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Attractions of Teneriffe, Hugh Richardson, 415

stance upon those of Another, 382
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Australian Minerals, Radio-activity and Radium in, D.

from Radium, 151
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Barnes (Dr. H. T.), the flow of Water through Pipes—
Avebury (Lord), F.R.S., on the Shape of the Stems of Experiments on Stream-line Motion and the Measure-
Plants, 142 ; Experiment in Mountain Building. 575

ment of Critical Velocity, 357
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of the Signalling Current of the Pacific Cable, 190 Barometer, the Moon and, Alex. B. MacDowall, 320
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with the Pressure and some new Band Spectra of Carbon, Recent High, W. H. Dines, 365

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and Nitride, 551
ton Bastian, F.R.S., 30; on the Origin of Flagellate Bassot (General), Elements and Ephemeris for Comet
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tian, 272; Occurrence of certain Ciliated Infusoria Heterogenesis, 30; on the Origin of Flagellate Monads
within the Eggs of a Rotifer, considered from the Point and of Fungus-germs from Minute Masses of Zooglæa,
of View of Heterogenesis, Dr. H. Charlton Bastian, 77; the Heterogenetic Origin of Fungus-germs, 272 ;
F.R.S., 548; on the Action Exerted upon the Staphylo- Occurrence of Certain Ciliated Infusoria within the Eggs
coccus pyogenes by the Human Blood Fluids, and on the of a Rotifer, considered from the Point of View of
Elaboration of Protective Elements in the Human Organ- Heterogenesis, 548
ism in Response to Inoculations of a Staphylococcus Vac- Batavian Society of Experimental Philosophy, Prize Sub-
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arabinus from the Quince, Dr. R. Greig Smith, 263 ; Group iv. Lines of Silicium, 189; the Stellar Line near
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Barker (Prof. Aldred F.), Spinning and Twisting of Long Beldam (George W.), Great Lawn Tennis Players, 436

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Belen, Havana, Jesuit Observatory at, 282

rence of Certain Ciliated Infusoria within the Eggs of
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1899, sous le Commandemant de A. de Gerlache de genesis, Dr. H. Charlton Bastian, F.R.S., 548; the Origin
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of Life, Dr. F. J. Allen, 54 ; George Hookham, 101 ;
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abatic) for Glass, 359,

Gurwitsch, 174; Naturbegriffe und Natururteile, Hans
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Obituary Notice of, 230

289; the Fresh-water Plankton of the Scottish Lochs,
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to Bees by Flowers, Miss J. Wery, 492 ; Darwin's Theory
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Morphological Superiority of the Male Sex in Animals,
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in der Erdatmosphäre, 402

ations in Animals, C. H. Chamberlain, 590 ; Colour-
Bemrose (H. H. Arnold), on an Ossiferous Cave of

physiology of the Higher Crustacea, F. Keeble and Dr.
Pleistocene Age at Hoe Grange Quarry, Longcliffe, near F. W. Gamble, 621; Marine Biology : Report to the
Brassington (Derbyshire), 165, 488

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Ben Bulben District, the, 91

the Gulf of Manaar, W. A. Herdman, F.R.S., 395 ;
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468; Eumedon convictor, a Crustacean accompanying a
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munity of Type between South African and European
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benzenes, 478

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ology, 503

chordata), Dr. R. Goldschmidt, 590 ; Memoirs on Marine
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and Science in a Scheme of General Education, 284

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tures, Experiments in Hermetically Sealed Quartz Tubes, Blaise (E. E.), Quadrivalent Oxygen, 240, 480 ; the Migra-

tion of Ethylene Linkage in Unsaturated Acyclic Acids,
Bertrand (Gabriel), a New Sugar from the Berries of the 311; Direct Fixation of Ethero-organo-magnesium

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der Orchideen-arten, Dr. F. Kränzlin, 341; Chemical
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Elements for, M. Favet, 400 ; see also Astronomy

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Cypress, Callistric schwarzii

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activity, Paul Becquerel, 263 : the Bacterial Origin of panying a Sea-urchin, 479
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in Pots. Josh Brace, 314; Hints on Collecting and Pre- Brame (J. S. S.), Action of Acetylene on Aqueous and
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oes, 304


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of the, 323

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