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Page Art. 1.-1. Exchange of Notes between the United Kingdom

and the United States of America providing for a
Provisional Boundary between the Dominion of
Canada and the Territory of Alaska near the Head
of Lynn Canal, October 20, 1899. Treaty Series,
No. 19, 1899. Presented to Parliament November

2. The Alaskan Boundary. By the Hon. John W.

Foster, Ex-Secretary of State of the United States.
• The National Geographic Magazine' for November

1899. Washington.
3. Alaska and the Klondike. By Angelo Heilprin,

F.R.G.S., F.G.S.A., Professor of Geology at the
Academy of Sciences at Philadelphia. London:

1899, . . . . . . . . . 279 II.-1. The Island; or, the Adventures of a Person of

Quality. By Richard Whiteing. London : 1899. 2. Number 5 John Street. By Richard Whiteing. London : 1899, . . . . .

. 305 III.-Religion in Greek Literature. By Lewis Campbell,

M.A., LL.D. London, New Ycrk, and Bombay:

1898, . . . . . . . . . 331 IV.-1. Dante Gabriel Rossetti : Letters and Memoir. 2 vols.

By William Michael Rossetti. London : 1895.
2. Life of William Morris. 2 vols. By J. W. Mackail.

London, New York, and Bombay : 1899.
8. William Morris: his Art, Writings, and Public Life.

By Aymer Vallance. London: 1897.
4. The English Pre-Raphaelite Painters. By P. H.

Bate. London : 1899, . . . . . 356
V.-1. Italy: From the Fall of Napoleon I., in 1815, to the

year 1890. By John Webb Probyn. New

Edition. London : 1891.
2. The Union of Itaiy, 1815-1895. By W. J. Stillman.

Cambridge : 1898.
3 A History of Italian Unity : being a Political History

of Italy from 1814 to 1871. By Bolton King,
M.A. 2 vols. London: 1899,


Art. VI.-1. Mission en Cappadoce, 1893-91. By E. Chantre.

Paris : 1898.
2. Reisen in Kleinasien und Nordsyrien. By K.

Humann and 0. Puchstein. Berlin : 1890.
3. The Babylonian Expedition of the University of

Pennsylvania. Edited by II. V. IIilprecht.

Vol. I., Parts i. and ii. Philadelphia : 1893, 1896, 409
VII.-1. Life and Campaigns of Alexander Leslie, Earl of

Leven. By C. S. Terry, M.A. University
Lecturer in !Iistory, University of Aberdeen.

London, New York, and Bombay : 1899.
2. Rupert Prince Palatine. By Eva Scott, late Scholar

of Somerville College, Ox!ord. London: 1899, . 429 VII.-1. An Atlas of Representative Stellar Spectra. By Sir

William lluggins, K.C.B., and Lady Iluggins.

London : 1899.
2. Spectra of Southern Stars. By Frank McClean,

F.R.S. London: 1898.
3. Comparative Photographic Spectra of Stars to the

3. Magnitude. By Frank McClean, F.R.S.
• Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society,'
Vol. 191. London : 1898, ,

[And other works.]
IX.-1. Declarations between the Governments of Great

Britain and the German Empire relating to the
Demarcation of the British and German Spheres
of Influence in the Western Pacific, and to Reci-
procal Freedom of Trade and Commerce in the
British and German Possessions and Protectorates
in these Regions. Parliamentary Paper, Western

Pacific, No. 1. London : 1836.
2. Agreement between the British and French Govern-

ments relative to the New Hebrides, 1887 and 1888.
Parliamentary Paper, France, No. 1. London:
1888, . . . . . . . .

[And other works.]
X.-Henry Hart Milman, D.D., Dean of St. Paul's. A

biographical sketch by his son Arthur Milman,

M.A., LL.D. London : 1900, . . . . 510
XI.-1. The Queen's Speech on the Opening of Parliament,

January 30, 1900.
2. Correspondence with the Presidents of the South

African Republic and the Orange Free State
respecting the War. Presented to Parliament
March 1900, . . . . . . . 528

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Mr. Edison has perfected the Phonograph. This is the instrument.

It perfectly reproduces the human voice -JUST AS LOUD- just as clear-- just as sweet. It duplicates instrumental music with pure-toned brilliance and sa!isfying intensity Used with Edison Concert Records, its reproduction is free from all mechanical noises. Only the music or the voice is heard. It is strong and vibrant enough ic fill the largest auditorium. It is smooth and broad enough for the parlor.

The highest type of talking machine ever before prodaced bears no comparison with the Edison Concert Pho

NONE GENUINE nograph. The price is $100 Full particulars can be ob

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THE NATIONAL PHONOGRAPH Co., New York, asking for
Concert Catalogue.

Six other styles of Phonographs, including the Edison
Gem, Price, $7.50.

Thomas a Edison


Meteorites and Comets


Miss Arad's School for Girls. Special care for
health of girls. Gymnasium and outdoor games.
Cheerful family life Certificate admits to Univers
of California and Vassar College.

ILLINOIS, CHICAGO, 1060 N. Halsted Street.

The Mo Cormick Theological Seminary opens
Thursday, Sept. 24. Term continues seven months.
Nine in-tructors. Fine equipment and ample
accommodations. For Catalogue address "Faculty."

Recent Scientific Research in

Astronomy. An important paper giving the latest theories and facts concerning Meteorites and Comets

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Young and old enjoy its treasures. Reproduces music and song with absolute fidelity to the original. Every musical instrument in one. Gives the exact quality of tone of each.

will reproduce your own voice. Speak or sing into the Graphophone and it will repeat your words or song at once and as often as desired.

The GRAPHOPHONE GRAND. Perfection of talking machines. Realizes the ideal. Wonderful intensity of vol. ume, many times louder than the small machines and equal to the original itself In two styles, $150 and $100.


The FIVE DOLLAR GRAPHOPHONE. A perfect machine at a low price. Simple, efficient, durable. Gives satisfactory results,

The TOY GRAPHOPHONE. Most fascinating toy ever invented. It will talk and sing for the little ones. Price of toy Graphophone, with five disk records. $3.00. Price of Disk Records for Toy Graphophone, 50 cents per set of five.

Other styles at various prices.

Columbia Phonograph Company,
NEW YORK, 143 & 145 Broadway.

PHILADELPHIA, 1032 Chestnut St.
Retail Branch: 1155, 1157, 1159 Broadway. CHICAGO, 211 State St.
ST. LOUIS, 720-722 Olive St.

BALTIMORE, 110 E. Baltimore St. SAN FRANCISCO, 723 Market St.

WASHINGTON, 919 Pennsylvania Ay BUFFALO. 313 Main St.

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