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ornamentations) RICHLY ILLUMINATED IN GOLD AND COLOURS, blue morocco extra, blind tooling gilt edges, in a morocco case, by Gruel, £260.

Sac. XIV (circa 1395)

This magnificent specimen of early Italian art executed for Giovanni Bentivoglio, Lord of Bologna, who was assassinated in 1403 by his own subjects, and whose arms are emblazoned 76 times in the various borders. On the reverse of folio 146, in the border, instead of the Bentivoglio arms are the spread eagle and the letters I. R. (Imperium Romanum), (the device of the Emperor Frederic II., from whom the Bentivoglios claimed to be descended) surmounted by a Bishop's mitre; from which we may surmise that this escutcheon was added about 1450, and that the book was then probably in the possession of Fortunato Bentivoglio, Bishop of Sarsina.

15875 BIBLIA SACRA LATINA, 2 vols. folio, the first dated edition of the Bible, in double columns, having 48 lines in each column, Printed upon Vellum, a magnificent copy in old crimson morocco gilt, £1800.


Colophon, in red ink: Pñs hoc opusculum finitu ac cōpletu, et ad eusebiam dei industrie in civitate Maguntu per Johanne fust cive. et Petru Schoiffher de Gernsheym clericù diocesz eiusdem est consumatu. Anno Incarnacōis dñice mccclxii in vigilia assumpcois gl'ose Virginis Marie: beneath which (also in red) is the device of the double shield

EXCESSIVELY RARE; THE NOBLEST WORK of FUST and SCHÖFFER'S PRESS. Although preceded by the thirty-six line and the fortytwo line Bible, this has a certain superiority over them in the possession of a colophon declaring the date and the place of impression; while as those are without any such indication, we are led to conjecture and inference with regard to their origin. Thus the present edition can never lose its claim to pre-eminent importance (whether from the standpoint of Biblical interest or of typographical archæology) as being the first dated Bible which issued from the first printing-press in the world. The present (the Sunderland) copy is in every respect a most desirable one, being large, sound and perfect in every particular (size 163 × 112 in.). The numbers of the chapters, the headings of the books, and the small capitals are painted in blue and red, and the large initials are ornamented and painted in red, white and blue.

15876 BIBLIA SACRA LATINA, sm. 4to. printed in double columns,

without marks of any kind, 60 lines to a page, with painted and illuminated initials, vellum gilt, very clean copy, £25.

Placētie per Johanē Petru d Ferratis cremonēsē, 1475

The FIRST BOOK PRINTED at PIACENZA. That is not its only claim to notice; it is also the first Bible printed in quarto size, and is moreover perhaps the very rarest of all the Bibles printed in the fifteenth century, with the sole exception of the Catalan. The present copy is a large and very clean one, but it wants the first leaf in Ecclesiasticus and I leaf in sig. C. The copy fetched £71 at the first Sunderland sale before the imperfection was discovered.

15878 BIBLIA LATINA, cum interpretatione Hebraicorum nominum et epistola Johann. Andreae Episc. Aleriensis, 2 stout vols. large folio, superbly printed on thick paper, the capitals filled in in red, original stamped hogskin, £12. 10s Nurembergae, jussu Andree Frisner Bunsidelensis et Johannis Sensenschmit,


Here follows the printer's mark: 2 crossed scythes and a pelican tearing up its own breast.

With the drawback that a few leaves have been mended in the margin, and nine single leaves are wanting in different places, this may be considered as a fine copy of a most splendid specimen of early typography. The initial letters at the commencement of the first line are richly ornamented, and the capital letters throughout are well stencilled in colours.

Only about eight copies are known.

15879 BIBLIA SACRA LATINA, folio, printed in double columns, 52 lines to a page, with rubricated capitals, bound in 2 vols. bright old calf gilt, £65. NEAPOLI, MATHIAS MORAVUS, 1476

A VERY RARE EDITION, fully described by Dibdin in Bibliotheca Spenceriana. Dedicated by Blasius Romerus to Thomas Taqui,-confidential agent of the French king Louis XI, whom he begged to pay the expenses of the impression, which in a response printed with the dedication, Taqui agreed to do. "As you fetched from the city of Milan coats of mail for your invictissimus Rex, so you will be able to take precious books from the royal and learned city of Naples for your sapientissimus Rex.”—He bestows praise of the highest kind upon the printer.

15880 BIBLIA LATINA. Insigne veteris nouiq3 testamenti opus. cum canonib' euangelistar'q3 concordantijs, large folio, finely painted initials, a border to the first page, very large copy with rough leaves, slightly water-stained, UNIQUE COPY, containing ten preliminary leaves of Chronological and Genealogical Tables, with woodcuts, not known to exist elsewhere, in the original oak boards, covered in stamped pigskin, with brass bosses and clasps, £100.

In regia ciuitate Nurnbergn. p. Antonium Coburger, 1477 Besides the cartouches for names and the arabesque border, there are FORTY-ONE WOODCUTS in the unique preliminary leaves mentioned above. One of the designs is a plan or picture of Jerusalem and its suburbs, which occupies the entire length of a page. There is also a woodcut (coloured, like most of them, by a contemporary hand) of the Rainbow, which had probably never been depicted before.

15881 BIBLIA LATINA, divided into 2 vols. small folio, unbound, £12. 1483


This is one of the six editions in which we find, at the end

of the text, the verses commencing Fontibus ex Græcis, etc. They are supposed to have been printed by Amerbach at Basel, and are all of very unusual occurrence in the market. There was no copy in the great Sunderland collection.

15882 PSALTERIUM (Latine) Quincuplex: Gallicum, Romanum Hebraicum, Vetus, Conciliatum (cum commentariis Fabri Stapulensis), 4to. hf. morocco, 28s Paris, H. Stephanus, 1509 15883 BIBLIA cum Corcondantiis Veteris et Novi Testamenti et Sacrorum Canonum, stout folio, with hundreds of pretty woodcuts, coloured by hand, red morocco, gilt edges, from the Sunderland library, £5. 58

Lugduni, J. Sacon, expensis A. Koburger de Nurembergis, 1516 The woodcuts are by a Venetian artist, 144 in number, and some are of very curious character.

15884 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM (Latinum) per D. Erasmum novissime recognitum, etc. thick 16mo. bds. 10s Roztochii, L. Dietz, 1530 15885 PSALMORU omnium: iuxta Hebraicam veritate paraphrastica interpretatio authore Joanne Campensi . . Accessit Athanasius ad Marcellinum . . sm. 4to. title in red and black, within fine woodcut border, old red morocco, gilt edges, £24.

Parisiis, per Franc. Regnault, expensis
Thome Bertheleti Londinensis, 1534

15886 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM Latinum, ad antiquissima Græcorum exemplaria, quam diligentissime castigatum: inque Latinam phrasim transfusum, etc. per B. GALTERUM DELENUM, Regiæ Majestatis Anglicana Biblioscopum, 4to. slightly wormed, old calf, £4. London, Jo. Mayler, 1540

VERY RARE. This copy is from the Sunderland library, and when first sold as complete fetched £10. 10s. The Testament itself is complete, but of the two short tracts which should be at the end, one (on Justification, Free Will, etc.) is wanting, and the other (Pleonexegesis Prefationis) wants leaf 01. The dedication, which consists of 40 pp., is to Henry VIII, and contains very interesting matter.

15887 BIBLIA LATINA (STUDIO ET OPERA R. STEPHANI), LARGE PAPER, impl. folio, ruled with red lines, in the original brown morocco binding (somewhat damaged), tooled on the sides with a Grolier pattern in gold, and goffered on the edges with a similar ornamental design, Paris, ex off. R. Stephani, 1540


15888 BIBLA SACRA juxta Vulgatam editionem, a mendis quibus innumeris partim scribarum incuria, partim sciolorum audacia scatebat, summa cura parique fide repurgata, etc. folio, ruled with red lines, a few leaves wormed at the beginning, calf, from the Sunderland library, £3. 16s

Paris, ex off. S. Colinci pro Galeoto à Prato, 1541 With the device of Galliot du Pré on verso of the last leaf. This is the first of the editions of the Bible by JOHN BENEDICT, all of which have been placed in the Index.

15889 BIBLA SACRA ex Santis Pagnini tralatione, sed ad Hebraica linguæ amussim novissime ita recognita ut plane nova editio videri possit (cum prefatione et notis SERVETI), folio, First Edition, fine copy in old blue MOROCCO extra, gilt edges, by Derome, £6. 6s Lugduni, 1542

This edition was suppressed on account of the notes of Servetus, which sought to prove that all the Old Testament prophecies usually supposed to refer actually to the Saviour's life had been historically fulfilled before his birth.

There was no copy in the Caxton exhibition of Bibles. As many copies as Calvin could procure were thrown into the flames along with Servetus. 15890 BIBLIA sacrosancta Testamēti Veteris & Noui . . . translata in sermonem Latinum, stout folio, hf. bd. £2. 2s

Tiguri, C. Froschoverus, 1543

First edition of the Zürich Bible, translated from the original sources nto Latin by Leo Juda and others. It is a book of exceptional importance, not to be classed with ordinary reprints of the Vulgate.

15891 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM. . . adiectis scholijs


Isidoro Clario, small 8vo. (12mo.), fine copy in old French blue morocco, exquisitely bound by "Padeloup le jeune " (with his ticket) for Count Hoym, the Count's arms on the sides and his coronet, with the Eagle of Poland on the back, £52. Antverpiæ, 1544 15892 BIBLIA SACRA ad optima quæque veteris, ut vocant, tralationis exemplaria, summa diligentia parique fide castigata, cum indicibus, 8vo. 198 beautiful woodcut illustrations by PETIT BERNARD and an EXTRA SET of 70 woodcuts inserted from the Quadrins de la Bible of 1553, vellum, gilt edges, very large and fine copy, £21. Lugd. apud Joan. Tornasium, 1554

This is the first Bible issued by this printer and the first in which appeared the clever woodcuts by PETIT BERNARD. Contains 8 prel. ll.; pp. 1152; Index and leaf with a woodcut ornament on the reverse, 39 11.

"Bible précieuse."-Didot. Copies of this edition are very rare, especially when in this remarkably fine condition. The additional woodcuts are interesting, as comprising a number of duplicate illustrations for comparison, the same blocks having been to a great extent used for both the Bible and the Quadrins.

15893 BIBLIA.

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R. Stephanus Lectori. En tibi Bibliorum vulgata editio; . . sm. 8vo. in the original calf binding, slightly damaged, gilt ornaments on back and sides, £5.

[Parisiis] Oliva Roberti Stephani, 1555

First edition of the Latin Bible in which the verses are distinguished by paragraph-marks and by numbers, in exact conformity with the modern system.

15894 PSALMORUM (Liber) tralatio duplex vetus et nova, sm. 8vo. (12mo.), fine copy in vellum, 10s Rob. Stephan. 1556 15895 BIBLIA Sacra Veteris et Novi Testamenti juxta vulgatam quam dicunt editionem, folio, in the original calf binding, gilt and gauffered edges, the sides and back covered with magnificent ornamentation with painted compartments, the motto "Quisque suos patimur manes" occupying the centrepiece on the sides, with the inscription "Io. Grolierii et amicorum at the bottom on the upper side, £180. Parisiis, 1558 BLIA SACRA, sive libri canonici latini recens ex hebræo facti vibusque scholiis illustrati ab Immanuele Tremellio et isco Junio. accesserunt libri qui vulgo dicuntur hi, 6 parts in 1 vol. stout sm. 4to. ruled with red lines, very large copy, in the original English calf binding, Lond. H. Middleton (et T. Vautrollerius), 1579-80

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15897 JAMES (Thomæ) Bellum Papale, sive concordia discors Sixti V et Clementis VIII circa Hieronymianam editionem, sm. 4to. fine copy in the original gilt calf, 10s



the same, 1600-[Cook (Rob.)] Censura quorundam Scriptorum quæ sub nominibus Sanctorum a Pontificiis citari solent, 1623-Confessio Pastorum qui in Foederato Belgio Remonstrantes vocantur, Herderwiici, 1622-3 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. vellum, 18s 1600-23

15899 BIBLIA SACRA sive libri canonici Latini recens facti, brevibusque scholiis illustrati ab Im. Tremellio et Francisco Junio, 4 parts in 1 vol. folio, King James I's copy in the original (re-backed) smooth brown morocco binding, gilt edges, with the royal arms in gold on the sides, £20. Sancti Gervasii, 1607

This may be called the Masham Bible. Its first possessor after the King was Sir William Masham (he probably received it as a present when he got the baronetcy in 1621), of Oates in Essex. He made his family record of births on a page opposite the title. His first note refers to his marriage in 1611, and the next to the birth of his first son in 1616, but these and the three succeeding entries seem to have been all written down in 1622. The second list is that of his son William's children, but after the old man had entered the fifth child in 1646, he died; and the remaining entries were made by that fifth child (Sir Francis Masham), who commenced by adding the names of five brothers and sisters, then the date of his marriage in 1666, and finally the births of three children in 1667-70. It was with this Sir Francis that John Locke lived during the last ten years of his life, and it was a son of this Sir Francis who was raised to the peerage for having married Abigail Hill, Queen Anne's favourite.

15900 BIBLA SACRA LATINA, 8 vols. roy. folio, printed in large type, with engraved title after Nic. Poussin, and numerous elegant vignettes, PRESENTATION COPY FROM CARDINAL MAZARIN TO QUEEN CHRISTINA OF SWEDEN, with the MS. inscription dated 1646, in the original citron morocco, with bro id gilt borders and the ROYAL ARMS of SWEDEN on sides, fleurs-de-lis surmounted by a crown in the corners, gilt edges, a magnificent book, £63.

Parisiis, e typographia Regia, 1642 When this book was stolen, probably after Christina's departure from France in 1658, the bibliophile-thief pasted two thin strips of paper over the inscription, which was written on the title-page at the bottom. It is still quite plain when the page is held up to the light, and runs thus:-" Presenté a sa Majesté la Reine de Suède par Monsieur l'Eminentissime Cardinal Mazarini le 2 Janvier 1646." It was a truly royal present in its magnificent binding executed by one of the twelve artists whom the Cardinal kept at work for him. In the broad borders on the sides, the dexterity with which the angles have been managed, so as to produce an ensemble of perfect symmetry, is most remarkable as indicating the hand of a master.

15901 PSALTERIUM Davidis, ad exemplar Vaticanum anni 1592, 12mo. engraved title, old black morocco, £2. 16s

Lugd. (Bat.) Jo. et D. Elzevirius, 1653 A clean copy of this scarce Elzevir edition. Contains 381 pp. (height 132 mill.).

15902 BIBLIA Sacra vulgatæ editionis cum notis, 4to. old French black morocco, gilt edges, 20s


Parisiis, 1666 another copy, 4to. blue morocco, rich dentelle borders, silk linings, gilt edges, by PADELOUP


A very fine and choice old binding.

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