136, 181; at Granada, 161; British
Dianthus, Notes on the Pinks of Western Europe, by F. N. Earthquakes, William White, 202 ; Earthquakes in Turkes-
Williams, 78

tan, 230; the Earthquake of July 12 at Lake Issyk-kal,
Dibasic Organic Acids, a New Synthesis of, Prof. Crum Brown, 230; Earthquakes at Chelmsford and in Perthshire, 256;

Chas. Davison, 369; in Carinthia, 284 ; at Rome and in
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in the United States, 569 ; in the Tyrol, 569
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Connection of Nerve-fibres with them, 118

Easter Island, Archæology and Ethnology of, Walter Hough,
Dierckx (G.), Sun-spot in High Latitudes, 472
Differential Equations, a Treatise on Linear, Thomas Craig, Eastman (Prof. J. R.), on Solar and Stellar Motions, 351, 392

Eclipses : Eclipse Parties, 139 ; Total Solar, of 1886, Rev. S.
Differential Equations, a Treatise on Ordinary and Partial, Prof. J. Perry, F.R.S., 88; H. H. Turner, 88; Dr. Schuster,
W. W. Johnson, 270

F.R.S., 327 ; Total Eclipse of December 22, 1889, 229;
Digestions, a Comparative Study of Natural and Artificial, A. M. A. De La Baume Pluvinel, 428 ; Total Eclipse of January 1,
S. Lea, 430

1889, Prof. Holden, 305
Dines (W. H.), Anemometers, 212

Eder (Dr. J. M.), La Photographie à la Lumière du Magnésium,
Diseases of Plants, Prof. H. Marshall Ward, F.R.S., 436 584
Diseases, Tropical, the Relation of the Soil to, A. Ernest Edinburgh International Exhibition, 85
Roberts, 31

Edinburgh Royal Society, 167, 214, 335, 358, 382, 431, 478, 575
Distant (W. L.), Monograph on Oriental Cicadida, 161 Edison Phonograph, Use of, in Preserving American Indian
Disturbed Water, on the Effect of Oil on, A. B. Basset, F.R.S., Languages, J. W. Fewkes, 560

Education : Physiology of Education, Mary Putnam Jacobi, 28 ;
Ditte (A.), Action of Sulphuric Acid on Aluminium, 503

Lord Salisbury on Free Education, 84 ; Education in Basuto-
Divers (Dr. E., F.R.S.), Oxyamido-sulphonates and their Con land, Sir Marshall Clarke on, 86; Scientific Education in
version into Hyponitrites, 143

China, the Question of Language, 162; the Need for Vital
Dobbins (J. R.), Spread of the Australian Ladybird in California, Improvements in English Education, Sir Lyon Playfair, 180:

Association for Improvement of Geometrical Teaching, 207;
Dog, the, M. de Mortillet, 332

Polytechnics for London, 242; Necessity of a School for
Dogs and Music, 372

Modern Oriental Studies, Prof. Max Müller, 255; the New
Double-star Observations : S. W. Burnham, 19, 472; E. E. Codes, English and Scotch, 385; Land Grants to Educational
Barnard, 19

Institutions in U.S.A., 448; the Revised Instructions to
Double Stars, New, Miss A. M. Clerke, 132

Inspectors of Elementary Education, 577; Mathematical
Doumer (E.), Refracting Powers of Simple Salts in Solution, Teaching at Sorbonne, Prof. Ch. Hermite, 597; Technical

Education in New South Wales and Bengal, 66; Conference at



47, 166

Manchester on Technical Education, 84; Dundee Technical England, Railways of, W. M. Acworth, 434
Education Association, 113 ; the City Guilds and Technical Enright (J.), Electrification due to Contact of Gases and Liquids,
Education, Sir H. E. Roscoe, M.P., F.R.S., 160; on the
Future of our Technical Education, Sir Henry E. Roscoe, Entomology: the Metamorphosis of Anoura, E. Bataillon,
M.P., F.R.S., 183; Technical Education in Elementary 23; Entomological Society, 93, 191, 382, 503, 575; Pre-
Schools, 356; Technical Education in Central India, 470 ; a sidential Address by Lord Walsingham, 334 ; Entomologist's
South London Polytechnic, 481; Technical Education Bill, Monthly Magazine, New Series, 161 ; Spread of the Australian
Sir H. E. Roscoe, 493 ; Technical Education in the Code, Ladybird in California, J. R. Dobbins, 161; Extraordinary

Abundance of Agrotis spina in New South Wales in October,
Eggs, Protective Coloration of, E. B. Titchener, 129; Dr. A. S. Olliff, 161 ; Alexandria Garden Pest, R. W. Blunfield,
Alfred R. Wallace, 53 ; Rev. Fred. F. Grensted, 53

181; Temperature Experiments on Lepidoptera, F. Merrifield,
Egypt, Vandalism in, 447

191; the Gizzard in Scolopendridæ, Victor Willem, 237 ;
Egyptian Civilization, Early, W. M. Flinders Petrie, 109

Sugar Losing its Attractions for Lepidoptera, Joseph Ander-
Eissler (M.), a Hand-book of Modern Explosives, 224

son, 349; Sugar-cane Pests at St. Vincent, 372; Wax Organs
Elastic After-Strain, on a Certain Theory of, Prof. Horace of the Bee, G. Carlet, 407; Beetle-settlement in Disused
Lamb, F.R.S., 463

Gasometers, T. H. Hall, 520; Introduction into California of
Elastic Shell, Deformation of an, Prof. Horace Lamb, F.R.S., Australian Natural Enemies of the Fluted Scale (Icerya

purchasi), 569
Elastical Researches of Barré de Saint-Venant, Prof. A. G. Ephedra die Arten der Gattung, von Dr. Otto Stapf, 390
Greenhill, F.R.S., 458

Epidemic of Influenza, 145
Electricity: Modern Views of Electricity, Dr. Oliver J. Lodge, Equation, Roots of Algebraic, Prof. A. Cayley, 359

F.R.S., 5, 80; Electrical Cloud Phenomena, Prof. w. K. Equations, a Treatise on Linear Differential, Thomas Craig, 508
Burton, 10; New Method of Measuring Differences of Poten. Equilibrium, a Case of Chemical, W. H. Pendlebury, 104
tial of Contact, Prof. Righi, 18; Institution of Electrical Ergot, Cattle-poisoning by, 569
Engineers, 21; Magnetism and Electricity, Andrew Jamieson, Eschenhagen (Dr.), Potsdam Magnetic Observatory, 479.
30; Specific Inductive Capacity, Prof. Oliver J. Lodge, Espin (Rev. T. E.): S Cassiopeiæ, 115; Bright Lines in
F.R.S., 30; Siegsfeld's Electric Thermometer, 43 ; a Stellar Spectra, 549
Method of driving Tuning-Forks Electrically, W. G. Estuary, the Mersey, Effects of Training Walls in, L. F. V,
Gregory, 47; a New Electric Radiation Meter, W. G. Harcourt, 380
Gregory, 47; Electrifications due to Contact of Gases and Estuary, the Thames, Captain Tizard, R.N., 539
Liquids, J. Enright, 47; Proceedings of the National Etheridge (R., Jun.), the Murrumbidgee Limestone, 67
Electric Light Association at its Ninth Convention, 50; Ethnology : the Leyden Ethnographical Collection, 180 ; Ethno-
Electric Light at the British Museum, 301; the National graphy of Venezuela, Pre-Columbian, Dr. Marcano, 332 ;
Electric Light Association, 302 ; Magnetism and Electricity, Ethnologic Affinity of Ancient Etruscans, Dr. Brinton, 66,
Arthur W. Poyser, 52; a Proposed Gilbert Club, 84 ; the 448; Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the
Edinburgh International Exhibition, 85; Variations of Electric Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1884-85, J. W.
Resistance of Nitric Peroxide at Various Temperatures, J. Powell, 99; Ethnology of the Philippine Islands, Dr. F.
J. Boguski, 119; Electrical Figures, W. B. Croft, 132 ; the Blumentritt, 327; German Contributions to Ethnology, 433;
Arc Light, Joseph McGrath, 154 ; Effect of Repeated Heat Archäology and Ethnology of Easter Island, Walter Hough,
ing and Cooling on Electrical Coefficient of Annealed Iron, 569; Internationale Archiv für Ethnographie, 594
Herbert Tomlinson, F.R.S., 166; Electrification due to Eton, Science at, Lieut.-General Tennant, F.R.S., 587
Contact of Gases with Liquids, Enright, 166 ; Electrification Etruscans, Ethnologic Affinity of Ancient, 66, 448
of a Steam Jet, Shelford Bidwell, F.R.S.

, 213; Develop- Ettingshausen (Dr. Constantin Freiherr von), Das Australische
ment of Electricity and Heat in Dilute Electrolytic Solutions, Florenelement in Europa, 365
Prof. Planck, 215; the Peltier Effect and Contact E.M.F., Euclid, the Study of, 80
Prof. Oliver J. Lodge, F.R.S., 224; Electric Currents in Skin Everett (Prof. J. D., F.R.S.): Duchayla's Proof, 198 ; Traité
from Mental Excitation, Herr Tarchenoff, 232; Electrical d'Optique, M. E. Mascart, 224
Negative Variation of Heart accompanying Pulse, Dr. Aug. Every-day Life, Science of, J. A. Bower, 78
Wailer, 288 ; Electric Splashes, Dr. S. P. Thompson, 309 ; Evolution and the Darwinian Theory, Rev. John T. Gulick, 309
on Galvanometers, Ayrton, Mather, and Simpson, 310, 381; Evolution of Sex: M. S. Pembrey, 199; Dr. A. B. Meyer, 272;
Electrostatic Stress, Sir W. Thomson, F.R.S., 358; Easy Prof. Patrick Geddes and Arthur Thomson, 531
Lecture Experiment in Electric Resonance, Prof. Oliver J. Ewart (Prof. J. C.): Sardines in Moray Firth, 282 ; Cranial
Lodge, F.R.S., 368 ; Determination of Coefficient of Dynamic Nerves of Torpedo, 477 ; Development of Ciliary Ganglion,
and Electromotor Produce, P. Guzzi, 380; Electrical Resis 501
tance of Iron Alloys at High Temperatures, H. Le Chatelier, Exact Thermometry : Herbert Tomlinson, F.R.S., 198 ; Dr.
383 ; Electrical Resistance, Measurement of, Dr. Feussner, Sydney Young, 271
407 ; Electrical Oscillations in Rarefied Air, M. James Moser, Exhibition illustrating Application of Photography and Meteoro-
431 ; Magnetism and Electricity, Prof. Jamieson, 461 ; Elec logy, Proposed, 301
trical Radiation from Conducting Spheres, an Electric Eye Exhibition, Bournemouth Industrial and Loan, Science Exhibits.
and a Suggestion Regarding Vision, Prof. Oliver J. Lodge, in, 545
F.R.S., 462 ; Use of Bolometer for Observing Electrical Exhibition of Mining and Metallurgy, Proposed International,
Radiations of Hertz, Dr. Rubens, 504; Short Lectures to 447
Electrical Artisans, J. A. Fleming, 561; Absolute Measure- Exhibition, Paris : English Men of Science decorated, 17 ;
ments in Electricity and Magnetism, Andrew Gray, 561; French Native Colonists in, 427
Electricity in Modern Life, G. W. de Tunzelmann, 561 Exhibition, the Proposed Berlin International Horticultural, 283
Samples of Current, Electrical Literature, 561; Shape of Explosives, a Hand-book of Modern, M. Eissler, 224
Movable Coils used in, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Explosives, Smokeless, Sir Frederick Abel, F.R.S., 328, 352
T. Mather, 574; Prof. Stricker's New Electrical Lantern, Exton (Dr. H.), Geology of Witwatersrand Gold-fields, 190

Eye, the, Cortical Visual Areas, Prof. Munk, 407
Elementary Physics, M. R. Wright, 78
Elementary Schools, Technical Education in, 356
Elephant Sketeton, Large Indian, 66

Fall of Miner down a 100-Metre Shaft without being Killed, M.
Ellis (Thos. S.), the Human Foot, 365

Reumeaux, 471
Ellis (Wm.), Kelative Prevalence of North-East and South-West Fallot (Dr. A.), Cephalic Index of Corsican Population, 357
Winds, 586

Farne Islands, Bird-Preservation in the, H. G. Barclay, 112
Emerson (P. H.), Naturalistic Photography, 366

Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burmah, 101
Encyclopædie der Wissenschaften, 87

Fauna of Mergui and its Archipelago, 556
Engine Drivers, Colour-blind, 325

Faye (M. H.), the Orbit of Winnecke's Periodical Comet, 94
Engineer's Sketch-book, Thomas Walter Barber, 52

Feilden (Col. H. W.), the Barbados Monkey, 349
Engineers, Institution of Electrical, 21

Fermentation, the Micro-organisms of, practically considered,
Engines, Compound Locomotives, 331

Alfred Jörgensen, Prof. Percy F. Frankland, 339


Fern, Sweet-scented, 349

Fort William Meteorological Observatory, 518
Ferrel (William), a Popular Treatise on the Winds, 124 Forth Bridge : Testing of the New, 281; Opening of the, 429
Feussner (Dr.), Measurement of Electrical Resistance, 407 Fossil Plants of Coal-Measures, Organization of, Prof. W. C.
Fewkes (J. W.), Use of Edison Phonograph in Preserving Williamson, F.R.S., 593
American Indian Languages, 560

Fossil Rhizocarps : Sir J. Wm. Dawson, F.R.S., 10; Alfred
Fichte (Johann Gottlieb), the Popular Works of, 294

W. Bennett, 154
Field Experiments on Wheat in Italy, Prof. Giglioli, 404 Fowler (A.): Karlsruhe Observatory, 20; Objects for the
Field laid down to Permanent Grass, Sir J. B. Lawes, F.R.S., Spectroscope, 20, 44, 68, 87, 114, 138, 163, 183, 210, 232,

256, 285, 304, 326, 350, 374, 402, 428, 449, 472, 496, 521,
Fievez (Ch.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 400

548, 571, 595 ; Note on the Zodiacal Light, 402
Fighting for the Belt, F. C. Constable, 199

Fowler (G. J.), Influence of Different Oxides on Decomposition
, Sea-water Cure for Banana Disease in, 19

of Potassium Chlorides, 502
Finland, the Secular Upheaval of Coasts of, 348

France : Travels in, Arthur Young, 294; La France Préhisto-
Fire-damp, Explosions in Mines in Relation to Cosmic and rique, Emile Cartailhac, 102 ; Brazilian Honours to French
Meteorological Conditions, Dr. Wagner, 504

Astronomers, 135: French Meteorological Society, 161;
Fischer-Sigwart (Llerr), Snake and Fish, 162

French Scientific Missions under the Old Monarchy, Dr.
Fisher (Prof. Kuno), History of Modern Philosophy, Descartes Hamy, 427
and his School, 171

Frankland (Prof. Percy F.), the Micro-Organisms of Fermenta-
Fisher (Rev. Osmond) : on the Physics of the Sub-Oceanic Crust, tion practically considered, Alfred Jorgensen, 339

A. J. Jukes-Browne, 54 ; Does the Bulk of Ocean Water Fraser (George), Maltese Butterflies, 199
Increase, 197

Free Education, Lord Salisbury on, 84
Fisher (Robert), Flower-Land, an Introduction to Botany, 247 Freshfield (Douglas W.), Search and Travel in the Caucasus,
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