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1. History of th* Heavenly Bodies; or Astronomical


2. History of the Configuration of the Heaven and

the parts thereof towards the Earth and the parts thereof; or Cosmographical History.

3. History of Comets.

4. History of Fiery Meteors.

• 5. History of Lightnings, Thunderbolts, Thunders, and Coruscations.

6. History of Winds and Sudden Blasts and Undula

tions of the Air.

7. History of Rainbows.

8. History of Clouds, as they are seen above.

9. History of the Blue Expanse, of Twilight, of

Mock-Suns, Mock-Moons, Haloes, various colours of the Sun; and of every variety in the aspect of the heavens caused by the medium. 10. History of Showers, Ordinary, Stormy, and Prodigious; also of Waterspouts (as they are called); and the hike.

11. History of Hail, Snow, Frost, Hoar-frost, Fog,

Dew, and the like.

12. History of all other things that fall or descend

from above, and that are generated in the upper region.

13. History of Sounds in the upper region (if there be

any), besides Thunder.

14. History of Air as a whole, or in the Configuration

of the World.

15. History of the Seasons or Temperatures of the

Year, as well according to the variations of Regions as according to accidents of Times and periods of Years; of Floods, Heats, Droughts, and the like. •

16. History of Earth and Sea; of the Shape and Com

pass of them, and their Configurations compared with each other; and of their broadening or narrowing; of Islands in the Sea; of Gulfs of the Sea, and Salt Lakes within the Land; Isthmuses and Promontories.

17. History of the Motions (if any be) of the Globe'

of Earth and Sea; and of the Experiments from which such motions may be collected.

18. History of the greater Motions and Perturbations

in Earth and Sea; Earthquakes, Tremblings and Yawnings of the Earth, Islands newly appearing; Floating Islands; Breakings off of Land by entrance of the Sea, Encroachments and Inundations and contrariwise Recessions of the Sea; Eruptions of Fire from the Earth; Sudden Eruptions of Waters from the Earth; and the like.

19. Natural History of Geography ; of Mountains, Val

lies, Woods, Plains, Sands, Marshes, Lakes, Riv

ers, Torrents, Springs, and every variety of their course, and the like; leaving apart Nations, Provinces, Cities, and such like matters pertaining to Civil life.

20. History of Ebbs and Flows of the Sea; Currents,

Undulations, and other Motions of the Sea.

21. History of the other Accidents of the Sea; its Salt

ness, its various Colours, its Depth ; also of Rocks, Mountains and Vallies under the Sea, and the like.

Next come Histories of the Greater Masses.

22. History of Flame and of things Ignited.

23. History of Air, in Substance, not in the Configura

tion of the World.

24. History of Water, in Substance, not in the Con

figuration of the World.

25. History of Earth and the diversity thereof, in Sub

stance, not in the Configuration of the World.

Next come Histories of Species.

26. History of perfect Metals, Gold, Silver; and of

the Mines, Veins, Marcasites of the same; also of the Working in the Mines.

27. History of Quicksilver.

28. History of Fossils; as Vitriol, Sulphur, &c.

29. History of Gems; as the Diamond, the Ruby, &c.

30. History of Stones; as Marble, Touchstone, Flint,


31. History of the Magnet.

32. History of Miscellaneous Bodies, which are neither

entirely Fossil nor Vegetable; as Salts, Amber, Ambergris, &c.

33. Chemical History of Metals and Minerals.

34. History of Planets, Trees, Shrubs, Herbs; and of

their parts, Roots, Stalks, Wood, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, Seeds, Gums, &c.

35. Chemical History of Vegetables.

36. History of Fishes, and the Parts and Generation

of them.

37. History of Birds, and the Parts and Generation of


38. History of Quadrupeds, and the Parts and Genera

tion of them.

39. History of Serpents, Worms, Flies, and other in

sects; and of the Parts and Generation of them.

40. Chemical History of the things which are taken

by Animals.

Next come Histories of Man.

41. History of the Fijnire and External Limbs of Man,

his Stature, Frame, Countenance and Features; and of the variety of the same according to Races and Climates, or other smaller differences.

42. Physiognomical History of the same.

43. Anatomical History, or of the Internal Members

of Man; and of the variety of them, as it is found in the Natural Frame and Structure, and not merely as regards Diseases and Accidents out of the course of Nature.

44. History of the parts of Uniform Structure in Man:

as Flesh, Bones, Membranes, &c.

45. History of Humours in Man; Blood, Bile, Seed,


46. History of Excrements; Spittle, Urine, Sweats,

Stools, Hair of the Head, Hairs of the Body,
Whitlows, Nails, and the like.

47. History of Faculties; Attraction, Digestion, Re

tention, Expulsion, Sanguification, Assimilation of Aliment into the members, conversion of Blood and Flower of Blood into Spirit, &c.

48. History of Natural and Involuntary Motions; as

Motion of the Heart, the Pulses, Sneezing, Lungs,
Erection, &c.

49. History of Motions partly Natural and partly Vio

lent; as of Respiration, Cough, Urine, Stool, &c.

50. History of Voluntary Motions; as of the Instru

ments of Articulation of Words; Motions of the Eyes, Tongue, Jaws, Hands, Fingers; of Swallowing, &c.

51. History of Sleep and Dreams.

52. History of different habits of Body — Fat, Lean;

of the Complexions (as they call them), &c.

53. History of the Generation of Man.

54. History of Conception, Vivification, Gestation in

the Womb, Birth, &c.

55. History of the Food of Man; and of all things

Eatable and Drinkable; and of all Diet; and of the variety of the same according to nations and smaller differences.

56. History of the Growth and Increase of the Body,

in the whole and in its parts.

57. History of the Course of Age; Infancy, Boyhood,

Youth, Old Age; of Length and Shortness of Life, and the like, according to nations and lesser differences.

58. History of Life and Death.

59. History Medicinal of Diseases, and the Symptoms

and Siinis of them.

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