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man, 156; the Mistaken Idea that Birds are Seed.
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Thomas Nolan, 460; the Ashe-Finlayson Compara- of, A. H. Sabin, C. Simmonds, 50
scope," D. Finlayson, 478 : Photomicrography by Ultra- Palæobotany : on the Reconstruction of a Fossil Plant,
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the Theory of Inevitable Variability of Retinal Im- and Cones, H. E. H. Smedley, 183; Fossil Plants from
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600 ; Photograph of a Lightning Flash showing the Air Scott, F.R.S., 201; Sporangium-like Organs of Glosso-
in Incandescence, Em. Touchet, 600 ; Ellipsoidal Lenses, pteris Browniana, E. A. Newell Arber, 382 ; the Early
R. J. Sowter, 622

History of Seed-bearing Plants as Recorded in the
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Orbits of Minor Planets, Prof. J. Bauschinger, 469

F.R.S., 426; Plants from the Coal-measures Found in
Orchideen-arten, Abbildungen der in Deutschland und den the Borings at Éply, Lesménils, and Pont-à-Mousson,

angrenzenden Gebieten Vorkommenden Grundformen der, R. Zeiler, 551; the Grains Found Attached to Pecto
Dr. F. Kränzlin, 341

pteris Pluckeneti, M. Grand'Eury, 575
Organic Chemistry,
Chemistry, Applications of

General Palæoichthyology : the Fishes of the Two Sides of the
Reactions to Investigations in, Dr. Lassar-Cohn, Isthmus of Panama, Messrs. Gilbert and Starks, 590

Palæontology: Dimorphism of the English Species of
Organic Compounds, the Chemical Synthesis of Vital Pro- Nummulites, J. J. Lister, F.R.S., 71; Extinct Mammalia

ducts and the Inter-relation between, Prof. Raphael in a Carboniferous Cavern near Doneraile, R. J. Ussher,
Meldola, F.R.S., 170

71; Eocene Whales, F. A. Lucas, 102 ; on the Occurrence
Organic Evolution, an Outline of the Theory of, with a of Elephas meridionalis at Dewlish, Dorset, Rev.

Description of some of the Phenomena which it Explains, Osmond Fisher, 118; the Rhætic Bone-beds, W. H.
Dr. Maynard M. Metcalf, 509

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Organisation, Imperial, Sir Frederick Pollock, 589

Dr. Victor Chlig, 161; the Palæozoic Palæechinoidea,




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F.R.S., 415 vood, 38t; an Opalised Plesiosaurian Reptile of the Percentage Tables for Elementary Analysis, Leo F. GuttGenus Cimoliosaurus from White Cliffs, New South mann, 460 Wales. R. Etheridge, 399; Exploration of the Potter Perch, a Large Indian Sea, Major A. Alcock, F.R.S., 415 Creek Cave in California, w. J. Sinclair, 472; the Periodical Comets due to Return in 1905, W. T. Lynn, Opisthocælian Dinosaurs, E. S. Riggs, 515; Annelid 306 Remains and Ammonites in the Salto del Fraile and Perkin (Dr. F. Mollwo), Electrolytic Analysis of Cobalt Morro Solar Districts, c. I. Lisson, 541; Gasteropoda and Nickel, 239; International Atomic Weights, 461; from the Silurian Rocks of Llangadock, Miss J. Donald, Tantalum, 610 549: the Dinosaur Diplodocus carnegii, Dr. W. J.

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200 :


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