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Ļ 383
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and the Electric Properties of this, J. G. A. Rhodin, 381 lation of Europe, Huxley Memorial Lecture, Dr. J. Alternating Variability of Martian Canals, Mr. Lowell, 494 Deniker at Anthropological Institute, 21; Obituary Alvord (Major Henry F.), Death of, 181

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carium, 181

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: 3, 195

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babwe, R. N. Hall, 598 ; Neolithic Dewponds and Cattle-

ways, A. J. Hubbard and G. Hubbard, 61
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F.R.S., 30
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Architects, the Institution of Naval, 594
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the Ice in the Arctic Seas during 1904, 567
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83; the Translator, 102
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cipes fondamentaux de la Thermodynamique, 247
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and F. E. Robinson, 75 ; New School Examples in Arith-
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Adams, 450
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Practical, 507
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státten's Figures in Steel Castings, 32; Report of the
Commission appointed by Clifford Sifton, Minister of
the Interior, Ottawa, Canada, investigate the
Different Electrothermic Processes for the smelting of

Iron Ores and the making of Steel in Europe, 258
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Reality, 485
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Waves, 517
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158; Magnetic Storms and Associated Sun-spots, Rev.




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discovered during 1904, 185; the Companion to the M. Salet, 545; the Planet Fortuna, W. T., 461, 511;
Observatory, 186;
very Sensitive Method of

W. E. P., 461; Spencer Pickering, F.R.S., 486;
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