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Tak magwisk Prze Einay for 1888, Afe

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!, *** 7.11., Pr. H. Markail Wari, F.R.S., 435 R32 F:sic: S:!. W: Duzce, F.R.S., 10; Alfred
iemaa. . W. T. Gardner, 436
V.6.6* !a Vina of Malayan Penasana, Dr. Geo.
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BOT ASA 16. 141.." otse Voyage of H.M S. ka5c Dr. 4. Adege a N:* Oxygen, 142
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Roer's Isaac, a Phorographic Method for Determining Varia-
"1" 1.2436T, sra, A. (;. Farl, 451

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4*1** *4 L.-4), PPX;a=1, 451

Roberis-Arzsten Prof. W. C., F.R.S. : on the Hardening and
autorá by sarum P. IV., 452

Tempering of steel. 11, 32; the Relation between Atomic
** Poker, M. Przewa, ki nach Volames of Elemen's present in Iroa and their Influence on
prot. Astr. on LEAD, 4*

its M'ecılar Structure, 420
1. A B. Mayer's dere l'ara".1, 471

Robinson H. H , Franguiis, 262
artware des., 11. Franz Nita Kostovsky Colonel', Expedition in Central Asia, 234; Dis.

covery of New Pass from Nia to Tibet by, 327

Rock-Sepulchre in Morea, Caphi , S. Reinach, 500
-18.7.), i'r A., A. Ypang, 485

: Rock-Specimens Collected in Oceanie Islands, Prof. A. Renard,
1:146nej Atay tuercne, Dor, bemar Lagrange, 485 363
B4, 114, 21. 5. Lam, 1. %. Travi, 436

Ricks, the Bala Volcanic Series of Caernarvonshire and Asso-
11 **7*1.44 Vaiknuty 4 Vaninaiset, E., M. Cronkshank, ciated, being the Sedgwick Prize Essay for 1888, Alfred

Harker, 414
! *** Vrsta trh Azia, with Remarks on the Rocks, Chemical and Physical Studies in the Metamorphism of,
A6,4:dyty of Brain, an (of Bud Species, A. S. Rev. A. Irving, 49

“Kollers," the, of Ascension and St. Helena, Prof. Cleveland
A Trazo in Later bileresital ia'ums, Thomas Craig, Abbe, 585

Romanes (Prof. Geo. J., F.R.S.): Darwinism, 59 ; Galls, 80,
Buena d Azus jr(holen, Du, P., Klein, son

174, 369; Panmixia, 437, 511, 585; Before and After Darwin,
Mana; fri Anaswedder Vine, krner Bar., 510

524; Like to Like, a Fundamental Principle in Bionomics,
Vaish Journai I'Viaplut. Aimarah, hp, 510

binar sigurs *2 sa'tmi Talno, J. T, Betromley, F.R.S., Rome : Earthquake at, 401; Solar Observations at, Prof.

Tacchini, 595
in lanbe frumflar Pelipes, William M. Page, William Rorqual musculus Stranded in Médoc District, 113
1. Punmer, V

Roscoe (Sir Henry, M.P., F.R.S.): the City Guilds and
Thkrogust , Prof. Patrick Geldes an'i J. Arthur Technical Education, 160 ; on the Future of our Technical
1 lustili, 531

Education, 183; Technical Education Bill, 493 ; a Dictionary
(rodowy the juuksilver Depornsite of the Pacific Slope, G. of Applied Chemistry by Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., Vol. l.,
tiker, 532

Il-vratitia of me of the Grasses of the Southern Punjab, Rose (T. Kirke), the New Assistant Surveyor at Royal Minl,

twing I'han lilluaraphs of vime of the Principal Grasses 493
found at llisar, William Coldstream, 533

Rosenberger (Otto), Death of, 324

otation of Mercury, on the, Signor Schiaparelli, 257

Scenery of the Heavens, J. E. Gore, 391
oth (Hy. Ling): a Surviving Tasmanian Aborigine, 105 Schalhäutl (Dr. von), Death and Obituary Notice of, 448
oth (Herr), on the South American Pampas Formation, 231 Scheiner (Dr.), some Photographic Star Spectra, 163
oumania, Meteorological Institute of, 181

Schiaparelli (Signor), on the Rotation of Mercury, 257
loux (G.), Morphology and Biology of Oidium albicans, 72 Schick (Herr), Troglodytic Remains in Jerusalem, 284
bowley (F. R.), on a Mite of the Genus Tetranychus found Schleinitz (Admiral von), the North Coast of New Guinea, 21

Infesting Lime-trees in the Leicester Museum Grounds, 31 Schlich (Dr, William) : a Manual of Forestry, Sir D. Brandis,
Royal Botanic Society, 448, 494

F.R.S., 121; Forestry in India, 470
loyal Geographical Society, 351 ; Honours for 1890, 571 Schlesing, Fils (Th.): Áir in the Soil, 23 ; the Fermentation of
loyal Horticultural Society, 182, 282

Stable Manure, 143; Absorption of Atmospheric Ammonia
Loyal Institution Lecture Arrangements, 136, 181, 256, 426, of Soils, 479
$19, 545

Schneider (Dr.), Iron in the Animal Organism, 24
Royal Irish Academy, 469

Schools, Technical Education in Elementary, 356
Royal Meteorological Society, 93, 212, 301, 358, 406, 503, 598 ; Schorr (Dr. R.): Comet Swift (f 1889, November 17), 139; on
Exhibition of the, 491

the Star System & Scorpii, 374
Royal Microscopical Society, 93, 191, 263, 335, 371, 550 Schuster (Dr., F.R.S.), Total Solar Eclipse of 1886, 327
Royal Society, 17, 118, 140, 166, 189, 212, 237, 287, 309, 332, Science, Australasian Association for the Advancement of, Prof.
357. 380, 430, 477, 501, 525, 550, 573, 598; Medals, 41; Orme Masson, 441
Anniversary Meeting. 84, 116, 234; Election of Foreign Science Collections at South Kensington, the Housing of the,
Members of

, 135 Key to the Royal Society Catalogue, 399, 409
James McConnel, 342, 391, 418; the Government Grant, Science in Dutch East Indies, 547
147: the Royal Society Proceedings, 400

Science at Eton, Lieut.-General Tennant, F.R.S., 587
Royal Society of New South Wales, 311 ; Prizes offered by, Science of Every-day Life, J. A. Bower, 78

Science, Experimental, George M. Hopkins, 102
Royal Society of Tasmania, 43

Science and the Future Indian Civil Service Examinations, 25;
Royal Victoria Hall and Morley Memorial College, 343

Henry Palin Gurney, 53
Kubens (Dr.), Use of Bolometer for Observing Electrical Radia- Science and Law, 399
tions of Hertz, 504

Science and the New English and Scotch Codes, 385
R.cker (Prof. Arthur W., F.R.S.): Physical Properties of Scientific Education in China, the Question of Language, 162

, 416 ; and Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., Magnetic Scientific Literature, Native Indian, 569
Sarveys of Special Districts in the British Isles, 598

Scientific Missions, French, under the Old Monarchy, Dr.
Redge (W. A.), Specific Inductive Capacity, 10

Hamy, 427
Rahemann (Dr. S.), Action of Chloroform and Alcoholic Potash Sclater(Dr. P. L., F.R.S.): Argentine Ornithology, R.
30 Hydrazines, 263

Bowdler Sharpe, 7; la Pietra Papale, 31 ; African Monkeys
Role of the Road at Sea, Admiral Colomb, 515

in the West Indies, 368
Kuusell (Hon. F, A. R.), the Causes and Character of Haze, 60 Scorpii, on the Star System , Dr. Schorr, 374
Kassell (H. C.), Meteorology of New South Wales, 113 Scotland : Railways of, W. M. Acworth, 434 ; certain Devonian
Nasa : Russian Botanical Appointments, 42 ; Geography in Plants from, Sir J. W. Dawson, F.R.S., 537
Kassia, Baron Kaulbars, 208 ; Russian Geographical Society, Scott (R. H., F. Ř.S.), Variability of Temperature of British
and the Black Sea, 348; Russian Academy of Sciences, 302 ; Isles, 1859-83, 550
Lighth Congress of Russian Naturalists, 356 ; a Uniform Scottish Journal of Natural History, 373
System of Russian Transliteration, 396 ; Chas. E. Groves, Scottish Meteorologieal Society, 518

, 534: W. F. Kirby, 535, Mammoth Skeleton in Scouller (William), Rainbow due to Sunlight reflected from the
Russia, 448 ; New Russian Natural Science Review, 469 Sea, 271
Ruley (Frank), Composite Spherulites in Obsidian from Hot Sea, Rainbow due to Sunlight reflected from the, Sir William
Springs Dear Little Lake, California, 551

Thomson, F.R.S., 271 ; William Scouller, 271
Sea, Rule of the Road at, Admira! Colomb, 515

Sea, Toilers in the, M. C. Cooke, 409
picchiere (G. B.), the Chin Tribes, North Burma, 375 Seal (W. P.), the Management of Aquaria, 18
St. Andrews, Bequest of £100,000 to the University of, 41 Sedgwick and Murchison, Cambrian and Silurian, Prof. James
at Helena : the Native Ebony of, Morris, 519; the "Rollers"

D. Dana, 421
-, Prof. Cleveland Abbe, 585

Sedgwick Prize Essay for 1888, 414
à Louis Botanic Garden, the Shaw Bequest for the Endow- Seismology : Record of British Earthquakes, Charles Davison,
ment of the, 324

9; the Earthquake of Tokio, April 18, 1889, Prof. Cargill
Louis, Earthquake at, 18

G. Knott, 32 ; Earthquake in Servia, 113; Brassart Brothers'
St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, 495

New Seismoscopes, 137 ; British Earthquakes, William White,
S. Petersburg Problem, the, Sydney Lupton, 165

202, 248 ; Atmospheric Circulation, A. Buchan, 363 ; Re-
Zunt-Venant (Barré de), the Élastical Researches of, Prof. A. cherches sur les Tremblements de Terre, Jules Girard, 583
G. Greenhill, F.R.S., 458

Selenite, Salts of, M. Boutzoureano on, 87
Salad-Plants, H. de Vilmorin, 494

Selenium : the Chlorides of, M. Chabrié, 284 ; Compounds of,
Salet (G.), the Blue Flame of Common Salt, 383

Prof. William Ramsay, F.R.S., 343
Salubury (the Marquis of) : on Electrical Science, 21; on Free Self-luminous Clouds: Geo. F. Burder, 198; C. E. Stromeyer,


, the Habits of the, Major John P. Traherne, 74 Semites, the Cradle of the, Dr. Brinton, Prof. Jastrow, 569
Salron in Tasmania, Acclimatized, 43

Semites, Lectures on the Religion of the, Prof. W. Robertson
Salt, Common, Experiments upon Simultaneous Production of Smith, 337
Flare Crystals of Sodium Carbonate and Chlorine from, Dr. September, Chiff-Chaff Singing in, F, M. Burton, 298

Severn Valley Field Club, 86
Salvadori (Count), Agguinte alla Ornitologia della Papuasia e Servia, Earthquake in, 113
delle Molucche, 85

Serviss (Garrett P.), Astronomy with an Opera Glass, 462
Sanitary Assurance Association, 136, 401

Sex, the Evolution of : M. S. Pembrey, 199; Dr. A. B. Meyer,
Sanitary Institute, 302

272; Prof. Patrick Geddes and Arthur Thomson, 531
Saponta (G, de), some Provençal Tree-Hybrids, 23

Shan States, a Thousand Miles on an Elephant in, Holt S.
Sardines in Moray Firth, Prof. Ewart, 282

Hallett, 265
Satellite of Algol, W. H. S. Monck, 198

Sharp (Dr. Davis) appointed Curator in Zoology at Cambridge,
Satum : Mass of, Asaph Hall, 429; Stability of the Rings of, 324
0. Callandrean, 548

Sharpe (R. Bowdler): Argentine Ornithology, P. L. Sclater,
avelief (R), Actinometric Observations (1888-89) at, 359 F.R.S., and W. H. Hudson, 7; Notes on Sport and Ornitho-
Scale: Sir G. Shuck burgh's Unit of Length of a Standard, logy, H.I.H. Prince Rudolph of Austria, 169; Matabele
General J. T. Walker, R.E., F.R.S., 381 ; Shuckburgh Scale Land and the Victoria Falls, Frank Oates, 169; Index Gene-
and Kater Pendulum, O. H. Tittmann, 538

rum Avium, F. H. Waterhouse, 169; the Birds of Oxford-

| Education, 84

llempel, 19


shire, O. V. Aplin, 169; the Birds of Berwickshire, Geo. South American Pampas, Mirage in the, W. Larden, 69
Muirhead, 169; the Birds in my Garden, W. T. Greene, South Kensington, Science Collections at, the Housing of the
169 ; Oates's Ornithology of India, Vol. I., 388; Hume's 399, 409
Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Vol. I., 388

South Sea, Through Atolls and Islands in the, F. J. Moss, 151
Shaw Bequest for Endowment of St. Louis Botanic Garden, 324 Souza (J. A. de), Death of, 135
Sheep-farming in Australia, Prof. Wallace, 113.

Specific Inductive Capacity: W. A. Rudge, 10; Prof. Olive
Shell, Deformation of an Élastic, Prof. Horace Lamb, F.R.S., J. Lodge, F.R.S., 30.

Spectrum Analysis : Objects for the Spectroscope, 44, 68, 87
Sherrington (C. S.), Outlying Nerve-cells in Mammalian Spinal 114, 138, 163, 183, 210, 232, 257, 285, 304, 326, 350, 374
Cord, 358

402, 428, 449, 472, 496, 521, 548, 571, 595, Photography
Shining Night Clouds, Robert B. White, 369

of the Red End of the Spectrum, Colonel J. Waterhouse, 67
Ships, Steel, Leak-stopping in, Captain C. C. P. Fitzgerald, some Photographic Star Spectra, Dr. Scheiner, 163 ; Spec
R.N., 516

trum of Algol, Prof. Vogel, 164 ; Colour Spectrum o
Ships, the Strength of, Prof. P. Jenkins, 515

Fluorine, H. Moissan, 214, Spectrum of a Metallic Promi
Shooting-stars, the Origin of, 92

nence, 233 ; Spectrum of Ursa Majoris, on the, Prot
Shore (. w.), Characteristic Survivals of Celts in Hampshire, Pickering, 285; Spectroscopic Observations of Algol, Frol

Vogel, 285 ; New Fluorescent Materials, Lecoq de Boisbau
Shot, on certain Approximate Formulæ for Calculating the dran, 287 ; Maxwell Hall on the Spectrum of the Zodiaca
Trajectories of, Prof. J. C. Adams, 258

Light, 351, 402; Spectrum of Borelly's Comet (E 1889), 374
Shrubs, Evergreen, in Manchester, Proposed Planting of, 401 Maximum Light-Intensity of the Solar Spectrum, Dr. Men
Shuckburgh Scale and Kater Pendulum, O. H. Tittmann, 538 garini, 374 ; Spectra of 8 and u Centauri, 374; Blue Flamı
Shufeldt (R. W.), Craniology of Heloderma suspectum, the of Common Salt, G. Salet, 383; Spectroscopic Observation
Poisonous Lizard of South-West United States, 181

of the Zodiacal Light, A. Fowler, 402; the Solar and the
Shufeldt (Dr. R. W.), Work on Avian Anatomy, 594

Lunar Spectrum, Prof. Langley, 450 ; Kirchoff's Law and
Siam, Life in, 265

Gaseous Radiation, Dr. E. Pringsheim, 480 ; the Spectrum
Siberia, Limits of Ever-frozen Soil in, Yatchevsky, 472

of Subchloride of Copper, Prof. A. S. Herschel, F.R.S.
Sidgreaves (Rev. W.), Melde's Vibrating Strings, 355

513 ; Bright Lines in Stellar Spectra, Rev. J. E. Espin, 549
Sieber (Dr. J.), Diethylene Diamine, 428

Fundamental Common Property of two Kinds of Spectra,
Simaschko (Prof.), the Méguéia Meteorite, 472

Lines and Bands, Distinct Characteristics of each of the
Sinclair (W. E.), Flint Remains in Kolaba District, 114

Classes, Periodic Variations to Three Parameters, H. Des
Singapore, Noxious Grass (Lalang) at, 182

landres, 576; Spectrum of Aqueous Vapour, Chas. S. Cook,
Skin-Colour in Arctic Voyagers, Causes of Change of, Holm-
gren, 546

Spencer (Herbert) : Inheritance of Acquired Characters, 4141
Skin, Electric Currents from Mental Excitation in, Herr Nebular Hypothesis, 450 ; Panmixia, 511
Tarchenoff, 232

Spencer (Perceval), Successful Use of Asbestos Hot-air Balloon
Sluiter (Dr. C. Ph.), the Coral Reefs of the Java Sea and its in India, 325
Vicinity, Dr. H. B. Guppy, 300

Spitaler (Dr. Ř.), Temperature " Anomalies," 303
Smith (Prof. C. Michie): the Green Flash at Sunset, 538 ; a Spitta (E. J.), a New Wedge Photometer, 287
New Green Vegetable Colouring-Matter, 573 ; Determination, Sponges : Discovery of Sponge-bank near Lampedusa, 284 :
by Measurement of Ripples, of Surface Tensions of Liquids, the Horny Sponges, Robert von Lendenfeld, 146; Spanges

attached to Crabs, Dr. R. von Lendenfeld, 317; Physiology
Smith (Prof. W. Robertson), Lectures on the Religion of the of Sponges, Dr. Lendenfeld, 570
Semites, 337

Spöter (Prof.), Sun-spots in 1889, 383
Smokeless Explosives, Sir Frederic Abel, F.R.S., 328, 352 Spots, Solar, and Prominences, Prof. Tacchini, 233
Smolenski (Dr.), the Suspected Connection between Influenza Stability of the Rings of Saturn, O. Callandreau, 548
and Cholera Epidemics, 282

Stalactite Cave discovered in Westphalia, 113
Smyth (Robert Brough), Death of, 112

Stalybridge Mechanics’ Institute, Chemical Laboratory at, S5
Snake and Fish, Herr Fischer-Sigwart, 162

Stanley (H. M.), his Explorations in Africa, 20, 73, III
Snake bite in Ratnagherry District, Mortality from, Vidal, 325 Stapf (Dr. Otto), Die Arten der Gattung Ephedra, 390
Society of Arts, 42

Stapley (A. M.), the Composition of the Chemical Elements, 56
Society for Psychical Research, 17

Stars : Double, Measurements of S. W. Burnham, E. E. Bar
Sohncke (Prof.), Cause of Blue-Green Flame Phenomenon of nard, 19; New Double Stars, Miss A. M. Clerke, 132 : Stut
Sunset at Sea, 495

Distances, Miss A. M. Clerke, 81 ; New Variable Stars in
Soil, the Relation of the, to Tropical Diseases, A. Ernest Hydra, 88; Y Cygni, 88 ; Period of U Coronæ, SC
Roberts, 31

Chandler, 163; in Cluster G.C. 3636, Prof. Pickering, 1831
Soils, Sources of Nitrogen in, Prof. John Wrightson, 286

Observations of some Suspected Variables, Rev. John G
Solar Activity in 1889, 522

Hagen, 233 ; New Short-period Variable in Ophiuchus, 4033
Solar Corona, Mathematical Study of the, Prof. F. H. Bigelow, New Variable in Cælum, 571; the Origin of Shooting-stan

92; Photographic Star Spectra, 115 ; Dr. Peters's Catalogue
Solar Eclipse of 1886, Total, 88; Dr. Schuster, F.R.S., 327 210; Star-Land, Sir Robert S. Ball, F.R.S., 315; Sca
Solar Eclipse, Total, of December 22, 1889, M. A. De La System Scorpii, Dr. Schorr, 374 ; the Distance of the Stars
Baume Pluvinel, 428

Dr. W. H. S. Monck, 392 ; Observations of Ursa Majors
Solar Eclipses, New Light from, William M. Page, William and B Auriga, 403 ; Melbourne Star Catalogue, 522; Dis
E. Plummer, 529

covery of Asteroids, Dr. Palisa, 522 ; M. Charlois, 522
Solar Halos and Parhelia, 330 ; J. Lovell, 560

State, the, Elements of Historical and Practical Politics, Wood
Solar and the Lunar Spectrum, the, Prof. Langley, 450

row Wilson, 196
Solar Observations at Rome, Prof. Tacchini, 595

Steam, Electrification of, Shelford Bidwell, F.R.S., 213
Solar Spots and Prominences, Prof. Tacchini, 233

Steam, William Ripper, 341
Solar Spectrum, Maximum Light-Intensity of the, Dr. Men Steam-engine Design, Jay M. Whitham, 29
garini, 374

Steam-ships, the Steering of, A. B. Brown, 516
Solar and Stellar Motions, Prof. J. R. Eastman, 351, 392. Stearns (R. E. C.): Effect of Music on Animals, 470; 00
also Sun

Canary, 593
Sollas (Prof., F.R.S.), Mica in Mourne Mountain Geodes, 469 Stebbing (Rev. T. R. R.), the Moon in London, 586
Solomon Islands : Further Explorations of, C. M. Woodford, Steel: on the Hardening and Tempering, of, Prof. W. C

403 ; a Naturalist among the Head-hunters, C. M. Woodford, Roberts-Austen, F.R.S., II, 32 ; Behaviour of, under Mc

chanical Stress, C. H. Carus-Wilson, 213; Physical Proper
Sorbite, Vincent and Delachanal, 23

ties of Nickel Steel, Dr. J. Hopkinson, F.R.S., 332; the
Sorbonne, Mathematical Teaching at, Prof. Ch. Hermite, 597 Rupture by Longitudinal Stress of, C. A. Carus-Wilson, 574
Sorby (H. C., F.R.S.), on Meteorites, 307

Steel and Iron Manufacture, Arthur H. Hiorns, 150
Sormani (Prof. G.), Antidotes and Treatment of Tetanus, 212 Stellar Parallax by Means of Photography, Prof. Pritchard, 19
Sound, Propagation of, MM. Violle and Vautier, 359

Stellar Spectra, Bright Lines in, Rev. J. E. Espin, 549

576, 600


Stieltjes (M.), the Exponential Function, 382

Tavernier (Jean Baptiste), Travels in India, 313.
Stiffe (Captain), Glaciation of Valleys in Kashmir Himalayas, Taxine, a New Alkaloid from Leaves, &c., of Yew Tree,

Drs. Hilger and Brande, 496
Stockholm, Royal Academy of Sciences, 24, 168, 192, 288, 408, Teacher's Manual of Geography, J. W. Redway, 78

Technical Education : Conference on, at Manchester, 84;
Story, the Earth and its, edited by Dr. Robert Brown, 341 Dundee Association, 113; on the Future of our Technical
Story of a Tinder-Box, Chas. M. Tidy, 30

Education, Sir Henry Roscoe, M.P., F.R.S., 183 ; Technical
Strabismus, H. Parinaud, 72

Education in Elementary Schools, 356; the New Codes,
Straits Settlements, Meteorology of, 114

English and Scotch, 385, 505 ; Technical Education in Central
Strasburger (E.), Hand-book of Practical Botany for the Botanical India, 470
Laboratory and Private Student, 223

Teeth in the Ornithorhynchus, Who Discovered the, C. Hart
Stricker (Prof.), New Electrical Lantern, 593

Merriam, ii, 151; Prof. W. H. Flower, F.R.S., 30, 151 ;
Strickland (Father, S.J.), Last Days of Father Perry, F.R.S., 301 Prof. Oswald H. Latter, 30, 174
Strings, Vibrating, Melde's, Rev. W. Sidgreaves, 355

Telephone, the Pulsion Mechanical, 65
Strips, the Behaviour of Twisted, Prof. J. Perry, F.R.S., 47 Telephone Transmitter, Carbon Deposit in Blake, F. B. Hawes,
Stromeyer (C. E.): Self-luminous Clouds, 225; the Evaporative

Efficiency of Boilers, 516 ; Structure of Jupiter's Belt 3, III., | Telescope, the Maintaining and Working of the Great Newall,
Dr. Terby, 45

Struggle for Existence in Plants, Prof. Walter Gardiner, 90 Temperature " Anomalies,” Dr. R. Spitaler, 303
Stuart (Prof.), Proposed Address to, on his Resignation, 426 Tempering of Steel, on the Hardening and, Prof. W. C. Roberts-
Students, Foreign, in Paris, 520

Austen, F.R.S., II, 32
subchloride of Copper, the Spectrum of, Prof. A. S. Herschel, Ten and Tenth Notation, B. A. Muirhead, 344
F.R.S., 513

Tench, the Striated Muscles of, Dr. René du Bois-Reymond on,
Sub oceanic Crust, Physics of the, Rev. Osmond Fisher, A. J.
Jakes-Browne, 53; J. Starkie Gardner, 103

Tennant (Lieut.-General, F.R.S.), Science at Eton, 587
Subsidence at Northwich, 230

Tension of Recently Formed Liquid Surfaces, Lord Rayleigh,
Suffolk: Flora of, by Dr. W. M. Hind, 149; Dr. Wheelton 566
Hind on the Geology of, 149

| Terby (Dr.), the Structure of Jupiter's Belt 3, III., 45
Sagar losing its Attractions for Lepidoptera, Joseph Anderson, Terminology, the Revised, in Cryptogamic Botany, Alfred W.

Bennett, 225
Sugar-Cane: Disease at St. Vincent, 372 ; Seeding of, D. Morris, Tetanus, Antidote and Treatment of, Prof. G. Sormani, 212

Tetranychus, on a Mite of the Genus, found Infesting Lime
Sulphur, Crystalline Allotropic Forms of, Dr. Muthmann, 449 Trees in the Leicester Museum Grounds, F. R. Rowley, 3! .
Sumpner (Dr. W. E.), Galvanometers, 310, 381

Texas, Great Find of Rare Minerals of Yttrium and Thorium
Sun's Way, Apex of the, Lewis -Boss, 548

Groups in, 162
Sunlight reflected from the Sea, Rainbow due to, Sir William Textiles, Prehistoric, Herr Buschan, 182
Thomson, F.R.S., 271; W. Scouller, 271

Textural Elements, the Longevity of, particularly in Dentine
, the Green Flash at, C. Michie Smith, 538

and Bone, John Cleland, 392
Sunset at Sea, Cause of Blue-green Flame Phenomenon of, Thames Estuary, the, Captain Tizard, R.N., 539
Prof. Sohncke, 495

Theory of Least Squares, a Formula in the, D. Wetterhan, 394
Sun-spots : Minimum Sun-spot Period, M. Bruguière, 68 ; Sun Thermal Conductivity in Flints, a Natural Evidence of High,
spot of June, July, and August, 1889, Prof. Riccò, 115 ; Sun Prof. A. S. Herschel, F.R.S., 175
spots and Prominences, Prof. Tacchini, 233; Sun-spot in Thermometer, Electric, Herr Siegefeld, 43
High Latitudes, G. Dierckx, 472; Sun-spots in High Thermometers, Aspiration, Dr. Assmann's, 239
Southern Latitudes, Rev. S. J. Perry, F.R.S., 88; Observa Thermometry, Exact: Dr. Sydney Young, 152, 271, 488; Her-
tions of Sun-spots made at Lyons Observatory in 1889, Em. bert Tomlinson, F.R.S., 198 ; Dr. Edmund J. Mills, F.R.S.,
Marchand, 599. See also Solar

227, 538
Sarvey, the Indian, 230

Thermometry : Traité pratique de la Thermométrie de Pré-
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