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15904 Novum TESTAMENTUM vulgatæ editionis juxta exemplar Vaticanum

anni 1592, 12mo. engraved title and map, old red mor. extra, gilt

edges, from the Sunderland library, £2.2s Colon. Jac. Naulous, 1677 15905 BIBLIA Sacra Clementis viii auctoritate edita, 8vo. engraved title

page with figures, a very pretty edition in old black morocco, gilt edges, formerly in the library of M. de Cicé, Archbishop of Xix, 30s

Colon. Agripp. 1682 With the sphere, and therefore usually attributed to the Elzevirs. « Cette édition est la plus jolie de toutes” those bearing the sphere and the fictitious

imprint of Cologne. 15906 BIBLIA LATINA, cum VATABLI et Variorum interpretum anno

tationibus ; latina interpretatio duplex est : altera vetus, altera nova, editio emendatior et auctior, 2 stout vols. folio, calf, £2.


ANTIQUÆ sea veteris Italicæ primum in lucem editum ex
Codicibus MSS. sub auspiciis Johannis V Regis Lusitaniæ, à
Jos. BLANCHINO, 2 vols. folio, facsimiles from ancient MS. Codices
of the Scriptures, russia, £2.

Rome, 1749 15908 BIBLIORUM SACRORUM Latinæ Versiones Antiquæ, seu

VETUS ITALICA et cæteræ quæcunque in codicibus MSS. et antiquorum libris reperiri potuerunt, quæ cum vulgata Latina et cum textu Græco comparanter; accedunt Prefationes, Observationes, ac Notæ PETRI SABATIER, 3 vols. large folio, calf, £16.

Remis, 1743-49 This grand repository of texts has become very scarce of late years, and it will be a constantly increasing difficulty to obtain copies in the future. This is the usual fate of works which have once been so well and thoroughly

accomplished, that it can scarcely be hoped to supersede them. 15909 CANTICUM Canticorum, Latine convertit et explicavit Dr. C. Kossowicz, roy. 8vo. sd. 2s

St. Petersb. 1879 15910 BLANCHINI (Jos.) Vindiciæ Canonicarum Scripturarum vulgatæ

Latinae editionis, seu vetera Bibliorum fragmenta, juxta Graecam vulgatam et hexaplarem, latinam antiquam italam, duplicemque Hieronymi translationem nunc primum edita, stout folio, with frontispiece and numerous facsimiles of MSS. calf gilt, 36s

Romae, 1740 Appended is " Psalterium duplex cum Canticis juxta vulgatam græcam lxx seniorum et antiquam latinam italam versionem,” the Greek in Roman letters. This is a curious document for establishing the ancient pronunciation of the Greek.

This is only Vol. I of the Vindiciæ ; there were to have been six other

parts, but none of them was printed. 15911 DUTRIPON, Concordantiæ BIBLIORUM SACRORUM Vulgatæ Edi

tionis, royal 4to. pp. 1484, hf. morocco neat, 36s Paris, 1874. 15912 Rönsch (Herm.) Itala und Vulgata : das Sprach-idiom der

urchristlichen Itala und der katholischen Vulgata unter Berücksichtigung der römischen Volkssprache, 8vo. sd. 5s

Marburg, 1869


b. Syriac. There are several Syriac versions of the Bible, ranging from the first to the tenth century of our era ; and there can be little doubt that the Scriptures had vernacular currency in Syria contemporaneously with the Greek. The text which has been accepted as the oldest is called the Peshito (simplex), and is supposed to date from the first century of Christ; but Dr. Cureton has printed from a MS. of the fourth or fifth century a more ancient text of the Gospels, which shows that the standard Peshito was probably a recension edited with modifications in the second century. As far as the Old Testament is concerned, it is not unlikely that there was a Syriac version anterior to the time of Christ. 15913 [Novum TESTAMENTUM Syriace] Liber Evangelii, Ferdinandi Rom.

Imperatoris jussu, characteribus et lingua Syrå, scriptorio prelo diligenter expressa - Apostolicæ Historiæ--Syriacæ linguæ elementa-edidit Widmanstadius, 6 parts in 1 vol. small 4to. Editio Princeps, beautifully printed, woodcuts, fine copy in stamped hogskin, £2. 2s Viennce, Austr. Cymbermannus, 1555-56

The Syriac portion of the title is printed in black, with red vowel-points. There was no copy of this rare book in the great Caxton exhibition, so

remarkable for its opulence in editions of the Bible. 15914 Novum TESTAMENTUM syriace et latine, cum Lexico, accurante Gutbirio, 12mo. bound, 3s 6d

Hamb. 1664-67 15915

idem cum Lexico, denuo ed. Henderson, 12mo. cloth, 2s 6d

Lond. (circ.) 1860 15916 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM , Syriacum, Syriace et Latine, curâ Leusden

et Schaaf-Lexicum Syriacum concordantiale elaboratum à C.

Schaaf-2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf or russia, 30s Lngd. Bat. 1709-8 15917 the same, 2 vols. 4to. vellum, 36s

1708 15918

secunda editio à mendis purgata, 2 vols. 4to. vellum, £2. 10s

Lug. Bat. 1717 15919 SCHAAF, Lexicon Syriacum Concordantiale, editio secunda, 4to. calf, 20s

1717 15920 CODEX SYRIACO-HEXAPLARIS Ambrosiano-Mediolanensis (Jeremias et Hezeciel), Syriace et Latine, ed. Norberg, sm. 4to.hf. calf, 188

Londin. Gothorum, 1787 15921 (CODEX SYRIACO-HEXAPLARIS) Daniel Syriace et Latine, ed.

Bugatus, 1788; Psalmi, Syr. et Lat. ed. idem, unà cum vita

Bugati, 1820; 2 vols. 4to. hif. calf, 25s Mediolani, 1788-1820 15922 DIATIKI KH’DATO, Novum Testamentum Syriacè, 4to. calf, 28 6d

1816 15923 KTOBE QADISHE Old and New Testament, in Syriac, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, 98

London, 1823-26 15924 DIATIKI KA'DATO (New Testament, in Syriac), 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, 7s 6d

Paris, 1824

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15925 Codex SYRIACO-HEXAPLARIS : Liber quartus Regum, Iesaias, Pro

phetæ Minores, Proverbia, Jobus, Canticum, Threni, Ecclesiastes,

Syriace, ed. Middeldorp, 2 vols. 4to. sd. 10s Berol. 1835 15926

the same, 2 vols. in 1, FINE PAPER, hf. calf, 15s 1835 15927 GOSPELS. Remains of a very antient recension of the Four

Gospels in Syriac, hitherto unknown, edited and translated by
William Cureton, 4to.cloth, 28s

1858 15928 NEW TESTAMENT, a literal translation from the Syriac Peshito by

James Murdock, 8vo. portrait, cloth, 108 New York, 1858 15929 MICHAELIS (J. D.) Curae in Versionem Syriacam Actuum Apostolicorum, sm. 4to. bds. 3s 6d

Goettingen, 1755 15930 WILDEBOER, de Waarde der Syrische Evangelien door Cureton ontdekt en uitgegeven, 8vo. sd. ls 6d

Leiden, 1880 15930*WICHELHAUS de Novi Testamenti versione Peschitho, 8vo. sd. 4s

Halis, 1850

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c. Ægypto-Coptic.
The early establishment of Christianity in Egypt makes it
probable that the Copts possessed a Bible in their own tongue in the
second century at least, but we are certain only of its existence in the
latter part of the third century. The Greek Septuagint and Testa-
ment which had their home in Alexandria, cannot have been of much
use to the inhabitants of Upper Egypt.
15931 [PENTATEUCHUS]. Quinque libri Moysis in lingua Ægyptia,

Coptice et Latine, ed." Wilkins, Sto. title-page engraved, hf.
morocco, uncut, 36s

1731 15932 Novum TESTAMENTUM Ægyptium, Coptice et Latine, ed. Wilkins, 4to. engraved title, cloth boards, 20s

Oxonii, 1716 15933 EUAGGELION kata Loukan. Injil Luqa: Luke's Gospel, in parallel

Coptic and Arabic, sm. 4to. MS. on paper, 433 pp. red roan,
£2. 10s

(Egypt, Sec. XIX)
Apparently transcribed in Egypt for Sir John Bowring.
15934 FRAGMENTA Basmuro-Cyptica Veteris et Novi Testamenti, Coptice

et Latine, ed. Engelbreth, 4to. hf. bd. 10s Havnice, 1811 15935 PROPHETÆ MINORES, Coptice et Latine, ed. Hen. Tattam, 8vo. neatly bound, 58

Oxon. 1836 15935*JOB, the ancient Coptic version, Coptic and English, by Tattam, 8vo. cloth, 78 60

1846 15936 QUATUOR EVANGELIA in dialecto linguæ Copticæ Memphitica, ed.

Schwartze, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. hf. calf, 168 Lipsiæ, 1846-47 15937 DANIAL, Copto-Memphitice, ed. Bardelli

, 8vo. 3s Pisis, 1849 15938 Acta Apostolorum, coptice, edidit P. Boetticher, 8vo. hf. calf, 10s

Hala, 1852 15938*NEW TESTAMENT, Coptic and Arabic, in parallel columns, 2 vols. folio, calf, 108

London, 1847-52 15939 PENTATEUCH Koptisch, herausgegeben von P. Lagarde, 8vo. hf. bd. 12s

Leipzig, 1867

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d. Ethiopic (and Amharic). The Ethiopic Bible is of venerable antiquity, dating, according to the received opinion, from the fourth century: the Amharicis simply a modern version. 15940 GOSPEL OF S. JOHN, in Ethiopic, square 12mo. MS. on Vellum,

in the original wooden boards, in a morocco case, £10. Sec. XV

The Rubric on the first folio states as follows :-" The Gospel of the Holy “Father The excellent Theologus John the Son of Zebedee, ihe beloved of

our Lord Jesus Christ. May He be with his beloved Barakata Selassé, the "unknown, poor, and unerring, a lover of the Faith, for ever and ever.” The above name, however, Barakata Selassé has been inserted by a later band and the name of the original owner of the vol. has been erased. This name is similarly inserted upon an erasion in the epigraph at the close, which runs as follows:-“The Gospel of holy John, Son of Zebedee, the Apostle, one of “ the xii, wbich wrote for the Ephesians after the Ascension of our Lord " Jesus Christ in the body, in the year thirty, and in the seventh year of the 'Emperor Nero. May his prayer and blessing be with poor Barakata Selassé “ for ever.-Amen." A short thanksgiving follows.

The text offers many readings at variance with those of the received

Ethiopic text. It is beautifully and accurately written throughout. 15941 PSALTER, in Ethiopic, stout small 4to. ancient MS. on Vellum, in the original thick wooden boards, enclosed in a rude case, £4.

Sec. XV The first few pages are slightly stained, but the volume is otherwise in perfect order.

It contains 151 Psalms. All the Scriptural Articles of the Old and New Testaments—viz., the Songs of Moses, Hannah, Isaiah, Hezekiah, Habbakuk, the three Children, the Song of Songs, the Magnificat, and Nunc Dimittisand concludes with the usual office of the Virgin Mary which is found appended to an ancient Psalter, though commonly omitted from more modern

ones. The 151st Psalm is upon the death of Goliath. 15942 PSALTER, in Ethiopic, small stout 4to. MS: on Vellum, in original boards, enclosed in case, £5.

Sec. XV This MS. comprises the same contents as the preceding article, including the Office of the Virgin, of which however the conclusion is lost. The

writing is excellent. 15943 PSALTER, in Ethiopic, stout small 4to. MS. on Vellum, leathercovered boards, enclosed in a rude case, £5.

Sec. XVI This MS. has the same contents as the preceding article, including the Office of the Virgin ; but comprises in addition, at the beginning, a curious Litany of Supplication addressed to the Virgin, consisting of thirty recitals of the principal fasts of the Passion, with a refrain to each, of commendation to

the Virgin. 15944 GOSPEL OF ST. LUKE and ST. JOHN, the

latter not completed, in the Geez or Ethiopic language, stout royal 4to. MS. on thick Vellum, with about 150 large Paintings representing scenes in the Gospel history; in a native binding of russia leather, curiously ornamented, £100. Sec. XVI

The book has been said to be of the fifteenth century; but the binding is not nearly so old, and may date from the

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seventeenth century. The curious ornamentation above referred to is this--the pattern is cut out of the thick leather, and goldleaf having been inserted between the boards and the covering, a peculiar effect is thus produced.

The text is considered to have a special value, as varying considerably from the recognized Ethiopic text. The paintings are apparently by two different artists, and some at the end appear unfinished. They have brilliancy of colour and sufficient

correctness of design to indicate the existence of a school of art. 15945 THE FOUR GOSPELS, in Geez or ancient Ethiopic, square

folio, MS. on vellum, written in treble columns, with rubrications ; in a stout native binding of stamped russia or morocco (repaired), silk lining, $50.

circa 1680-90 This important Codex has an inscription at the beginning of Matthew's Gospel, from which it appears that King John and Queen Sibylla were on the throne of Abyssinia when the scribe began his work. This refers probably to the latter part of the seventeenth century.—There is a preface giving instructions as to the liturgical use of the volume as a Lectionary. On the first page there are inscriptions recording donations made to the nionastery in which the MS. was written, and at the beginning and end of the book there are inscribed lists of books and other church property belonging to the same

institution. These memoranda are no less curious than rare of their kind. 15946 PsalmoRUM Liber et (16) alia Cantica Biblica Æthiopice; cum

Syllabario Linguarum Chaldæarum Æthiopicarum); impressum ingenio et impensis Joannis POTKEN, sm. 4to. fine woodcut of King David harping, printed in red ink on the first leaf, hf. bd. 28s

Romæ, 1513 15947

the same, 4to: fine copy in red morocco extra, £2. 1513 The first book printed in the #Ethiopic character. Potkin insisted that this—the sacred tongue of the Abyssinians-was the true Chaldean language, and that the Chaldee taught by Jews' was simply a corrupt dialect of the old Aramaic. He learned it at Rome from some Abyssinians whom he heard

singing hymns there, less than two years before the completion of the work. 15948 PSALTERIUM Davidis, Æthiopice et Latine, cum notis ; acc. Hymni

et Canticum Canticorum, Æthiop. cura Ludolfi, sm. 4to. title

only in Ethiopic for circulation in Africa, bds. 5s Francof. 1701 15949 Jonas Vates (Book of Jonah), Æthiopice et Latine, cum glossario

a B. A. Staudachero, sm. 4to. MS. notes by F. H. Bowring, bds. 58

Francof. 1706 15950 Ezræ liber primus (apud Vulgatam quartus), Ethiopie, Latin, and

English, 1820; THE Book OF ENOCH, translated from the
Ethiopic, 1838; ASCENSIO ISALE, Ethiop. Latin and English,

1819; by Laurence, 3 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf, 30s Oxford, 1819-38 15950* ASCENSIO ISAIÆ, comp. à Laurence, 8vo. Ethiop. Lat. English, bds. 58

Ox. 1819 1.5951 Ezrx liber primus, ed. Laurence, 8vo. Ethiop. Lat. English, bds. 7s 60

Ox. 1820 15951*Novum TESTAMENTUM Æthiopice; Novum Testamentum Amhàrice; edidit Pell Platt, 2 vols. sm. 4to. calf, 5s

1829-30 15952 Biblia Veteris Testamenti, Æthiopice, ed. Dillmann. Tomus

I-II: Pentateuchus, Josua, Judices, Ruth, Reges, in 1 vol. calf, and 2 sewed parts, 4to. 18s.

Lips. 1853-71 15952*LIBER HENOCH, Æthiopice ed. Dillmann, 4to. sd. 7s 6d ib. 1851 15953 EVANGELIA Æthiopice et Amharice, 12mo. cloth, 58 Basilere, 1874

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