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rough calf, two not uniform, the sixth volume stained, £50.

1514-17 The leaves deficient in this copy are:-In Vol. I, title, five of the six preliminary leaves ; ¢¢8 and errata, 2 leaves : Vol. II, the two preliminary leaves (including title); and a 1, 2, 3, 4, two other leaves defective; Vol. III, leaf of errata

; Vol. VI, title ; folios 1-7; and the three leaves of signature C at end.

“Cette polyglotte executée par les ordres et aux dépens du Cardinal Ximenes, dont elle a retenu le nom, est la première qui ait été publiée. Livre infiniment précieux."Brunet.

The printing of the celebrated Complutensian Polyglott occupied ffteen years, at an expense of 50,000 ducats, which was defrayed by Cardinal Ximenes, who when upwards of sixty years of age inade himself master of the Hebrew tongue, to

, qualify himself for the superintendence of the work with which his name has in succeeding generations been so honour

ably associated, 15749 PSALTERIUM HEBRAEUM GRAECUM ARABICUM et CHALDEUM cum tribus

latinis interpretationis et glossis (edente Aug. JUSTINIANO), folio, old crimson morocco, fine copy, £7. Genuae, per P.P. Porrum, 1516

The first Polyglot Psalter, and remarkable for containing an account of Columbus and the discovery of America, with a description of its inhabitants,

as a note on Psalm xix. 4:“Unto the ends of the world." 15750 Novum TESTAMENTUM (Græce et Latine); est autem interpretatio

Syriaca Novi Testamenti, Hebræis typis descripta, plerisque etiam locis emendata ; eadem Latino sermone reddita, auctore Imm. Tremellio, bound in 2 vols. folio, ruled with red lines, old red morocco, with gilt

panellings, gilt edges, FINE COPY, from the Sunderland library, €5.

(Genev.) H. Stephanus, 1569 This edition is dedicated to Qneen Elizabeth. At the end is a “Gramma

tica Chaldæa et Syra Inm. Tremelli.” 15751 BIBLIA SACRA [i.e., PENTATEUCHUS] Ebraice, Chaldaice, Græce,

Latine, Germanice, Italice (rectius SLAVONICE), studio Eliæ HUTTERI, stout folio, in the original boards, with stamped leather qack, fine copy, £3. 10s

Noribergæ, 1599 This stout volume, which contains the Pentateuch only, belongs to the rarest issue of the book that in which the sixth language is Slavonic and not French, German, or Italian (although the latter is mentioned on the title). Hutter proceeded a little further with his Old Testament Polyglott, but did not nearly finish it. The New Testament was published entire, in a separate work.

The Slavonic text is a reprint of the Wendish Bible published by

Georgius Dalmatinus at Wittenberg in 1588. 15752 BIBLIA SACRA' POLYGLOTTA. SACR. BIBLIORUM QUADRILINGUIUM

tomus secundus trilinguis, Librorum Veteris et Novi Testamenti versionem continens Græcam Septuaginta interpretum, Latinam duplicem unam veterem et vulgatam, alteram Xantis Pagnini, Germanicam M. Lutheri; opera Dav. WOLDERI, 2 vols. in 6, folio, numerous woodcut illustrations, vellum, with arms and motto of WILHELM VON HEIMBURGK "impressed in black on the sides, from the Sunderland library, £4. Hamb. Jac. Lucius, 1596

WOLDER'S POLYGLOTT. This is called tomus secundus of the




tetraglot Bible, because it is a triglot version intended to be added to Hutter's Hebrew Bible, and thus to compose a polyglott Bible in four

languages (the Latin version double). 15753 Novum TESTAMENTUM Polyglottum : Syriacè, Ebraicè, Græcè,

Latinè, Germanicè, Bohemicè, Italicè, Hispanicè, Gallicè, ANGLICÈ, Danioè, Polonicè, studio et labore E. Hutteri, folio, fine copy, vellum gilt, RARE, £3. 16s

Noribergæ, 1599 This curious Polyglott includes an English version. 15754 BIBLIĄ. POLYGLOTTA, edidit Brianus WALTONUS, 6 vols.

CASTELLI Lexicon Heptaglotton, 2 vols.—together 8 vols. folio, engraved title and portrait, in the original blue morocco, gilt edges, with the arms of Sir Thomas, Lord Fairfax, on the sides, £27

1657-69 This great monument of English scholarship was protected and promoted by Fairfax, while still a republican leader. This copy is therefore especially

interesting. 15755 BIBLIA POLYGLOTTA, edidit Brianus Waltonus, 6 vols.

CASTELLI (Edmundi) Lexicon Heptaglotton, 2 vols.-together 8 vols. folio, ruled throughout with red ink, fine copy in old blue morocco gilt, edges gilt, with the book-plate of Sir Robert Clayton (Lord Mayor of London 1679-80, owner of Mardon in Surrey,

for London, and a man of distinction in the English political

world in the reign of Charles II and James II), £40. 1657-69 15756 BIBLIA POLYGLOTTA WALTONI, 6 vols. folio, portrait and

plates, beautiful copy ruled throughout, in a sumptuous binding of blue MOROCCO super-extra, Harleian gold tooling, gilt edges, by BEDFORD, £36.

1657 This has the royal preface.

Differences between copies of this valuable work arise from the destruction by Walton at the Restoration, of the sheet C of prolegomena, which, from its eulogy of Cromwell, was offensive to Charles II. In the original issue, he states his sentiments and intentions, with regard to the publication, in a very different way from what appears afterwards, and thanks the most illustrious Lord Protector and his council for their assistance granted to his labours and the exemption of the paper from duty.' In the reprint which was made after the Restoration, the Bishop enlarges piously on the dreadful affairs of recent times, and drops the illustrious Protector entirely, except by a kind of innuendo drawn from his sense of shame ;-that is, in giving the names of his patrons, he mentions all “præter eos quorum favore chartam à vectiga

libus immunem habuimus." 15757 POLYGLOTTEN BIBEL: Die heilige Schrift alten und neuen

Testaments, bearbeitet von STIER und THEILE, 4 vols. in 5, stout 8vo. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 4s Bielefeld, 1863

The Old Testament is in four languages ; the Hebrew original, the Greek of the Septuagint, the Latin of the Vulgate, and Luther's German transla

tion. The New Testament is in Greek, Latin, and German. 15758 Jonah, the Book of, in Chaldee, Syriac, Æthiopic, and Arabic, with corresponding glossaries, by W. Wright, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d

1857 15759 PARABOLA de Seminatore, ex Matthæo, in LXXII Europæas linguas

ac dialectos versa et Romanis characteribus expressa, 8vo. rare, 20s

(Prince L. L. Bonaparte), 1857 15760 CELTIC HEXAPLA : the Song of Solomon in all the living dialects

of the Gaelic and Cambrian languages (in English, Irish, Gaelic, Manx, French, Welsh, Breton, Vannetais), 4to. 20s

(Prince L. L. Bonaparte), 1858

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1. Hebrew and Chaldee. 15761 Hebrew. TORAH, NEVIAIM, KETUVIM, MEGILLOTH: BIBLE, in HEBREW, WITH THE DOUBLE MASORA, sm. folio, beautiful

, Manuscript on VELLUM, with illuminated ornaments in a most delicately fine style of penmanship, in treble columns, entirely written in the square character, without any intermixture of the modern Rabbinical, even in the masoretic notes, bound in old calf, £60.

Spain, cir. A.D. 1300 The order of the books is a matter that deserves consideration in determining the value and the allocation to its proper class of every biblical Hebrew MS. In the present MS. they run as follows :—the Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings ; Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Hosea, Ruth, Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticles, Lamentations, Esther, Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah, Chronicles. This order, which is different from the usual one observed in MSS. is remarkable, as being evidently the same as in the original followed by the scribe, the ends and the beginnings of the books generally meeting together on single pages. There is no division indicated between the several books of Judges, Kings, and Chronicles ; and Ezra and Nehemiah run together without any break in the page. There are four pages of Canons or Tables between Hosea and Ruth, three of those pages being HIGHLY ORNAMENTED, with out and coLOURED COLUMNS and ARCHES

enclosing the text. The ornamentation is strange and grotesque in style. 15762 TORAH, NEVIAÍM, Keruvím, MEGILLOTH : Bible, in Hebrew, with

the double Masora, sm. 4to. beautifully written MS. on vellum, with illuminated ornament at the headings of the sections; bound in blue morocco, gilt edges, with the arms of Theodore Williams in gold on sides, £36.

86 (1326) On the page opposite the first page of Genesis, there is a note by the original scribe, giving the date as above. The calligraphy of this volume is of

Italian style, but there is a Spanish character in the colours and the ornament. 15763 THE PENTATEUCH, the MegiLLOTH (Esther, Ruth, Lamen

tations, Ecclesiastes, Canticles), the Book of JOB, the Haphtaroth, with the Targum of ONKELOS, and the Masorah : together 3 vols. (Vol. 1, 105 leaves; Vol. 2, 156 leaves ; Vol. 3, 190 leaves), atlas 4to. on Vellum, written in a fine bold character, probably of German execution, in double columns, bound, £21.

cir. 1400 A splendid MS., once probably in the possession of the great De Rossi, as we find prefixed to each volume, and in an Italian hand of about 1780-90, a list of a few of the variants. The text is written in the right hand column, the Chaldee Targum in the left. De Rossi has decided, from internal evidence, that the MS. was not executed later than the year 1411, and probably was earlier. This opinion is presumably derived from the inscription at the end of Deuteronomy, which shows that the book was written by Isaac bar Simba for the Rabbi Meir bar Nathan. THE GREAT NUMBER OF VARIÆ LECTIONES supplied by this Codex renders it of the greatest importance to

students of the Hebrew Scriptures. 15764 BIBLE. DABRI HAYAMIM, THEHILLIM . folio, Hebrew MS.

on vellum, written in large square characters by a German-Jewish hand, some of the margins cut away, hf. bd. £2.

Containing the following books complete (excepting occasional slight defects caused by the cutting of margins) :-Chronicles, Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, Esther, Daniel, and Ezra.

Sec. XV

15765 Torah, NEVIAIM, KETUVIM, MEGILLOTI: Bible, in Hebrew, with the

Masoretic notation, 4to. MS. on vellum, beautifully written in an Italian hand, in a red Levantine binding, £18.

About A.D. 1480 15766 TORAH, NEVIAIM, KETUVIM, MEGILLOTH : Bible in Hebrew, stout

square 16mo. Manuscript exquisitely written on very fine vellum, with the initial words of the sections illuminated ; beautifully bound in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £50.

249 (1489) Of Italian execution. The date is found at the end of the Pentateuch, inscribed in writing still smaller than the beautifully minute characters of the

text. This is a MS. of remarkable elegance and excellence. 15767 TORAH, NEVIAIM, KETUVIM, MEGILLOTH : Bible, in Hebrew, with the

Masoretic notation, very stout sm. 4to. Manuscript on vellum, in an Italian hand, bound in green roan, £7. 108

251 (1491) 15768 MEGILLAH ESTHER, Hebrew MS. on vellum, of Spanish or Italian

execution, written within painted columns, united at the head by arches; in a roll, 103 inches by 51, £4. 4s

Sec. XV 15769 MEGILLAH ESTHER, in Hebrew, MS. roll on vellum, of Italian execution, 86 inches by 51, 30s

Sec. XVI 15770 MEGILLAH ESTHER, in Hebrew, MS. roll on vellum, of Italian execution, 108 inches by 53, 258

Sec. XVI-XVII 15771 MEGILLAH HA-TORAH: Pentateuch, in Hebrew, MS. on goat

skin, written probably in Arabia or Syria, 125 feet by 3 feet, a Synagogue Roll, on wooden rollers, in a loose cotton wrapper, £25.

Sec. XVII 15772 MEGILLAH HA-TORAH: Pentateuch, Hebrew, MS. on vellum, written

in Germany, in large characters, four or five lines at the end deficient, 126 feet by 28 inches, a Synagogue Roll, £7. 10s

Sec. XVII 15773 MEGILLAH HA-TORAH: Pentateuch, in Hebrew, MS. on vellum,

written in Germany, 80 feet by 22 inches, on wooden rollers, a Synagogue Roll, £10.

Sec. XVII 15774 MEGILLAH ESTHER, in Hebrew, MS. roll on vellum, with finely

carved oak rollers; of Dutch execution, written within coloured borders, containing small pictures, which represent the incidents of this pretty story; 102 by 109 inches, £4. 4s

About 1680 15775 MEGILLAH HA-TORAH: Pentateuch, in Hebrew, MS. on vellum, written probably in Holland, 117 feet by 2, a Synagogue Roll, £5.

Sec. XVII-XVIII 15776 MEGILLAH ESTHER, in Hebrew, MS. roll on vellum, of Dutch

execution, with large drawings like woodcuts, which represent Ahashuerus, Vashti, Esther, Mordecai, Haman, and others; and smaller drawings below, besides arabesque ornaments; 78 inches by 11, £3. 3

About 1690-1700

15777 BIBLE : Torah, Neviaim, Ketuvim, in Hebrew, 2 vols. sm. 4to, a

very fine copy in stamped vellum, having on the sides the initials M. T. F." and the date 1597, gilt edges, 20s

Venetzia, Bomberg, 285-88 (1525-28) 15778 BIBLE, in Hebrew, 2 vols. in 1, small stout 4to. old calf, 12s

Venetzia, Bomberg, 293-285 (1533-25) 15779 PENTATEUCHUS, quinque Megilloth et Haphtaroth, Hebraice

cum Targum Pentateuchi Chaldaico, stout 12mo. the leaves of
introduction a little wormed in the margins, old russia, edges
goffered and gilt, 36s

Venetzia, Bomberg, 287 (1527) 15780 BIBLIA HEBRAICA (ex recensione Seb. Münsteri), stout small 4to.

in the original hogskin binding, stamped with figures of the

Crucifixion, the Prophets, etc. 158 Basil. Frobenius, 1536 15781 PSALTERIUM cum commentario Rabbinico KIMCHI, Hebraice, sm.

folio, the text in a fine square character, the Commentary in
Rabbinical letters, bound, 12s

Isny, 302 (1542) 15782 HEBRAICUS PENTATEUCHUS Latinus

item Cantica, Ruth, Threni, Ecclesiastes, Esther, sm. 4to. fine copy in stamped hogskin, 20s

Venetiis, 1551 15783 HEBREW BIBLE, edited by Joseph Khazan, in Hebrew, 3 vols in 1,

small 4to. calf, 30s Venetzia, Zoan di Digara, 326 (1566)

Fine copy of a rare edition. The copy is ruled with red lines. 15784 BIBLIA HEBRAICA, sm. 4to. fine copy in blue morocco, gilt edges, 25s

Anversa, Plantijn, 340-42 (1580-82) 15785 BIBLIA SACRA Hebraice, eleganti et maiuscula characterum forma,

authore Elia HUTTERO, folio, stamped binding, 30s Hamburgi, 1587

A useful edition for anyone beginning to learn the language. The radical letters are printed in black, the servile in “ open letters ;" while

deficient radicals are printed in small black letters above the lines. 15786 BIBLIA HEBRAICA, edidit Zacharia Crato, 4 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. calf,

Wittemberg, 347 (1587) 15787 BIBLIA HEBRÆA [i.e., Pentateuchus] cum triplici Targum Onkeli,

Jonathan et Jerosolymitano ; et comment. R. Salomonis
Jarchi in omnes Scripturæ libros, Hebraice, smallest 4to.
(12mo.), vellum, autograph of L. CAPELLUS on title, scarce,
from Sunderland library, 30s

Hannovice, 371 (1611) 15788 BIBLIA (RABBINICA] HEBRAICA ET CHALDAICA, cum

utrâque Masorâ, et commentariis Rabbinicis Aben Ezræ,
Kimchi, Jarchidis, Gersonidis, etc. edidit Johannes BUXTORFIUS,
4 vols. in 2, folio, thick paper, a few leaves in the first vol.
stained, otherwise a fine copy in old stamped pigskin, from the
Sunderland library, £4.

Basilea, Luud. König, 1620 15789

idem, 2 vols. folio, thick paper, fine large copy in old calf gilt, £4. 58

1619 15790

ejusdem aliud exemplar, cui accedit : BUXTORFII Tiberias sive Commentarius Masorethicus triplex, Basil. 1620

in 2 vols. folio, some titles mended, calf, £3. 16s 1618-20 15791

Biblia Rabbinica, 1618-19_Tiberias, 1665—3 vols. in 2, folio, vellum, a good working copy, £3. 108

1618-65 15792 BIBLIA HEBRAICA eleganti charactere impressa, ex recensione

celeberrimi Menasseh ben Israel, Hebraice, cum punctis, stout
small 4to. red russia, gilt edges, 25s

Amsteldami, 1635 15793

eadem, Amst. 1635-Novum Testamentum, Greece, Genevie, 1619—2 vols. in 1, stout sm. 4to. veltum, 10s 1619-35 15794 BIBLIA UNIVERSA ET HEBRAICA quidem cum Latina Interpreta

tione interlineari Xantis Pagnini ; B. Ariæ Montani collato

rare, 20s

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