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Puck on Pegasus.


By H. CHOLMONDELEY Profusely illus trated by the late JOHN LEECH, H. K. BROWNE, Sir NOEL PATON, JOHN MILLAIS, JOHN TENNIEL, RICHARD DOYLE, Miss ELLEN EDWARDS, and other artists. A Edition (the SEVENTH), crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, price 5s.; or gilt edges, 6s. This most amusing work has received everywhere the highes praise as "a clever and brillian book."


"The book is clever and amusing Svigorous and healthy."-Saturday Review.

"The epigrammatic drollery of Mr. Cholmondeley-Pennell's 'Puck on Pegasus' is well known to many of our readers. . . . The presen (the sixth) is a superb and hand somely printed and illustrated edi tion of the book."-Times.

"Specially fit for reading in the

family circle".

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