The Triumph of Value Investing: Smart Money Tactics for the Postrecession Era

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Penguin, Dec 30, 2010 - Business & Economics - 240 pages
Timely advice from value-investing giants such as Warren Buffett, William O'Neil, Charles Brandes, and David Iben.

After the financial chaos and panic of the last few years, investors are looking to rebuild confidence and learn from the mistakes that led to the crash. In The Triumph of Value Investing, Janet Lowe urges readers to return to the basic principles of value investing as taught by the legendary Benjamin Graham, which remain just as relevant today. These lessons can help readers maneuver sanely through any type of economic turmoil and even benefit from further disruptions.

Lowe also includes interviews with leading value investors such as Warren Buffett, William O'Neil, and Charles Brandes, and analyzes dozens of U.S. and foreign stocks. She walks investors through the steps necessary to apply the principles that define value investing, with special emphasis on investing in biotech, high-technology, and foreign companies.

Whether readers are familiar with value investing or are just discovering it, they will find plenty of fresh information in The Triumph of Value Investing, which covers the latest concepts and players in the market.

As Lowe writes, "It is always healthy to check up on the validity of your own thinking. Considering the market breakdowns of the past decade and the confusion and discouragement many individual investors have suffered, this is an excellent time to restudy Benjamin Graham's concepts of value investing and learn how to apply them to a whole range of new challenges."


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A Second Tsunami Hits Wall Street
Taking Responsibility
Rebuilding the Financial Fortress
Learn from the Masters
Grahams Key Concepts
Yes the Times They Are AChangin
Where Were Headed
Value Investing Versus Technical Analysis
Honest Income
A Perspective on Earnings
Indicators of Growth
Retained Earnings
Discounted Cash Flow Model
The Parameters of Share Price
Growth Stocks

The Right Attitude
Intrinsic Value
Margin of Safety
What Are the Chances?
Easy to Master the Principles
Mental Discipline Required
LowMaintenance Portfolio
Stable and Lasting Returns
Market Cycles
Mr Market Is Volatile but Hes Also Your Friend
Timing Compared with Pricing
The Pricing Approach
The Opposite of Day Trading
HighSpeed Trading
Watching a Bull Run
Falling Back to Normal Territory
The Behavior of a Bear
Time to Invest Again but the Trust Is Gone
Be Cheerful When Mr Market Is Blue
Balancing Risk
What We Know About Risk
The Correlation Between Risk and Reward
Informed Speculation
Beta and Risk
Know What Kind of Investor You AreActive or Passive
Mutual Funds and Other Investment Pools
Index Funds
Exchange Traded Funds
Is Program Trading Your Enemy?
A Word About Derivatives
MarginInvesting with Borrowed Money
Clues to Safety
Finding Intrinsic Value
Balance Sheet Elements
Determining Book Value
The Beauty of Book Value
PricetoBook Ratio
DebttoEquity Ratio
Limits of NCAV as a Margin of Safety
Current Ratio
SarbanesOxley Cracks Down
The Basics
The Secrets of the Income Statement
Integrity Is Essential
Wrong Turn into Yesterday3
Who Manages?
Managing Like an Owner
Never Too Much Information
Shareholder Rights
Shareholder Responsibilities
New and Old Regulations
Signs of Corporate Trouble
Buried in the Footnotes
Building Your Own Screen
Screening for LowMaintenance Stocks
Beating the Dow
Oldfashioned Dollar Cost Averaging
The First Rule of Diversification
Is Cash Trash?
Industry Groups
Going Global
Mutual Funds
Tracking Returns
Knowing When to Sell
Be Slow to Sell
Reinvesting Dividends
The Best Overall Strategy
Initial Public Offerings
The Google IPO
Mergers and Acquisitions
Reflection of the Trend Toward Globalization
Preferred Stocks
Maintain the Right Attitude
Stick to the Facts
Steer Clear of Leverage
Listen to the Sailor Within
Accept a Few Mistakes
Lessons We Should Have Learned as a Nation

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About the author (2010)

Janet Lowe is an author and a lecturer. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, the Christian Science Monitor, the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Morning News, and the San Jose Mercury News. She is the author of more than 20 books and audiobooks on the subject of money management and value investing. She lives in San Diego and Santa Fe.

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