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Construction of Covenants. 1. Nature of 5. No Technical Words necessary 13. Implied Covenants 16. Qualified by express ones 18. Joint and several Covenants 22. Of Covenants Real 26. Extend to all claiming under the Grantee 34. Exception-Undertenants 38. The Assignor is still liable 40. Descend to the Heirs of the Grantors 41. And go to the Grantees of the Reversion 44. General and specific Covenants 46. Usual Covenants for the Title 47. That the Grantor is seised in Fee, &c. 51. For Quiet Enjoyment 60. Free from Incumbrances 62. For further Assurance 71. Are now usually restrained 75. According to the Title of the Vendor 79. Who are held to claim under the Vendor 85. Who are bound to covenant for the Title 89. Remedies under these Covenants 98. Covenants in Assignments of Leaseholds

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