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[This department, for the same reason as the preceding, is restrictedbut is to be copiously filled hereafter.]

Major H. Lee, son of the late Gen. H. Lee, has prepared a publication, to vindicate the memory of his father-injuriously assailed, as he conceives, both as respects his father's services as a soldier, and his credit as a historian, by Judge Johnson, in his Life of Gen. Greene.

The following American works are reprinted in London.

"Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry, by Mr. William Wirt, of Richmond, Virginia."

The Spy, 1st and 2d editions; under the new-fangled title of "The Spy, a Tale of the Neutral Ground-referring to some particular occurrences during the American War; also portraying American Scenery and Manners."

"Travels in the Northern States of America, particularly those of NewEngland and New-York, by Timothy Dwight, LL. D., &c., author of A System of Theology,' &c. Reprinted from the American edition, with illustrative maps."

"The New-England Tale-from the second American edition, revised and corrected by the Author." By John Miller, Fleet-street.

Published in Edinburgh "Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry; with Notes, translated from the French of M. A. Legendre, Member of the Institute, and of the Legion of Honour, and F. R. S. of L. and Ed. Edited by David Brewster, LL. D., F. R. S. of L. Secretary and F. R. S. of Ed., &c. With Notes and Additions, and an Introductory Chapter on Proportion."

Mr. Robert Gourlay, Author of the Geography of the Canadas, applied to the Magistrates of Salisbury, in December last, to obtain an order for a Weekly maintenance, upon, the overseers of his parish. The court was crowded; Mr. Gourlay attempted to state by reading the nature of his application, but was not permitted, although he has a natural impediment, which prevents him from properly arranging his ideas. They altogether paid him that respect which his talents and his integrity demanded, and made the most ample allowances for those eccentricities which have proved a source of misery to himself and to all his connexions. He was eventually allowed 3s. per week-and the once opulent inhabitant of Deptford Cottage now labours on the roads through the day, and reposes at night under the roof of a poor house.-Wiltshire paper.

Of Southey's "History of the late War in Spain," Vol. I., the Examiner says:-In this volume Mr. Southey has found, or made, ample scope for introducing the virulence of a Renegado's feelings. All who have been hated and injured by his ministerial friends-Napoleon, for instance, and Sir John Moore-are visited with due abuse. This will, we doubt not, be very acceptable to his Tory patrons and purchasers; but they will not be so pleased, when they discover that great part of the narrative has already appeared in the Edinburgh Annual Register.



THE publication of the REPOSITORY has been suspended, more on account of the private and imperative avocations of the Editor, than the want of patronage. It is not however to be dissembled, that in this respect our readers have far outnumbered our subscribers, and that of the compensation actually received, our praises have considerably exceeded our profits. On this account, we are not discouraged: the support given has been of the best kind, particularly from the South, and furnishes ground for favourable conclusions-if, as has been suggested to us, we can find means to give to our former plan an increased variety, and to the work itself a more frequent appearance. In conformity to these hints, we shall continue our labours under the new title of the



Literary and Political Repository:

To contain a Register of Political Events-of Literary and Scientific Intelligence-and Notices of all the new Publications (as far as practicable with the assistance of publishers) from the American press.

To be published regularly every month, after the present half year; but each number to contain as much matter, in proportion to the time, as the quarterly publication ; on finer paper; and at the same price-payable, always, in advance. ($5 per annum.)

Subscriptions received by all the principal Booksellers in the United States.


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