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BACON'S ESSAYS; with Introduction, Notes, and Index. By the Rev. Edwin A. Abbott, D.D. Head-Master, City of London School, a vols. fcp. 8vo. price 6s.

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'It is hardly possible in a short notice to do justice to the_ importance and merits of these" volumes. While they will be found valuable to readers in general of all ages and classes, it is especially as forming an excellent class-book for the advanced pupils in our higher schools that we call attention to them . . . The notes are a store-house of information with regard to the meanings and uses of English words, and are, in our opinion, admirably adapted for young students, as might be expected from the Editor's peculiar qualifications and experience in tuition.'

School Guardian.

* Dr. Abbott has supplied an exhaustive Introduction, in which he describes what Bacon was himself, and what he was as a philosopher, theologian, politician (lay and ecclesiastical), and as a moralist. By this course, accomplished after much study both of the man and the matter, readers of all ages and

the Press,

classes may read Bacon's Essays easily and intelligently. Not the least important of Dr. Abbott's services may be found in his correction of tbe old punctuation, whereby he has made sense of what seemed to have had no meaning.'

Notes and Queries. 'As an edition of Bacon's Essays, this work is learned, elaborate, and useful. The copiousness and variety of Dr. Abbott's notes suggest the idea that he must have used the Essays as a text-book. The diction, as well as the matter, is most amply explained and illustrated; obscure words and constructions are cleared up from contemporaneous literature, and Bacon's opinions are discussed by the light of parallel passages from his other works. Dr. Abbott has done this part of his work as thoroughly as could be desired, and his edition is of great value for educational purposes.'


London, LONGMANS & CO.




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