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16494 LEA (H. C.) Superstition and Force: Essay on the Wager of Law, The Wager of Battle, The Ordeal and Torture, third edition, enlarged; in one handsome volume royal 12mo. pp. xii and 552; cloth, 98 Philadelphia, 1878 Studies in Church History; the Rise of the Temporal Power-Benefit of Clergy Excommunication - The Early Church and Slavery; second edition, revised, enlarged, one large royal 12mo. vol. of 603 pp. extra cloth, 9s 1883 16496 MAITLAND (S. R.) the Dark Ages; essays to illustrate the state of religion and literature in the 9th and 12th centuries, second edition, 8vo. cloth, 14s



with the burlesque black-letter, "Duties of a Librarian," inserted, cloth, 358


third edition, 8vo. cloth, 16s


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16498 16499 MARTIGNY, Dictionnaire des Antiquités Chrétiennes et coutumes monuments figurés. vêtements et meubles, 8vo. 270 woodcuts, hf. bd. 10s

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Paris, 1865

16500 MARTENE (Dom. Edmundi) Veterum Scriptorum et Monumentorum moralium, historicorum, dogmaticorum, ad res ecclesiasticas, monasticas, & politicas illustrandas collectio nova, primus (all published), from the Sunderland library, 18s


Rothomagi, G. Behourt, 1700

16501 MARTENE ET DURAND, Thesaurus Novus Anecdotorum, complectens Regum ac Principum aliorumque virorum illustrium Epistolas et diplomata, 5 vols. 1717 Veterum Scriptorum et Monumentorum Historicorum, Dogmaticorum, Moralium, amplissima collectio, studio et opera Martene et Durand, 9 vols. 1724-33-eogether 14 vols. folio, old calf, £10. Paris. 1717-33

These two grand collections have become very rare of late years. Their importance for medieval history generally, as well as that of the Church, has caused the absorption of most copies in purely historical libraries.

16502 MILMAN (Henry Hart) History of Latin Christianity, including that of the Popes to the pontificate of Nicholas V, 9 vols. 8vo. (pub. £4. 4s), cloth, £3. 38



16503 MOSHEIM (J. L.) de Rebus Christianorum, ante Constantinum Magnum, stout sm. 4to. calf, 7s 6d Helmstadii, 1753 16503* the same, sm. 4to. brown morocco gilt, 10s 16504 MURATORII (L. A.) Anecdota quæ ex Ambros. Biblioth. codicibus nunc primum eruit, 4 vols. in 2, sm. 4to. hf. calf, 15s Mediolani, 1697-Patavii, 1713

Historical documents, as well as unpublished writings by doctors of the early Church.

16505 NEANDER'S Allgemeine Geschichte der Christlichen Religion und Kirche, 11 vols.-Geschichte der Pflanzung der Kirche durch die Apostel, 2 vols.-together 13 vols. 8vo. map, calf gilt, Hamburg, 1825-33


16506 NEWMAN (John Henry) Essay on the development of Christian doctrine, 8vo. cloth, 12s


16507 ORSI, ISTORIA ECCLESIASTICA dal primo Secolo [colla continuazione di Bottari] (A.D. 1-656), 21 vols. 1746-62-Becchetti, Continuazione dal secolo vII fino al anno di 1378, 17 vols. 1700-88Becchetti, degli ultimi quattro Secoli della Chiesa dallo Scisma d'Occidente al regnante sommo Pontefice Pio VI (1378-1787), 12 vols. 1788-97-together 50 vols. 4to, hf. bd. uniform, £12. 10s Roma, 1746-97 A standard and valuable work, which only exists complete in this original quarto edition. There are two reprints, but they stop short with the fourteenth century.

16508 [PAGITT (Ephraim)] Christianographie, or the description of the multitude and sundry sorts of Christians in the World, not subject to the Pope, sm. 4to. folding map of the world, calf neat, 25s 1636

The contemporary owner has inscribed the following curious note on the title-page:" ex dono authoris. yet I paied in effect for it 4s." The book is à polemic, showing the virtual agreement of all other Churches against that of Rome.

16509 PIUS papa secudus [ÆNEAS SYLVIUS] eloquētissimus q obijt Anno. M.cccc.lxiiij. in. Anchona. du pficisci pposuerit cONTRA TURCOS. Coposuit. &c. sm. 4to. ruled with with red ink throughout, very fine and large copy in blue morocco extra, silk linings, gilt edges, £10. s.n. (Colon. Udalr. Zell, circ. 1470)

This edition of the famous letter to Mohammed II is different apparently from the two other Zell editions described by Brunet, each of 53 leaves like this; but one having 25 lines per page, while the other has 27, as is the case with the present article.

16510 Ross (Alexander) Pansebeia, or a View of all Religions in the world, second edition enlarged, with the lives of notorious Hereticks, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. plates, bound, 7s 6d 1655 16511 DE ROSSI (G. B.) LA ROMA SOTTERRANEA Christiana descritta ed illustrata, 3 vols. numerous plates of monuments, and stones with inscriptions, 1864-77. - INSCRIPTIONES Christianæ vrbis Romæ septimo seculo antiquiores, Vol. I (all published), 1857-61together 4 vols. impl. 4to. hf. morocco, VERY RARE, £20.

Roma, 1857-77

A work of immense industry and extraordinary value. That it is now out of print and rare, is not wonderful, for it will always be indispensable to scholars interested in the history and epigraphy of the early Christian Church.

16512 ROMA SOTTERANEA, or some account of the Roman Catacombs, compiled from the work of De Rossi by Spencer Northcote and W. R. Brownlow, 8vo. numerous plates, some coloured, with map in a pocket in the cover (pub. 31s 6d), cloth, 20s


16513 [SANDYS (Sir Edwin)] A Relation of the State of Religion; and with what hopes and policies it hath been framed, and is maintained in the severall states of these Western Parts of the World, sm. 4to. old rough calf, from the Sunderland library, £7. 10s Lond. for S. Waterson, 1605

Perhaps the AUTHOR'S OWN COPY, as it has NUMEROUS MANUSCRIPT ADDITIONS and CORRECTIONS, which are in nearly exact conformity with the authorized form of the book as it first appeared in 1629. The last leaf of MS. is dated from "Paris, 9th April, 1599," and signed "EDWIN SANDS, Coll. C. C. quondam Socius."

16514 [SANDYS (Sir Edwin)] Europe Speculum, or a View or survey of the state of Religion in the westerne parts of the world, etc. Haga-Comitis (no printer's name), 1629-Lives of the III Norman Kings of England by J.(ohn) H.(ayward), Lond. by R. B. 1613 First Part of the Life and raigne of K. Henrie the IIII, written by J. H. (ayward), Lond. J. Wolfe, 1599—3 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. old calf, 28s

16514*SEMISCH (Carl) Justin der Märtyrer, eine kirchen- und dogmengeschichtliche Monographie, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. bd. 58

Breslan, 1840-42 16515 SMITH (Dr. William) and WACE (Henry) Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects, and Doctrines, being a continuation of the "Dictionary of the Bible," Vol. I (A-D), 8vo. cloth, 21s 16516 SMITH (W.) and CHEETHAM (Samuel) Dictionary of Christian Antiquities, being a continuation of "the Dictionary of the Bible," 2 vols. 8vo. woodcuts (pub. £3. 13s 6d), cloth, £2. 12s 6d


1876-80 16517 THORNDIKE (Herbert) of the Government of Churches, a discourse pointing at the primitive form, 12mo. vellum, 10s Camb. 1641 16518 VIGNIER (Nicolas) Recueil de l'Histoire de l'Eglise depuis le baptesme de nostre Seigneur Iesus Christ iusques à ce temps, folio, fine copy in old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library, 21s Leyden, 1601 16519 VITRIACO (Jacobus de) Libri duo, quorum prior Orientalis, sive Hierosolymitana; alter Occidentalis historiæ nomine inscribuntur, nunc primum studio Fr. Moschi edita, 12mo. portrait of Archduke Albert, vellum, clean copy, SCARCE, from the Sunderland library, 16s Duaci, 1597 16520 WILTSCH (J. E. T.) Atlas Sacer sive Ecclesiasticus, folio, 5 large coloured maps, full size of the sheet, with text, hf. calf, 10s 1834


a. Italy and Sicily.

16521 BARBARANO DE MIRONI (Francisco) Historia Ecclesiastica della città, territorio, è diocese di VICENZA, 3 vols. sm. 4to. engraved titles and folding plate, with Armorial Bookplate of ALEX. PETAVIUS in each vol. and his monogram on the backs, calf, 12s Vicenza, 1749-52 16522 CAMPI (Pietro Maria) Historia Ecclesiastica di PIACENZA, nella quale si spiegano le attioni de' Santi, de' Beati, e de' Vescovi della città di Piacenza, etc. 3 parts in 2 vols. folio, old panelled calf, £2. 10s Piacenza, 1651-62 In the third part, page 221, is 'Discorso historico circa la nascita di Cristoforo Colombo," with a Genealogical Table.

16523 CARACCIOLO (Cesare d'Engenio) Napoli Sacra, ove oltre le vere origini e fundationi di tutte le Chiese, Monasterij, cappelle, spedali, ed' altri luoghi sacri si tratta di Reliquie de' Santi, etc. sm. 4to. old calf, 5s

Napoli, 1624 16524 [FALEONI (D. Celso)] Memorie Historiche della chiesa Bolognese e suoi Pastori, sm. 4to. old calf, 4s 6d Bologna, 1649 16525 GROSSIS (Io. Baptiste de) Catanense Decachordum sive novissima sacræ Catan. Ecclesiæ notitia, 2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, engravings, vellum, 20s

Rossi was the first printer in this Sicilian town.

Catana, 1642

16526 LELLO (Gio. Luigi) Descrizione del real tempio, e Monasterio di Santa Maria Nuova di Morreale, Vita de' suoi Arcivescovi, Abbati, e Signori, sm. folio, 33 large plates (one torn), green vellum, with gilt ornaments, from the Sunderland library, RARE, 28s Palermo, 1702

Bound up with "de Reædificatione monasterii S. Martini de Scalis, Roma, 1596."

16527 MATTHÆJI (Antonii Felicis) Sardinia Sacra seu de Episcopis Sardis historia, folio, vellum, £2. Romæ, 1759 16528 UGHELLI (Ferdinandi) ITALIA SACRA, sive de Episcopis Italiæ, et insularum adjacentium, rebusque ab iis præclare gestis deducta serie ad nostram usque ætatem, EDITIO PRIMA, 9 vols. sm. folio, numerous coats of Arms, etc. old calf gilt, with the Arms of the Comte de Brionde on sides, from the Sunderland library, £4. 4s Romæ, 1644-62 16529 UGHELLI (Ferdinandi) ITALIA SACRA sive de Episcopis Italia opus, editio secunda cura Nicolai Coleti, 10 vols. in 9, folio, LARGE PAPER, Coats of Arms, vellum, scarce, £12. 12s

Venetiis, 1717-22

An invaluable collection of material for the history of the Church. Ughelli, who died in 1670, had spent thirty years of patient labour in compiling it, and the augmentations made by Coletus in this edition gave the work a monumental importance. No historical library can dispense with the "Italia Sacra."

b. France.

16530 AUBERY, Histoire du Card. Duc de Joyeuse (1552-1615), a la fin de laquelle sont plusieurs Memoires, Lettres, Relations, etc. sm. 4to. fine full-page portrait, large and clean copy in vellum, 32s

Paris, 1654 16531 COCQVAVLT (Pierre) Table Chronologique extraite sur l'histoire de l'Eglise, Ville et Province de Reims, sm. 4to. vellum, 10s Reims, 1650

A pretty little view of Reims is engraved upon the title-page. 16532 DU MONSTIER (Arturi) Neustria Pia seu de omnibus et singulis Abbatiis et Prioratibus totius Normandiæ, folio, old calf, £3. 16s Rothomagi, 1663

An antiquarian work of recognized importance; indispensable to the student of the history of Normandy

16533 L'ESPRIT DE PERSECUTION de la cour de Rome sous le pontificat de Clement XI et de la cour de France sous Louis le Grand contre les Reformez & les Jansenistes, 16mo. vellum, 7s 6d

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16534 FISQUET (H.) LA FRANCE PONTIFICALE (Gallia Christiana) Histoire chronologique et biographique des Archevêques et Evêques de tous les diocèses de France depuis l'établissement du Christianisme, 22 vols. 8vo. sd. £2. 10s Paris (1864-74)

AIX: Aix, Arles, Embrun, Digne, Gap, 5 vols.; AVIGNON: Montpellier, 2 vols.; BORDEAUX CAMBRAI; LYON et VIENNE; PARIS : Paris, Notre Dame, Chartres, 3 vols.; REIMS: Reims, Soissons et Laon, 2 vols.; ROUEN: Rouen, Bayeux et Lisieux, Evreux, Séez, 4 vols.; SENS: Sens et Auxerre, Nevers, Bethlehem, Troyes, Moulins, vols.

16535 FRIZON (Petri) Gallia Purpurata ; qua cum summorum pontificum, tum omnium Galliæ Cardinalium, qui hactenus vixere res præclare gestæ continentur, folio, fine frontispiece and numerous woodcuts of arms, old calf, with Arms of LE CLERC DE LESSVILLE on sides, £5. Lut. Paris. 1631 History of all the Popes and Cardinals who were of French nationality. 16536 [HUBERT (R.)] Antiquitez historiques de l'Eglise Royale Saint Aignan d'Orleans, sm. 4to. view on title and portrait, vellum, clean copy, from the Sunderland library, £3. 16s

Orleans, G. Hotot, 1661 16537 LANGLOIS (E. H.) Essai sur l'Abbaye de Fontenelle ou de St. Wandrille, 8vo. plates by Esperance Langlois, hf, calf, 78 6d Paris, 1827 16538 LOUVET (P.) Histoire et Antiquitez du pais de Beauvaisis, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. (12mo.), old calf, from the Sunderland library, £2. 12s 6d Beauvais, 1631-5

This is ecclesiastical, not civil history, and contains a great number of valuable early documents.

16539 LE COINTE (Caroli) Annales Ecclesiastici Francorum (ab anno 255 ad annum 845), 8 vols. folio, old calf, with French crown and fleur-de-lis on sides, £6. 6s Paris. typ. Reg. 1665-83

A work of enormous erudition, worthy to take equal rank with the great collections of the Benedictines. It deals with the civil as well as the ecclesiastical history of the Franks, and contains a number of important charters and capitularies which must be consulted by the special historical student, while the treatises on liturgical and ritual antiquities render it indispensable for the history of the Gallican Church. The last volume was published by Gerard Dubois after the author's death.

16540 LEMAIRE DE BELGES (Jan) Le Traictie intitule de la difference des scismes et des Concilles de leglise Et de la preeminence et vtilite des cocilles : de la saincte eglise Gallicane, large woodcuts of armorial bearings, 1511-LA LEGENDE DES VENITIENS Ou autremēt leur cronicque abbregee. Par laquelle est demonstre le tresiuste fondement de la guerre contre eulx, woodcut of Arms on title, and recto of aij, and De Marnef's device on last leaf, s. a. the privilege dated xxx jour de Juillet, 1509-Lepistre du Roy a Hector de Troye. Et aucunes oeuures Assez dignes de veoir, Escutcheon on title, fine woodcut of Juno enthroned on reverse,


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