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would raise a Ferment to blow up the whole Frame. Horfes, or Beasts with dry Meat, drink as much cold Water as they can at once, if they be permitted twice a-Day, or oftener, which is the only Alloy they have to condense the Şteam, contract the Stomach, and give an Opportunity to the Glands in the Stomach and Gats to fill with Juices. A moderate Quantity of cold Water, or other weak Liquor, doubtless condenses the Steam, and makes the Stomach contract; but the Parts of Water are so light, that unless one take a very great Quantity, the Heat of the Body in a short Time takes off the Cold, and raises a Steam before any great Quantity of the Juices can be secreted into the imall Veílels: and Glands, and thence into the Stomach, and repels the Blood, and extends the Stomach. But when the Body is very hot, the Steam high, and the Juices very thin, and little remaining in the Stomach, if one drink a considerable Quantity of cold Water, it wholly condenses the Steam in the Stomach, and perhaps some may pals down into the Guts before the Pilorus can shut, and it will abate the Strength of the Steam ifsuing out of the Guts, lo far, that imniediately that which perfpires will stick

:.: : upon

upon the Skin in Form of Water, which
the Moment before was born off invisia
bly, and will continue to do so, if you
keep hot, till most of the Water be born
off, and if one rest, it may stagnate the
Juices so far in the Stomach and Guts,
that the Steam will not be sufficient for
some Time to circulate the Blood, but the
Blood will precipitate, and fall down into
the Limbs, and when the Juices issue in
Quantity, or one drinks strong Liquor to
carry off the Water in Steam, all the
Juices return with it into the Blood.
Where a Person keeps his Stomach al-Nothing
ways "extended with hot strong Things, the whole

Go can rectify
and so fills the Blood full of sharp Juices, Mass but a
vomiting and purging signify little, they constant
only discharge the Juices collected in the
Glands when they begin to operate, and
after that a Miscellany of all the forts of
Juices which the Ducts and Glands can
secrete, and lessen the Quantity of all the
forts that can pass there, and for the pre-
fent does some Good, and some' Hurt.
But Part of those Juices get back in the
Operation into the Blood, and those which
are left behind in the Guts, are not clog-
ged but rather sharpened, and afterwards
. also get off into the Blood, and if the
fame sort of Diet be continued, the same


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forts of Juices will in Time again abound in the Blood, nay even fasting will not correct those sharp Juices, for that will make them flow in, and act almost alone, and become sharper. And nothing will fufficiently change the Constitution of the Blood and Juices, but a constant Diet, which will let the Stomach contract, the Juices come in, clog, alloy, and discharge them downward, and supply the Blood with fresh cool Juices. .

CHA P. XXXVIII. The natural Efforts made by the Agents to · remove the Matter which offends or ob

ftruets, and to prevent too great Emifhon of the Juices outward or inward; in foort, to keep every Thing in Order,

and to repair every Thing which is out * of Order.

All Dif. IT appears in those we do understand, cafes are 1 and 'tis likely it would appear fo in all Lfforts of the Agents the rest, if we understood them, that all to clear those Effects we call Diseases are Efforts

of the several Agents to cure those Dileases; and that Things are so surprisingly framed and qualified, without and within



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us, čo preserve us, that not one Disorder :
befals us by accidental, nay scarce by wil-
ful Means, but all the Agents conspire to
remedy it, so that almost nothing but
Violence, or'a constant Course of abusing
ourselves, can kill us; nor any Thing,
we can eat or drink, can hurt us much,
as it comes naturally, but the Parts offend-
ed, will discharge it by vomiting, purg-
ing, or &c. except Art has made it per-
nicious, such as Liquors fermented fo
much, and kept so long, that they are too.
acid, sharp and thin, or Spirits which are
freed so much, that they are too volatile,
&c. which may leisurely lodge a great
Stock of improper Juices in the Blood,
or such Things as we eat or drink, or use
in Physick, which are fermented or mix-
ed with deadly Poisons, pointed Salts, &c.
as will appear by repeating a few of the
Instances interspersed throughout the
whole. When Exercise spends the Juices These Efa
and Strength, it increases the Steam to Forts de-

Lo monstra•
supply them. When we are too hot, ted.
Heat opens the Pores to discharge the
Steam. When the Steam is stopped, its
Force increases to remove the Obstructi..
on, when Cold thickens the Blood it shuts
the Pores, and keeps in the Steam to thin:
it. When the Pores in the Skin discharge,

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lefs is discharged by the Lungs, by the Urine, by the Glands, by the Nostrils, &c. When any cf the Juices are stopt or stagnated, the Steams force their Way, till they remove the Obstacle, or diffolve them, or inflame the Parts, and discharge them there. When there are too many Tharp Juices thrown out of the Blood into the Stomach, the Ferment rises till it can discharge them. When Phlegm increafes, it straightens the Passages, and stops the Salts to diffalve it. When Salt, or any Thing wounds the Glands, they open, and the Steam:forces the Juices to fecrete, which opens the Passages to discharge them; when any Thing stops, of wounds the Glands in the Lungs, we cough to throw it off, and those Efforts augment the Force of the Steam. When the Steam drives the Blood with too great Force, thins it too much, and makes too great - Secretions, : it. extends the Bloodvessels, and straightens the Glands. When the Steam is spent, or the Agents--too

inuch loaded with crafs Matter, we grow The Ne.

senseless till it be replenished or thinned. cality of Upon the whole, it will appear how-nice, the know and how dangerous a Thing it is, for

those who go 10 work in the Dark, know not the Agents that act in and about the

... vieles *, Body:

the A

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