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This little book represents a ten years' experience in teaching the rudiments of Chemistry and Analysis. Its arrangement is new, as will be evident at a glance over the table of contents.

It is carefully graduated so that the student can proceed step by step.

He should make all the experiments and calculations up to p. 46. Commencing again at p. 76 he should practise each of the tables for analysis of single substances, and then make several analyses of unknown single substances. He should then practise the tables for the separation of metals; and lastly, make several analyses of unknown mixtures.

Some of the analytical tables were published in my abbreviated edition of FRESENIUS's Qualitative Analysis (1869). All, with the exception of Table III. bis added by desire of a friend), were printed privately some time ago, and have been in constant use for years in my laboratory.

I have ventured upon employing the term unit

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so as to avoid the terms atom and molecule, which appear to me unsuitable for ordinary use among beginners. I have also ventured, after very serious consideration, to introduce a new word, antimetal, to serve instead of radical.

The subject of values I have endeavored to explain in a new and more absolute way.

The work is put forth as an attempt to present a general view of the elements of Inorganic Chemistry in a small compass, and to render their study as real and practical as possible.

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