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Meyer (Dr. Hans), the Ascent of Kilimanjaro, 164, 572 Moon in London, the, Rev. T. R. R. Stebbing, 586
Meyrick (E.): Osteolepida, 342 ; Dr. J. A. H. Murray, 343 Moore (John Murray), New Zealand for the Emigrant, Invalid,
Mica in Mourne Mountain Granite Geodes, Prof. Sollas, F.R.S., and Tourist, 342

Moore (Spencer): True Nature of Callus, 478; Nessler's
Michael (Major-General), Forestry, 348

Ammonia Test as a Micro-chemical Reagent for Tannin,
Michelson (A. A.), Measurement by Light-Waves, 405

Micro-organism conferring Phosphorence on Crustaceans, Dis- Morea, Rock-sepulchre at Vaphio, S. Reinach, 500
covery by Prof. Giard of, 137

Morgan (Prof. C. LI.), the Pebidian Volcanic Series of St.
Micro-organisms of Fermentation practically considered, Alfred David's, 311
Jorgensen, Prof. Percy F. Frankland, 339

Morley Memorial College and the Royal Victoria Hall, 343
Microscopy: the Microscope as applied to Physiological Che- Morocco, Travels in, Walter B. Harris, 270

mistry, Prof. Kossel, 23; Royal Microscopical Society, 93 ; Morris (D.): Seeding of Sugar-cane, 478; the Native Ebony of
Ahrens's Polarizing Binocular Microscope, 93 : Formation of St. Helena, 519
Scottish and Italian Microscopical Societies, 180: the Micro Morris (Dr. G. H.), Identity of Cerebrose and Galactose,
scope in the Brewery and Malt-house, Chas. Geo. Mathews and 262
Francis Edw. Loti, 246; Tercentenary of the Invention of Mortillet (M. de), the Dog, 332
the Compound Microscope, 256 ; Zeiss's New Apochromatic Morton (Rev. T. W.), Meteor, 249
Objective Microscope, 494 ; Microseismic Vibration of the Moscow Archæological Congress, 283
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Moser (James), Electrical Oscillations in Rarefied Air, 431
Middlesex Natural History and Scientific Society, 138

Moss (F. J.), Through Atolls and Islands in the Great South
Miers (H. A.), Crystals of Lime, 515, 560

Sea, 151
Mighei, the Meteorite of, Stanilas Meunier, 232 ; J. Rutherford Moss, Hygrometric Club, from Mexico, 401
Hill, 298

Mount Hamilton, Longitude of, 211
Milan, Discovery of Lake-Dwelling near, 67

Mount Vesuvius, J. Logan Lobley, 195
Millipede, a Marine, 104 ; Edward Parfitt, 153 ; R. I. Pocock, Mouse-Hunt

, a Kind of Weasel, E. B. Titchener, 394

Mozambique, Arrival of Captain Trivier at, 165
Mills (Dr. Edmund J., F.R.S.), Traité pratique de la Thermo- Muirhead" (B. A.), Ten and Tenth Notation, 344

métrie de précision, Ch. Ed. Guillaume, 100; Exact Thermo- Muirhead (Geo.), the Birds of Berwickshire, R. Bowdler Sharpe,
metry, 227, 538

Mills (John) and Barker North, Introductory Lessons in Quanti- Müller (Prof. Max): Necessity of a School for Modern Oriental
tative Analysis, 197

Studies, 255 ; Thought and Breathing, 317
Miner, Fall of a, without being killed, down a 100-metre Shaft, Multiple Resonance obtained in Hertz's Vibrators, Prof. Geo.
M. Reumeaux, 471

Fras. Fitzgerald, 295 ; Fred T. Trouton, 295,
Mineralogy : Mineralogical Magazine, 67; Statistics of Minera Munk (Dr.): Absorption of Fats and Fatty Acids in Absence o

logy in Canada, 87 ; Great Find of Rare Minerals of Yttrium Bile in Intestine, 119; the Cortical Visual Areas, 407;
and Thorium Groups in Texas, 162; Provincial Index of the Fat the only Food leaving Intestines by Lacteals, 504
Minerals of India, Dr. W. King, 546; Mines at Bendigo, Munro's Wind-measuring Instruments, 492
Victoria, Report of School of, 209; Mining and Metallurgy, Murchison, Sedgwick and, Cambrian and Silurian, Prof. James
Proposed International Exhibition of, 447 ; Mining and D. Dana, 421
Metallurgy, International Exhibition of, at the Crystal Palace, Murphy (Joseph John): the Permanence of Continents and

Oceans, 175; Luminous Clouds, 298
Minimum Sun-spot Period, M. Bruguière, 68

Murray (Dr. John), Coral Reefs in Recent Seas, 167
Minor Planet (12), Victoria, Dr. Gill, 139

Murray-Aynsley (Mrs. J. C.), Thought and Breathing, 441
Minor Planets, Clorinde, 88

Museums : Opening of the Berlin National Science, 112;
Mint, Royal, the New Assistant Secretary at, T. Rose Kirke, 493 Suggestions for the Formation and Arrangement of a Museum
Mirage in the South American Pampas, W. Larden, 69

of Natural History in Connection with a Public School, Prof.
Mirages, Arthur E. Brown, 225

W. H. Flower, F.R.S., 177; Cambridge Archæological,
Missouri Botanical Garden, 209

324; Annual Meeting of Museums Association, 591
Mist, Frequency of, Dr. Kremser, 215

Music on Animals, Effect of, R. E. C. Stearns, 470
Mitchell (Sir Arthur), Influenza and the weather, 596

Music, Dogs and, 372
Mite of the Genus Tetranychus found infesting Lime Trees in Music, Visualized Images produced by, Geo. E. Newton, 417

the Leicester Museum Grounds, on the, F. R. Rowley, 31 Musical Sounds, the Effect of, on Animals, R. E. C. Stearns,
Mivart (Dr. St. George, F.R.S.), Prof. Weismann's Essays, 593
38; Galls, 174

Muthmann (Dr.), Crystalline Allotropic Forms of Sulphur, 449
Modern Views of Electricity, 102

Muzzling Regulations, the New, 241
Modigliani's Exploration of Nias Island, Prof. Giglioli, 587
Moebius (Prof.), Drumming Fish (Balistes aculeatus), 263
Moissan (Henri): a New Method of Preparing Fluorine, 117; Nansen's (Dr.) Plan for North Pole Expedition, 374

the Anhydrous Platinous Fluorine, 119; Perfected Mode of Naphthalene, Constitution of Tri-derivatives of, Armstrong and
Preparing Fluorine, 138; Colour and Spectrum of Fluorine, Wynne, 454
214; Phosphorus Trifluoride, 349 ; Two Gaseous Fluorides of Natality of Paimpol, M, Dumont, 332
Carbon, 373

National Union of Teachers, 545
Mole, the Eye of the, Carl Hess, 373

Native Colonists, French, in Paris, 427
Molecular Stability of Metals, particularly of Iron and Steel, Natural Evidence of High Thermal Conductivity in Flints, Prof.
Carl Barus, 369

A. S. Herschel, F.R.S., 175
Molecular Structure, the Relation between Atomic Volumes of Natural History : Suggestions for the Formation and Arrange-
Elements present in Iron, and their Influence on its, Prof. ment of a Museum of Natural History

in connection with a
W. C. Roberts-Austen, F.R.S., 420

Public School, Prof. W. H. Flower, F.R.S., 177 ; Catalogue
Molucca Islands, Count Salvadori on the Birds of, 85

of the Fossil Reptilia and Amphibia in the British Museum,
Monck (Dr. W. H. S.): Satellite of Algol, 198 ; the Distances Richard Lydekker, 534 ; on some Needless Difficulties in the
of the Stars, 392

Study of Natural History, Dr. C. T. Hudson, F.R.S., 375;
Monkey, the Barbados, Colonel H. W. Feilden, 349

Glimpses of Animal Life, W. Jones, 409; Toilers in the Sea,
Monkey, Bonnet, Arrangement of Excitable Fibres of Internal M. C. Cooke, 409; Les Industries des Animaux, F. Houssay,
Capsule of, Beevor and Horsley, 166

409; Natural Selection, Lamarck versus Weismann, Prof. E.
Monkeys, African, in the West Indies, Dr. P. L. Sclater, D. Cope, 79; Prof. G. J. Romanes, F.R.S., on the Forma-
F.R.S., 368

tion of Galls, 80; Naturalist in North Celebes, Sydney J.
Montigny (Prof. C. M. V.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 497 Hickson, Dr. F. H. H. Guillemard, 457 ; the Physician as
Montpellier University, Proposed Commemoration of Founding Naturalist, W. T. Gairdner, 436 ; Naturalistic Photography,
of, 447

P. H. Emerson, 366
Montsouris Observatory, the Effect of Railways on Instruments NATURF, Progress of, during Twenty Years, I
in, 592

| Navigation, der Kompass an Bord, Dr. Neumayer, 412


Nebula N.G.C. 2237, the Cluster G.C. 1420 and, Dr. Lewis Old Age, Dr. Geo. M. Humphry, F.R.S., 484
Swift, 285

Olfactometer, Dr. Zwardemaaker, 349
Nebula, General Catalogue No. 4795, W. E. Jackson, 450 Olive Cultivation in India, 303
Nebular Hypothesis, Herbert Spencer, 450

Oliver (Dr. Francis), the Weather Plant (Abrus precaloriar),
Neo-Darwinians, Duke of Argyll and the, W. T. Thiselton-
Dyer, F.R.S., 247

Olliff (A. S.), Extraordinary Abundance of Noctuid Moth
Nessler's Ammonia Test as a Micro-chemical Reagent for (grotis spina) in New South Wales in October, 161
Tannin, Spencer Moore, 585

Oology : the Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, by Allan O. Hume,
Nervous Affection observed in an Insect, Note on a Probable, Vol. 1., 388; A. J. Campbell's Collection of Eggs in Western
E. W. Carlier, 197

Australia, 593. See also Eggs
Netanson (Ladislas), the Characteristic Temperatures, Pressures, Opera Glass, Astronomy with an, Garrett P. Serviss, 462
and Volumes of Bodies, 167

Ophiuchus, New Short Period Variable in, 403
Neumayer (Dr.), der Kompass an Bord, 412

Opossum in Tasmania, Destruction of, 304
Neumayr (Prof.), Death of, 324

Optics : Geometrical, Notes on (IL.), Prof. S. P. Thompson,
New Light from Solar Eclipses, William M. Page, William E. 213; Traité d'Optique, M. E. Mascart, Prof. J. D. Everett,
Plummer, 529

F.R.S., 224; Vision-Testing for Practical Purposes, Brudenell
New Guinea, Kaiser Wilhelmsland, the North Coast of, Carter, 302 ; Measurement by Light-Waves, A. A. Michelson,
Admiral von Schleinitz, 21

405 : Abbe's Apparatus for Testing Transparent Films with
New Guinea and the Molucca Islands, Count Salvadori on the Plane Parallel Surfaces, Dr. Lummer, 552
Birds of, 85

Oranges and Lemons of India and Ceylon, the Cultivated, Dr.
New Guinea, Sir Wm. McGregor's Explorations in, 374

E. Bonavia, C. B. Clarke, F.R.S., 579
New South Wales : Technical Education in, 66; Royal Society | Orbit of Swift's Comet (V. 1880), 257
of, 96 ; Meteorology of, H. C. Russell, 113

Orbits of the Companions of Brooks's Comet (1889 V., July 6),
New Zealand, Discovery of Cave-Dwelling in, H. O. Forbes, 209 305
New Zealand for the Emigrant, Invalid, and Tourist, John Ornithology: Argentine Ornithology, P. L. Sclater, F.R.S..
Murray Moore, 342

and W. H. Hudson, R. Bowdler Sharpe, 7; Count Salvadori
Newall Telescope for the University of Cambridge, 166; the on the Birds of New Guinea and the Molucca Islands, 85:
Maintaining and Working of the, 357

Pheasant-Culture on the Pacific Coast, Dr. Meriam, 137 ; the
Newcastle Learned Societies' Annual Gathering, 519

Food of Crows, W. B. Barrows, 137'; Notes on Sport ani!
Newton (Geo. E.), Visualized Images produced by Music, 417 Ornithology, H.I.H. the late Prince Rudolph of Austria,
Newton in Perspective, Robert H. Graham, 439

169 ; Matabele Land and the Victoria Falls, Frank Oates,
Nias Island, Modigliani's Exploration of, Prof. Giglioli, 587 169 ; Index Generum Avium, F, H. Waterhouse, 169; Birds
Nickel and Iron, the Villari Critical Points in, Herbert Tomlin of Oxfordshire, O. V. Aplin, 169; the Birds of Berwickshire,
son, F.R.S., 574

Geo. Muirhead, 169; the Birds in my Garden, W. T. Greene.
Night-Clouds, Luminous : Evan McLennan, 131 ; Photographs R. Bowdler Sharpe, 169 ; Birds that have struck the Statue
of, 0. Jesse, 592

of Liberty in New York Harbour, Jonathan Dwight, Junior,
Nitrogen in Soils, Sources of, Prof. John Wrightson, 286 181; Chiff. Chaff Singing in September, 298 ; Rev. W.
Niven (W. D., F.R.S.), on certain Approximate Formulæ for Clement Ley, 317; Pallas's Cormorant, 373; Oates's

Calculating the Trajectories of Shot, Prof. J. C. Adams, 258 Ornithology of India, Vol. I., R. Bowdler Sharpe, 388 ; the
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T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 483

edited by E. W. Oates, R. Bowdler Sharpe, 388; the
Nordenskiöld (A. E.), Facsimile Atlas to the Early History of Chaffinch, E. J. Lowe, F.R.S., 394; A. J. Campbell's Col-
Cartography, 558

lections of Western Australian Bird-Skins and Eggs, 593:
Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society, 519

Effects of Music on a Canary, 593 ; Dr. R. W. Shufeldt on
North America, Cave Fauna of, with Remarks on the Anatomy Avian Anatomy, 594

of the Brain and Origin of the Blind Species, A. S. Packard, 507 Ornithorhynchus, Who discovered the Teeth in the, Dr. C.
North (Barker) and John Mills, Introductory Lessons in Quan Hart Merriam, 11, 151; Prof. W. H. Flower, F. R.S., 30,
titative Analysis, 197

151; Prof. Oswald H. Latter, 30, 174
North Celebes, a Naturalist in, Sydney J. Hickson, Dr. F. H. Orycteropus, a Milk Dentition in, o. Thomas, 309
H. Guillemard, 457

Osborn (H. Leslie), a Preservative for Animal Tissues, 199
Northwich, Subsidence at, 230

Osborn (Henry Fairfield), Paläontological Evidence for the
Nuovo Giornale Botanico Italiano, 405

Transmission of Acquired Characters, 227
Osteolepidæ, 271, 342; E. Meyrick, 342

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Bowdler Sharpe, 169

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138, 163, 183, 210, 232, 257, 285, 304, 326, 350, 374, 402, Ozone, Production by Flames of, J. T. Cundall, 502

428, 449, 472, 521, 548, 571, 595
Observatories: Karlsruhe Observatory, A. Fowler, 20; Palermo,

88 ; Paramatta, 88 ; Greenwich, 305 ; Dun Echt, 351 ; Mel Pacific Coast, Pheasant Culture on, Dr. Meriam, 137
bourne, 351; Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College, Pacific, Notes on a Recent Volcanic Island in the, Captain W.
446 ; Vatican, 472 ; Madagascar, 497 ; the Effect of Railways J. L. Wharton, F.R.S., 276
on Instruments in, 592

Pacific Slope, Geology of the Quicksilver Deposits of the, G.
Observatory : Proposed Meteorological, in Loochoo Islands, 401 ; F. Becker, 532
Fort William Meteorological, 518

Packard (A. S.), Cave Fauna of North America, with Remarks
Ocean Currents, Distribution of Animals and Plants by, Rev. on the Anatomy of the Brain and Origin of the Blind Species,
Paul Camboué, 103

Ocean, German, Botanical Condition of, Major Reinhold, 569 Page (William M.), New Light from Solar Eclipses, William
Ocean Water, is the Bulk of, a Fixed Quantity, A. J. Jukes. É. Plummer, 529

Browne, 130; T. Mellard Reade, 175; Rev. 0. Fisher, 197 Paimpol, Natality of, M. Dumont, 332
Oceans, Area of the Land and Depths of the, in Former Periods, Painter (Rev. W. H.), the Flora of Derbyshire, 77
T. Mellard Reade, 103

Palæontology: Fossil Rhizocarps, 10, 154 ; Gigantic Fossil
Oceans, the Permanence of Continents and, Joseph John Elephant's Tusk discovered in Italy, 66 ; Dr. F1, Burmeister
Murphy, 175

on the Fossil Horses and other Mammals of Argentina, 82;
Odontology : Who Discovered the Teeth in Ornithorhynchus ? Palæontological Evidence for the Transmission of Acquired

Dr. C. Hart Merriam, 11, 151 ; Prof. W. H. Flower, F.R.S., Characters, Henry Fairfield Osborn, 227 ; Primitive Types of
30, 151; Prof. Oswald H. Latter, 30, 174

Mammalian Molars, 465 ; Antediluvian Remains discovered
Oil on Disturbed Water, Effect of, Richard Beynon, 205; A. B. at Ludwigshafen, 520
Basset, F.R.S., 297

Talermo Observatory, 88

Palestine Exploration Fund, 284 ; Excavation of Khărbet ’Ajlân, Phenanthraquinone with Metallic Salts, Compounds of, Japp and

Turner, 191
Palisa (Dr.), Discovery of Asteroids, 522

Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, 136
Palladium, Redetermination of Atomic Weight of, [Dr. E. H. Philippine Islands, Ethnology of the, Dr. F. Blumentritt, 327
Keiser, 44

Phillips (Reuben), Globular and other forms of Lightning, 58
Palm in Labuan, the African Oil, 42

Philology, a Uniform System of Russian Transliteration, 396;
Palmieri (Prof.), Vesuvius in 1889, 18

Chas. E. Groves, F.R.S., 534; W. F. Kirby, 535
Pampas, Mirage in the South American, W. Larden, 69 Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, N.Z., 209
Pampas Formation, the South American, Herr Roth, 231 Philosophy, Synthetic, F. Howard Collins, 340
Panmixia : Palæontological Evidence for the Transmission of Phonograph, the Edison, Use in Preserving American (Indian

Acquired Characters, Henry Fairfield Osborn, 227; Acquired Languages, J. W. Fewkes, 560
Characters and Congenital Variations, the Duke of Argyll, Phosphorus, Glow of, Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., 523 «!
F.R.S., 173, 294, 366; Acquired Characters and Congenital Phosphorus Trifluoride, M. Moissan, 349
Variations, w. T. Thiselton-Dyer, F.R.S., 315; F. V. Photography: on a New Application of Photography to the
Dickins, 316; Prof. E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 415, 486, Demonstration of Certain Physiological Processes in Plants,
558 ; Acquired Characters and Congenital Variations, Right Walter Gardiner, 16; Stellar Parallax by Means of Photo-
Rev. Bishop R. Courtenay, 367 ; Dr. J. Cowper, 368 ; graphy, Prof. Pritchard, F.R.S., 19; Photography of the
Herbert Spencer, 414 ; Prof. Geo. J. Romanes, F.R.S., 437, Red End of Spectrum, Colonel J. Waterhouse, 67; Photo-

511, 584; Herbert Spencer, 511 ; R. Haig Thomas, 585 graphic Star Spectra, 115; Die mikroskopische Beschaffenheit
Parallelogram of Forces, Proof of the, W. E. Johnson, 153 ; der Meteoriten erläutert durch photographische Abbildungen,
Prof. A. G. Greenhill, F.R.S., 298

G. Tschermak, 127 ; Die Structur und Zusammensetzung der
Paramatta Observatory, 88

Meteoreisen erläutert durch photographische Abbildungen
Parfitt (Edward), a Marine Millipede, 153

geätzter Schnittflächen, A, Brezina and E. Cohen, 127 ; the
Parhelia and Solar IIalos, 330 ; J. Loveli, 560

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Parinaud (H.). Strabismus, 72

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263, 287, 311, 335, 358, 382, 406, 431, 455, 479, 503, 528, Bertillon, 230; the Chemistry of Photography, R. Meldola,
551, 575, 599; Prizes, 239

F.R.S., 293 ; Proposed Exhibition Illustrating the Applica-
Paris, the Effect of Railways on Instruments in the Observatory tion to Meteorology of Photography, 301 ; French Works on
at Montsouris, 592

Photography, 326; Year-book of Photography, 1890, 326 ;
Paris Exhibition, English Men of Science decorated at, 17 Naturalistic Photography, P. H. Emerson, 366; the Camera
Paris, Foreign Students in, 520

Club, 494 ; Photographs of North Celebes, Dr. A. B. Meyer,
Paris from the Hygienic Point of View, French Native Colonists 471; Photographing in Natural Colours, Verescz's Discovery
in, 427

as to, 469; Photography in Relation to Meteorological Work,
Parkes (Louis C.), Hygiene or Public Health, 290

G. M. Whipple, 503 ; British Journal Photographic Almanac,
Particles and Solids, Elementary Dynamics of, W. M. Hicks, 1890, 510; Suppression of Halos in Photographic Plates,
F.R.S., 534

Paul and Prosper Henry, 576; La Photographie à la Lumière
Pascoe (Francis P.), Foreign Substances attached to Crabs, 176 du Magnésium, Dr. J. M. Eder, translated by H. Gauthier-
Pasteur Institute, 66

Villars, 584; Photographic Quarterly, 594
Pasture Plants, Practical Observations on Agricultural Grasses Photo-lithographs of some of the Principal Grasses found at
and other, William Wilson, 196

Hissar, being Illustrations of some of the Grasses of the Southern
Peal (S. E.), Is Greenland our Arctic Ice Cap?, 58

Punjab, William Coldstream, 533
Peculiar Ice Forms, Prof. J. G. MacGregor, 463

Photometer, New Contrast, Dr. Brodhun, 552
Peddie (Dr.), New Estimates of Molecular Distance, 382 Photometer, a New Wedge, E. J. Spitta, 287
Pegasi (m), the Companion of, 69

Photometric Intensity of Coronal Light, Prof. Thorpe, F.R.S.,
Pelew Islands, 433

Peltier, Effect and Contact E.M.F., Prof. Oliver J. Lodge, Phthisis

, Pulmonary, Dr. Weigert's Treatment of, Prof. Visconti,
F.R.S., 224

Pembrey (M. S.), the Evolution of Sex, 199

Physician admitted to Medical Practice in Austria, First Lady,
Penck (Dr.), Area of Austro-Hungarian Empire, 325

Pendlebury (W. H.), a Case of Chemical Equilibrium, 104 Physician as Naturalist, W. T. Gairdner, 436
Pendulum (Kater), Shuckburgh Scale and, O. H. Tittman, Physics : Specific Inductive Capacity, W. A. Rudge, 10;

Physical Society, 47, 166, 213, 309, 381, 477, 526, 574;
Pennyslvania, Earthworms from, W. B. Benham, 560

Physics of the Sub-oceanic Crust, Rev. Osmond Fisher, A. J.
Peradeniya, Ceylon, Botanical Laboratory in the Royal Gardens, Jukes-Browne, 53; J. Starkie Gardner, 103 ; Elementary

Physics, by M. R. Wright, 78 ; Physical Society of Berlin, 95;
Periodic Comets, 139

the Characteristic Temperatures, Pressures, and Volumes of
Periodic Law, a First Foreshadowing of the, P. G. Hartog, Bodies, Ladislas Netanson, 167; the Relation of Physiological

Action to Atomic Weights, Miss Johnston and Prof. Carnelley,
Periscope for Navigating Submarine Boat, 349

189; Behaviour of Steel under Mechanical Stress, C. H.
Perkin (Dr. W. H., F.R.S.), Magnetic Rotation of Nitric Acid, Carus-Wilson, 213; Resonance Method of Measuring Constant
&c., 142

of Gravitation, J. Joly, 256 ; Physical and Chemical Charac-
Permanence of Continents and Oceans, Joseph John Murphy, teristics of Meteorites as throwing Light upon their Past

History, J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 305 ; Physics and
Permanent Grass, a Field laid down to, Sir J. B. Lawes, Chemistry of the Challenger Expedition, 361 ; Physical Pro-
F.R.S., 229

perties of Water, Prof. P. G. Tait, 416; Prof. Arthur W.
Pernter (Dr.),
General Circulation of Atmosphere, 325

i Rücker, F.R.S., 416 ; Tension of Recently Formed Liquid
Perry (Prof., F.R.S.), the Behaviour of Twisted Strips, 47 Surfaces, Lord Rayleigh, 566
l'erry (Rev. S. J., F.R.S.): Sun-spots in High Southern Lati. Physiology: on a New Application of Photography to the Demon-

tudes, 88; Total Solar Eclipse of 1886, 88; Obituary Notice stration of Physiological Processes in Plants, Walter Gardiner,
of, 279; Last Days of, Father Strickland, S.J., 301

16 ; the Coiled Glands in the Skin, Dr. Benda, 24; Iron in the
Perspective, Newton in, Robert H. Graham, 439

Animal Organism, Dr. Schneider, 24 ; Physiological Notes
Perthshire, Earthquake in, 256

on Primary Education and the Study of Language, Mary
Peruvian Arc, the Measurement of, E. D. Preston, 309

Putnam Jacobi, 28 ; Physiology at the University of Cam-
Peters (Dr.), Reported Massacre of, 21

bridge, 41 ; Mechanism of Local Lesion in Infectious Diseases,
Peters (Dr.). Star Catalogue, 210

Ch. "Bouchard, 48; Local Paralysis of Peripheral Ganglia
Petit (P.), the Carbon Graphites, 311

and Connection of Nerve-fibres with them, Langley and
Petrie (W. M. Flinders), Early Egyptian Civilization, 109 Dickinson, 118; on the Absorption of Fats and Fatty Acids.
Pevtsoff (Colonel), Discovery of New Pass from Nia to Tibet by, in the Absence of Bile in the Intestine, Dr. J. Munk, 119;

on Diastases secreted by Bacillus heminecrobiophilus, M.
Pheasant-Culture on Pacific Coast, Dr. Meriam, 137

Arloing, 143; the Influence of Blood-Circulation and Breath-


ing on Mind-Life, Prof. Leumann, 209; Electrical Negative of Suffolk and Norfolk, 238 ; Relation of " Pebbly Sands of
Variation of Heart accompanying Pulse, Dr. Aug. Waller, Suffolk to those of Norfolk, Part iii., 502
288 ; Outlying Nerve-Cells in Mammalian Spinal Cord, C. $. Primitive Types of Mammalian Molars, 465
Sherrington, 388; the Cortical Visual Areas, Dr. I. Munk, Primrose, a Blue, 569
407 ; Influence of Bodily Labour on Metabolism of Man, Dr. Prince (C. L.), Preponderance of North-East Winds during
Katzenstein's Experiments, 479 ; Physiology of Bodily Exer Past Five Years, 470
cise, Dr. Fernand Lagrange, 485; Voluntary Muscular Pringsheim (Dr. E.), Kirchoff's Law and Gaseous Radiation,
Contraction, Dr. Haycraft, 495; Development of Ciliary
Ganglion, Dr. J. C. Ewart, 501 ; Fat the only Food leaving Prism, Bertrand's Idiocyclophanous, Prof. S. P. Thompson,
Intestines by Lacteals, Dr. J. Munk, 504; Myelin, Dr. 574
Heymans, 528 ; Sensitiveness of Articular Surfaces of Joints, Pritchard (Prof., F.R.S.), Stellar Parallax by Means of Photo-
Dr. Goldscheider, 528 ; Physiology of Sponges, Dr. Lenden graphy, 19
feld, 570

Probabilities, Calculus of, J. Bertrand, 6
Pickering (Prof. E. C.), Variable Star in Cluster G.C. 3636, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 114

183; on the Spectrum of (Ursa Majoris, 285 ; on 5 Ursæ Prominences, Solar Spots and, Prof. Tacchini, 233
Majoris and B. Auriga, 403 ; Pole-Star Recorder, 491; Propagation of Gravitation, Velocity of the, J. Van Hepperger,
New Variable in Cælum, 571

Pickering (Prof. S. U.), Isolation of Tetrahydrate of Sulphuric Protective Coloration of Eggs : Dr. Alfred R. Wallace, 53:

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