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CHURCH, and in defence of her genuine do&trines. That particular is fixed upon, and discussed at large, in regard for which, the chief prejudices against the rest of these doctrines, and their abettors, are pretended to be entertained ; namely, the do&rine of Good-Works, or Christian Morality. Hence, it is intended to appear, that the characters in queltion are true Churchmen of a true Church, and therefore worthy of the Title, in the highest sense. And, if, in reality, this feeble effort should contribute to this end ; if, through the blessing of God, it should, in any measure, cause the true principles of the Establishment to be more respected ; if, in any degree, it should render it a more creditable thing to preach the real doctrines of the Church in the Church, the labour of the writer would be rewarded abundantly. This, he is confident, would be produ&ive of proportionable good, to both Church and State. For, without arraigning the principle of those who think otherwise, as intentionally bad, only in the faithful proinulgation of these doctrines can he fee any effe&tual opposition to the present alarming progress of Infidelity and Profligacy; and only in the promulgation of them in strict conformity to the established plan, can he expect any good effects of the Pulpit, that are sober, general, and permanent; and that are not counteracted by a nearly proportionable degree of disorder and mischief.

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