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Page 247 - And the counsel of Ahithophel, which he counselled in those days, was as if a man had enquired at the oracle of God : so was all the counsel of Ahithophel both with David and with Absalom.
Page 350 - Our said Province hath anciently extended, and doth of Right extend as far as the River Pentagouet or Penobscot, it shall be bounded by a line drawn from Cape Sable across the entrance 'of the Bay of Fundy, to the mouth of the River St. Croix, ' by the said River to its source, and by a line drawn due north from ' thence to the Southern Boundary of Our Colony of Quebec.
Page 180 - ... conjecture! At the end of the very next century, if she proceeds as she seems to promise, what a wondrous spectacle may she not exhibit! Who shall say for what purpose a mysterious Providence may not have designed her! Who shall say that when, in its follies or its crimes, the old world may...
Page 79 - Merchant my true and lawful Attorney; for me and in my Name and Stead, and to my Use to ask, demand, sue for, levy, recover and receive, all such Sum and Sums of Money, Debts, Rents, Goods, Wares, Dues, Accounts, and other Demands whatsoever, which are or shall be due, owing, payable, and belonging...
Page 110 - This is Thanksgiving Day through the whole continent of America, but God knows we have very little to keep it with this being the third day we have been without flour or bread — and are living on a high uncultivated hill, in huts and tents.
Page 180 - ... universal commerce, can all the achievements of successful heroism, or all the establishments of this world's wisdom, secure to empire the permanency of its possessions?
Page 80 - Acquittances, or other sufficient Discharges, for me and in my Name, to make...
Page 350 - to the westward, although our said province hath " anciently extended, and doth of right extend, as " far as the River Pentagoet or Penobscot, it shall "be bounded by a line drawn from Cape Sable " across the entrance of the Bay of Fundy to the " mouth of the River St. Croix, by the said river to " its source, and by a line drawn due north from "thence to the [southern boundary of our Colony
Page 351 - New Scotland, bounding the one of them upon the East, and the other upon the west, side thereof; here they made Choice of an Isle that is within the Middle of the same, where to winter, building Houses sufficient to lodge their Number...
Page 388 - ... club will have a tendency to prevent the same, and to increase not only the pleasure and happiness of the respective members, but, also, will conduce to their edification and instruction, do hereby incorporate ourselves into a society, by the name of the Old Colony Club. For the better regulation of which we do consent and agree to observe all such rules and laws as shall from time to time be made by the Club. Dated at our Hall, in Plymouth, the day and year above written. ISAAC LOTHKOP, EDWARD...

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