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Pendulum at Birmingham, Dr. Davison, 589; Earth-
quakes at Perth, Western Australia, W. E. Cooke, 613;

Earthquake in North England, 614
East, a Doctor's View of the, 553
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353; Ephemeris for Comet 1904 e, 281, 329
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cording to Chauvenet's Transformation of Bessel's
Method, Roberdeau Buchanan, 244: the Approaching
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Lockyer, 393 ; Observations of the Recent Eclipse of the
Moon, M. Puiseux, 518; Photography of the Corona

without a Total Eclipse, A. Hansky, 544
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(Natural History), Fred V. Theobald, 272
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of Chlorine, 431
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623; Prize Awards of the, 285
Edridge-Green (Dr. F. W.), Two Cases of Trichromic

Vision, 573
Education : Annual Report of the Technical Education

Board of the London County Council, 1903-4, 34;
the Previous Examination at Cambridge, 55 ; Com-
pulsory Greek at Oxford and Cambridge, 128; Com.
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National League for Physical Education and Improve-
ment, Sir Lauder Brunton, 252 ; Report of the Inter-
departmental Committee on Physical Degeneration, Sir
Lauder Brunton, 252; Importance of Including both
Latin and Science in a Scheme of General Education,
Douglas Berridge, 284; Use and Misuse of Terms in
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Special Method in Elementary Science for the Common
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Louis, 513
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Dyer, 150
Egorofi (N.), Dichroism produced by Radium in Colour-
less Quartz, and a Thermoelectric Phenomenon in Striated

Smoky Quartz, 600
Egypt : " Find " of Royal Statues at Thebes, G. Legrain,

126; Medical Research in Egypt, 307: Bilharzia, Dr.
Summers, 307; the Venom of Egyptian Scorpions, Dr.
Wilson, 307; Second Pyramid of Ghizeh Struck by

Lightning, 565
Euhhorn (Dr. Gustav), die Drahtlose Telegraphie, 220
Electricity: Wireless Telegraphy, C. H. Sewall, 1; Elec-

tricity in Agriculture and Horticulture, Prof. S. Lem-
strom, 1 ; Modern Electric Practice, 1; the Theory of the
Lrad Accumulator, F. Dolezalek, 1; Electric Motors,
H. M. Hobart, 1; Notices sur l'Électricité, A. Cornu, 1;
I'Année Technique (1902–1903), A. Da Cunha, 1; the
laternational Electrical Congress at St. Louis, 41; a New
Safety Arrangement for Electrical Mains at High Ten-
son, L. Veu, 47; Jahrbuch der Radioaktivität und
Elektronik, 53: Electrolytic Preparation of Titanous Sul-
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206 Power Transmission Lines in California, 88 ; Corr.,
113: Electrolysis of Acid Solutions of Aniline, L. Gil-
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Practical Determination of the Mean Spherical Candle-
Power of Incandescent and Arc Lamps, G. B. Dyke, 95;
the Bleaching of Flour by Electricity, M. Balland, 96;
Influence of the Nature of the Anode on the Electrolytic
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Selim Lemström, Prof. Arthur Rindell, 129; Measure-
ments by Photometric Methods of the Temperature of the
Electric Arc, C. W. Waidner and G. K. Burgess, 132 ;
Electrical Conductivity and other Properties of Sodium
Hydroxide in Aqueous Solution, W. R. Bousfield and
T. M. Lowry, 141; Pollak-Virag High-speed Writing
Telegraph, 156; the Charge of the a Rays from Polonium,
Prof. Thomson, F.R.S., 166; Researches on Dielectric
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Hutton, 180; Direct Communication Established between
Liverpool and Teheran, 181; a High Frequency Al-
ternator, W. Duddell, 190; Experiments to show the
Retardation of the Signalling Current of the Pacific
Cable, Prof. W. E. Ayrton, 190; on a Rapid Method of
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Report of the Commission appointed by Clifford Sifton,
Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, Canada, to Investigate
the Different Electrothermic Processes for the Smelting
of Iron Ores and the Making of Steel in Europe, Prof.
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Conductivities of some Electrical Insulators, Dr. Charles
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Construction of Simple Electroscopes for Experiments on
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Influence Machines, Charles E. Benham, 320 ; Death and
Obituary Notice of Victor Serrin, 325; Galvanic Cells
produced by the Action of Light, Dr. M. Wilderman,
333; Electrical Pendulum with Free Escapement, Ch.
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of the Field and the Forces of an Electron moving in
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of Muntz's Metal by Electrolysis, and the Electric Pro-
perties of this Alloy, J. G. A. Rhodin, 381; a Syn-
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Drift produced in Ions by Electromagnetic Disturbances,
and a Theory of Radio-activity, George W. Walker, 406;
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of Dryness of Atmosphere at Winnipeg, Prof. A. H. R.
Buller, 448; Surface Tension of a Dielectric in the
Electric Field, Ch. Fortin, 455; Influence of Strong
Electromagnetic Fields on the Spark Spectra of some
Metals, J. E. Purvis, 479; Electrolytic Solution of Plat-
inum in Sulphuric Acid, André Brochet and Joseph Petit,
479 ; Action of Radium Bromide on the Electrical Re-
sistance of Metals, Bronislas Sabat, 479: Study of lon-
isation in Flames, Pierre Massoulier, 479: Recent De-
velopments in Electric Smelting in connection with Iron
and Steel, F. W. Harbord, 502 ; Wireless Telegraphy with
Circular Waves, Alessandro Artom, 517: Variation of the
Specific Inductive Power of Glass with the Frequency,
André Broca and M. Turchini, 527; Death and Obituary
Notice of Dr. L. Bleekrode, 540; Interrupters for In-
duction Coils, 546; Voltage Ratios of an Inverted Rotary
Converter, W. C. Clinton, 550; Electrometer with Sex.
tants and a Neutral Needle, M. Guinchant, 551 ; Modern
Theory of Physical Phenomena, Radio-activity, lons,

Electrons, Augusto Righi, 558; Atmospheric Electricity Entomology: Entomological Society, 23, 117, 142, 190,
in High Latitudes, Géorge. C. Simpson, 573 ; Historical 334, 429, 501, 527, 621; Tyrosinase of the Fly, C.
Note on Dust, . Electrification, and Heat, Sir Oliver Gessard, 24; Ants and some other Insects, an Inquiry
Lodge, F.R.S., 582 ; Unsolved Problems in Electrical En- into the Psychic Powers of these Animals, Dr. August
gineering, “ James Forrest " Lecture at the Institution of Forel, Prof. William Morton Wheeler, 29;. Occurrence
Civil Engineers, Colonel R. E. Crompton, 595 ; Ionisa- of a Tropical. Form of Stick-insect in Devonshire, Prof.
tion in Flames, Pierre Massoulier, 600 ; a Short Intro- Robert O. Cunningham, 55; the Pine-apple Gall of the
duction to the Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation, J. C. Spruce, E. R. Burdòn, 71; the Australian Cicadidæ,
Gregory, 606; Electromagnetics in a Moving Dielectric, Dr. F. W. Goding and W. W. Froggatt, 72 ; Death of
Oliver Heaviside, F.R.S., 606;. Tantalum, Dr.' F. C. G. Barrett, 181; Obituary Notice of, 208; Death
Mollwo Perkin, 610

and Obituary Notice of F. 0. Pickard-Cambridge, 397 :
Electrometallurgy : Calcium Metal, R. S. Hutton, 180

Function of the Antennæ in Insects, M. Yearsley, 430 ;
Elements, Prof. Mendeléeff on the Chemical, 65

a Synonymic Catalogue of Orthoptera, W. F. Kirby,
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459; Death and Obituary Notice of Prof. A. S. Packard,
Elements and Ephemeris of Comet 1904 d, M. Ebell, 211; 466; the Congo Floor Maggot, Messrs. Dutton, Todd,
M. Giacobini, 211;. see also Astronomy

and Christy, 499; Protective Resemblance, Mark L.
Elements and Ephemeris for Comet 1905 a (Giacobini), Sykes, 520; Studies of Variation in Insects, Vernon L.

General Bassot, 617; Dr. Palisa, 618; see also Astronomy Kellogg and Ruby G. Bell, 545; Maturation of the Egg
Eliot's (Sir J.) Address at Cambridge, J. R. Sutton, 6; and Early Development in Certain Sawflies, L. Don-
Sir John Eliot, F.R.S., 7

caster, 550 ; “ Fungus-gardens of South American
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Times and Laying Down Land to Grass, 604

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Elmore (Señor), Water-supply of the Rimac Valley, : 236 Giacobini, 211; Herr Pechüle, 353
Elster (Mr.), the Human Breath as a Source of the Ionisa- Ephemeris for Comet 1904 e, Dr. E. Strömgren, 353 ; see

tion of the Atmosphere, 157 ; Radio-active Muds from the also Astronomy
Thermal Springs of Nauheim and Baden, 448

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Ely (Prof. Achsah M.), Death of, 350

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Blind Salamander, 515

of the, Prof. R. H. Tucker, 618
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Black Hills, 450; Refractory Siliceous Ores of South Matthews, at the Institution of Civil Engineers, 92
Dakota, 452

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Encke's Comet 1904 b, M. Kaminsky, 16; Prof. Max Wolf, Genus Cimoliosaurus from White Cliffs, New South
63, 89; Prof. Millosevich, 89, 114 ; Prof. E. Hartwig, 89;

Wales, 399
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114; Herr van d Bilt, 185; Brightness of Encke's Comet, the Mysore, E. Thurston, 182
J. Holetschek, 469

Ethnology: Death of Prof. Max Berbels, 181; Archæo-
Energy, Life and, Four Addresses, Walter Hibbert, 271 logical Researches in Costa Rica, C. V. Hartman,
Energy, the Reception and Utilisation of, by a Green Leaf, Colonel George Earl Church, 461; Tales from Old Fiji,

Bakerian Lecture at the Royal Society, Dr. Horace T. Lorimer Fison, 490
Brown, F.R.S., 522

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Engineering : Modern Electric Practice, 1; Electric Motors, 401; Restrictions in Marriage, Francis Galton, 401;

H. M. Hobart, 1; Notices sur l'Electricité, A. Cornu, 1; Studies in National Eugenics, Francis Galton, 401; Dr.
l'Année Technique (1902–1903), A. Da Cunha, 1; Public Haddon, 402; Dr. F. W. Mott, 402; Ernest Crawley,
Works in India during the Last Fifty Years, Sir 402 ; Dr. E. Westermarck, 402
Guilford L. Molesworth, 13; Patent Flexible .Curves Europe, the Racial Elements in the Present Population of,
and a · Parabolic Curve, W. J. Brooks, 15; the Huxley Memorial Lecture, Dr. J. Deniker at Antropo-
Definition of Entropy, Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S., logical Institute, 21
31; 125; J. Swinburne, 125; Possibilities of Gas

European Longitudes, Discussion of Central, Prof. Th.
Turbines from a Scientific Standpoint, R. M. Neil- Albrecht, 424
son, 87; British Standard Specification and Sections European Thought in the Nineteenth Century, a History
for Bull Headed Railway Rails, 88; Coast Erosion and of, John Theodore Merz, Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S.,
Protection, A. E. Carey, E. R. Matthews, at the In-

stitution of Civil Engineers, 92 ; Need of Testing Evans (A. J.), the Tombs of Minoan Knossos, 303
Materials to be Subjected to Rapidly Repeated or to Evans (W. H.), Electrolytic Preparation of Titanous
Alternating Loads otherwise than by Determining the Sulphate, 71
Tensile Strength and Elastic Limit, `A. E. Seaton and Eve (A. S.), the Infection of Laboratories by Radium, 460
A. Jude, 184; Small Destructors for Institutional and Evolution : the Origin of Life, George Hookham, 9;
Trade Waste, W. Francis Goodrich, 246; Death and

Geologist, 31; Dai Nippon, the Britain of the East, a
Obituary Notice of Beauchamp Tower, 253 ; Recent Visit Study in National Evolution, Henry Dyer, 97; the In-
of the Institution of Civil Engineers to the United States heritance of Tortoiseshell and Related Colours in Cats,
and Canada, Sir William White, K.C.B.; 254 ; Death of L. Doncaster, 191; Mankind in the Making, H. G.
Joseph Chaudron, 325: Death of William Sellers, 372 ; Wells; Anticipations, H. G. Wells; the Food of the
Connection between Engineering and Science, C. 0. Gods, H. G. Wells, 193; Variation in Animals and
Burge, 384; Piercing of the Simplon Tunnel Completed, Plants, H. M. Vernon, 243 ; Trapezium of the Carpus
420; Unsolved Problems in Electrical Engineering, of the Horse, O. C. Bradley, 326; an Outline of the

James Forrest” Lecture at the Institution of Civil Theory of Organic Evolution, with a Description of
Engineers, Colonel R. E. Crompton, 595

some of the Phenomena which it Explains, Dr. Maynard
England : Remains of the Prehistoric Age in, Bertram M. Metcalf, 509

Č. A. Windle, F.R.S., 322 ; Social England, 385; an Ewart (Dr. Alfred J.), the Ascent of Water in Trees, 261
Introductory History of England, C. R. L. Fletcher, Examination at Cambridge, the Previous, 55
385; Studies on Anglo-Saxon Institutions, H. M. Chad- Exotic Flowers, the Bionomics of, Prof. Percy Groom, 26
wick, 385

Exotic Flowers, the Pollination of, Ella M. Bryant, 249
England and Wales, the Sea-fishing Industry of, F. G. Exploration of Lake Tanganyika, Scientific, 277
Aflalo, 153

Exploration in the Mentone Caves, Recent, Prof. Marcellin
English Estate Forestry, A. C. Forbes, 580

Boule, 276
English Field-botany, 245

Explosion Risks, Fire and, Dr. von Schwartz, 122

Jane 8, 1905]

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Esplosives : Gellignite, a Safety Explosive, 61; Calcium Flints :- Blue-stained, Dr. F. J. Allen, 83 ; Thomas L. D.

Carbide as an Explosive in Mining Work, Marcel P. S. Porter, 126; Blue Flints at Bournemouth, J. W. Sharpe,
Guédras, 240

Eynon (L.). Method for the Direct Production of Certain Floating Ice, the Melting of, Heat, 366
Aminoazo-compounds, 239

Floods of the Spring of 1903 in the Mississippi Watershed,

H. C. Frankenfeld, 10
Fabry (Ch.), New Arrangement for the use of the Methods Floods of 1902 and 1903, the Passaic, il
of Interferential Spectroscopy, 551

Floods in the United States in 1903, Destructive, E. C.
Fact in Sociology, 366

Murphy, 308
Faraday Society, 239, 381, 502, 598

Flora of the County Dublin, Nathaniel Colgan, 412
Farmer (R. C.), Affinity Constants of Aniline and its Flora of Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight, Frederick
Derivatives, 166

Townsend, 245
Farrington (Dr. O. C.), Geology of Durango (Mexico),

, ,

Floral Morphology, 436
Fauna of the North-west Highlands and Skye, A. J. A. Flowers, Attractions Offered to Bees by, Miss J. Wery, 492
Harvie-Brown and H. A. MacPherson, 202

Flowers, Children's Wild, Mrs. J. M. Maxwell, 510
Faure (Jacques), Voyage in a Balloon from London to Flowers, the Pollination of Exotic, Ella M. Bryant, 249
Paris, 372

Fluid, Theory of Rapid Motion in a Compressible, 196
Fayet (G.), Elliptical Character of the New Borrelly Comet Fog Inquiry, 1901-3, London, 259

(1904 e), 335; Orbit of Comet 1904 e (Borrelly), 353 ; Folie (F. J. P.), Death of, 371

Revised Elements for Borrelly's Comet (1904 e), 400 Folklore : the Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia, R.
Fecundation in Plants, David M. Mottier, 218

Campbell Thompson, 249; Folk-tales of Plains Indians,
Fenton (H. J. H., E.R.S.), Soluble Forms of Metallic Drs. G. A. Dorsey and A. L. Kroeber, 417; P. E.
Dihydroxytartrates, 479

Goddard, 418; Fijian Folk-tales, Lorimer Fison, 490
Ferguson (Margaret c.). Contributions to the Knowledge Food : Food Inspection and Analysis, Albert E. Leach, C.

of the Life-history of Pinus, with Special Reference to Simmonds, 50; the Nutritive Value of Sterilised Cows'
Sporogenesis, the Development of the Gametophytes, Milk, G. Variot, 167
and Fertilisation, 218

Food of the Gods, the, H. G. Wells, 193
Fernbach (A.), the Diastatic Coagulation of Starch, 240 Föppl (Prof. A.), Apparatus for Measuring the Velocity of
Ferrar (H. T.), the Old Moraines of South Victoria Land, the Earth's Rotation, 39

Forbes (A. C.), English Estate Forestry, 580
Fertilisation of Jasminum nudiflorum, Prof. John G. Forbes (Prof. Geo., F.R.S.), Exterior Ballistics, 380
McKendrick, F.R.S., 319

Forcrand (M. de), on the Possibility of Chemical Reactions,
Féry (Ch.), Isochronism of the Pendulum in the Astro- 143 ; on the Prediction of Chemical Reactions, 143 ;

nomical Clock, 288; Electrical Pendulum with Free Valency of the Atom of Hydrogen, 527
Escapement, 335

Forel (Dr. August), Ants and some other Insects, an
Fielde (Miss A. M.), Curious Traits Displayed by Ants, Inquiry into the Psychic Powers of these Animals, 29

Forel (Prof. D. H.), “ Fungus-gardens" of South American
Fiji, Tales from Old, Lorimer Fison, 490

Ants, 567
Films, how to Photograph with Roll and Cut, John A. Forel (F. A.), Discovery at Boiron of a Tomb of the
Hodges, 460

Bronze Age, 493 ; Occurrence of Bishop's Ring, Mar-
Filon (Dr. L. N. G.), the Projection of Two Triangles on tinique, 591
to the same Triangle, 478

Forestry : Forestry in the United States, 32 ; Death of
" Find ” of Royal Statues at Thebes, G. Legrain, 126 Forstmeister Schering, 36; the Spread of the Mesquite
Findlay (A.), Influence of the Hydroxyl and Alkoxyl Prosopis glandulosa, 61; “ Bastard” Logwood, S. N. C.,
Groups on the Velocity of Saponification, 599

222 ; the Timbers of Commerce and their Identification,
Finlayson (D.), the Ashe-Finlayson Comparascope,'' H. Stone, 247; Trees, Prof. H. Marshall Ward, 290 ; the
Finn (F.), the Birds of Calcutta, 438

Strength of Structural Timber, Dr. W. K. Hatt, 399 ;
Fire and Explosion Risks, Dr. von Schwartz, 122

the Basket Willow, William F. Hubbard, 427; Forest
Fireballs, January, Mr. Denning, 469

Planting in Western Kansas, Royal R. Kellogg, 427 ;
Fireside Astronomy, D. W. Horner, 292

the Chestnut in Southern Maryland, Raphael Zon, 427;
Fisher (Rev. Osmond), on the Occurrence of Elephas Forestry in the United States, · 427; English · Estate

meridionalis at Dewlish, Dorset, 118; Propagation of Forestry, A. C. Forbes, 580
Earthquake Waves, 583

“ Forrest (James) " Lecture at the Institution of Civil
Fisheries : Fish-passes and Fish-ponds, Howietoun Fishery Engineers, Unsolved Problems in Electrical Engineering,

Co., 9; the Salmon Fisheries of England and Wales, Colonel R. E. Crompton, 595
Messrs. Archer and Fryer and Dr. Masterman, Frank Forster (M. O.), Configuration of isonitrosocamphor, 382 ;
Balfour Browne, 18; the New Whale Fisheries, 84 ; the New Formation of Acetylcamphor, 598
Sea-fishing Industry of England and Wales, F. G. Fortin (Ch.); Surface Tension of a Dielectric in the Electric
Aflalo, 153; the Fisheries of Scotland, Frank Balfour

Field, 455
Browne, 213; Whaling for 1904, Mr. Southwell, 351; Fortuna, the Planet, W. T., 461, 511; W. E. P., 461;
Decrease in Flat Fish in Cambois Bay, Northumber- Spencer Pickering, F.R.S.; 486
land, 567 : Report to the Government of Ceylon on the Foster. (Sir M., K.C.B., F.R.S.), the Monte Rosa and
Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar, W. A. Col d'Olen International Laboratories, Prof. Mosso, 443
Herdman, F.R.S., 395

Fournier (G.), the Perseids for 1904, 167
Fishes : a Large Indian Sea-perch, Major A. Alcock, Fournier (V.), the Perseids for 1904, 167

F.R.S., 415; the Nest of the Fighting Fish, E. H. Fourtau (R.), the Spring at Hammam Moussa, near Tor,
Waite, 450

Sinai, 312
Fishing at Night, S. W., 201; F. G. Analo, 221

Fowle (F. E., jun.), Absorption by Water Vapour in the
Fison (Lorimer), Tales from Old Fiji, 490

Infra-red Solar Speetrum, 115
Flamand (G. B. M.), Existence of Schists with Grapto- France, the Condition of Chemical Industries in, Jean
liths at Haci-el-Khenig, Central Sahara, 576

Jaubert, 369
Flames, Study of Ionisation in, Pierre Massoulier, 479 Frank (Prof.), Production of Calcium Cyanamide and its
Fleming (Mrs.), Stars having Peculiar Spectra, 306; Dis- Employment as Fertiliser, 374
tribution of Stellar Spectra, 115

Frankenfeld (H. C.), Floods of the Spring of 1903 in the
Fletcher (C. R. L.), an Introductory History of England, Mississippi Watershed, 10

Frankland (P. F.), Grignard Reaction Applied to the Esters
Fleurent (E.), the Rational Estimation of Gluten in

of Hydroxy-acids, 166.
Wheaten Flour, 288

Franks (W. S.), Dark Nebulosities, 190 ; Photography of
Flint (Robert). Philosophy as Scientia Scientiarum, and a

Planetary Nebulæ, 618
History of Classifications of the Sciences, 505

Frazier (Prof. Benjamin W.), Death of, 325




Frébaut (A.), Hydrogenation of Benzonitrile and Paratoluo- from the Thermal Springs of Nauheim and Baden,

nitrile, 600
Frederico (L.), the Glacial Fauna and Flora of the Plateau Gelstharp (F.), Electrolysis of Tin, 239
of Baraque-Michel, Ardennes, 468

Gemmellaro (Gaetano Giorgio), Obituary Notice of, 39
Freeman (W. G.), Nature Teaching, 5

Geodesy : Determination of the Difference in Longitude
Frémont (Ch.), on the Possibility of Producing a Non- between Greenwich and Paris made in 1902, M. Læwy,
brittle Steel Tempered Blue, 191

191; the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 519
Freshfield (Douglas w.), Mount Everest, the Story of a Geography: the National Antarctic Expedition, Captain
Controversy, 82

Scott, 41; Report on the Identification and Nomen-
Freshwater Algæ, a Treatise on the British, Prof. G. S. clature of Himalayan Peaks, Captain H. Wood, R.E.,
West, 194

Major S. G. Burrard, F.R.S., 42; Mount Everest, the
Freundler (P.), Monobromoacetal, 527

Story of a Controversy, Douglas W. Freshfield, 82 ; the
Friedel (Jean), Chlorophyll Assimilation in the Absence of Countries of the King's Award, Sir Thomas Holdich,
Oxygen, 312

K.C.M.G., 102 ; Death and Obituary Notice of Admiral
Friend (J. A. N.), Influence of Potassium Persulphate on Sir Erasmus Ommanney, K.C.B., F.R.S., 207; Russian
the Estimation of Hydrogen Peroxide, 70

Geographical Society Medal Awards, 231; India, Sir
Friswell (R. J.), the Cost of Chemical Synthesis, 222

Thomas Holdich, C.B., 268; Glossary of Geographical
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