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see also Astronomy
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g Rays from Radium, 151; Slow Transformation Pro-

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International Electrical Congress at

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Sanitary Engineering. Small Destructors for Institutional John Butler Burke, 177
and Trade Waste, W. Francis Goodrich, 246

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discovered in the (uster-beds of Norway, 61

the Fisheries of Scotland, Frank Balfour Browne, 213




/** 8, 1905

Scottish National Antarctic Espedition, J. H. Harvey Pirie Serotherapy: Prof. A. E. Wright's System of Anti-
and R. N. Rudmose Brown, 425

typhoid Inoculation in the Army, 14; Abstention from
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a Fossil Plant Lyginodendron Oldhamium, 47; Fossil against Asiatic Cholera, Dr. Strong, 352 ; Physical
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aceous Cone from the Lower Coal-measures, 164 ;

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History of Seed-bearing Plants as recorded in the Car- Sertularidæ, American Hydroids, part ii., C. C. Nutting,
boniferous Flora, Wilde Lecture at Manchester Literary 331
and Philosophical Society, 426

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Scott (Dr. J.), Influence of Cobra-Venom on the Proteid ing a Sea-urchin, 479
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41; Geographical Results of the National Antarctic Ex- 390
pedition, 421

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ations of Atmospheric Pressure, 216
Ses-fishing Industry of England and Wales, the, F. G. Sheppard (S. E.), the Molecular Condition in Solution of
Afalo, 153

Ferrous Potassium Oxalate, 358; the Theory of Photo-
Sea-perch, a Large Indian, Major A. Alcock, F.R.S., 415 graphic Processes, on the Chemical Dynamics of Develop-
Scarle (G. F. C.), Elements of Electromagnetic Theory, ment, 454
5. J. Barnett, 409

Shimek (Prof. B.), the Joess of Natchez and of the Lower
Seaton (A. E.), Need of Testing Materials to be subjected Mississippi Valley, 472

to Rapidly Repeated or to Alternating Loads otherwise Shore (T. W.), Death of, 278
than by Determining the Tensile Strength and Elastic Shull (G. H.), Place-constants for Aster prenanthoides, 493
Limit, 184

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Secondary Radiation, Prof. J. A. McClelland, 390

Sifton il litiord), Report of the Commission appointed by,
See (Dr. T. J. J.), Observations of Occultations by Planets, Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, Canada, to Investigate

185; Physical Conditions of the Planets, 424 ; the Physical the Different Electrothermic Processes for the Smelting
Cause of the Earth's Rigidity, 559

of Iron Ores and the Making of Steel in Europe, 258
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to the influence of the Kathode Rays, 287

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Work done by Great Earthquakes, Dr. R. von Köves- and Analysis, Albert E. Leach, 50; Oils for Motor-cars,
ligothy, 20; Variations of Sea Level on the East Coast 205; Inks, their Composition and Manufacture, C. Ains-
of Japan, Prof. Omori, 20; Present Condition of Kilauea, worth Mitchell and T. C. Hepworth, 269; the Cultivation
Dr. Otto Kuntze, 20; Modulus of Elasticity of Rocks, and Preparation of Para Rubber, W. H. Johnson, 321;
S Kusakabe, 20; Level of Maximum Rate of Propaga- Change in the Colour of Moss Agates, 54
tion, Prof. Imamura, 20; Distribution of Submarine Simon (L. J.), a Method for the Volumetric Estimation of
Earthquakes, Wilhelm Krebs, 21; Measurements of the Hydroxylamine, 504
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