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SPANISH-continued. 16324 EVANGELIO de S. Matteo, traducido al dialecto Gallego, por Jose

Sanchez de Santa Maria, con observaciones sobre la pronunciacion Gallega, Asturiana, Castellana y Portuguesa por L. L. Bonaparte, 16mo. 15s

1861 16325 NOTIZIA de Biblia en Romance del Siglo XV en odice MS. propriedad del Duque de Alba, sd. 28 6d

Madrid, 1847 16326 Borrow (George) the Bible in Spain, 3 vols. post 8vo. (pub. £1. lls 6d), cloth, 128

1843 “We are frequently reminded of Gil Blas. As a book of adventures it seems to us to be the most extraordinary which has appeared in our own or

any other language for a long time past.”—Quarterly Review. Swedish : 16327 BIBLIA, thet är, all then Helgha Scrifft pa

Swensko, 6 vols. in 1, stout sm. folio, numerous woodcuts, a singularly good copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £50. Tryckt i Vpsala, 1540-40-41

VERY RARE in such condition; this being probably the best copy that exists outside of the Royal library in Stockholm. The woodcuts, one of which is signed M. B., appear to be imitated from Lucas Cranach and others.

FIRST EDITION, an EXCESSIVELY SCARCE book, and a great desideratum for the collector, especially such a fine copy.

It is a Lutheran version made by Olaus and Laurentius Petri. See Brunet, who does not give a collation, which I therefore subjoin. Collation: A to X, Aa to cc, AA-NN, Aaa to Zzz, A Aa to PPp (end of Old Testament), A to Ee, all in sixes, except X (4), cc (8), Zzz (8), PPp (5), and in New Testament Ee (3). X4 contains on one side a fine woodcut of Pharaoh's dream, the reverse blank. There are also, “ Jacob's Ladder, “ Christ on the Cross,” “ Job and his Friends," "The Deluge,”

, an exceedingly fine engraving of “ Joshua," and many other remarkable woodcuts and scroll initial letters in the book,

including a woodcut map of Asia, Africa, and Europe. 16328 NYIA TESTAMENTET, sm. 4to. numerous woodcuts, some the full size of the page, old calf, 20s

Stockholm, 1550 Very rare. The above copy has not Al (title), C8, K7, in the first part,

and signature Y'in the second part. Several leaves are stained and mended. 16329 BIBLIA pa Swensko, 2 vols. in 1, folio, Second Edition, portrait

of Gustavus Adolphus, mounted, engraved titles, and a large number of woodcuts, each enclosed within an elegant border, some leaves mended, original calf binding, ornamented with brass corners, etc. £4.

Stockholm, 1618 16330 THET NYIA TESTAMENTET, sm. 4to. fine copy in vellum, 35s

Leyden, Iacob Marci, 1633 An elegantly printed book in double columns, with borders of black lines. The woodcut vignette on the title-page is very slightly modified from the well-known Solitaire of the Elzevir press. The motto “Non solus" is extended to “Non solus labor, at vitam dat gratia viti.” The book ought to be registered amongst the annexes to an Elzevirian collection.

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calf, 108

SWEDISH-continued. 16331 BIBLIA paa SWENSKO, medh Concordantier, etc. thick folio, stamped vellum, fine copy, from the ENSCHEDE collection, £2. 10s

Stockholm, I. Meurer, 1655 (on the title, 1666) 16332 BIBLIA, thet är, All then Helga Skrifft pa Swensko, medh

Summarier, Concordantier, etc. stout sm. 4to. with a series of over a hundred woodcuts, by the artist whose monogram is formed of the letters M I (probably the same as Nagler's Monog. iv, 1910), fine copy, in the original stamped calf binding, with clasps, RARE, £2.

Stockholm, 1657-58 16333 BIBLIA; all then Heliga Skrift, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. engravings,

Stockholm, 1715 Syrianish, Zyrienian: 16334 MATTHEW'S GOSPEL, in Syrienish, Cyrillic characters, sm. 8vo. calf, 28 6d

St. Peterb. 1823 16335 EVANGELIUM Matthäus, in syrjänischer Mundart, 16mo. 188?

L. L. Bonaparte, 1864 Tahitian : 16336 EVANELIA na Luka, in Tahitian, 12mo. native binding, rare, 10s

Moorea, 1818 16337 DANIELA, Ruta, e Eseta (Daniel, Ruth, and Esther), in Tahitian, sm. 8vo. bds. 6s

Tahaa, 1824 16338 BIBILIA MOA RA, 8vo. calf, 5s

1838 Tamil: 16339 TESTAMENTUM Novum Damulice edentibus B. Ziegenbalg et J. E. Gründler, 4to. calf, gilt edges, 258

(1714) The dedication, which is in Tamil and Dutch, is dated Tranquebar, 1714. 16340 BIBLIA DAMULICA: Vetus Testamentum studio et operâ

Bartholomæi Ziegenbalgii et Schultzii, 4 vols. in 3, 4to. Editio
Princeps, vellum, £2. 10s

Tranquebariæ, 1723-29 The first volume of the Bible is printed on paper of excessively coarse texture and bad colour, which was evidently manufactured in India. The missionaries seem to have procured from Europe the paper used for the

continuation of the work. 16341 NIEUW TESTAMENT'in de Tamulsche Spraae overgeset (door

Bronsveld et Fybrands), 4to. hf. calf, 158 Colombo, 1759 Tcheremissic: 16342 EVANGELIUM (das) Matthäi, tscheremissisch (so genannter Berg

dialect des rechten Wolgaufers) nach der Ausprache eines Kosmodemianskischen Tscheremissen revidirt von Wiedemann, 16mo. 18s

L. I.. Bonaparte, 1866 16343

dasselbe, tscheremissisch in den so genannten Walddialekt des rechten Wolgaufers mit Hülfe eines wjatkaschen Tscheremissen übertragen von F. J. Wiedemann, 16mo. 120 pp. plus les titres, 18s

id. 1870 Both printed in special phonetic types. Tulu : 16344 Psalms, in Tulu, 12mo. sd. 2s

Mangalore, 1863 Turkish : 16345 BIBLE, in Turkish, thick 4to. calf, 5s

Paris, 1827 16345*NEW TESTAMENT, in Turkish, 4to. calf, ls 6d Paris, 1827


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TURKISH-continued. 16346 INJÎL EL-MUQADDAS (New Testament, in Turkish, by John Mitchell), 8vo. bds. 58

Astrakhan, 1825 16347 ZABURLER (Psalms in Turkish), 8vo. Ids. 7s 6d

Astrakhan, 1815 These volumes, printed at Astrachan, are in the purer Turkish or Turki of the coman tribes, not in the polished and debased language of the

Osmanli. Uriya : 16348 New Testament, in the Orissa language, 8vo. cloth, 58

Serampore, 1822 Vaudois : 16349 LI SENT EVANGILÉ counfourma S. Luc et S. Giann, Vaudois et Français, par P. Bert, 8vo. calf, 58

Londres, 1832 In the language of the Pays de Vaud. Wallachian-see Rouman. Welsh : 16350 SALESBURY'S NEW TESTAMENT. Testa

ment | Newydd ein Arglwydd | Jesv Christ. I Gwedy ei dynnu, yd y gadei yr ancyfia- | ith, 'air yn ei gylydd or Groec a'r Llatin, gan | newidio ffurf llythyreu y gairiae-dodi ... small 4to. black letter,

y printed in red and black; the title in facsimile, otherwise a fine and sound copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by BEDFORD, in olive morocco case, £105. Imprinted at London by Henry Denham . . . 1567

COLLATION : Title, 1 leaf; Almanac and Calendar, 7 leaves; dedication to Queen Elizabeth, in English, 2 leaves; Epistol. Richard Episc. Menew at y Cembru, 25 pp.; William Salesbury at yr oll Cembru, 1 p. ; St. Jo. Chrisost., Latin and Welsh, 1 p.;

1 List of Books, 1 p.; Text, folios 1-399; Tabul yr Epistol, etc. 3 pp: with the imprint at the foot of the third

page. Perfect or imperfect, only a few copies of this work the Editio Princeps of any part of Scriptures in Welsh-are now existent; those which are perfect and in good condition are

amongst the greatest rarities which attract the book-collector. 16351 Y BEIBL CYSSEGR-LAN, sef yr hen Destament

a'r Newydd, sm. folio, first edition of the Bible in Welsh, translated by W. MORGAN, Bishop of Llandaff and St. Asaph, the title, the leaf of Table of Lessons, and the last leaf in facsimile, otherwise an unusually good and sound copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £63.

Imprinted at London by the deputies of

Christopher Barker, 1588 There are few persons who know how excessively rare this

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Bible is in any condition approaching to completeness. Such a copy as the present would be a great curiosity in any library

in England or Wales.
16352 Morgan's WELSH BIBLE. Y Beibl Cyssegr Lan, sef yr Hen

Destament, a'r Newydd, sm. folio, facsimile of 7 rare leaves,
£2. 2s
Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker,

Printer to the Queenes most Excellent Maiestie, 1588 CONTENTS :-1, Woodcut Title ; 2, leaf* ij, Epistola Dedicatoria. Illustrissimæ, Potentissimæ, Serenissimaque Principi Elizabethæ, Dei gratia, Angliæ, Galliæ, et Hiberniæ Reginæ, fidei veræ, et Apostolicæ Propugnat. etc. Gratiam, et benedictionem in Domino sempiternam. Quantum Deo optimo, etc. ; 3, leaf * iii. Epistola Dedicatoria continued, ending thus on the reverse : Serenissimæ Vestræ Maiestati omni reverentia subditissimus, Gulielmus Morganus ; 4, Table of Proper Lessons, Pennodau neulltuol neu priod, etc.; 5, on the obverse, List of Patrons, etc. Nomina eorum qui præ cæteris hoc opus promovere conati sunt. On the reverse. the Calendar, January to April ; 6, The Calendar continued, May to December ; 7, Last leaf, 555. On the obverse, Pen. XXII. On the reverse, Table of Epistles

and Gospels, Yspysrwdd i gael yr Epystolau, ar Efengylon, etc. 16353 BIBL CYSSEGR-LAN sef yr hen Destament ar Newydd.

Ogyfieithiad William Morgan, Esgob Lanelwy, folio, first edition of the standard Welsh Bible, black letter, portion of title and last leaf restored, dark red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £31. 10s Llundain


Bonham Norton a John Bill, 1620

Not in the Huth library. 16354

the same, tall copy, wanting title, three leaves of dedication, and last leaf, one leaf of dedication and three leaves at the end defective, old calf, £10.

1620 These absent leaves may be supplied in facsimile for about £20. 16355

another copy, wanting title and 17 leaves, some leaves defective, old binding, £2. 10s

1620 This, says Anthony à Wood, is the translation now used in_Wales, and is one of the best translations extant ; it is much better than the English.

Parry's still continues to be the authorized version ; it was revised and the orthography corrected by Bishop Lloyd in 1690 ; this revision being confirmed, but the orthography of proper names restored, according to Parry,

by the Welsh Bishops in 1809. 16356 Y BIBL CYSSEGR-LAN, 8vo. calf, with the inscription of "Thomas Evans, his book, 1740,” £2. 10s

Llundain, 1689 Bound up with Edmund Pryce's metrical translation of the Psalms, 1690,

an edition unknown to and unmentioned by Rowland. 16357 Y BIBL cyssegr-lan; Llyfr Gweddi gyffredin ; Llyfr y

Psalmau, drwy waith Edmund Prys [Bible with the Anglican Liturgy, and Metrical Psalms, in Welsh], 4 vols. in 1, 8vo. ruled with red lines, 2 maps, old crimson morocco richly gilt, gilt edges, £3. 12s

J. Baskett, 1717-18 The metrical Psalms were printed at Oxford, the other three parts in

London. 16358 BIBL CYSSEGR-LAN, a Lyfr Gweddi Gyffredin, a Lyfr Psalmau

drwy waith Ed. Prys, 3 vols. in 1, 8vo. fine copy in old English blue morocco, richly ornamented with gold tooling, gilt edges, from the Duke of Sussex's library, £3. 3s

Caer-Grawnt, 1746

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WELSH-continued. 16359 Y BIBL CYSSEGR-LAN, thick large 8vo. old smooth olive

morocco, gilt edges, dated on the binding 1771, £2. Llundain, 1769 16360 the same, old calf, 5s

1669 16361 BIBC SANCTAIDD, gyd a nodau

John Canne, 8vo. calf, 78 6d

Caerfyrddin, 1796 16362 Y BIBL, 8vo. bd. 3s 6d

1814 16363 TESTAMENT Newydd, cyfieithiad William Salesbury, 8vo. bds. 9s

Caernarfon, 1850 A reprint of the rare volame printed in 1567. 16364 Bibl Cyssegr-Lan, Bible and Testament in Welsh, thick 4to. blue morocco, gilt edges, 12s

1861 Less than the cost of binding. Wendish: 16365 Das NEUE TESTAMENT in die Wendische Sprache übersetzet

von Michael Frentzeln, Wendisch und Deutsch, stout 8vo. hf. bd. 12s

Zittau, 1706 In the language of the Wends of Upper Lausitz (Saxony). 16366 Nowy TESTAMENT—Te Psalmy-2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. old calf, 5s

1773 The New Testament was reprinted, with many alteratious in language,

from the volume of 1706.' 16367 To Boze Pissmo pschestajone wot Friza (Old Testament, in the

Wendish of Lower Lausitz, Prussia), 8vo. calf, 58 Barline, 1824

Translated by J. J. Friza (Fritze) and first printed in 1796. The

edition of 1824 was published by J. S. F. Schindler. Wogul: 16368 EVANGELIUM (das) des Matthäus, in den Dialect der kondischen

Wogulen im Gouvernement Tobolsk übersetzt von G. Popov, 16mo. 116 pp. 18s

L. L. Bonaparte, 1868 Printed in special phonetic type. Wotyak : 16369 EVANGELIUM (das) Matthäi wotjakisch, mit Hülfe eines einge

borenen Wotjaken redigirt von F. J. Wiedemann, 16mo, iv, 112 pp. 188

L. L. Bonaparte, 1863 Zulu-see Kaffir.

16370 FABRICIUS (J. A.) Codex Pseudepigraphus Veteris Testamenti,

collectus etc. a J. A. Fabricio, accedit Josephi Hypomnesticon, 3 vols. 1713-23-Codex Apocryphus Novi Testamenti, 3 vols. 1703-19—together 6 vols. in 4, thick 12mo. calf, 30s

Hamburgi, 1703-23 16371 APOCRYPHAL NEW TESTAMENT, being all the Gospels, Epistles, and

other pieces now extant from the first four centuries, and not included in the New Testament, translated and collected, 8vo. cloth, 5s,

William Hone, 1820 16372 APOCRYPHAL Gospels and other documents relating to the history

of Christ, translated from Greek, Latin, Syriac, etc. by B. Harris Cowper, sm. 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d


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