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Page 236 - v. Baxendale (1). It is said there, " When two parties have made a contract, which one of them has broken, the damages which the other party ought to receive in respect of such breach of contract should be such as may fairly and reasonably be considered, either arising natur(1) 9 Exch. Rep.
Page 567 - persons sustaining any damage by reason of the exercise of any of the powers of this Act ; and in case of dispute as to amount the same shall be settled by arbitration in the manner provided by this Act.'' Section 13. " That the term highway in the sections of the Public Health Act, 1848, numbered respectively 68 and
Page 60 - (a) whether any corrupt practice has or has not been proved to have been committed by or with the knowledge and consent of any candidate at such election, and the nature of such corrupt practice." A promise not to give money but an entertainment, consisting of meat and drink, viz., a dinner,
Page 384 - belonging to any hospital or almshouse, or settled to any charitable or pious use, as were assessed before the 4th year of the reign of their late Majesties King William and Queen Mary, shall be and are hereby adjudged to be liable to be charged towards the payments of this present Act.
Page 215 - consent thereto, and also without such consent, in any cause or matter requiring any prolonged examination of documents or accounts, or any scientific or local investigation, which cannot conveniently be made before a jury or conducted by the Court through its other ordinary officers
Page 303 - different duty. The Judge has to say whether any facts have been established by evidence from which negligence may be reasonably inferred ; the jury has to say whether from those facts, when submitted to them, negligence ought to be inferred. It is, in my opinion, of the greatest importance in the administration of justice that
Page 99 - Sixty days after sight of this first of exchange, second and third of same tenor and date unpaid, pay to the order of ourselves in London, twenty-five hundred pounds sterling value received, and charge the same with or without further advice to account of.
Page 166 - section, distinguishes lights from all other easements, and deals with them in a different manner. It converts twenty years' actual enjoyment into a right absolute and indefeasible, " unless it shall appear that the same was enjoyed by some consent
Page 139 - get at the balance of the profits of trade without stock-taking—how can you get at the balance of the profits of trade for a year without stock-taking at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year ? The whole argument appears to me to turn upon the application of the language of rule 3. Some of the
Page 226 - decision of the Queen's Bench Division, refusing to grant a new trial on the ground of misdirection, and that the verdict was against the weight of evidence. In March, 1876, the defendant, the Rev. Canon Molynenx, the Rector of

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