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studio ad Hebraicam dictionem expensa-Novum Testamentum (et Apocrypha) Græcum cum vulgata interpretatione Latina; -2 vols. in 1, folio, elegantly bound in pigskin, ornamented with blind tooling, by C. Lewis, £2. 5s

Lipsia, 1657

15795 BIBLIA Hebraica, ed. Leusden, stout sm. 8vo. calf, 3s 6d Amst. Athias, 420 (1661) 15796 PSALMBOEK, Hebreus en Nederlants, door Leusden, 18mo. vellum, with the autograph " George Borrow ejus liber 1821," 5s Amst. 1666 15797 PSALMS. ALABANCAS de Santitad, traducion de los Psalmos, Hebr. y Español, por Yahacob Yehuda Leon, sm. 8vo. stamped calf, 7s 6d Amsterdam, 5431 (1671) 15798 BIBLIA HEBRAICA, cum commentario Raschii, Hebraice, 12mo. old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s

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Amsterdam, 460 (1700) 15799 PENTATEUCH, in Hebrew, with the Targum of Onkelos on opposite pages, followed by the Megilloth, and the Haphtaroth, stout 16mo. sealskin binding, 36s Amsterdam, 461 (1701) 15799*TORAH, Megilloth, Haphtaroth (cum comment. Raschii) omnino Hebraice,ed. David Nunes Torres, 16mo. calf,12s Amst. 470 (1710) 15800 BIBLIA MAGNA HEBRAICA, EDITIO RABBINICA (Mikra Gedola), cum utrâque Masorâ, omnibus Targumin Chaldaicis, etc. 4 vols. royal folio, the best and most complete edition of the Rabbinical Bible, fine copy in the original boards, covered with stamped russia, RARE, £12. Amsterdam, 1724-27

Recentissima eaque locupletissima Bibliorum Rabbinicorum editio opus sumptuosum et splendidum in charta maxima typis nitidis impressum." -Le Long. "L'edizione la più ricca e copiosa di tutte in commentatori."De Rossi. This grand work, comprising all the Targums and authentic Rabbinical commentaries along with the text, reflects the utmost credit upon the learning and industry of Moses ben Simeon of Frankfort, who was both editor and printer.

"EDITION regardée comme la plus ample et la MEILLEURE DE TOUTES LES BIBLES RABBINIQUES. Elle a pour base les éditions de Bomberg, et renferme non seulement tout ce que celles-ci contiennent, mais encore les variantes de Buxtorf, avec les remarques ajoutées par l'editeur."—Brunet. 15801 BIBLIA Hebraica cum interpretatione epicriseon Masoreticarum, cura Joh. Simonis, in 2 vols. 8vo. russia gilt, 10s Hala, 1767 15802 VETUS TESTAMENTUM Hebraicum (sine punctis), cum variis lectionibus ed. Kennicott, 2 vols. large folio, russia, £2. 10s

Oxon. 1776-80

One of the most laborious, and certainly the most splendid effort of modern times for the advancement of Biblical knowledge. Kennicott collated all the known Hebrew MSS. in Europe to obtain the above correct edition. 15803 PENTATEUCHUS Hebræo-Samaritanus, charactere Hebræo-Chaldaico, ed. Blayney, 8vo. calf, 5s Oxonii, 1790 15804 LA BIBLE, en Hébreu et en Français; traduction nouvelle, avec notes par S. CAHEN, 18 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, £5. Paris, 1831 15805 TORAH: die fünf Bücher Mosis, Hebräisch und Deutsch, in rabbinischer Schrift, herausgegeben von Joel Brill Loewe, 5 vols. 8vo. bd. 7s 6d Wien, 1836

15806 BIBLIA Hebraica, ex recens. A. Hahnii expressa, 2 vols. 12mo. hf. calf, 3s 6d Lips. 1838

15807 DIE TORAH, die Propheten und die Hagiographen, deutsche Uebersetzung von MOSES MENDELSSOHN etc. nach den Gutachten der Rabbinen Israel Gordon, Ghaim-Naghmon Parnas, etc. 15 vols. stout 8vo. hf. bd. £6. 10s St. Petersburgh, 1852

The Bible in Hebrew, with the Haphtaroth, the Chaldee Targums, and various Rabbinical commentaries, and a literal German translation and notes. 15808 KALISCH, Historical and Critical Commentary on the Old Testament, with a new translation, Vols. I, II, III; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus I, Hebrew and English, cloth, 30s 1858-67 Historical and Critical Commentary on the Old Testament, Vols. I, II, 8vo. calf extra gilt, 278



The Commentary is an exhaustive one; and exhibits an amount of labour and learning which is rarely paralleled in modern books.

15810 BENNETT (S.) Specimen of a new version of the Hebrew Bible from the original text, 4to. bds. 2s


15810* BUXTORFII (Johannis) Tiberias sive commentarius masorethicus, sm. 4to. calf, arms on sides, 10s Basila, 1620 15811 DE-ROSSI (J. B.). Varia Lectiones Veteris Testamenti ex immensa MSS. editorumque codicum congerie haustæ et ad Samaritanum textum, ad vetustissimas versiones, etc. examinatæ, cum Supplementis, 5 vols. large 4to. calf, £3. 3s Parma, 1784-98 15812 eædem, sine Supplemento, 4 vols. 4to. calf, 30s 1784 15813 HARKAVY und STRACK, Catalog der hebräischen Bibel-Handschriften der kaiserl. öffentl. Bibliothek in St. Petersburg, I und II Theil, 8vo. pp. 296, cloth, 5s St. Petersb. 1875 15814 FUERST, Veteris Testamenti CONCORDANTE HEBRAICÆ atque Chaldaicæ, cum Lexico duplici, uno Neo-Hebraice altero Latine scripto, stout folio, 1428 pp. quadruple cols. (pub. at £4. 4s unbound), calf gilt, £3.

Lips. 1840

Furest's work is founded on Buxtorf's, of which it may be considered a new and improved edition. It is accompanied by an Index etymologicus ; Onomasticon sacrum nominum propriorum; Syllabus nominum propriorum Phonico-Punicorum; Lexicon Aramaicum et Neo-hebraicum; etc.

2. Greek.

15815 BIBLIORUM CODEX SINAITICUS Petropolitanus .' . ex tenebris protraxit in Europam transtulit. . edidit Constantinus Tischendorf, 4 vols. Petropoli, 1862; Appendix Codicum celeberrimorum Sinaitici Vaticani Alexandrini, edidit Tischendorf, Lips. 1867; together 5 vols. atlas 4to. printed in facsimile of the original MS. at the expense of the late Czar, bds. £28. 1862-67

One of the grandest and most valuable biblical productions of our time, whether considered as a triumph of research, or of scholarship, or of typographical magnificence.


auspice Pio IX collatis studiis Car. Vercellone et Jos. Cozza editus, 6 vols. square folio, complete, with Prolegomena, Commentary and Tables (published at £36.), cloth, £28. Romæ, 1869-81 A typographical facsimile of the original Manuscript beautifully printed on stout vellum paper. The few gaps in the Codex have been supplied from the ordinary version and filled in with small Greek type.




Greek, folio, an absolute facsimile produced by order of the Trustees of the British Museum, as the first and most important instalment of the perfect reproduction of the Alexandrine Codex, 144 leaves of stout cardboard printed in photo-lithography, back and front, (sells £7.), in portfolio, £6.


Old Testament, 3 vols. in portfolios, £2. 1881-83 The purchaser of these noble volumes will be, to all scholarly intents, the possessor of the famous Codex A,the first if not the most ancient of the 51 Uncial MSS. upon which all modern biblical criticism is based. Baber's and Woide's edition in so-called facsimile-types, formerly published by the British Museum, was a great boon to the learned world; but how different must be the feelings of a scholar in regarding that edition and this? With this facsimile, he may pursue his researches independently of other men's work, necessarily defective and unsatisfactory as that always is; and at the same time enjoy the sensation of being constantly able in his own private study to look upon and examine one of the most precious treasures of Early Christian Literature. The Alexandrine Codex was transcribed about four hundred years after the death of Christ. 15819 CODEX ALEXANDRINUS. Vetus Testamentum Græcum e Codice MS. Alexandrino, qui in Museo Britannico asservatur, cura H. H. Baber, 3 vols.-Prolegomena et Notæ, 1 vol.— together 4 vols. in 6, roy. fol. (sells £18.), bds. £4. 10s 1816-28 15820 TESTAMENTUM (Novum) Græcum, e Codice MS. Alexandrino cum lectionibus variantibus descriptum a C. G. Woide (Autograph of H. H. Baber inserted), Lond. 1786-APPENDIX: Fragmenta juxta interp. dialecti superioris Ægypti quæ THEBAIDICA apellatur, etc. facsimiles, 1799-2 vols. large folio, bds. 36s Oxonii, 1786-99 Rarely met with in this uncut state.

15821 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM Græcum e Codice MS. Alexandrino descriptum a C. G. Woide, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, with a plate of facsimiles from other Codices, fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, £3. 16s




Appendix, in qua continentur Fragmenta Novi Testamenti Thebaidici vel Sahidici, cum dissertatione edd. Woide et Ford, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, facsimiles, in three parts, cloth, uncut, 30s


the same, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, russia extra, 36s 1799 15824 EVANGELIA QUATUOR GRÆCE cum Canonibus Eusebii, 410 leaves (in 2 vols. sm. 4to. including ten blank).

Fine Byzantine Illuminated Manuscript upon Vellum, with 4 large Paintings of the Evangelists, the capitals and headings in gold, beautifully bound in brown morocco extra, blind-tooled, enclosed in a red velvet case, with compartments and spring, perfect throughout, £150. (Constantinople) about A.D. 1000

It is a circumstance of very great rarity to find all the four pictures of the Evangelists in one MS., and an unusual interest attaches in consequence to the present codex, which is quite perfect, and also important as having been copied from one of the most ancient texts. A couple of leaves were, however, cancelled

by a nearly contemporary corrector, who substituted three leaves in a different hand-writing, for the purpose of supplying the omission of John viii. 1-11, which was originally absent in this MS. as well as in the earlier codex from which it was derived. As far as any peeuliarities of the writing are concerned, it has to be said that there are not very many instances of itacism; the dative iota is sometimes ascript, and sometimes omitted, but never subscript; and the breathings are scarcely modified from the old rectangular shape.

The word used in John i. 28, was originally Bethabara, but the scribe (not the corrector) erased it himself and changed it to Bethania, which is sufficient to prove that he corrected his copy from one of the very ancient MSS. written before the Church accepted the alteration suggested by Origen who first substituted Bethabara for Bethania.


Splendid Manuscript on Vellum, beautifully written in a very clear hand, the Canon of Eusebius within elegant borders, richly illuminated in gold and colours, the heading of each Gospel in letters of gold, within elaborately illuminated ornaments, numerous capitals in gold; adorned with Three large Miniatures of St. Matthew, St. Mark, and St. John, executed in colours on a gold ground; bound in brown Levant morocco, elegantly ornamented on back and sides after the antique, vellum fly-leaves, and gilt edges, enclosed in a solander case covered with rich crimson velvet, and lined inside with white silk velvet, by BEDFORD, A PERFECT GEM, £200. Sec. XI

PERFECT with the exception of the leaf which should contain Luke xix. 10-26, and which has been cut away, as well as the leaf on which was the miniature representing the painting of that Evangelist.

A Manuscript no less precious for its text, than as a specimen of Byzantine Art in the eleventh century. The paintings which represent St. Mark and St. John (that of Matthew being damaged by the loss of colour) are infinitely superior to the ordinary character of the work in old MSS. The design and the execution are alike admirable. Indeed the graceful style of ornamention used in the borders to the Canon (arches of gold richly decorated, supported by light pillars of coloured marbles) as well as the Gospel-headings, is quite sufficient to give this MS. a special artistic rank among decorated Codices of the Greek Gospels.

The handwriting is an excellent cursive with headings in a semi-uncial character; there is no division between words, and the breathings are noted in the quadrate (or half H) shape. The dative iota is not subcribed, but generally affixed at the end of

the word (and occasionally omitted). Another point for remark is the use of the epenthetic v before consonants; but this is not always seen in the text. Abbreviations are only adopted in the words usually so written in the earliest MSS., and in a few places where terminations are contracted for want of space.

The text offers an immense number of valuable Various Readings, but generally agrees with the received version. A remarkable feature of the MS. is the prologue to each Gospel, differing from the known prefaces of the Fathers as given by Erasmus, Mill, and other editors.

15826 NOVUM INSTRUMENTUM, Græce et Latine, diligenter ab ERASMO ROTERODAMO recognitum et emendatum, cum annotationibus, folio, Editio Princeps, with a few MS. notes, in the original vellum, from the Sunderland library, £17. 10s


Basilea, Frobenius, 1516

the same, folio, with some MS. notes, fine tall copy in the original stamped pigskin, £20. 1516

15828 [BIBLIA GRÆCA, Editio Princeps] Sacrae Scripturae veteris novaeque omnia, folio, ruled throughout with red ink, FINE PAPER, superb copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, with Derome le jeune's ticket, £63. Venetiis, in ædib. Aldi et Andreae soceri, 1518 the same, bound in 2 vols. folio, LARGE PAPER, old calf, gilt and marbled edges, from the Sunderland library, £72. 10s 1518 Excessively rare on Large Paper.


15830 [STEUCHI] AUGUSTINI EUGUBINI. Recognitio Veteris Testamenti ad Hebraicam veritatem, collata etiam editione Septuaginta interprete (sic) cum ipsa veritate Hebraica, etc. sm. 4to. old calf, clean copy, from the Sunderland library, £3. 10s

Venet. Aldus, 1529 "Ce volume est très-rare."-Renouard. From its rarity it is little known, but the importance of the work is obvious. It is an indispensable adjunct to the Greek Bible printed by Aldus in 1518.

15830*STEUCHI. Veteris Testamenti ad veritatem Hebraicam recognitio,

sm. 8vo. calf, 30s

Lugd. 1531

The fly-leaves are portions of a ninth century MS. on vellum, with music. 15831 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM, Græce et Latine, multo quàm antehac diligentius ab ERASMO recognitu, folio, a few small wormholes, original boards covered with stamped calf, £18. Basilea, 1519 the same, folio, autograph of "Gulielmus Cicillus " (Lord Burleigh) on title, in the original stamped calf, from the Sunderland library, £20.


1519 15833 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM, Græce et Latine, tertio ab D. ERASMO recognitum, thick sm. folio, woodcuts, fine copy in oak boards, covered with stamped pigskin, £10. 10s Basilea, Frobenius, 1522 15833*SEPTUAGINT. Divinae Scripturæ ueteris noueq; omnia, græce (ed. Johannes Lonicerus), 3 vols. 12mo. woodcut initials containing a Death-dance alphabet which seems to be from Holbein's designs, fine copy in morocco, £2. 5s 15834 ΤΗΣ ΘΕΙΑΣ ΓΡΑΦΗΣ ärаvra. Novi Testamenti, omnia (cum

Argent. Wolph. Ceph. 1526 Divinae Scripturae, Veteris ac præfatione Philippi Melanch

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