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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1846, by
In the Clerk's office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

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THE preparation of this volume was undertaken at the suggestion of others, whose opinions, ever entitled to respect, seemed to present a demand for service, which the Editor did not consider himself as at liberty to disregard. This claim he was the more happy to honor, as it afforded an opportunity, through the medium of secular enterprise, to promote an interest which he has long regarded as of primary and paramount importance. Whatever may be the measure of profit from the pecuniary investment, the hope is fondly cherished, both by the Publishers and the Editor, that large benefits, of a much higher order, will accrue to that noble Cause which it is especially intended to advance.

The task of selection has been, in some instances, peculiarly difficult. Several discourses, of great excellence, have been omitted, which, perhaps, would have been included, had not circumstances appeared to encourage the expectation, that a second series might be demanded. Should this volume be favorably received, another may succeed, comprising not only sermons, but a rich variety of addresses, essays, and eloquent appeals, all pertaining to the same great subject—Christian Missions. Many of this class of productions are too valuable to be left scattered in ephemeral forms, and should be gathered up, and added to the increasing stock of our Missionary literature, and thus made to extend and perpetuate their salutary efficiency.

Corrections and additions have been made, by some of the authors, with special reference to this publication. Marginal notes and references, not necessary to be retained, have been omitted ; and, in a few instances, the text has been slightly abridged. Two

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