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Quartz Vessels Limited, M. Berthelot, 544; Use of Pic du Midi Observatory, the, M. L. Rudaux, 354
Hot and Cold Tube in proving the Existence of Picard (Alfred), Removal of Moisture from the Air blown
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Theory of Gases, Lord Rayleigh, O.M., F.R.S. 559; the Pickering (Prof. E. C.), Plan for the Endowment of Astro-
Physical Cause of the Earth's Rigidity, Prof. T. J. J. nomical Research, 40; Harvard Observations of Variable.
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bubbling. Dr. E. P. Perman and J. H. Davies, 597; Pickering (Spencer, F.R.S.), Experiments in the Manuring
Electromagnetics in a Moving Dielectric, Oliver Heavi- of Fruit Crops, 356 ; the Planet Fortuna, 486
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Physiology : Adolescence, its Psychology and its Relations to Piettre (M.), Spectroscopy of the Blood and of Oxyhæmo-

Physiology. Anthropology, Sociology, Sex, Crime, Re- globin, 600
ligion, G. Stanley Hall, 3; Clinical Lectures on Diseases Pinnipedia a Sub-order of Cetacea ! 125
of the Nervous System, Sir William R. Gowers, F.R.S., Pintza (Alexandre), Density of Nitrous Oxide and the
6: Modifications of Glycolysis in the Capillaries caused Atomic Weight of Nitrogen, 47
by Local Modification of the Temperature, R. Lepine and Pinus, Contributions to the Knowledge of the Life-history
M. Boulud, 23; Tyrosinase of the Fly, C. Gessard, 24; of, with Special Reference to Sporogenesis, the Develop-
Arsenie Rapidly Eliminated from the System by Kidney ment of the Gametophytes and Fertilisation, Margaret
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in Animals and Plants, Prof. S. H. Vines, F.R.S., 189; Orkney Islands, 623
Chemical Combination and Toxic Action as exemplified | Pisciculture : Fish-hatching at the Port Erin Biological
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Station, 613
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279 : Physiological Effects of Ovariotomy in the Goat, velopment of Martian Canals, Mr. Lowell, 282; the
P. Oceanu and A. Babes, 312 ; Cerebral Localisation, Alternating Variability of Martian Canals, Mr. Lowell,
the Brains of Felis, Canis, and Sus compared with that 494 ; Longitude Observations of Points on Mars, Mr.
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between Arterial Pressure and the Amounts of Chloro- V. Cerulli, 592 ; Changes on Mars, Mr. Lowell, 618; Mr.
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K.C.B., F.R.S., 443 : Glandular Atrophic Action of the servations of Jupiter's Sixth Satellite, Mr. Hammond,
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der Pfanzen, Dr. Alfred Burgerstein, 51; the Reception Society, Dr. Horace T. Brown, F.R.S., 522
and Utilisation of Energy by a Green Leaf, Bakerian Plant-hairs, the Uses and Wonders of, Kate E. Styan, 486
Lature at the Royal Society, Dr. Horace T. Brown, Plants: Palæozoic Seed Plants, E. A. N. Arber, 68;
F.R.S., 532

Fecundation in Plants, David M. Mottier, 218; Variation


in Animals and Plants, H.,M. Vernon, 243 ; Hints on
Collecting and Preserving Plants, S. Guiton, 317; the
Early History of Seed-bearing Plants as Recorded in the
Carboniferous Flora, Wilde Lecture at . Manchester
Literary and Philosophical Society, Dr. D. H. Scott,

F.R.S., 426
Pleiades Stars, Triangulation of the,. Dr. Elkin, 329
Pleistocene Age, on an Ossiferous Cave of, at Hoe Grange

Quarry, Longcliffe, near Brassington, Derbyshire, H. H.
Arnold Bemrose and E. T. Newton, F.R.S., 165, 488
Plimmer (H. G.), Comparative Effects of the Trypano-

somata of Gambia Fever and Sleeping Sickness upon

Rats, 379
Pluvinel (M. le Comte de la Baume), Eclipse Results and

Problems, 234
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- Group-velocity is Negative, 607
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Polar Motion, Correction of the Longer Term in the, Mr.

Kimura, 133
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Polonium and Radium, Charge on the a Particles of, Prof.

J. J. Thomson, F.R.S., 438; Frederick Soddy, 438
Polyhedral Soap-films, W. F. Warth, 273
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Porter (J. G.), Constant Errors in Meridian Observations,

Porter (Thomas L. D.), Blue-stained Flints, 126
Posternak (S.), Chemical Composition of Aleurone Grains,

Potato, New Damp. Soil, Solanum Commersoni, M.

Labergerie, 192
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of the Scorpion, 534
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of Sugar, 37
Power (F. B.), Relation between Natural and Synthetical

Glycerylphosphoric Acids, 478; Gynocardin, ia · New

Cyanogenetic Glucoside, 550
Poynting (Prof. J. H., F.R.S.), Radiation Pressure, 200,

Pozzi-Escot (Emm.), Cyclic Substituted Thio-hydantoins,

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of Ireland, 444
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the Genus Cannabis, 209; the Species of Dalbergia of
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Pre-Glacial Raised Beach of the South Coast of Ireland,

the, W. B. Wright and H. B. Muff, Prof. Grenville

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* 376
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from North Wales, 574; New Oxychloride of Copper

from Sierra Gorda, Chili, 574
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Prizes Proposed by the Paris · Academy of Sciences for

1905, 234
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1904-5, 364
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· Rev. 0. Fisher, 583

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to Physiology, Anthropology, Sociology, Sex, Crime,
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Insects, an Inquiry into the Psychic Powers of these
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Mark Webb, 284
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Moon, 518
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on the Spark Spectra of some Metals, 479
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Pyramid of Ghizeh Struck by Lightning, Second, 565
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Qualitative Chemical Analysis, Tables for, Prof. A. Liver-

sidge, F.R.S.,
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Quen'nessen (L.), the Absorption of Hydrogen by Rhodium,

Quignon (G. A.), Observations of Perseids, 89
Quinton (René), the Degree of Saline Concentration of the

Blood Serum of the Eel in Sea Water and in Fresh

Water, 144
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Racial Elements in the Present Population of Europe, the,

Huxley Memorial Lecture, Dr. J. Deniker at Anthropo-

logical Institute, 21
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H. Curtis, 519
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polsky, 618
Radial Velocities, Stars with Variable, 569
Radial Velocity of Sirius, Variable, Prof. Campbell, 494
Radial-velocity Spectrograms, New Method for Measuring,

Prof. J. Hartmann, 306
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53; Experiments with Radium Salts, Prof. Orazio Re-
buffat, 62 ; Radio-activity and Radium in Australian
Minerals, D. Mawson and T. H. Laby, 168; Effect of
the Radium Emanations on Certain Protozoa and on the
Blood, MM. Salomonsen and Dreyer, 279; the Origin of
Radium, Frederick Soddy, 294; W. C. D. Whetham,
F.R.S., 319; Slow Transformation Products of Radium,
Prof. E. Rutherford, F.R.S., 341; Action on Plants of

Röntgen and Radium Rays, Dr. M. Koernicke, 373 ;
· Plumbiferous Earths of Issy-l'Évêque contain Radium,

M. Danne, 373 ; are Metals made Radio-active by the
Influence of Radium Radiation ? Prof. Thomson, F.R.S.,
430 : Prof. Bumstead, 430; Influence of the Radium
Emanation on the Toxic Power of Snake Poison, C.
Phisalix, 456 ; the Infection of Laboratories by Radium,
A. S. Eve, 460; Phosphorescence caused by the Beta
and Gamma Rays of Radium, G. T. Beilby, 476 ; Radium
Explained, Dr. W. Hampson, 530; the Heating Effect
of the y Rays from Radium, Prof. E. Rutherford,
F.R.S., and Prof. H. T. Barnes, 151; Non-electrification
of y. Rays, Prof. Thomson, F.R.S., 430 ; Secondary
Radiation produced when the B and g Rays of Radium
Impinge on Metallic Plates, Prof. J. A. McClelland, 543 ;
the Genesis of Temporary Radio-activity, Ed. Sarasin,
Th. Tommasina, and F. J. Micheli, 143 ; the Existence
of the 'n-Rays, 157; on the Registration of the n-Rays,
0. Weiss and L. Bull, 191; on M. Bordier's Supposed

Demonstration of n-Rays by Photographic Methods, M. Rayleigh (Lord, O.M.; F.R.S.), the Nobel Prize for Physics Chanoz and M. Perrigot, 287; the Charge of the a Rays Awarded to, 155; Compressibility of Gases between One from Polonium, Prof. Thomson, F.R.S., 166; Charge Atmosphere and Half an Atmosphere of Pressure, 358 ; Carried by the a Rays from Radium, Prof. E. Ruther- the Dynamical Theory of Gases, 559 ford, F.R.S., 413; Charge on the a Particles of Polonium Reade (T. Mellard), Study of Sands and Sediments, 161 and Radium, Prof. J. J. Thomson, F.R.S., 438; Reason in Dogs, Arthur J. Hawkes, 54 Frederick Soddy, 438 ; Method of Protecting the Hands Rebuffat (Prof. Orazio), Experiments with Radium Salts, 62 of the Operator from X-Ray Burns, Prof. W. F. Barrett, Red Spot on Jupiter, the Great, Mr. Denning and Rev. F.R.S., 167 ; Secondary. Röntgen Radiation, Dr. Charles T. E. Phillips, 211; Stanley Williams, 211 G. Barkla, 440; Glandular Atrophic Action of the Reflector at Harvard, a New 24-inch, Prof. E. C. Pickering, X-Rays, Foveau de Courmelles, 456 ; Polarised Röntgen 569 Radiation, Dr. Charles G. Barkla, 477 ; Note on Radio- Refraction Constant, Value of the Astronomical, L. Couractivity, W. Ternent Cooke, 176; Radio-activity of voisier, 592 Natural Waters, Bertram B. Boltwood, 233; Plant Radio-Refraction Tables, New, Dr. L. de Ball, 234 activity, Paul Becquerel, 263 ; the Construction of Simple Règles internationales de la Nomenclature zoologique, 534 Electroscopes for Experiments on Radio-activity, Dr. Reichsanstalt, die bisherige Tätigkeit der: Physikalisch0. W. Richardson, 274 ; Photogenic Radio-active Proper- technischen, 388 ties of Calcined Coral placed in a Radiant Vacuum and Reichsanstalt, die Tätigkeit der Physikalisch-technischen, submitted to the Influence of the Kathode Rays, Gaston

im Jahre 1903, 388 Séguy, 287; Action of very low Temperatures on the Rein (J. J.), Japan nach Reisen und Studien, 603 Phosphorescence of Certain Sulphides, F. P. Le Roux, Reinach (Dr. Albert von), Death of, 325 287; a New Radio-active Product from Actinium, Dr. Reinach (S.), Recent Archæological Discoveries in Crete, T. Godlewski, 294; Fluorescence, C. Camichel, 311; Proposed Chronology of Cretan Civilisation, 69 Secondary Radiation, Prof. J. A. McClelland, 390 ; Drift Relative Drift of the Hyades Stars, Dr. Downing, F.R.S., Produced in lons by Electromagnetic Disturbances, and 185 a Theory of Radio-activity, George W. Walker, 406 ; | Religion : Religion und Naturwissenschaft eine Antwort an Radio-active Muds from the Thermal Springs of Nauheim Professor Ladenburg, Prof. Arthur Titius, 27; Ideals of and Baden, Messrs. Elster and Geitel, 448 ; Radio-active Science and Faith, 52 ; die orientalische Christenheit der Sediments of Thermal Springs, Prof. G. Vicentini and Mittelmeerlände, Dr. Karl Beth, 53 Levi de Zara, 448 ; Radio-active Muds, Prof. G. Vicentini, Renard (Colonel), Death of, 588 543 : Radio-active Water and Mud, H. S. Allen, 543 ; Rengade (E.), Cæsium Methylamide, 335 Secondary Radiation and Atomic Structure, Prof. J. A. Resemblance, Protective, Mark L. Sykes, 520 McClelland, 503 ; Modern Theory of Physical Phenomena, Résultats du Voyage du S.Y. Belgica en 1897, 1898, 1899, Radio-activity, Ions, Electrons, Augusto Righi, 558; New sous le Commandemant de A. de Gerlache de Gomery, 337. Radio-active Element which. Evolves Thorium Emana. Retouching, Arthur Whiting, 100 tion, Dr. O. Hahn, 574

Retouching, Practical, Drinkwater Butt, 317 Radium : Presence of Radium throughout the Earth's Reversal of Charge from Electrical Induction Machines,

Volume as Compensating for the Loss of Heat by Con- George W. Walker, 221; R. Langton Cole, 249 ; duction, C. Liebenow, 113; the Heating Effect of the V. Schaffers, 274

Rays from Radium, Prof. E. Rutherford, F.R.S., and Reversal in Influence Machines, Charles E. Benham, 320 Prof. H. T. Barnes, 151; the Becquerel Rays and the

REVIEWS AND OUR BOOKSHELF. Properties of Radium. Hon. R. J. Strutt, Dr. O. W. Richardson, 172 ; the Origin of Radium, Frederick Soddy, Wireless Telegraphy, C. H. Sewall, 1 294 ; W. C. D. Whetham, F.R.S., 319; a New Mineral Electricity in Agriculture and Horticulture, Prof. S. Lemcontaining Radium, J. Danne, 335; Slow Transformation ström, 1 Products of Radium, Prof. E. Rutherford, F.R.S., 341 ; Modern Electric Practice, i Action of Radium on the Electric Spark, Dr. R. S. The Theory of the Lead Accumulator, F. Dolezalek, i Willows and J. Peck, 358; Plumbiferous Earths of Issy- Electric Motors, H. M. Hobart, I l'Évêque contain Radium, M. Danne, 373; Charge Notices sur l'Électricité, A. Cornu, i Carried by the a Rays from Radium, Prof. E. Ruther- L'Année Technique (1902-1903), A. Da Cunha, i ford, F.R.S., 413 ; Charge on the a Particles of Polonium Adolescence, its Psychology and its Relations to Physiology, and Radium, Prof. J. J. Thomson, F.R.S., 438; Anthropology, Sociology, Sex, Crime, Religion, G. Stanley Frederick Soddy, 438; the Infection of Laboratories by

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