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- 109

Campbell 110

West 113


Thatcher 116

Colman 117

Bolivar 119

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Necessity of National Morality

Beecher 120

The Spirit Firm and Free

Anon. 122

Speech of a Christian Martyr

Croly 123

General Washington to his Troops


Mr Grattan's Reply to Mr Corry


Extract from · Letters of Fabius'

Dickinson 127

Speech of the Duke of Argyle


Absalom's Dream

Hillhouse 129

The Final Triumph of Liberty

N. A. Review 130

Education of the Poor

Smith 131

Extract from a Discourse on Invasion

Ibid 132

The same continued

Ibid 133

The same concluded

Ibid 134

Supposed Speech opposed to Declaration of Independence Webster 135

Supposed Speech of John Adams

lbid 136

Counsel of Ahithophel

Hillhouse 139

Counsel of Hushai

Ibid. 139

Sublimity of Mountain Scenery

Croly 140

Speech of Raab Kiuprili

Coleridge 141

Extract from the Address of the American Congress to the

Inhabitants of Great Britain

- 142

Second extract from the same


Moral Effects of Intemperance

Beecher 145

Right of free Discussion

Webster 145

Dialogue.-Sir A. Absolute and Capt. Absolute

Sheridan 146

Speech of William Tell

Knowles 149

Parody on Hamlet's Soliloquy

Anon. 150

Political Cupidity reproved

Sheridan 151

Rienzi to the Romans

Moore 152

Republican Equality

Story 153

Character of Blannerhiassett

IVirt 154

Close of the Defence of Judge Prescott

Webster 156


Croly 158

Tyrolese War Song

Anon. 159

Duke of Milan to Charles V.

Massinger 161

Character of Napoleon

Phillips 162

Industry necessary to form the Orator

H. Ware, Jun. 164

Burial of Sir John Moore

Wolfe 166

Principles of the American Revolution.

Quincy 167

Practice of Religion, a Source of Happiness

Logan 168

The Star

Read 169

Warren's Address to the American Soldiers

Pierpont 170

Christ stilling the Tempest

Mrs Hemans 171

Humorous Account of English Taxes

Ed. Review 172

Right of Discovery

Irving 173



Rowe 227

Devastation of the Carnatic

Burke 229

Extract from a Speech in the Irish Parliament

Curran 231

Extract from a Speech on the Catholic Question

Grattan 232

Stanzas, written in the Vale of Chamouni

Watts 234

Jacob's Dream

Anon. 235

Atrocities of the French Revolution

Madame Roland 236

The same continued

lbid 238

Force of Talents

Dr Dwight 239

Dialogue.--Melanthon and Philotas

Murphy 241

Alasco to his Countrymen

Shee 244

Bishop of Carlisle's Speech to Richard II.

Shakspeare 245

Perpetual Progress of the Soul in Virtue

Logan 246

Consequence of Unhallowed Pleasures

Ibid 247

Extract from a Speech on the Judiciary

Morris 248

The Crusader

Miss Landon 250


Proctor 251

Claims of Africa

Burges 252

Delineation of Missionary Objects

Chalmers 254


Colton 255

Patriotic Exhortation

Hall 257

Catholic Emancipation

Smith 259

The same continued

Ibid 260

The same concluded

lbid 261

Hagar in the Wilderness

Willis 264

Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers -

Mrs Hemans 265

Mr Burke's Opinion of Junius

- 266

Speech of Mac Briar to the Scotch Insurgents

Scott 267

Specimen oi the Eloquence of James Otis

Miss Francis 269


Byron 271

Dialogue.--Sir Freul, Plagiary, Dangle and Sneer Sheridan 272

Right of England to tax America

Burke 275

American Colonists defended

E. Everett 276

Close of the same Oration

Ibid 278

Speech of Onias

Croly 279

Speech of Salathiel

Ibid 280

Answer of Lewis to the Pope's Legate

Shakspeare 281

American Forest Girl

Mrs Hemans 282

Elward Glendinning to the Sub-Prior

Scott 284


Gisborne 285

Battle of Warsaw

Campbell 287

Revolution of 1688 justified

Ed. Review 288

The same Subject

Ibid 290

Extract of the Marquis of Lansdowne's Speech


Moonlight and a Field of Battle

Shelley 294

Dialogue.-Portius and Martius

Addison 296

Dialogue.-Hamlet and Horatio

Shakspeare 297

Cicero against Catiline

- 299

Extract from a Speech on American Independenee R. H. Lee 301.

Influence of the Bible

Dr Mason 303

Douglas to Lord Randolph

Home 304


Sotheby 305

Extract from P. Henry's Speech in the Legislature of Virginia - 306

Extract from Mr Webster's Address at Plymouth


Col. Barre in Reply to Lord North


The same


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