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16373 Enoch, the Book of, translated from an Ethiopic MS. by Laurence, 8vo. cloth, 25$

1833 16373*Henoch übersetzt und erklärt von Dillmann, 8vo. sd. 58 1853 16374 PHILIPPI (Ferd.) das Buch Henoch, 2s 6d

1868 16374*BANGII Coelum Orien sm. 4to. on the book of Enoch, etc. calf, 7s 60

Hav. 1657 16375 BUCH DER JUBILÆEN oder die kleine Genesis, von Rönsch, 8vo. sd. 58

Stuttg. 1868

16375*BIBEL: Abdruck aller auf dieses Wort in Ersch und Gruber Bezug

habenden Artikel, 1823–STRAUSS, Streitschriften über das Leben

Jesu, 3 parts, 1837–4 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf gilt, 5s 6d 1823-37 16376 BIBLE of Every Land, a history of the Sacred Scriptures in every

language and dialect into which translations have been made, 4to. with ethnographical maps and specimens in native characters (pub. £2. 28), cloth or hf. morocco,


Bagster, n. d. 16376*

the same, 4to. some pencil notes, half morocco, 25s n. d. 16377 Caxton CELEBRATION, 1877, Catalogue, square 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d 1877

The catalogue of Bibles, nearly 1500 in number, is the most interesting

part of this work. 16378 ETHERIDGE (J. W.) Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan ben Uzziel

on the Pentateuch, with the fragments of the Jerusalem Targum, from the Chaldee, 2 vols. 1862-65; Apostolical Acts and EPISTLES, from the Peschito, the remaining Epistles and the Book of Revelation from a later Syrian text, 1849-together 3 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth, 28s

1849-65 16379 HODII (Humfr.) de Bibliorum textibus originalibus, versionibus

Græcis & Latina Vulgata, folio, LARGE PAPER, portrait, calf, from the Sunderland library, £2. 2s

Oxon. 1705 One of the most learned works ever produced in any country on the history of the Bible. With regard to the Septuagint, it is simply indispensable

to students and scholars. 16380 LE LONG et BOERNERI Bibliotheca Sacra continuata ab A. G. MASCH, 6 parts in 2 vols. 4to. best edition, 36s 6

Halce, 1778-90 “ Ce qui a paru de cette édition fait vivement regretter la suite.”Brunet.

Contents : Vol. I, Bibliography of all the Editions of the Bible in Hebrew, and POLYGLOTTS; Vol. II, The Oriental Versions ; Vol. III, The

Greek Versions ; Vols. IV, V, The Latin Versions. 16381 LOFTIE'S (W. J.) Century of Bibles, 1611-1711, with Kilburne's

tract on Dangerous Errors, 1659, and lists of Bibles in the B. M., etc. 8vo. cloth, 58

1872 16382 PETTIGREW'S BIBLIOTHECA SUSSEXIANA, a descriptive Cata

logue, with historical and biographical notices of the MSS. and printed books in the library of the Duke of Sussex, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. portrait and 25 plates of facsimiles (pub. at £5. 5s), bds. £1. 12s

1827-39 This catalogue is valuable for the extensive collection of Bibles, very accurately catalogued : the collection was especial' rich in MSS. as it contained many of the finest examples extant in Greek, ew, Latin, and Italian,


4to. fine copy, in red morocco, gilt edges, by Derome, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £10. 10s [Paris, 16787

Original edition, excessively rare, the entire impression (except five or six copies) having been seized at the instigation of Bishop Bossuet, by order of the Chancellor M. Le Tellier, at the printers' before the work was completed, and destroyed.

No copy has appeared at an English anction since Mr. Beckford bought this one for £8. 16s at the Hibbert sale, in 1829. It had previously belonged to Bindley.--The above title is added in MS. and is followed by a copy of the decree of suppression, which declares “ combien il seroit de pernicieuse

consequence qui ce livre fust donné au public.” 16384 SIMON (Richard) Histoire critique du Vieux Testament, sm. 4to. vellum, 78 60

(Elzevir) suivant la copie, 1680 16384* nouvelle édition, sm. 4to. bd. 10s

Rotterd. 1685 16385 Smith (W. Robertson) the Old Testament in the Jewish Church, sm. 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d

Edinburgh, 1881 16386 SMITH (Dr. William) Dictionary of the Bible; its Antiquities,

Biography, Geography and Natural History, 3 vols. thick 8vo.

about 1000 woodcuts (published at £5. 58), cloth, £3. 15s 1863 16387

Concise DICTIONARY of the Bible, thick 8vo. 1039 pp. with numerous illustrations on wood, cloth, 15s

1865 The articles are written by the most eminent Theologians of the day :

the Natural History by Dr. J. D. Hooker, and Antiquities by Sir A. H. Layard. 16388 TISCHENDORF (C. von) Haben wir den ächten Schrifttext der Evangelisten und Apostel ? 8vo. sd. ls 6d

Leip. 1873 16389 WINER, Biblisches Real-Wörterbuch, zweite Auflage, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, 12s

Leipzig, 1833-38 16390

dritte Ausgabe, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s 1847


LEGENDS OF CHRIST AND THE SAINTS, 16391 RENAN (Ernest) Histoire des origines du Christianisme, livre I, II, A.D. 1-45: vie de Jesus; les Apotres, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 5s

Paris, 1866-63 16392 vie de Jésus, 8vo. sd. 2s ; cloih, 2s 6d

ib. 1863 16393

(Euvres :) Histoire des origines du Christianisme, livre premier ; Vie de Jésus, 1863- Essais de Morale et de Critique, 1860–Le Livre de Job, traduit, 1860— Cantique des Cantiques traduit, 1861-Etudes d'Histoire religieuse, 1862—together 5 vols. 8vo. a fine set in calf extra, by Bedford, £2. 2s

Paris, 1860-63 16394 SALVADOR (J.) Jesus-Christ et sa Doctrine, Histoire de la Naissance de l'Eglise, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 12s 6d

Paris, 1838 16395

Histoire de la Domination Romaine en Judée et de la ruine de Jérusalem, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 18s

ib. 1847

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16397 STRAUSS (D. F.) das Leben Jesu kritisch bearbeitet, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, 10s

Tübingen, 1837 16398 dasselbe, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

ib. 1840 16399

New Life of Jesus, authorized translation, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 128

1865 16400 (LUDOLPHUS DE SAXONIA] [On p. 1:] Incipit prolog' in

VITĀ JHESU Xpi descriptā jux' seriē quatuor euangelior' a quodā . . patre sacri ordis carthus . monacho professo dom' mõtis beate marie virginis ppe inclitam ciuitatē Argentinensem, stout large folio, Editio Princeps, very fine copy in the original oak boards, covered with stamped hogskin, £9.

[Argentorati, Henricus Eggesteyn] 1474 VERY RARE, being also remarkable as the first edition of a book which obtained universal acceptance, and exercised no small influence for centuries upon the literature and art of many nations. It was written during the first quarter of the 14th century.

According to Brunet there ought to be a leaf of Register at the beginning, but the first sheet consists of ten printed leaves, from which it would seem

that Brunet is wrong. 16401 (LUDOLPHUS) LEUĒ , ONS LIEFS HEEREN JHESU Cristi, sm. folio,

147 engravings, painted initials, original boards covered with calf, £7.

Antwerpen, Henrick Eckert Homberch, 1503 16402

another edition, sm. folio, engravings from the same blocks (retouched) as in the 1503 edition, title mended, old stamped calf, £4.

Antwerpen, Claes de Grave, 1536 16403 [PASSION DE NOSTRE SEIGNEUR JESUS

CHRIST, en figures] PRIERES A LA VIERGE en Rime Française, avec d'autres pièces en prose, sm. folio.

Manuscript on Vellum, written on 53 leaves (94 by 64 inches), of which 24 are ornamented with 26 remarkable Paintings of Our Lord's Passion all executed in Grisaille, the aureoles only being depicted with gold; in the style subsequently adopted in the Block Books; calf, gilt edges, £120. about A.D. 1350

A remarkable volume, whether we consider it as a series of extraordinary Paintings, or as an unknown work of early French poetic literature. The text is entirely devoted to the Virgin, and nearly all of it is in rhyme although not divided into separate lines. It commences as follows :

Ave en qui sans nul nombre a
Tant de biens que nus nes nombra
Ne nulz ne les pourroit nombrer
Maria en qui se ombra
Le solail qui desaombra

Gracia ta grace est si crasse
Nous tous que Eve fist a ombrer
Dont ne nous pout desaombrer

Mais Dieu qui se vout aombrer
En qui du tout nous desombra
Mes ton fils nons vout descombrer

Que toutes les autres trespasse, etc. 16404 VIDA DE JESU CHRISTO y de sus sanctos, folio, leaves numbered 227-458, numerous large woodcuts of good style, vellum, £5.

Caragoça, Bartholome de Nagera, 1548 This is only about half the work, but even as it is, it may be unique. No bibliographer seems to have known it. The compiler was Pedro de la Vega, as appears from a colophon printed in red on the last leaf. Although the book is imperfect, it has considerable value even as a collection of Spanish

woodcuts. 16405 HEAPHY (Thomas) the Likeness of Christ, edited by Wyke

Baylis, large folio, 12 large plates executed in gold and colours, in facsimile of the ancient paintings from which the recognized portraits of Christ are derived, including four on cloth, of remote antiquity, one in metal and enamel, and seven after mosaics in the Catacombs and Churches of Rome, with many woodcuts ; cloth, gilt edges, £3. 13s 6d

1880 Whatever may be thought of the desire to find real portraits in these pictures, their extraordinary interest cannot be contested, as works of early

Christian Art ranging probably from the second or third to the sixth century. 16406 LIPSII (Justi) de Cruce libri tres, plates-NICQUETI (Hon.) Titulus

sanctæ Crucis, map--CURTI (Corneli) de Clavis dominicis liber, platesBARTHOLINUS de Cruce Christi, engravings-together, + vols. in 2, 12mo. vellum, 15s

Amst. 1670 16407 ACTA SANCTORUM digessit Joan. Bollandus, operam contulit Henschenius, etc. Vols. I-LXI, folio

1643-1883 16408 nova editio, tomi I-LXI, folio, sd.

Paris, 1863-83 16409 Tomus LXI (being the last and thirteenth volume of October), folio, sd. £3.

Paris, 1883 16410 DE PROSECUTIONE operis Bollandiani, roy. 8vo. hf. calf, 5s

(Namurci) 1838 Prospectus of the editors of the continuation, with an alphabetical list of

the saints' names for October, November, December. 16411 BRUNNER (R. P. Andreæ) Fasti Mariani cum divorum Elogiis in

singulos anni dies distributus, 12mo. frontispiece and 12 fine copperplate engravings, vellum, 7s 6d Antverpiæ, 1659-60

Lives of the Saints, in the order of the Roman Calendar. 16412 BUTLER (Alban) Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and other

principal Saints (with the author's life by Charles Butler), 12 vols. 8vo. best edition, beautiful plates by Edward Finden after pictures by the great masters, cloth, £2. 108

1812-13-new title 1847 16413 GALLONIO (Antonio) Trattato de gli Instrumenti di Martirio e

delle varie maniere di martoriare, sm. 4to. numerous engravings of scenes of martyrdom, in a beautiful morocco binding executed by Clovis Eve, the back and sides entirely covered with a geometrical pattern, adorned in the spaces with flowers, foliage, and fanfare ornaments ; a centrepiece on each side having the royal fleurs-de-lis, £12.

Roma, 1591 multo quam

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16414 LOUBER (Jacobi) Excerpta ex tractatulo contra istos qui

dicunt sanctos Joseph Joachim Mariam . . . ceterosque veteris Testamenti sanctos . . . non esse venerandos, folio, in the original boards covered with stamped leather, with small metal pieces and knobs, £4.

s. n. [Aug. G. Zainer, circ. 1475] Bound up with a MS. on vellum—the first page illuminated—which contains a deed of assignment from Ludwig and Ulrich, Counts of Würtemberg, to Frederic Bishop of Constanz, dated 1436. This is followed by later documents concerning the same ecclesiastical property, down to 1479, at which date or soon after it is probable the book was bound, and these instruments

with it for safe keeping. 16415 MANNI (Dom. M.) Volgarizzamento delle Vite de Santi Padri,

4 vols. in 2, stout small 4to. vellum, 20s Firenze, 1731-35

The third and fourth volumes contain original Italian works written in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, which, as testi di lingua, and as pictu

resque narratives, are the most valuable part of the collection. 16416 MAUROLYCI (Francisci) Martyrologium

antea purgatum & locupletatum cum Indice, 4to. in the original morocco binding, splendidly gilt and ornamented on the sides and back, with the arms of Lorenzo Leoncini, whose name is written on the title-page, £20. Venetiis, apud Juntas (1561)

This is a magnificent specimen of Venetian binding, the pattern of the ornament being of a grand style, and the use of gold luxuriant to almost an

extreme degree. 16417 PASSIONAEL. Hyr heuet syk an dat Passionael .

end :) Hyr endighet sik dat Passionael efte der Hyllighen leuendt. in dat dudesck ghebracht, stout folio, numerous woodcuts, singularly fine sound copy in old calf, £7.

Lubeck, Steffan Arndes, 1492 16418 PASSIONAEL efte dat leuent der hyllighē to dude vth dem latino

mit velen nyen hystorien vnde lēre ... sm. folio, with numerous engravings, most of them from the identical blocks used in the edition of 1492, folios 18 and 55 in the second part wanting, in the original boards covered with stamped leather, £2.

Lubeck, Steffan Arnd, 1507 There is fresh matter in the text, and a few of the woodcuts are new, some of the original blocks having probably been lost between 1492 and 1507. The second engraving in the volume is an example. In the edition of 1492 it represents a scene of decapitation by the sword; in that of 1507 one of the martyrs is subjected to the guillotine, and the executioner is in the act

of cutting the cord that keeps the axe in its frame. 16419 PASSIONAEL, efte Dat leuent der hyllighen to düde: vth dem

latino : Mit velen nyen hystorien uñ leren : de beth heer to den mynschẽ vordunkert vũ vorborge sinh ghewezen, folio, #glographic title, with large woodcut on the back, numerous fine woodcuts throughout the volume by Urs GRAF, whose initials appear on some of the smaller engravings, large and fine copy in antique calf neat, by Lewis, £25.

Basel, Adam Petri, 1511 VERY RARE. It is a reproduction of the Low German Passional, printed at Lübeck in 1492, but with an entirely new series of woodcuts, which differ toto co from the rude and primitive illustrations of the North German


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