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Gulia (Dr.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 302

Hemsley (W. Botting, F.R.S.): Scientific Papers of Dr. Asa
Gulick (Rev. John T.): Evolution and the Darwinian Theory, Gray, 221 ; Flora of Keeling Islands, 492 ; Self-Colonization

309; “Like to Like," a Fundamental Principle in Bionomics, of Coco-Nut Palm, 537

Henry (Louis), Glycollic Nitrile and direct Synthesis of Glycollic
Gull (Sir William), Death of, 324

Acid, 576
Guppy (Dr. H. B.): a Contribution to the Physical History Henry (Paul and Prosper), Suppression of Halos in Photographic

and Zoology of the Somers Archipelago, with an Examination Plates, 576
of the Structure of Coral Reefs, Angelo Heilprin, 193 ; Coral Hepperger (J. Van), Velocity of the Propagation of Gravitation,
Reefs of the Java Sea and its Vicinity, 300; the Dispersal 472
of Plants, as Illustrated by the Flora of the Keeling Islands, Herdman (Prof. W. A.): Les Animaux et les Végétaux

Lumineux, Henri Gadeau de Kerville, 293 ; Foreign Sub-
Gurney (Henry Palin), Science and the India Civil Service stances attached to Crabs, 344
Examinations, 53

Heredity and Effects of Use and Disuse, F. H. Collins, 559
Guzzi (P.), Determination of Coefficient of Dynamic and Elec- Heredity, Theory of, Prof. A. Weismann, 317, 373, 439
tromotor Produce, 380

Hermite (Prof. Ch.), Mathematical Teaching at Sorbonne, 597
Herring, the Zuyder Zee, Dr. Hoek, 216

Herschel (Prof. A. S., F.R.S.): a Natural Evidence of High
Haga (T.), Oxyamidosulphonates and their Conversion into Thermal Conductivity in Flints, 175; the Spectrum of Sub-
Hyponitrites, 143

chloride of Copper, 513
Hagen (Dr. B.), the Malay Peoples, 21

Hertz's Vibrator, Wimshurst Machine and, T. A. Garrett and
Hagen (Rev. John G.), Observations of some Suspected W. Lucas, 515
Variables, 233

Hertz's Vibrators, Multiple Resonance obtained in, Prof. Geo.
Hailstones : Remarkable, at Philadelphia, Prof. E. J. Houston, Fras. Fitzgerald, 295; Fred T. Trouton, 295
43; Remarkable, G. J. Symons, F.R.S., 134

Herzegovina, Earthquakes in, 136
Hailstorms in Northern India, S. A. Hill, 236

Hess (Carl), the Eye of the Mole, 373
Hake (H. W.), Coloured Analytical Tables, 29

Heymans (Dr.), Myelin, 528
Hall (Asaph), Mass of Saturn, 429

Hicks (W. M., F.Á.S.), Elementary Dynamics of Particles and
Hall (Maxwell), on the Spectrum of the Zodiacal Light, 351, 402 Solids, 534
Hall (T. H.), Beetle Settlement in Disused Gasometers, 520 Hickson (Sydney J.), a Naturalist in North Celebes, Dr. F. H.
Haller (A.), the a Dextro- and Lævo-rotatory Borneol Camphor H. Guillemard, 457
ates, 503

High Latitudes, Sun-spot in, G. Dierckx, 472
Hallett (Holt S.), a Thousand Miles on an Elephant in the Hilger (Dr.), Taxine, a New Alkaloid from Yew Leaves, &c.,
Shan States, 265

Halos, Solar, and Parhelia, J. Lovell, 560

Hill (J. Rutherford), the Meteorite of Mighei, 298
Hamburg : Interesting Remains Discovered in, 21 ; Ground- Hill ($. A.),

Hailstorms in Northern India, 236
water Variations and the Typhus Epidemic, 570

Himalayas, Glaciation of Valleys in Kashmir, Captain Stiffe,
Hampshire, Characteristic Survivals of Celts in, T. W. Shore, 190

Hind (Dr. W. M.,), the Flora of Suffolk, 149
Hamy (Dr.), French Scientific Missions under Old Monarchy, 427 Hind (Dr. Wheelton), on the Geology of Suffolk, 149
Handtmann (Pastor), Inheritance of Acquired Mental Pecu- Hiorns (Arthur H.), Iron and Steel Manufacture, 159
liarity, 209

Hirn (Gustave Adolphe): Death of, 281 ; the Life and Work
Harcourt (L. F. V.), Effects of Training Walls in Mersey Estuary, of, Prof. A. G. Greenhill, F.R.S., 323

Hissar, Illustrations of some of the Grasses of the Southern
Hardening and Tempering of Steel, Prof. W. C. Roberts Punjab, being Photographs of some of the Principal Grasses
Austen, F.R.S., on the, II, 32

found at, William Coldstream, 533
Harding (Chas.): Weather in January, 425; on the Cold in History of Modern Philosophy, Descartes and his School, Prof.
March 1890, 598

Kuno Fisher, 171
Harker (Alfred), the Bala Volcanic Series of Caernarvonshire Holden (Prof.), Total Eclipse of January 1, 1889, 305

and Associated Rocks, being the Sedgwick Prize Essay for Hollis (W. Ainslie), Galls, 131, 274
1888, 414

Holmgren (Prof.), Cause of Change of Skin-colour in Arctic
Harris (P. A.), Brilliant Meteors, 105

Voyagers, 546
Harris (Walter B.), the Land of an African Sultan, 270 Holt (Ernest W. L.): Foreign Substances attached to Crabs,
Harrison (J. T.), on the Creation and Physical Structure of the 463, 515, 586; some Stages in Development of Brain of
Earth, 151

Clupea harengus, 525
Harrison (W. Jerome), an Elementary Text-book of Geology, Hopkins (George M.), Experimental Science, 102
Prof. A. H. Green, F.R.S., 75

Hopkins (W. B.), Behaviour of more Stable Oxides at High
Hartog (Prof. Marcus M.), Achlya, 298

Temperatures, 502
Hartog (P. I.), a First Foreshadowing of the Periodic Law, 186 Hopkinson (Dr. J., F.R.S.): Magnetism, 249, 273; Physical
Harvard College, the Astronomical Observatory of, 446

Properties of Nickel Steel, 332
Harvey (Augustus), Influenza, 270

Horny Sponges, Robert von Lendenfeld, 146
Hauck (Dr. F.), Death of, 256

Horses, Fossil, of Argentina, Dr. Hermann Burmeister, 82
Hawes (F. B.), Carbon Deposit in Blake Telephone Trans- Horsley (Victor, F.R.S.), Arrangement of Excitable Fibres of
mitter, 477

Internal Capsules of Bonnet Monkey, 166
Haycraft (Dr. J. B.), Voluntary Muscular Contraction, 495 Horticultural Exhibition, the Proposed Berlin International, 283
Haze, the Causes and Character of, Hon. F. A. R. Russell, 60 Horticulture, the Cultivated Oranges and Lemons of India and
Hazen (Prof. H. A.), Use of “Sling" Thermometer in Predic Ceylon, Dr. E. Bonavia, C. B. Clarke, F.R.S., 579
tion of Frosts, 501

Hough (Walter), Archäology and Ethnology of Easter Island,
Head-hunters, a Naturalist among the, C. W. Woodford, 582 569
Health, Hygiene or Public, Louis C. Parkes, 290

Houssay (F.), Les Industries des Animaux, 409
Heat, Animal, M. Berthelot, 119

Houston (Prof. E. J.), Remarkable Hailstones at Philadelphia, 43
Heat and Light, Rev. F. W. Aveling, 558

Houzeau (J. C.): Biographical Note on, A. Lancaster, 20, 69:
Heavens, Scenery of the, J. E. Gore, 391

Vade Mecum, 69
Hebert (M.), Funeral of, 545

Hudson (Dr. C. T., F.R.S.), on some Needless Difficulties in
Heilprin (Angelo), a Contribution to the Physical History and the Study of Natural History, 375

Zoology of the Somers Archipelago, with an Examination of Hudson (W. H.), Argentine Ornithology, R. Bowdler Sharpe, 7

the Structure of the Coral Reefs, Dr. H. B. Guppy, 193 Hues's (Robert), Treatise on the Globes (1592), 459
Helmholtz (Prof.), on the Production of Waves, 95

Hughes (Mrs. Watts), Voice Figures, 42
Helsingfors University, 400

Hulme (F. Edward), Wayside Sketches, 270
Hempel (Dr.), Experiments upon Simultaneous Production of Human Anatomy, a Text-book of, Prof. Alex. Macalister,

Pure Crystals of Sodium Carbonate and Chlorine from Common F.R.S., 269
Salt 16

Human Foot, the, Thos. S. Ellis, 365

Hume (Allan O.), the Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Vol. I., Insect, Note on a Probable Nervous Affection observed in an,

E. W. Carlier, 197
Humphry (Geo. M., M.D., F.R.S.), Old Age, 484

Institution of Civil Engineers, 229
Hyderabad Chloroform Commission, 154, 289

Institution of Electrical Engineers, 21
Hydra, New Variable Star in, 88

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 331 ; Anniversary Meeting,
Hydraulic Motors, Turbines and Pressure Engines, G. R. Bod 591
mer, 27

Institution of Naval Architects, 494, 515
Hydrazine, Drs. Curtius and Jay, 547

Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie, 209, 372
Hydrobromic Acid, the Preparation of, A. Recoura, 599 Iron and Steel Institute, Visit to America of, 469
IIydrophobia, the New Muzzling Regulation, 241

Iron and Steel Manufacture, Arthur H. Hiorns, 150
Hydrostatics, Stability of Rotating Spheroid of Perfect Liquid, Iron and Steel, Molecular Stability of Metals, particularly of,
E. H. Bryan, 526

Carl Barus, 369
Hydroxylamine with Metallic Chlorides, New Compounds of, Iron, the Relation between Atomic Volumes of Elements
Crismer, 401

present in, and their Influence on its Molecular Structure,
Hygiene and Demography, Congress on, 401

Prof. W. C. Roberts-Austen, F.R.S., 420
Hygiene of French Native Colonists in Paris, 427

Iron, the Villari Critical Points in Nickel and, Herbert
Hygiene or Public Health, Louis C. Parkes, 290

Tomlinson, F.R.S., 574
Hypnotic Subjects and the Eye, 94

Irving (Rev. A.), Chemical and Physical Studies in the Meta-
Hypothesis, Nebular, Herbert Spencer, 450

morphism of Rocks, 49
Isefiord, Denmark, Zoological Floating Station at, 569

Italy, Southern, Geological Excursion to the Active and Extinct
Iapetus, Observations of the Magnitude of, 403

Volcanoes of, 133
Ice Forms, Peculiar, Prof. J. G. MacGregor, 463

Italy: Earthquake in, 136; Activity of Queccia de Salsa, 181
Iceland : Diminution in Population of, 473 ; M. Thoroddsen's Ivy, Abnormal Shoots of

, W. F. R. Weldon, 464
Explorations in, 165

Izvestia of the Russian Geographical Society, 352
Ichthyology: the Spiracle Gill of Selachians, Dr. Virchow, 119;

the Zuyder Zee Herring, Dr. Hoek, 216 ; Anchovies on South
Coast of England, J. T. Cunningham, 230; Drumming Fish Jackson (W. E.), Nebula, General Catalogue No. 4795, 450
Balistes aculeatus), 263 ; Anatomy of Torpedo marmorata, Jacobi (Mary Putnam), Physiological

Notes on Primary Educa-
Prof. Fritsch, 264; Sardines in Moray Firth, Prof. Ewart,

tion and the Study of Language, 28
282 ; the Bladder in Fishes, Prof. Liebreich, 359 ; Cranial James (Dr: Bushrod W.), American Resorts, with Notes upon
Nerves of Torpedo, Dr. J. C. Ewart, 477 ; Marine Fisheries

their Climate, 79
Society of Great

Grimsby, 520; some Stages in Development James (W. J.), the Use of the Word Antiparallel, 10
of Brain of Clupea harengus, E. W. L. Holt, 525

Jamieson (Prof.), Magnetism and Electricity, 461
Identity of Comet Vico (1844) with Brooks's (1889), 233

January, Weather in, Chas. Harding, 425
Idylls of the Field, Francis A. Knight, 79

Japan: Cyclone of September 11-12, 1889, in, M. Wada, 208 ;
Im Hochgebirge, Wanderungen von Dr. Emil Zsigmondy, 291

Great Volcanic Eruption in, 400; Meteorology in 1887,
Images, Visualized, Produced by Music, Geo. E. Newton, 417

M. Wada, 400 ; Japanese Dwarf Tree (Thuja obtusa), 86
Index of British Plants, Robert Turnbull, 196

Japp (Prof. F. R., F.R.S.): a-b-Dibenzoylstyrolene and Zinin's
Index Generum Avium, F. H. Waterhouse, R. Bowdler

Lepiden Derivatives, 142 ; Compounds of Phenanthraquinone
Sharpe, 169

with Metallic Salts, 191
Index: a Suggested Subject-index to the Royal Society's Cata- Jastrow (Prof.), the Cradle of the Semites, 569
logue of Scientific Papers, 342, 391

Java Sea, Coral Reefs of the, and its Vicinity, Dr. H. B.
Index of the Papers of the London Mathematical Society, 594

Guppy, 300
India : Science and the Indian Civil Service Examinations, 25, Jenkins (Prof. P.), the Strength of Ships, 575

Jay (Dr.), Hydrazine, 547
263 ; Henry Palin Gurney, 53 ; Indian Geological Survey, Jerusalem, Troglodytic Remains in, Herr Schick, 284
Death of Mr. E. J. Jones, 41 ; Recent Indian Surveys, 139, Jesse (O.), Photographs of Luminous Night Clouds, 592
230; Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma, lol : | Johns Hopkins University, 448
Wanton Destruction of Forests in India, R. J. Crosthwaite,
210; Dr. Schlich, 470; Northern, Hailstorms in India, S. A. Johnson (W. E.), Proof of the Parallelogram of Forces, 153

, 236; Olive Cultivation in India, 303 ; Travels in India, Johnson (Prof. W. W.), a Treatise on Ordinary and Partial
Jean Baptiste Tavernier, 313; the Birds of India, E. W.

Differential Equations, 270
Oates, 388; the Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Allan Johnston (Miss E. J.), the Relation of Physiological Action to
0. Hume, 388 ; Locusts in India, E. C. Cotes, 403, 491 ) Johnston (R. M.), Variability of Tasmanian Unio, 303
Technical Education in Central, 470; Suggestion for Facili.
tating the Study of Botany in, G. Carstensen, 546 ; Provincial Joly (A.), Double Nitrites of Ruthenium and Potassium, 23,
Index of Minerals of, Dr. W. King, 546; Native Indian Joly (I.): the Steam Calorimeter, 212; Resonance Method of
Scientific Literature, 569; the Cultivated Oranges and Lemons

Measuring Constants of Gravitation, 256
of India and Ceylon, Þr. E. Bonavia and C. B. Clarke, F.R.S., Jones (E, T.), Death of, 41
579 ; Catalogue of the Library of Indian Museum, 594

Jones (W.), Glimpses of Animal Life, 409
Indian, American, Languages, Use of Edison Phonograph in Jörgensen (A?fred), the Micro-organisms of Fermentation prac-
Preserving, J. W. Fewkes, 560

tically considered, Prof. Percy F. Frankland, 339
Indian, American, Pipe, H. B. Bashore, 303

Joule (Prof. J. P.), Proposed Memorial to, 89, 160, 281
Indigo, New Method of Synthesizing, Dr. Flimm, 326

Journal of Botany, 405
Inductive Capacity, Specífic: W. Å. Rudge, 10'; Prof. Oliver Jukes-Browne (A. J.): Physics of the Sub-oceanic Crust, 53 ;
J. Lodge, F.R.S., 30

Is the Bulk of Ocean Water a Fixed Quantity ?, 130
Influenza : the Epidemic of, 145 ; W. Greatheed, 270 ; Augustus Jungfrau Railway, Proposed, Herr Trautweiler, 303

Harvey, 270, the Suspected Connection between Influenza Jupiter, Recent Observations of, W. F. Denning, 206
and Cholera Epidemics, Dr. Smolenski, 282 ; Climatological Jupiter's Belt 3; III., the Structure of, Dr. Terby, 45
Considerations about Influenza, Dr. Assmann, '325; Children's Jupiter's Satellites, Ch. André, 94
Growth in Weight checked by Influenza, 471 ; Supposed
Chinese Source of Russian Influenza, 593; Influenza and Kane (Sir Robert, F.R.S.): Death of, 371 ; Obituary Notice
Weather, Mitchell and Buchan, 596

of, 398
Inheritance of Acquired Characters: the Duke of Argyll, F.R.S., Kangaroos, Decrease of, 43

173, 294, 366; W. T. Thiselton Dyer, F.R.S., 315; F. V. Karlsruhe Observatory, A. Fowler, 20
Dickins, 316; Right Rev. Bishop R. Courtenay, 367; Dr. J. Kater Pendulum, Shuckburgh Scale, O. H. Tittmann, 538
Cowper, 368 ; Herbert Spencer, 414; Prof. E. Ray Lankester, Katzenstein (Dr.), Experiments on Influence of Bodily Labour
F.R.S., 415. See also Panmixia

on Metabolism of Man, 479
Inheritance of Acquired Mental Peculiarity, Handtmann, 209 Kaulbars (Baron), Geography in Russia, 208
Inherited Characters and Panmixia, Prof. Geo. J. Romanes, Keeling Islands, Flora of, Þr. H. B. Guppy, W. B. Hemsley,
F.R.S., 437

F.R.S., 492

Keiser (Dr. E. H.), Redetermination of Atomic Weight of Pal. Lapouge (M. de), Modern Crania in Montpellier, 357
ladium, 44

Larden (W.), Mirage in the South American Pampas, 69
Kent, Discovery of Coal in, 400

Lascelles (B. P.) and R. P. Williams, Introduction to Chemical
Kerville (Henri Gadeau de), Les Animaux et les Végétaux Science, 128
Lumineux, Prof W. A. Herdman, 293

Latitude, Redetermination of, in Tokio, Watanabe, 427
Kew Bulletin, 42, 136, 283, 325, 448, 569

Latter (Prof. Oswald H.), Who Discovered the Teeth in Omni-
Kew Observatory Report, 208

thorhynchus ?, 130, 174
Key to the Royal Society Catalogue, James C. McConnel, 342, Law, Science and, 399
391, 418

Lawes (Sir J. B., F.R.S.), a Field laid down to Permanent
Khúrbet ’Ajlân, Excavations at, 592

Grass, 229
Kiel, the Botanical Institute and Marine Station at, 397 Lea (A. s.), a Comparative Study of Natural and Artificial
Kiev, Actinometric Observations (1888–89) at, R. Savelief, 359 Digestions, 430
Kilima-Njaro, the Ascent of, Dr. Hans Meyer and Purtscheller, Leak-stopping in Steel Ships, Captain C. C. P. Fitzgerald,
164, 572

R.N., 516
King Charles Land, Prof. Kuekenthal's Researches in, 234 Lean (Wm. Scarnell), a Brilliant Meteor, 60
King (Dr. George, F.R.S.), Materials for a Flora of the Leaper (Clement J.), Synoptical Tables of Organic and Inorganic
Malayan Peninsula, 437

Chemistry, 510
King (Dr. W.), Provincial Index of Minerals of India, 546 Least Squares, Theory of, a Formula in the, D. Wetterhan, 394
Kirby (W. F.), Systems of " Russian Transliteration,” 534 Lebeau (P.): Volumetric Estimation of Copper, 431 ; Estimation
Kirschbaum (Madame Rosa), First Lady Physician admitted to of Free Halogen and Iodides in Presence of Chlorine and
Medical Practice in Austria, 509

Bromine, 479
Klein (Dr. E., F.R.S.), the Bacteria of Asiatic Cholera, 509 Le Conte, Formation of the Earth's Crust, 46
Klingemann (Dr. F.), c-B-Dibenzoyltyrolene and Zinin's Lepiden Lefroy (Sir John H., F.R.S.), Death and Obituary Notice of,
Derivatives, 142

Knight (Francis A.), Idylls of the Field, 79

Lehmann (Dr.): the Babylonian Metrical System, 167 ; the
Knopf (Dr.), Comet Brooks (d 1889, July 6), 115

Testing of Tuning-forks, 383
Knott (Prof. Cargill G.), the Earthquake of Tokio, April 18, Leicester Museum Grounds, on a Mite of the Genus Taranzickus
1889, 32

found Infesting Lime Trees in the, F. R. Rowley, 31
Kny (Herr), on Trees Growing in an Inverted Position, 86 Leicestershire and Rutland, the Vertebrate Animals of, Montagu
Kolaba District, Flint Remains in, W. E. Sinclair, 114

Browne, 220
Kossel (Prof.), Microscope as applied to Physiological Chemis. Lendenfeld (Dr. Robert von): a Monograph of the Horny
try, 23

Sponges, 146; Physiology of Sponges, 570; Foreiga Sub-
Krakatao, the Period of the Long Sea-waves of, James C. stances attached to Crabs, 317
McConnel, 392

Lepidoptera, Sugar losing its Attractions for, Joseph Anderson.
Kremser (Dr.), Frequency of Mist, 215

Kubary (). s.), Ethnographische Beiträge zur Kenntniss des Lepidoptera, Temperature Experiments on, F. Merrifield, 191
Karolinen Archipels, 433

Lesquereux (Prof.), Death of, 135.
Küchenmeister (Dr. Gottlob Friederich H.), Death of, 59 Lesser Antilles, the, Owen T. Bulkeley, 268
Kuekenthal's (Prof.), Researches in King Charles Land, 234 Leumann (Prof.), Influence of Blood-Circulation and Breathing
Kunz (G. F.), Mexican Amber, 372

on Mind-Life, 209
Kutter (W. R.) and E. Ganguillet, a General Formula for the Leveau (G.), D'Arrest's Comet, 596
Uniform Flow of Water in Rivers and other Channels, 411 Lewes (Prof. V.), the Ignition of Coal Cargoes, 517

Lewis (Prof. H. C.), the late, Wm. Upham, 256

Ley (Rev. W. Clement) : Thought and Breathing, 317; Chiff-
Laboratories of Bedford College, London, 279

Chaff singing in September, 317
Laboratory, Botanical, in the Royal Gardens, Peradeniya, Leyden Ethnographical Collection, the, 180
Ceylon, 445

Libraries, Free, the Manchester, 181
Laboratory, New Marine, at St.-Wast-la-Hougue, 160

Library, Bethnal Green Free, Proposed Enlargement of, 349
Laboratory, the Poona Bacteriological, 469

Library, Proposed Free, at Whitechapel, 161
Laboratory Work, Elements of, A. G. Earl, 461

Library Reference Atlas of the World, John Bartholomew, 413
Labuan, the African Oil Palm in, 42

Liebreich (Prof.), the Bladder in Fishes, 359
Laccadive Islands, Rat-plague in, 303

Life, Animal, Glimpses of, W. Jones, 409
Ladybird, Australian, in California, Spread of the, J. R. Light, Coronal, Photometric Intensity of, Prof. Thorpe, 139
Dobbins, 161

Light and Heat, Rev. F. W. Aveling, 558
Lagrange (Dr. Fernand), Physiology of Bodily Exercise, 485 Light, New, from Solar Eclipses, William M. Page, William
Lake-dwelling near Milan, Discovery of, 67

E. Plummer, 529
Lalang, Noxious Grass at Singapore, 182

Light-Waves, Measurement by, A. A. Michelson, 405
Lamarck versus Weismann, Prof. E. D. Cope, 79

Lightning, Effects of, 10
Lamarck's and Darwin's Theories as to Transmission of Acquired Lightning, Globular and other forms of, Reuben Phillips, 58
Characters, Prof. E. R. Lankester, F.R.S., 486

Like to Like, a Fundamental Principle in Bionomics, Prof. Geo.
Lamb (Prof. Horace, F.R.S.): on a Certain Theory of Elastic J. Romanes, F.R.S., 535; John T, Gulick, 535

After-strain, 463 ; on the Deformation of an Elastic Shell, 549 Lime, Crystals of, H. A. Miers, 515, 560
Lamp (Dr. E.): Return of Brorsen's Comet, 69; Comet Swift Lime Trees in Leicester Museum Grounds, on a Mite of the
(f 1889, November 17), 233

Genus Tetranychus found Infesting, F. R. Rowley, 31
Lampert (Dr.), Zoogeography, Wolves, &c., in Germany, 182 Linear Differential Equations, a Treatise on, Thomas Craig,
Lamplugh (G. W.), the Wanton Destruction of Sea-birds, 490
Lancaster (M. A.), Biographical Note on, J. C. Houzeau, 20 Ling (A. R.), Studies on Isomeric Change, IV., Halogen De-
Land, Area of the, and Depths of the Oceans in Former Periods, rivatives of Quinone, 527
T. Mellard Reade, 103

Linnean Society, 143, 191, 239, 334, 405, 431, 478, 527, 599
Langley (E. M.), the Use of the Word Antiparallel, 104 Linnean Society of New South Wales, 161, 284
Langley (J. N., F.R.S.), Local Paralysis of Peripheral Ganglia Linossier (G.), Morphology and Biology of Oidium

albicans, 72
and Connection of Nerve-Fibres with them, 118

Liquid Surfaces, Tension of Recently-formed, Lord Rayleigh,
Langley (Prof.), the Solar and the Lunar Spectrum, 450

Language, Study of Physiological Notes on Primary Education Liquids, Determination, by Measurement of Ripples, of Surface
and the, Mary Putnam Jacobi, 28

Tensions of, Prof. C. Michie Smith, 575
Languages, American Indian, Use of Edison Phonograph in Lissa (Baron de), the Pioneer Plants of British North Borneo,
Preserving, J. W. Fewkes, 560

Lankester (Prof. E. Ray, F.R.S.): Darwinism, 9 ; E. D. Cope Liverpool Literary and Philosophical Society, 471

on the Causes of Variation, 128 ; the Inheritance of Acquired Liverpool Physical Society, 135
Characters, 415; Transmission of Acquired Characters and Lizard of South-West United States, Heloderma suspectunt, the
Panmixia, 486; Panmixia, 558

Poisonous, Craniology of, R. W. Shufeldt, 181


Lobley (J. Logan), Mount Vesuvius, 195

Magnetism, a Proposed Gilbert Club, 84
Lockyer (J. Norman, F.R.S.): the Physical and Chemical Magnetization of Cobalt, Effects of Pressure on, C. Chree, 237

Characteristics of Meteorites as throwing Light upon their Maiden (I. H.), the Useful Plants of Australia, 194
Past History, 305; on the Zodiacal Light, 402

Malaga, Earthquake at, 470
Locomotive, the Latest Express Compound, 448

Malay Peoples, the, Dr. B. Hagen, 21
Locusts in India, E. C. Cotes, 403, 491

Malayan Peninsula, Materials for a Flora of the, Dr. Geo. King,
Locusts in the Red Sea, G. T. Carruthers, 153

F.R.S., 437
Lodge (Prof. Dr. Oliver J., F.R.S.): Modern Views of Electricity, Malic Acid and its Compounds, D. Gernez, 94

5, 80; Specific Inductive Capacity, 30; the Peltier Effect and Maltese Butterflies, George Fraser, 199
Contact E.M.F., 224; Easy Lecture Experiment in Electric Mammalian Molars, Primitive Types of, 465
Resonance, 368; Electrical Radiation from Conducting Mammoth Skeleton in Russia, Discovery of, 448
Spheres, an Electric Eye and a Suggestion regarding Vision, Manchester Conference on the Technical Instruction Act, 97

Manchester Field Naturalists' Society, 593
Loewig (Dr. K. J.), Death of, 545

Manchester Free Libraries, the, 181
Logical Machine, a New, Mary Boole, 79

Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, 373; Annual
London Geological Field Class, 519

Report of, 137
London Mathematical Society, 594

Manchester, Proposed Planting of Evergreen Shrubs in, 401
London, the Moon in, Rev. T. R. R. Stebbing, 586

Manchester, Street Plants in, 42
London Polytechnic, a South, 481

Manganese, New Mode of Preparing, Dr. Glatzel, 67
London, Polytechnics for, 242

Manure, Stable, the Fermentation of, Th. Schlesing, 143
London University, the Proposed Reconstitution of, 282, 348 Manures and their Uses, Dr. A. B. Griffiths, 222, 272
Longitude of Mount Hamilton, 211

Manuscripts, Ancient Cingalese, 349
Longitude between Paris and Leyden, Difference of, Bassot, Manx Geological Society, 208

Maori Cave-dwelling, Discovery of, H. O. Forbes, 209
Longitudes, Annuaire du Bureau des, 327

Maps: Facsimile Atlas to the Early History of Cartography,
Loochoo Islands, Proposed Meteorological Observatory in, 401 A, E. Nordenskiöld, 553
Loomis on Rainfall of Earth, Dr. van Bebber, 43

Maquenne (M.), B-Inosite, 215
Lott (Francis Edw.) and Chas. Geo. Mathews, the Microscope Marcet (Dr.), Atmospheric Dust, 358, 473
in the Brewery and Malt-house, 246

Marchand (Em.), Observations on Sun-spots made at Lyons
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