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during 1904, 185: Variable Stars and Nebulous Areas Strong (Dr.), Protective Inoculation against Asiatic in Scorpio, Miss H. S. Leavitt, 282; Relative Drift of Cholera, 352 the Hyades Stars, Dr. Downing, F.R.S., 185; Light Structure of the Third Cyanogen Band, Franz Jungbluth, curve of & Cephei, Dr. B. Meyermann, 234 ; Colours of 234 Stars in the Southern Hemisphere, Dr. J. Möller, 256 ; Struthers (R. de J. F.), Photographic Radiation of some New Method for Measuring Radial-velocity Spectrograms, Mercury Compounds, 455 Frof. J. Hartmann, 306; Triangulation of the Pleiades Strutt (Hon. R. J.), the Becquerel Rays and the Properties Stars, Dr. Elkin, 329 ; Temperature of certain Stars, of Radium, 172 W. E. Wilson, 334 ; Systematic Survey of Double Stars, Stumpf (Prof.), the Intelligent Horse “ Clever Hans," 156 Prof. R. G. Aitken, 354; Castor a Quadruple Star, Prof. Styan (Kate E.), the Uses and Wonders of Plant-hairs, 486 Campbell, 375; Popular Star Maps, Comte de Miremont, Submarine Signalling by Sound, J. B. Millet, 595. 464 : New Variable Stars in the Region about 8 Aquilæ, Sudborough (J. J.), Esterification Constants of Substituted Prof. Wolf, 519; Radial Velocities of certain Stars, Prof. Acrylic Acids, 550 ; Simple Method for the Estimation of Campbell and Dr. H. D. Curtis, 519; Orbit of the Acetyl Groups, 550 Binary Star Ceti 82, Prof. Aitken, 519; Star Places in Sugar-planting Experiments in the Leeward Islands in the Vulpecula Cluster, Dr. H. Meyer, 519; Right As- 1903-4, Dr. F. Watts, 615 eersions of 2120 Southern Stars, Prof. W. Doberck, 545 ; Sun : Structure of the Corona, Dr. Ch. Nordmann, 469; Magnitude Equation in the Right Ascensions of the Eros Photography of the Corona without a Total Eclipse, A. Stars, Prof. R. H. Tucker, 618; Stars with Variable Hansky, 544 Radial Velocities, 569; Radial Velocities of Standard- Sun's Rotation, the, Prof. N. C. Dunér, 401 reincity Stars, Prof. Belopolsky, 618

Sun-spectra, Father Cortie, 158 Sute lid for Higher Education, 487

Sun-spot Minimum, Date of the most Recent, E. Tringali, State, Science and the, Sir William Abney, K.C.B., F.R.S., 133 at the Society of Arts, 90

Sun-spots, Nature of, Th. Moreux, 592 Cutics. Graphic, T. Alexander and A. W. Thompson, 507 Super-cooled Rain Drops, Edward E. Robinson, 295; Cecil Satics and Dynamics, Chemical, J. W. Mellor, Dr. H. M.

Carus-Wilson, 320 Dawon, 532

Superstitions about Animals, Frank Gibson, 510 Gatistics of Variation, 545,

Surgery : the Treatment of Cancer, Mayo Robson, 130 ; Statues at Thebes, " Find” of Royal, G. Legrain, 126

Method of Protecting the Hands of the Operator from Grad ]. E., F.R.S.), Practical Micrometallography, 455 X-Ray Burns, Prof. W. F. Barrett, F.R.S., 167; John Setiag (Rev. T. R. R.), Zoological Nomenclature, 478 Hunter and his Influence on Scientific Progress, Hunfem. on the Occurrence of Widmannstätten's Figures in terian Oration at Royal College of Surgeons, John * Castings, Prof. J. O. Arnold and A. Mc

Tweedy, 403 Wam, 32 ; Report of the Commission appointed by Survey of India, Report of the, 22 Cšord Sifton, Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, Canada, , Surveying: New Streets, Laying Out and Making Up, * intestigate the different Electrothermic Processes for A. Taylor Allen, 437 he smelting of Iron Ores and the making of Steel in Sutro (Emil), the Basic Law of Vocal Utterance, 317; Europe, Prof. J. O. Arnold, 258

Duality of Voice and Speech, 317; Duality of Thought Vrele Robert), Mediæval Lore from Bartholomew Anglicus, and Language, 317

Sutton (J. R.), Sir J. Eliot's Address at Cambridge, 6 is abowska (Mlle. W.), Law of Variation of Weight of Sutton Town and Chase, Tales of, with other Tales and Porucillium glaucum as a Function of its Age, 120

some Sketches, 53 ***- 'Prof. Valdemar), Death of, 350

Swinburne (J.), the Definition of Entropy, 125 nhausen (Jacob), a Research on

« Enhanced Lines,” 400 Sykes (Mark L.), Protective Resemblance, 520 Wian (P.), die technische Mechanik, elementares Lehr- Sylvester (James Joseph), the Collected Mathematical tuch für mittlere maschienentechnische Fachschulen und Papers of, 98 Hiitsbuch für Studierende höherer technischer Lehran. Symmers (Dr.), Bilharzia, 307 salten, 148

Synonymic Catalogue of Orthoptera, a, W. F. Kirby, 459 Wyphemie, Materialien der, C. A. Bischoff, 386 77m, the Human, Andrew Melville Patterson, Dr. A. Tacchini (Prof. Pietro), Death of, 540 ; Obituary Notice Krith.145

of, 564; the late Prof. Tacchini, Prof. R. Meldola, *sens (F. H.), a School Geometry, 75: Lessons in Ex- F.R.S., 583 perimental and Practical Geometry, 507

Tales from Old Fiji, Lorimer Fison, 490 **art 11. W.). Transmutation of Geometrical Isomerides, Tales of Sutton Town and Chase, with other Tales and * Velocity of Oxime Formation in certain Ketones, some Sketches, 53

Tanakadate (A.), a Magnetic Survey of Japan reduced to mart (Dr. R. Wallace), Higher Text-book of Magnetism the Epoch 1895.0 and the Sea Level, 578 23 Electricity, 270

Tanganyika, Lake, Scientific Exploration of, 277 konsect in Devonshire, Occurrence of a Tropical Form Tank Oscillation, Lissajous's Figures by, T. Terada, 296 a Prof. Robert O. Cunningham, 55

Tannery (Paul), Death of, 130 (J. T.), the Marine Beds in the Coal-measures of Tansley (Prof. A. G.), Compulsory Greek at Cambridge, th Staffordshire, 310

414 >H.l, the Timbers of Commerce and their Identifi- Tantalum, Dr. F. Mollwo Perkin, 610

Tarugi (N.), the Power of Aluminium to Absorb the thenge, Notes on, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., Vapour of Mercury, 352 FRS, 297, 345, 367, 391, 535

Tattersall (G.), New Synthesis of Isocaprolactone, 119 Yumurs: College Observatory, Father Sidgreaves, 592 Taylor (Edward H.), a Treatise on Applied Anatomy, 145 William Edward), a New General Theory of Errors, Taylor (F.), Studies in Optical Superposition, 239

Technical Education Board of the London County Council, *** without an End, the, Sarah Austin, 76

1903-1904, Annual Report of the, 34 ***aues (Dr. Eduard). Studien über die Albuminoide mit Technical Mechanics, Prof. George M. Minchin, 148 tvrdepes Berucksichtigung des Spongen und der Techno-chemical Analysis, Dr. G. Lunge, 458

Technological Chemistry : the Industrial and Artistic *****, New, Laying Out and Making up, A. Taylor

Technology of Paint and Varnish, A. H. Sabin,

C. Simmonds, 50; Food Inspection and Analysis, Albert Les roboli, Recent Changes in the Crater of, Dr. Tempest E. Leach, C. Simmonds, 50

Technology of the Vegetable Fibres, the, Prof. Aldred F. **9.7gren (Dr. Elis), Elements and Ephemeris for Comet

Barker, 579 **44, 256; Ephemeris for Comet 1904 e, 353, 400;

Telegraphy : Wireless Telegraphy, C. H. Sewall, I; Wire15,7 m 1904 < (Borrelly), 518; Comet 1905 a (Giacobini), less Telegraphy from Poldhu, Cornwall, to Ancona, Italy,

III; die Drahtlose Telegraphie, Dr. Gustav Eichhorn.

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Keratine, 174

Worxon, 593

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220; Wireless Telegraphy in War, Captain James, 307; Thomas (Mr.). Methods of Dealing with Dust in the Air
Wireless Telegraphy between Diamond Island and the in a Cornish Mine, 209
Andamans, 445; Wireless Telegraphy with Circular | Thomas (N. W.), Group Marriage with especial Reference
Waves, Alessandro Artom, 517; Pollak-Virag High-speed to Australia, 478
Writing Telegraph, 156; Direct Telegraphic Communica- Thomas (W.), Simple Method for the Estimation of Acetyl
tion established between Liverpool and Teheran, 181; Groups, 550
Experiments to show the Retardation of the Signalling Thompson (Dr. Ashburton), Plague at Sydney in 1903. 542
Current of the Pacific Cable, Prof. W. E. Ayrton, 190 ; Thompson (A. W.), Graphic Statics, 507
Time Signals sent from Washington to Sydney, 303 ; Thompson (R. Campbell), the Devils and Evil Spirit of
Telegraphic Time Signals from the United States Naval Babylonia, 249
Observatory, 613

Thompson (Prof. S. P.), on a Rapid Method of Approximate Telescope, the, Thomas Nolan, 460

Harmonic Analysis, 190; Crystals showing the PhenoTelescope, the Bruce Photographic, Prof. Barnard, 424 menon of Luminous Rings, 142 Tempel's Second Comet, Re-discovery of, M. Gavelle, 133 ; Thompson-Yates and Johnston Laboratories Report, the,

J. Coniel, 133 ; Ephemeris for, J. Coniel, 282 ; Tempel's 498

Comet (1904 c), M. St. Javelle, 185; M. Coniel, 185 Thomson (Prof. Arthur), the Ancient Races of the Thebaid, Tempel's First Periodic Comet (1867 II.), Search-ephemeris 583 for, A. Gautier, 545

Th son (James), the Circulation of the Atmosphere, 365 Temperature on Ben Nevis, Inversions of, Andrew Watt, Thomson (Prof. J. J., F.R.S.), the Charge of the a Rays 583

from Polonium, 166; Charge on the a Particles of Temperature Inversion, Remarkable, and the Recent High Polonium and Radium, 438; Non-electrification of a Rays, Barometer, W. H. Dines, 365

430 ; Are Metals made Radio-active by the Influence of Temperature of Meteorites, the, H. E. Wimperis, 81

Radium Radiation? 430 Temperatures of High Southern Latitudes, Mean, Prof. Thomson (W.), Arsenic Rapidly Eliminated from the Julius Hann, 221

System by Kidney Secretion, 88 Temperatures and Humidity in Anticyclones, Inversions of, Thorndike (Edward L.), an Introduction to the Theory of Dr. A. Lawrence Rotch, 510

Mental and Social Measurements, 99 Temple (Sir Richard), the Practical Value of Anthropology, Thornton (John), Elementary Practical Physiology, 556 130

Thornton (Dr. W. M.), a Sensitive Hygrometer, 47 Tenacity to Life of a Grass-snake, E. V. Windsor, 390 Thorp (T.), New Direct-vision Spectroscope, 431 Teneriffe, Attractions of, Hugh Richardson, 415

Thought, a History of European, in the Nineteenth Tennis : Lawn Tennis, J. Parmly Paret, 436; Great Lawn Century, John Theodore Merz, Prof. G. H. Bryan, Tennis Players, George W. Beldam and P. A. Vaile, 436


241 Teodoresco (E. C.), Effect of Low Temperatures on the Thoulet (M.), Study of the Sea Bottom of the North Zoospores of the Algæ, 432

Atlantic, 24 Terada (T.), Lissajous's Figures by Tank Oscillation, Thurston (E.), Difficulties of the Ethnographic Survey in 296

the Mysore, 182 Terrestrial Magnetism: a Contemplated Magnetic Survey Tibet, Lhasa, an Account of the Country and People of

of the North Pacific Ocean by the Carnegie Institution, Central, Perceval Landon, 585
Dr. L. A. Bauer, 389; Terrestrial Magnetism and its Tibet Mission, Geographical Results of the, Sir Frank
Causes, F. A. Black, 557

Younghusband, 377
Terrestrial Phenomena, Relations between Solar and, H. I. Tides of January 7, the Abnormal, 258
Jensen, 158

Tilden (W. A.), Pinene Isonitrosocyanide and its DerivaTetmeyer (Prof. Ludwig von), Death of, 420

tives, 550 Thallium Mineral, a New, G. T. Prior, 534

Till the Sun Grows Cold, Maurice Grindon, 606 Thebaid, the Ancient Races of the, Prof. Arthur Thomson, Timber, Process for Treating, with a Solution of Sugar, 583 ; Prof. Karl Pearson, F.R.S., 583

Mr. Powell, 37 Thebes, “ Find ” of Royal Statues at, G. Legrain, 126 Timbers of Commerce and their Identification, the, H. Theobald (Fred V.), Second Report on Economic Zoology,

Stone, 247 British Museum (Natural History), 272

Timbers of New South Wales, the Commercial, J. H. Theoretical Geometry for Beginners, C. H. Allcock, 75

Maiden, 157
Therapeutics : on the Action Exerted upon the Staphylo. Tingle (A.), the Flowering of the Bamboo, 183

coccus pyogenes by the Human Blood Fluids and on the Tissot (J.), Relations between Arterial Pressure and the
Elaboration of Protective Elements in the Human Amounts of Chloroform Absorbed, 408 ; Conditions which
Organism in Response to Inoculations of a Staphylo- Determine the Penetration of Chloroform into Blood
coccus Vaccine, Dr. A. E. Wright and Captain Stewart during Anästhesia, 480
R. Douglas, 67; on the Action Exerted upon the Tubercle Titius (Prof. Arthur). Religion und Naturwissenschaft eine
Bacillus by the Human Blood Fluids and on the Elabor- Antwort an Prof. Ladenburg, 27
ation of Protective Elements in the Human Organism in Todd (Mr.), Sleeping Sickness in Congo Free State, 490 :
Response to Inoculations of a Tubercle Vaccine, Dr. Relationship of Human Trypanosomiasis to Congo Sleep-
A. E. Wright and Captain Stewart R. Douglas, 67; ing Sickness, 499; the Congo Floor Maggot, 499
Light Energy, its Physics, Physiological Action and Toll's (Baron) Expedition, Fate of, 467
Therapeutics, Dr. Margaret A. Cleaves, Dr. Reginald Tommasina (Th.), the Genesis of Temporary Radio-activity,
Morton, 269; the Mixed Treatment of Trypanosomiasis 143
by Arsenious Acid and Trypan-red, A. Laveran, 359 Toning Bromide Prints, R. E. Blake Smith, 438
Thermodynamics: die Einheit der Naturkrafte in der Topography: the Pre-Glacial Raised Beach of the South

Thermodynamik, Richard Wegner, 29; la Statique Coast of Ireland, W. B. Wright and H. B. Muff, Prof.
Chimique basée sur les deux Principes fondamentaux de Grenville A. J. Cole, 17: Topography of British India,
la Thermodynamique, E. Ariès, 247: die heterogenen Colonel Sir Thomas Holdich, C.B. 268 ; Glossary of
Gleichgewichte vom Standpunkte der Phasenlehre, H. W. Geographical and Topographical Terms, Alexander Knox,

Bakhuis Roozeboom, 247
Thesmar (Mr.), the Nature of the Hydrosulphites, 374 Touchet (Em.), Photograph of a Lightning Flash showing
Thimont (Prof. Joseph), Death of, 181

the Air in Incandescence, 600 Thinking Cats, Y. N., 9; R. Langton Cole, 31

Tow-net, on a Method of Using the, as an Opening and Thiselton-Dyer (W. T.), Index Kewensis Plantarum Phan- Closing Tow-net, George Murray, F.R.S., 364 erogamarum, 581

Tower (Beauchamp), Death and Obituary Notice of, 253 Thomas (Dr.), Identity of various Trypanosomes of Man, Townsend (Frederick), Flora of Hampshire, including the 499

Isle of Wight, 245 Thomas (H. H.), Epidote from Inverness-shire, 381

Toxic Action as exemplified in Hämolytic Sera, Chemical Thomas (Miss M. B.), Optically Active Nitrogen Com- Combination and, Prof. Robert Muir and Carl H. Brown


Toxicology : the Venom of Egyptian Scorpions, Dr. Wilson, Uhlig (Dr. Victor), the Ammonite Fauna of the Spiti

307 ; Influence of the Radium Emanation on the Toxic Shales, 161 Power of Snake Poison, C. Phisalix, 456; Sterility and Ulpiani (C.), Intimate Connection between the ConfiguraAlopecy in Guinea-pigs previously submitted to the influ- tion of Chemical Substances and their Susceptibility to ence of Ovarian Extracts, Gustave Loisel, 504; the Anti- Fermentation, 352 dote to Nicotine, C. Zalackas, 504; Influence of Cobra- Umow (Prof. N.), an Ingenious Method of Constructing venon on the Proteid Metabolism, Dr. J. Scott, 621

Magnetic Charts, 184 Trachoma, Dr. J. Boldt, 198

United Kingdom, Museums, their History and their Use, Training of Teachers, Welsh Conference on the, 66

with a Bibliography and List of Museums in the, D. Trannoy (R.), Combinations of Samarium Chloride with Murray, 554 Ammonia, 311

United States : Forestry in the United States, 32; HydroTransition from Primary to Secondary Spectra, the, P. G. logy in the, 187; U.S. Department of Agriculture, General Nutting, 03

Index to Experiment Station Record, 188; Report of Transpiration der Pflanzen, die, Dr. Alfred Burgerstein, 51 the United States Naval Observatory, Rear-Admiral Transposition of Zoological Names, the, R. Lydekker, Chester, 211; Destructive Floods in the, in 1903, E. C. F.R.S., 608

Murphy, 308; Forestry in the, 427; the Magnetic Survey Transvaal, Geological Survey of the, Report for the Year of the, 449; some Recent Work of the United States

1903. H. Kynaston, E. T. Mellor, A. L, Hall, Dr. Geological Survey in the Western States, 450; the

G. A. F. Molengraaff, Prof. Grenville A. J. Cole, 55 United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, 519
Traquair (Dr. R. H.), Palæontology of the Upper Old Red Universities : University and Educational Intelligence, 22,
Sandstone of the Moray Firth Area, 623

46, 69, 94, 117, 139, 162, 188, 215, 238, 260, 285, 309, Travers (Prof. Morris W., F.R.S.), on the State in which 331, 356, 379, 406, 428, 453, 475, 499, 526, 547, 572,

Helium Exists in Minerals, 248; Comparison of the 596 ; New Buildings of the University of Liverpool, the Platiаum Scale of Temperature with the Normal Scale, George Holt Physics Laboratory, New Medical Buildings 429

of the University of Liverpool, 63; Lord Kelvin and Treacher (L.), Age and Relations of the Phosphatic Chalk Glasgow University, 104 ; a National University Library, of Taplow, 622

Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S., 366 Trees, Prof. H. Marshall Ward, 290

Urbain (G.), Purification of Gadolina and on the Atomic Treres (Sir Frederick, Bart.), the Other Side of the Weight of Gadolinium, 455 Lantern, 553

Ussher (R. J.), Extinct Mammalia in a Carboniferous Triangulation of the Pleiades Stars, Dr. Elkin, 329

Cavern near Doneraile, 71
Tribot 11.), a Colloidal Hydrate of Iron obtained by
Electrodialysis, 311

Vaile (P. A.), Great Lawn Tennis Players, 436
Trigonometry, the Elements of, S. L. Loney, 507

Valpy (Robert Harris), Death of, 253 Trillat (A.), Formation of Formaldehyde during the Com- Valuable Furs, the Supply of, R. Lydekker, F.R.S., 115

bustion of Tobacco, 72; Antiseptic Properties of Smoke, Variability of a Minor Planet, Prof. Wendell, 569 528 : New Method of Testing for Ammonia, Application Variable of the Algol Type, a Probable, J. E. Gore, 55

to the Examination of Water for Sanitary Purposes, 383 Variable Radial Velocity of Sirius, Prof. Campbell, 494 Tringali (E.), Date of the most Recent Sun-spot Minimum, Variable Radial Velocities, Stars with, 569 133

Variable Stars: Harvard Observations of Variable Stars, Tropical Form of Stick-insect in Devonshire, Occurrence of Prof. E. C. Pickering, 133 ; Designations of the Variable 2 Prof. Robert O. Cunningham, 55

Stars Discovered during 1904, 185; Variable Stars and True (Frederick W.), the Whalebone Whales of the Western Nebulous Areas in Scorpio, Miss H. S. Leavitt, 282 ; North Atlantie, 84

New Variable Stars in the Region about 8 Aquilæ, Prof. Trypanosomiasis and Experimental Medicine, Prof. R. T.

Wolf, 519 Hewlett, 498

Variation in Animals and Plants, H. M. Vernon, 243 Tuberculosis : Two Distinct Forms of Tubercle Bacilli, Variation in Insects, Studies of, Vernon L. Kellogg and Human and Bovine, 130

Ruby G. Bell, 545 Tucker (Robert), Death of, 371; Obituary Notice of, 398 Variations on the Moon's Surface, Prof. W. H. Pickering, Tucker (Prof. R. H.). Magnitude Equation in the Right 114 Ascensions of the Eros Stars, 618

Variot (G.), the Nutritive Value of Sterilised Cows' Milk, Tukulti-Ninib I., King of Assyria, Records of the Reign 167 of, about B.C. 1275, L. W. King. F.S.A., 222

Vasey (Dr. S. Arch.), What is Brandy ? 53 Turbine. Spread of the Steam, for Marine Propulsion, Vegetable Fibres, Spinning and Twisting of Long (Flax, Lord Glasgow, 594

Hemp, Jute, Tow, and Ramie), Herbert R. Carter, Prof. Turchet (M.), New Method of Testing for Ammonia, Ap- Aldred F. Barker, 579

plication to the Examination of Water for Sanitary Veley (Mrs. L. J.), Pelomyxa palustris, 599 Purposes, 383

Veley (Dr. V. H., F.R.S.), What is Brandy? 53 ; HydroTurchini (M.), Variation of the Specific Induction Power of lysis of Ammonium Salts, 239 Glass with the Frequency, 527

Velocities of Certain Stars, Radial, Prof. Campbell and Turin Observatory, Astronomical “ Annuario " of the, 256 Dr. H. D. Curtis, 519 Turnbull (V. M.), Elementary Plane Geometry, 75 Velocities, Stars with Variable Radial, 569 Turner (Prof. H. H., F.R.S.), the Eleventh Eros Circular, Velocity of the Earth's Rotation, Apparatus for Measuring 154; Astronomical Discovery, 410

the, Prof. A. Föppl, 39 Turner (Sir William), Penalla, a Crustacean Parasitic on Velocity of Sirius, Variable Radial, Prof. Campbell, 494 the Finner Whale, 431

Venturo (Señor), Hæmatite Deposits of Peru, 236 Turner (W. E. S.), Influence of the Hydroxyl and Alkoxyl Vererbungs-lehre, Ergebnisse und Probleme der ZeugungsGroups on the Velocity of Saponification, 599

und, Prof. Oscar Hertwig, 559 Tutcher (W. J.). Some New Species and other Chinese Verne (Jules), Death of, 514 Plants. 381

Verneuil (A.), Memoire sur la Réproduction artificielle du Tutin (F.). Relation between Natural and Synthetical Rubis par Fusion, 180 Glycerylphosphoric Acids, 478

Vernon (H. M.), Variation in Animals and Plants, 243 Tweedy (John). John Hunter and his Influence on Scientific Vertebrates, the Animals of New Zealand, an Account of

Progress, Hunterian Oration at Royal College of the Colony's Air-breathing, F. W. Hutton and J. Surgeons, 403

Drummond, 199 Twentieth Century Atlas of Microscopical Petrography, Vicentini (Prof. G.), Radio-active Sediments of Thermal 341

Springs, 448; Radio-active Muds, 543 Twiss (D. F.), Grignard Reaction applied to the Esters of Vicentini (Prof.), Sound Waves of a Cannon have no Hydroxy-acids, 166

Appreciable Effect on a Building, 621 Typhoid Bacillus in Shell-fish, Vitality of the, Dr. Klein, Victoria, the Government Observatory at, P. Baracchi, Victoria Falls, the Physical History of the, A. J. C. Watts (Dr. F.), Sugar-planting Experiments in the Leeward Molyneux, 619

Islands in 1903-4, 615 Vier- und fünfstellige Logarithmentafeln, 271

Watts (W. Marshall), Index of Spectra, 486 Vigier (Dr. P.), Hair Follicles of Negroes, 452

Wave-group, Growth of a, when the Group-velocity is Vignon (Léo), Limit of the Reaction between Diazobenzene Negative, Dr. H. C. Pocklington, 607 and Aniline, 287

Wave-motion, a Simple Model for Illustrating, K. Honda. Vila (A.), Spectroscopy of the Blood and of Oxyhæmo

295 globin, 600

Waves, Experiment on Pressure due to, Sidney Skinner, Villari (Prof. Emilio), Obituary Notice of, Prof. A. Ròiti, 609 446

Waves, on Deep Water Ship, Lord Kelvin, 382 Vines (Prof. S. H., F.R.S.), Proteid Digestion in Animals Webb (Wilfred Mark), Conference of Public School Science and Plants, 189

Masters, 284
Viola (Prof. C. M.), Grundzüge der Kristallographie, 340 Weber (Dr. Carl Otto), Death of, 303
Violle (I.), Stereoscopy without a Stereoscope, 23; the Weed (W. H.), Copper in the United States, 162
Action of Hail Cannons, 383

Wegner (Richard), die Einheit der Naturkrafte in der
Vision, Arris and Gale Lectures on the Neurology of, Thermodynamik, 29
J. Herbert Parsons, 340.

Weidman (Dr. Samuel), Geology of Baraboo Iron-bearing Vital Products, the Chemical Synthesis of, and the Inter- District of Wisconsin, 235

relations between Organic Compounds, Prof. Raphael Weiss (O.), on the Registration of the n-Rays, 191 Meldola, F.R.S., 170

Wellcome Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial Viticulture : Destruction of Phylloxera by Lysol, G. Cantin, College, Khartoum, First Report of the, Dr. Andrew 240

Balfour, Prof. R. T. Hewlett, 605
Vivisection : Experiments on the Simultaneous Removal of Wells (H. G.), Mankind in the Making, Anticipations, the

Spleen and Thymus, Drs. Noel Paton and Goodall, 263 Food of the Gods, 193 ; Fact in Sociology, 319
Voice : the Basic Law of Vocal Utterance, Emil Sutro, Welsh Conference on the Training of Teachers, 66

317; Duality of Voice and Speech, Emil Sutro, 317; Wendell (Prof.), Variability of a Minor Planet, 569

Duality of Thought and Language, Emil Sutro, 317 Wertheimer (Prof. J.), Compulsory Greek at Cambridge, Voit (F. W.), Geology of German South-West Africa, 236

344 Volcanoes : the Present Condition of Kilauea, Dr. Otto Wery (Miss J.), Attractions offered to Bees by Flowers, 492

Kuntze, 20; Renewed Activity of Kilauea, C. H. Hamil- Wesenberg-Lund (Dr.), Comparison of the Lakes of Denton, 589; Activity of Mont Pelée, 588 ; Occurrence of mark and Scotland, 383 Bishop's Ring, Martinique, F. A. Forel, 591 ; Recent West (Prof. G. S.), a Treatise on the British Fresh-water Changes in the Crater of Stromboli, Dr. Tempest Ander- Algæ, 194; a Monograph of the British Desmidiaceæ, son, 593 ; Vesuvius again in Full Eruption, 614

194; the Fresh-water Plankton of the Scottish Lochs, Volkov (Th.), Comparative Study of the Skeletal Variations

623 of the Foot in Primates and in Man, 453

West (W.), a Monograph of the British Desmidiaceæ, 194; Vuillemin (Paul), Hyphoids and Bacteroids, 263

the Fresh-water Plankton of the Scottish Lochs, 623 Vulpecula Cluster, Star Places in the, Dr. H. Meyer, 519 West Indian Madreporarian Polyps, J. E. Duerden, Prof.

Sydney J. Hickson, F.R.S., 18

Westermarck (Dr. Ed.), Magic Origin of Moorish Designs, Wade (Dr.), Destruction of Rats and Disinfection on Ship- 165; Studies in National Eugenics, 402 board with Special Reference to Plague, 209

Weston (Frank E.), a Scheme for the Detection of the Wagner (Richard), Stories from Natural History, 317

more Common Classes of Carbon Compounds, 75 Waidner (C. W.), Measurements by Photometric Methods of Whales : the Whalebone Whales of the Western North the Temperature of the Electric Arc, 132

Atlantic, Frederick W. True, 84; Eocene Whales, F. A. Waite (E. H.), the Nest of the Fighting Fish, 450

Lucas, 102 ; Measurements of Whales at Balena, NewWaldstein (Dr. Charles), Herculaneum and the Proposed foundland, F. A. Lucas, 326 International Excavation, 182

Wheat, on a Relation between Autumnal Rainfall and the Walker (Prof. James, F.R.S.), Theory of Amphoteric Yield of, of the Following Year, Dr. W. N. Shaw, Electrolytes, 238

F.R.S., at Royal Society, 470
Walker (George W.), Reversal of Charge from Electrical Wheeler (R. V.), the Combustion of Ethylene, 70

Induction Machines, 221; Drift produced in lons by Wheeler (Prof. William Morton), Ants and some other Electromagnetic Disturbances and a Theory of Radio- Insects, an Inquiry into the Psychic Powers of these activity, 406

Animals, Dr. August Forel, 29 Waller (Alice M.), " Blaze-currents” of the Gall Bladder Wherry (George), the Direction of the Spiral in the Petals of the Frog, 429

of Selenipedium, 31 Waller (Dr. Augustus D., F.R.S.), some Scientific Centres, Whetham (W. C. D., F.R.S.), the Recent Development of

the Physiological Research Laboratory of the University Physical Science, 291; the Origin of Radium, 319 of London, 441

White (H. J. 0.), Age and Relations of the Phosphatic Walmsley (R. M.), Electricity in the Service of Man, 124 Chalk of Taplow, 622 Walsh (E. H. C.), Stone Implements in Darjeeling Dis- White (Prof. Philip J.), the late Mr. Assheton Smith, 125

White (Sir William, K.C.B.), Recent Visit of the InstituWar, Wireless Telegraphy in, Captain James, 307

tion of Civil Engineers to the United States and Canada, Ward (J. J.), Peeps into Nature's Ways, being Chapters on 254 Insect, Plant, and Minute Life, 512

Whiting (Arthur), Retouching, 100
Ward (Prof. Marshall, F.R.S.), a Problem Concerning Whittaker (E. T.), a Treatise on the Dynamics of Particles

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