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Body, nor the Laws by which they act,
what they are doing, nor which of them
prevails to interpose by Force among them.
Such must frequently thwart and oppose
the Course they naturally take to cure us,
-Weaken, or bind the Hands of thole who
are assisting us; and strengthen or arm
those who are destroying us.. .. :.:
- The Circulation of the Blood, though
it, admit-of ocular Demonstration, was
not discovered till very lately. And tho'
the first who thought of it was one of
the greatest in the Faculty, he was scarce
able to support himfelf" under the base
Treatment he received from his Contem-
poraries, for attempting that noble Dif.
covery. Therefore as one who is not of
the Faculty, and attempts a Thing of this
Nature, must expect to be much worse
treated, and will not be so able to defend
himself by. Opinion, Circumitar
any other sort of Evidence, unless he can
prove it by ocular Demonstration (which
I hope I shall have. Opportunity to do)
and even then have no Advantage by it;
'tis the safest Way either to publish it
without 'discovering the Author, which
is very difficult to be. done, or leave it
behind one, those Parts which concern
the Agents, which circulate the Blood, to
the Judgment of those who understand


what Laws Nature hath given Fluids to act by; and the Observations which are foreign to that Affair, or the Opinions I have given upon them, to every Man's own Experience, ... DIXI. . .

Harvey, who as hinted above, was not only sure that the Cause of the Circu-. lation of the Blood was not in the Heart; but is for the fame Agent with our Author, concludes in a Matter not altogether unlike Mr. Hutchinson, therefore we have thought it not much amiss to cite the Paffage. Exercitat. Anatom. 3tia, pag. 159. “ In this Manner I opine, that the innate Heat (or Blood) as it is the common “Inftrument of all Operations in us, fo is « it the chief Efficient of the Pulsation of « the Arteries, I don't confidently affert

this, only propose it as an Hypothefis, " and would be glad to know what any “ of the Learned have against it, but with< out Scurrilities, reproaching Language, « or contumely, and whoever undertakes it "thus, will undertake a Work most accepo “ table to me.". See what he means by His innate Heat, in his Treatise De Generat. Animal. Exercitat. LXXI. So here he lays the Blood alone is the innate Heat, or the first created animal Heat. . . .


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AN Esay to discover the Agents which

1 move the. Fluids in the Bodies of Anima mals, more particularly in Man, bydrofiatically.

Page 1 Some Positions about the Motions of Bodies in Fluids.

· 5 The Things necessary to keep thefe Fluids in

.. 16 The qualities of the several forts of Matter

put into the stomach, and of the Juices

secreted into it out of the Blood... 17 The. Corpufcles of such different forts of

Bodies and Fluids mixed in the Stomach
and Guts, will dissolve the Bodies in
them, raise Steam," c. proved by the
Effects such Mixtures have out of the

Stomach... ,
A Definition of Steam, and an Account of

its various Qualities, Abilities, &c. 42 The Agents, aligned, which circulate the

Bload, fecrete the Juices, perspire and .. respire the Halitus, Sweat, &c. with

Reafons for affigning them, confirmed



by. Observations, Refle&tions and De

48 The following Obfervations and Deductions, induce me to believe, that those two

Agents are of that Force, which is necessary to circulate the Blood, and that

those Agents employ their Force: to per· form that Operation. , : ; .57 The Contrivance of the Frame, and Dif

position of the Parts of our Bodies, fit

ted for such Motion by those Agents. 70 Voluntary Motion, though not directed, get

performd by the fame Agents.. 87 Some Thoughts about the Manner of Sen

fation....................93 The Sides of the greater Tubes, as Guts,

Arteries, Veins, &c. compofed of teffer Tubes, their Dispositions, and Ufes 98 A Description of the Duets, &c. for fe'creting, and the Glands for collecting and discharging Juices out of the Blood. ..

". .. "IOI The Contrivance and Uses of the Bags,

Valves; s. and Stops of the Stomach, the reveral Parts of the Guts, c. the Time when, and Mainer bow those Bags and Tubes are extended oricon

tracted, their Valves opened or fhut, .. ond how they discharge the Excrements downward, all involuntarily'.


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