The Prose Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart: Tales of a grandfather

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R.Cadell, 1836 - France

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Page 72 - For I was ashamed to require of the king a band of soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy in the way : because we had spoken unto the king, saying, " The hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek him ; but his power and his wrath is against all them that forsake him.
Page 1 - You are to have especial care,' that the old fox and his sons do upon no account escape your hands. You are to secure all the avenues, that no man escape. This you are to put in execution at...
Page i - As for Mac Ian of Glencoe and that tribe, if they can be well distinguished from the other Highlanders, it will be proper, for the vindication of public justice, to extirpate that set of thieves.
Page 1 - I do not come to you at four, you are not to tarry for me, but fall on. This is by the King's special command, for the good and safety of the country, that these miscreants be cut off root and branch. See that this be put...
Page 260 - I'll put it in execution, let my loss be what it will, that it may be an example to others. You are to tell the gentlemen that I'll expect them in their best accoutrements on horseback, and no excuse to be accepted of.
Page 11 - ... had left the prisoner on his knees, in momentary expectation of his fate, and the firing party were looking with intense attention for the signal, Colonel Campbell put his hand into his pocket for the reprieve, and in pulling out the packet the white handkerchief accompanied it, and catching the eyes of the party, they fired, and the unfortunate prisoner was shot dead. The paper dropped through Colonel Campbell's fingers, and clapping his hand to his forehead, he exclaimed, ' The curse of God...
Page 378 - Nithisdale, that he might not pretend to be ignorant of my person. But perceiving that he wanted to go off without receiving my petition, I caught hold of the skirt of his coat, that he might stop and hear me. He endeavoured to escape out of my hands ; but I kept such strong hold, that he dragged me upon my knees from the middle of the room to the very door of the drawing-room.
Page 175 - From her red locks her mouth with venom fills, And thence into the royal ear instils. The queen, incensed, his services forgot, Leaves him a victim to the vengeful Scot. Now through the realm a proclamation spread* To fix a price on his devoted head; "While, innocent, he scorns ignoble flight, His watchful friends preserve him by a sleight.
Page 186 - She had preserved a tolerable court reputation with respect to love and gallantry ; but three furies reigned in her breast, — the most mortal enemies of all softer passions, — which were, sordid avarice, disdainful pride, and ungovernable rage. By the last of these, often breaking out in sallies of the most unpardonable sort, she had long alienated her sovereign's mind, before it appeared to the world.
Page 371 - Come, lads, here is our master's health ; though I can do no more, I wish you good success.' His leg was cut off by an unskilful butcher, rather than a surgeon, and he presently died.

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