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editions. It is extremely curious that the great printer of Basel should bave published a Low German translation of the Aurea Legenda rather than one

of the High German texts which were so plentiful. 16421 RIBADENEYRA (P. de) Flos Sanctorum de las Vidas de los

Santos, aumentado por Nieremberg, Garcia y Lopez Guerrero, 3 vols. folio, best edition, fine copy in vellum, 30s Barcelona, 1790

“The Antiquary may collect from these singular narratives much philo

sophical information concerning the manners of the times.”D’Israeli. 16422 The Roman MARTYROLOGE, according to the reformed Calendar

Faithfully translated . . by G. K., of the Society of Jesus, 12mo. fine copy in old calf, very scarce, £3.

(S. Omers) imprinted with license, 1627 The initials I. W. at the foot of the preface are those of John Watson, the author of The English Martyrologie. He states that G. K. died some

years before. These initials are said to represent George Keynes. 16423 VIDAS DELS SANCTs, en Catalá, sm. folio, numerous rude woodcuts ;

several leaves wanting, £2. 10s (? Barcelona, about 1495)

This edition, probably printed at Barcelona, or perhaps at Valencia, was

unknown to Mendez and Salya. 16424 [VORAGINE (Jacob de)} LEGĒDE SANCTORUM, stout sm. folio, with

ornamental woodcut initials, fine copy in the original stamped pigskin £2. 108

Johannes Zainer in Vim (sine anno) All books printed by Johann Zainer are rare. This edition is described by by Panzer and Graesse, and the latter bibliographer states that it must have been printed before 1469, as the Bearzi copy bore an inscription by the rubricator dated in that year. If so this would be one of the first books

printed in Ulm. 16425

Incipit plogus sup LEGENDAS SANCTOR' . (At end :) Hystoria lombardica sanctor' finit feliciter, stout folio, 162 FINE WOODCUTS and 58 initial letters, very fine large copy with several uncut leaves, in a sixteenth-century binding, £18.

sine nota (Aug. Vind. Gintherus Zainer, circ. 1472) This is not only a very fine production of early typography, but is also one of the most ancient books illustrated with an extensive set of woodcuts,

and numerically foliated. 16426

LEGENDA SANCTORUM, folio, old calf, from the Sunderland library, £7. absque ulla nota (Basileæ, Wensler, circ. 1475)

ONE OF THE MOST ANCIENT EDITIONS OF THIS WORK, Printed in large gothic characters, in double columns, without marks, containing 245 11. At the beginning of this copy are 60 leaves of contemporary Latin MS. in double

columns, containing some of the “Sermones de tempore” of the same author. 14627

Legenda Sanctorum, sm. folio, old calf, with Marlborough Arms on sides, from the Sunderland library, £4. 58

(Colon.) CONRAD DE HOEMBORCH, 1476 The lives of St. Hubert and St. Alban are not in this edition. They were

added in the edition of 1481. 16428

Prefatio super LEGĒDAS SANCTORŪ . i qs compilauit frater JACOBUS DE VORAGINE, stout sm. folio, a few pages slightly vormed, otherwise a fine copy in the original leather-covered boards, RARE, £4.

Daventric, Richardus Paffraed de Colonia, 1479 There was no copy in the rich Royal library at the Hague when Holtrop


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made his catalogue, and Mr. Campbell, when writing his bibliography, was only able to describe it from the copy in the University library at Utrecht. He only knew of the existence of three copies altogether, including that one. The colophon in the present copy agrees with that given by Panzer, but not with that of the Utrecht example.

On folio 314 the supplement of additional saints begins, in which there

are 37 lives. 16429 LEGENDA SANCTORŮ AUREA, que alio nomine dicitur hystoria longobardica, stout sm. folio, large copy, in russia, £3.

(Coloniæ) Conradus Winters de Homberch, 1481 This very rare edition contains a Supplement of 39 additional lives, of which only twenty-eight are identical with those in the Deventer edition, the

remaining eleven in this and the remaining nine in that being totally different. 16430

Incipit prologus in LEGENDAS SANCTORUM quas collegit in unum frater JACOBUS IANUENSIS, stout sm. folio, in the original boards, covered with leather, stamped with designs of flowers and other ornaments, as well as the title “ Lombardica'

on the upper side, protected by wrought metal corner and centrepieces, £10.

Nurenbergæ, Anth. Koburger, 1482 The binding was probably done for the publisher. 16431 LEGENDA AUREA, that is to saye in Englysshe THE GOLDEN

LEGENDE, for lyke as passeth Golde in valewe all other metals, so this legende excelleth all other bookes, small folio, very spirited woodcuts, black letter, wanting sixteen leaves, and several others supplied from another copy, calf, fine tall copy, £48.

(WYN KYN DE WORDE), 1498 This rare volume is as far as it goes in very fine condition : the woodcuts are very spirited and differ from those in the edition of 1527. 16432 THE GOLDEN LEGENDE, conteynynge the

Lyves and Hystoryes taken out of the Byble, and Legendes of the Saintes, 2 parts in 1, small folio, with woodcuts, fine large copy, but wanting six

WOODCUTS leaves in the second part (folios 40, 41, 42, 43, 111, and 258 containing colophon), splendidly 'bound in morocco super extra, gilt edges, tooled in the antique style by Hayday, £120.

Emprynted at Tempell Barre by me Julyan Notary, 1503 Only two other copies known; one of which is in the British Museum and the other in the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow.

This copy belonged to Herbert and bears his autograph. The description given by him is reprinted by Dibdin in the Typog. Ant. without alteration, as the latter had not been able to find a copy to refer to.

This translation was made by Caxton, and it has been remarked that he made use of the word “breeches” (made from fig-leaves) in Genesis iii. 7, thus anticipating by nearly eighty years the Genevan Bible to which that word has been applied as a distinguishing epithet.



black letter, small folio, with both the large woodcuts, slightly wormed, calf, £25. Lõdonias ī domo Winādi de Worde, 1516

Lives of British and English Saints. It is one of the most meritorious and useful books printed by Wynkin de Worde, and is usually defective of

the woodcut leaves, which are here quite perfect. 16434 LIVES OF ENGLISH SAINTS (edited by J. H. Newman and others),

17 parts in 6 vols. 12mo. frontispieces, hf. red morocco gilt, gilt tops, uncut, £4. 4s

1844-45 The life of S. Willebrord was probably the last that was printed. It is not included in the list that appears in the “ English Catalogue.” The names are St. Stephen, St. Richard the King, the Hermit Saints, SS. Wulstan, William, Edmund of Canterbury, Richard of Chichester, Waltheof and Robert, Gilbert, Aelred, Ninian, Wilfrid, Paulinus and others, Augustin,

Stephen Langton, Germain of Auxerre, Willebrord and Lioba. 16435 MEMORIAL 'of Ancient British Piety, or a British Martyrology, 12mo. hf. calf, 78 6d

1761 A work of original research, comprising Irish and Scottish, as well as

British and early English saints. 16436 PORTER (Hierome) the Flowers of the lives of the most

renowned Saints of the three kingdoms, England, Scotland, and Ireland, written and collected out of the best authours and manuscripts the first tome, sm. 4to. frontispiece and numerous engravings, hf. bd. £4. 4s.

Doway, 1632 No more than this first volume was printed. This copy has the leaf ū

and the separate plate of Edward the Confessor, which are usually wanting. 16437 REES (Rice) Essay on the Welsh Saints or the primitive

Christians usually considered to have been the founders of
Churches of Wales, 8vo. cloth, rare, £2. 10s

1836 16438 [WATSON (John)] THE ENGLISH MARTYROLOGE, conteyning a

summary of the lives of the glorious and renowned Saintes of the three Kingdomes, by a Catholicke priest, 12mo. hf. bd. £4.

Permissu Superiorum (? Douai), 1608 This Martyrology follows the order of the Calendar. At the end of the book, there is " a catalogue of those who have suffered death in England for defence of the Catholicke cause since Henry the 8. his breach with the Sea

Apostolike.” 16439 Ireland. MESSINGHAM (Thomæ) Florilegium Insulæ Sanc

torum seu Vitæ et Acta Sanctorum Hiberniæ quibus accesserunt

Sancti Patricii Purgatorium, S. Malachiæ Prophetia sm. folio, a leaf in sig. O missing and title mended, morocco gilt, 30s

Parisiis, 1624 With nearly contemporary autograph of Terence Finegan, priest of

Dromconraghe. 16440

idem opus, sm. folio, a very fine and perfect copy in citron morocco extra, gilt edges, £6.

1624 16441 LIFE OF THE GLORIOUS BISHOP S. PATRICKE, Apostle and Primate of

Ireland, together with the Lives of the Holy Virgin S. Bridgit and of the glorious Abbot Saint Columbe, Patrons of Ireland, small 4to. green morocco super extra, lined with green leather,


gilt edges, by C. Lewis, from the library of the Earl of Clare, with Fitz-Gibbon crest in gold on sides, £12. 12s S. Omers, 1625

EXCESSIVELY RARE. Bindley's copy sold for £13. 13s, and no other

seems to have occurred for sale since. 16443 VERNULÆI (Nicolai) de Propagatione Fidei Christianæ in Belgio

per Sanctos ex HIBERNIA Viros liber, 12mo. fine copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by J. Clarke, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, scarce, £4. 4s

Lovanii, 1639 16444 Scotland. PINKERTON (Johannis) Vitæ antiquæ Sanctorum

qui habitaverunt in eâ parte Britanniæ nunc vocata Scotia vel in ejus insulis, 8vo. calf, gilt edges, £4. 4s

1789 16445 Scandinavia. VASTOVII (Joannis) Vitis Aquilonia, seu Vitæ

Sanctorum qui SCANDINAVIAM . ac præsertim regna Gothorum Sueonumque olim rebus gestis illustrarunt, sm. folio, engraved title, fine copy in old gilt calf, £3.

Colonice, 1623 16446

Vitis Aquilonia sive Vitæ Sanctorum regni Sveo-Gothici notis illustravit Ericus Benzelius, sm. 4to. bd. 8s 6d

Upsalio, 1708 16447 Spain, DOMENEC (Antonio Vicente) Historia General de los

Santos, y Varones illustres en santidad del Principado de
CATALUÑA; añadida de algunas addiciones, con la Vida del
Autor, etc. folio, best edition, vellum, fine copy, £3. 3s

Gerona, 1630 16448 Mary the Virgin. TAMHERA MARIAM

; Miracles of the Virgin Mary, in Geez or ancient Ethiopic, square folio, MS. written on vellum, numerous Miniatures, most of them full-page-size, representing the highest development of Abyssinian pictorial art; in a stout native binding of stamped russia or morocco, with silk lining, £110.

A.D. 1522 These legendary stories are followed at the end of the volume by some devotions to the Virgin. The date is obtained from an inscription, in which the scribe Michael states that he began his work in the seventeenth year of the King's reign, the King being determined by the numerous prayers in which he is

referred to by name as David (1505-40). 16449 St. John. HISTORIA SANCTI JOANNIS EVANGELISTÆ


Superb Manuscript on Vellum, composed of 24 leaves, containing 96 beautiful Miniatures, accompanied by explanatory legends in red or black ink, bound in gilt vellum, and enclosed in a morocco case, from the Didot library, £750.

Sec. XIV (cir. 1350) This exquisite specimen of Italian art was one of the gems of the Didot collection. There are many MS. of the same work in existence, all more or less resembling in arrangement and composition the early xylographic editions of the Apocalypse, few of them, however, perfect. But I have never seen one like this, in which every picture is a masterly work of art, exhibiting in the correctness and elegance of the designs (which are executed by the pen) and in the quiet harmony of the colouring (which is lightly washed over) a refinement of taste and a perfection of skill to which few illustrated MSS. afford a parallel. It is, moreover, quite complete. The handwriting is French in character, but the illustrations are so graceful as studies of form and composition that they can only be referred to Italian execution. The costume and the armour which appear in the drawings tend likewise to favour this view.

As for the artist, a critic like Waagen might be able to ascribe this work to its proper authorship. Without venturing upon any hazardous conjecture, I may simply point out that it is an admirable production of the Florentine school, and that it is of the time of Taddeo Gaddi. Kugler says that “a manuscript of the celebrated Speculum Salvationis[a book of precisely similar character to the Apocalypse, and like it consisting simply of designs without any text beyond the legends which are subjoined to the figures] " in the Library of the Arsenal at Paris, contains 160 slightly coloured pen-drawings which recall in many respects the manner of Taddeo, and are remarkable for simplicity and dignity of composition, and for graceful motives. In the heads, especially, we observe a delicate and individual character. These words might be used with equal truth concerning the present Apocalypse manuscript, and the owner of the book may with some show. of justice consider himself the possessor of a glorious work of art by one

of the great Italian painters of the school of Giotto. 16450 St. Anthony the Hermit. ATHANASII Vita beati ANTONII

monachi Ægyptii huic subiicitur Hieronymi Vita Pauli primi heremi cultoris, sm. 4to. calf, from the Sunderland library, 21s

8. a. (Coloniæ, 1516 ?) 16451 St. Anthony of Padua. ANTONIO DE PADOA (Sancto) Vita e

Miracoli, sm. 4to. 3 beautiful woodcuts, very fine copy in blue morocco, gold linings, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £15. 158

s.1.X a. (Padua, about 1485] 16452 St. Bernard. Morison (James Cotter) Life and Times of Saint Bernard, 1091-1153, sm. 8vo. cloth, 78

1868 16453 St. Bridget of Ireland. MERAUDE (Noel de) Vie admirable

de S. Brigide, vierge taumaturgue, fondatrice des monastères des Religieuses de l'Ordre de S. Augustin aux Royaumes d’HIBERNIE, 12mo. portrait, fine copy in blue morocco, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £7. 10s

Tournay, 1652 An extremely rare life of the Irish Saint Bridget, unknown to Lowndes.See No. 16441.


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