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16633 MASSONUS (Papirius) de Episcopis Urbis qui Romanam

Ecclesiam rexerunt, 4to. FINE PAPER, red morocco extra, gilt edges, with first Arms and Monogram of Thuanus in gold on sides and back, £6. 6s

Paris, 1586 A very fine example ; from the Beckford library. 16634 MEGISERI (Hieronymi) Icones & Vitæ Paparum, 12mo.

numerous woodcut portraits and coats of arms, red morocco, gilt .edges, from the Beckford library, £4. 4s

Francof. 1602 16635 Montor (Artaud de) Histoire des souverains Pontifes Romains, 8 vols. 12mo. sd. ] Os

Paris, 1851 16636 PETRARCA, LIBRO DEGLI IMPERATORI et Pontefici, sm. folio, painted initials, Italian olive morocco, rare, £6.

Florentiæ, apud sanctum Jacobum de Ripoli, 1478 First Edition, a large copy with the initials filled in by hand, one containing a miniature, and having a fine border the full size of the page, beautifully illuminated in gold and colours. It contains an account of Pope Joan, but does not mention the catastrophe ; ending simply with the words

this was afterwards discovered. 16637 [PFEFFEL (Chr. Fr.)] Recherches historiques concernant les Droits

du Pape sur la ville d'Avignon, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. 108 1768 16638 PLATINÆ historici liber de Vita Christi ac Pontificum omnium,

folio, Editio Princeps, slightly wormed at the beginning and end, otherwise a fine large copy, uncut, from the Pirckheimer library, with the woodcut bookplate, rough calf, £2.

Venet. J. de Colonia, et J. Manthen de Gheretzem, 1479 16639 PLATINA (Batt.) delle Vite de Pontefici . sino a Paolo II, ampliato con le historie de' Papi moderni

Vrbano VIII, sm. 4to. woodcut portraits, vellum, 14s Venetia, 1643 16640 [TESSIER (l'Abbé)] Histoire des Souverains Pontifes qui ont siégé dans Avignon, 4to. hf. calf, 78 6d

1774 16641 Berulle. TABARAUD, Histoire de Pierre de Bérulle, Cardinal, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cal/, 3s 6d

Paris, 1817 16642 Howard. PALMER (Raymund) Life of Philip Thomas Howard

Cardinal of Norfolk (1629-91), 8vo. portrait, cloth, 58 1867 16643 Ximenes. ROBLES (Eugenio de) Compendio de la Vida y hazañas

del Cardenal don fray Francisco Ximenez de Cisneros: y del Oficio y Missa Muzarabe, small 4to. fine copperplate portrait of the Cardinal, by Petrus Angelus, old French calf gilt, slightly mended at top and bottom, with the arms on sides, and monogram on back, of De Thou and his second wife, £5.

(Toledo) 1604 16644 FLÉCHIER (Esprit) Histoire du Cardinal Ximenès, 4to. portrait

by Edelinck, old calf, gilt back, the Archbishop's arms on the sides, 20s

Paris, 1693 Bound for him before 1729, in which year he became Archbishop of

Paris. 16645 FLÉCHIER (Esprit) Histoire du Cardinal Ximenes, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. portrait, calf, 5s

Amsterd. 1700

sino a


6. THE INQUISITION. 16646 (DELLON) Relation de l'Inquisition de Goa, 12mo. plates, hf. calf, 10s

Paris, 1688

16648 (DELLON) Narração da Inquisição de Goa, vertida em portuguez e

accrescentada com varias memorias, documentos, e um appendice, por Miguel Vicente d'Abreu, smallest 4to. hf, morocco, 78

Nova Goa, 1866 This young Frenchman, for having spoken his mind too freely, was in

the clutches of the Holy Office during some years, 16649 Discusión del proyecto de Decreto sobre el Tribunal de la Inquisi. cion, sm. 4to. bound, 108

Cadiz, 1813 The debates in the Cortes on the bill for re-establishing the Inquisition. 16650 GONZALEZ DE Montes (Raimundo) Artes de la Inquisizion Española, prima traduczion Castellana, sm. 8vo. hf. calf, 288

s. l. [Madrid] 1851 Printed by Usoz i Rio, as part of the series of the Spanish Reformistas.

The author's Latin name as used in the seventeenth century is Montanus. 16651 - Histoire de l'Inqvisition d'Espagne exposée par exemples

pour estre mieux entendue en ces derniers temps, 12mo. black morocco, by Duru, 25s

s. l. 1568 This rare work of an expatriated Spaniard, calling himself Montanus, had first appeared in Latin at Heidelberg, one year before the French version,

The name does not appear at all in this translation, 16652

a full, ample and punctuall discovery of the barbarous, bloudy, and inhumane practises of the Spanish Inquisition, against Protestants . . translated into English, smallest 4to. calf, 368

1625 Bound up with Nicholas and Sacharles (John) the Reformed Spaniard,

1621 ; Scott (Tho:) Aphorismes of State, Utrech, 1624 ; etc. 16653 L'INQUISIZIONE PROCESSATA, opera storica e curiosa, 2 vols. in 1, 16mo. vellum, 6s

Colonia, 1681 16654 LIMBORCH (Philippi à) Historia Inquisitionis, cui subjungitur

liber sententiarum Inquisitionis Tolosanæ 1307-23, folio, plates, old calf gilt, 24s

Amstelod. 1692 16655 LLORENTE (J. A.) Histoire critique de l'Inquisition d'Espagne,

traduite de l'espagnol, sur le MS. par M. Pellier, 4 vols. 8vo. portrait, hf. calf, 12s 60

Paris, 1818 16656 [MARSOLLIER (Jacques)] Histoire de l'Inquisition et son origine,

sm. 8vo. fine copy in old calf, from the Sunderland library, £2. 12s 6d

Cologne (avec la sphere), P. Marteau, 1693 16657 MONGITORE (Antonino) L'Atto pubblico di Fede celebrato

nella Città di Palermo à 6 Aprile 1724, sm. folio, large folding plates, slightly wormed, vellum, RARE, £3. Palermo, 1724

The author gloried in his share in this truly Catholic performance. 16658 OLMO (Joseph de) Relacion del AUTO DE LA FEE, que se celebrò

en Madrid en 1680, sm. 4to. engraved and printed titles, and large folding plate, hf. morocco, £2.

Madrid, 1680 16659

the same, sm. 4to. LARGE PAPER, in the original smooth brown morocco, the royal copy with the arms of Charles II of Spain, £4.

1680 The original folding plate is rare ; other engravings being sometimes substituted for it. The pious king to whom the preceding copy was presented had been a devout spectator of the show.

16660 PARAMO (Ludovici à) de Origine et Progressu Officii Sancta

Inquisitionis, libri tres, folio, calf gilt, RARE, £2. Matriti, 1598

This work, although written by an Inquisitor, was nevertheless suppressed by the Holy Office as revealing too many awkward truths. The tenth Quæstio occupies 50 pp, and treats of the priestly crime “de Solicitatione ad Libidinem

in actu Confessionis." 16661 PIAZZA (H. B.) Account of the Inquisition and its proceeding as it

is practis'd in Italy, in French and English, 4to. calf, 98 1722

The author had been a functionary of the Holy Office in Italy, but was

now a convert to Protestantism, residing in England. 16662 [SARPI] Historia della sacra Inquisitione, composta gia dal

R. P. PAOLO servita, ed hora la prima volta posta in luce, sm. 4to. calf, gilt back, 158

Serravalle, 1638 16663 [SARPI] Discorso dell'origine, forma, leggi, ed uso dell'Ufficio

dell' Inquisitione nella Venetia, del P. Paolo, sm. 4to. cf.108 1638

This is a reimpression of the preceding book, but privately printed, with a different title, perhaps in some other Italian town.



DUGDALE's Monasticon Anglicanum--see in section of National

Church-history : England.
FUXHOFFER, Monasteriologia Hungariæ-see in section Church.

history : Eastern Europe.
REYHERI Thuringia Sacra--see in section e of National Church-

history. 16664 GRUNDEMANN (Dr. R.) Allgemeiner Missions-Atlas, 4 parts in 1 vol.

imp. 8vo. coloured maps, half bound, 108 Gotha, 1867-74 16665 Huc (Abbé) Christianity in China, Tartary, and Thibet, 3 vols. 8vo. (pub. 31s 6d), cloth, 10s

1857-58 S. Antony (Hospitallers of): 16666 BALTAZAR (Dom J.) Fondation, Vie et Reigle du grand Ordre

militaire & monastique des Chevaliers Religieux du glorieux Père S. Antoine en Ethiopie, 12mo. engraving by J. Isac, calf extra, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £2. 2s

Paris, 1632 Augustinians, Servites : 16667 O DALE (F. CHERUBINI MARIÆ) Hiberni, HISTORIA VITÆ ac

rerum gestarum B. PHILIPPI BENITII, Ordinis Servorum B. M. V. Quinti Generalis, sm. 4to. very curious and elaborate engraved title, original limp morocco, gilt edges, £6. 108 Oeniponti, 1644

“ The usual sources of biographical and bibliographical information

have been searched in vain for any record of this very rare book or its author.” Benedictines, Trappists : 16668 CHRONICA sacri Monasterii Casinensis auctore Leone Cardinali

Episcopo Ostiensi continuatore Petro Diacono, ex MSS. evulgat Angelus de Nuce; præmittitur in vitam S. Benedicti spicilegium, folio, calf, 21s

Lutet. Paris. 1668

BENEDICTINES, TRAPPISTS—continued. 16669 PACOME (Frère) Description du plan en relief de l'Abbaye de La

Trappe, 4to. 5 plans, and 9 plates by De Rochefort illustrating the life of the Abbé de Rance and the customs of the order, calf, £1, 16s

Paris, 1708 The Abbey was originally Cistercian. De Rancé gave it a new foun. dation in 1662 as a monastery of the Benedictine order, but introduced in 1664 the new rule which has conferred a world-wide renown upon the

austerities of the Monks of La Trappe. 16670 [WINKELMANN (Baronis de)] Historia Hospitalis S. Elisabethæ

extra muros imper. Monasterii S. Maximini ordinis Benedicti prope Treviros, 8vo. plates, fine copy (J. Disney's), with author's autograph inscription, in old gilt tree-marbled calf, 28s 1786

Privately printed for presents only. Carmelites : 16671 DANIELIS A VIRGINE MARIA Speculum Carmelitanum, sive historia

Eliani ordinis fratrum B. V. M.' de Monte Carmelo, bound in 4 vols. folio, frontispiece and plates, old calf gilt, £5.

Antverp. 1680 This is the authorized history put forth by the Carmelites themselves, maintaining the old claim of their institution by the prophet Elias, rather than

by Berthold, the Crusader in the twelfth century. 16672 RAPHAELIS A S. JOSEPHO Signum Salutis . Beneficia &

admiranda sac. Qrdini Fratrum Mariæ de Monte Carmelo impensa, stout folio, calf, 208

Lincii, 1718 16673 [VILLIERS À S. STEPHANO (Cosmæ de)] Bibliotheca Carmelitana, 2 vols. folio, hf. bd. uncut, £2. 16s

Aurelianis, 1752 Biography and Literary History of the Carmelite order, arranged in the alphabetical order of the Christian names (with indexes of patronymics, etc.). It includes many Englishmen. The work is but little known, although its

merit and importance are of high order. Cistercians: 16674 BOUDIFFLART (Arnould) Flevrs Odorifferantes dv Iardin de

Cisteavy recveillies de divers Avthevrs en faveur des Dames Religievses de l'Ordre dv mesme nom, aspirantes à la perfection, sm. folio, a neatly written MS. of 385 pages and 11 pages of Index, containing the Hagiology of the Cistercian order arranged according to the Calendar; in velvet binding with silk linings and clasps, £3. 12s

Transcrit par F. Nicolas Foucard, 1659 Franciscans, Minorites ; Capuchins : 16675 BRITII (Paulii) Seraphica Subalpinæ D. Thomæ Provinciæ Monumenta, sm. folio, engraved title, vellum, clean copy, 30s

Taurini, 1647 A Piedmontese Monasticon of the Franciscan order, with a variety of information concerning the ancient history of the country, the origins of noble

families, etc. 16676 RODULPHII (Petri) Historiarum Seraphicæ Religionis libri

tres, 2 parts in 1 vol. folio, engraved title with portrait of St. Francis by Porro, and numerous elegant woodcuts of miracles vrought by him, with portraits of his successors and other lights of the Minorite Order, coats of arms, etc. vellum, fine copy, 258

Venetiis, 1586

FRANCISCANS, MINORITES, CAPUCHINS--continued. 16677 TREATISE OF PENANCE, with an explication of the rule of the

third Order of St. Frauncis, by F. W. S. . . . with a catalogue of the chiefe persons of this order, 12mo. engraved and printed titles, vellum, £2. 8s

Douay, 1617 16678 VITALIS (Salvatoris) Chronica Serapbica Montis Alvernæ; in

quo Jesus Christus Dominus Francisco Seraphico suæ Passionis impressit insignia, sm. 4to. fine large engravings by ALF. PIERI, old calf, with monogram of HD and 4 small s's on sides, from the Sunderland library, 288

Florentice, 1630 The miraculous legend of St. Francis and the church of Sacro Monte

della Vernia. 16679 WADDINGI (Lucæ) Annales Minorum in quibus res omnes

trium ordinum à S. Francisco institutorum ex fide ponderosius asseruntur ...8 vols. folio, old calf, £7. 10s

Lugduni, 1625-48, Romæ, 1654 This is all that appeared of the original edition. 16680 WADDINGI (LUCE) ANNALES MINORUM, seu trium

ordinum a S. Francisco institutorum, editio secunda locupletior opera et studio Josephi Maria Fonseca ab Ebora cum continuationibus J. de Luca, J. M. de Ancona et S. M. de Cerreto. Vols. I-XXIV, folio, portrait, without vol. xx, uncut, very scarce, cloth boards, £21.

Romæ, 1731-45 et Ancona, 1844-60 16681 CESINALE (Rocco da) Storia delle Missioni dei Capuccini, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 218

Parigi, 1867-73 A valuable record, derived almost wholly from MS. sources. 16682 NORBERT, Memoires historiques ... sur les Missions des Indes Orientales, sm. 4to. vellum, 208

Luques, 1744 The capuchin Norbert discloses the reason which had led to a separation between the Jesuit and the Capuchin missions. The monks and the Papal authorities would allow no compromise with heathen customs; the wiser

Jesuits ignored certain unimportant practices among their converts. St. John (Hospitallers of): 16683 GOUSSANCOURT (M. de) Martyrologe des Chevaliers de

S. Jean de Hierusalem, dits de Malte, contenant leurs Eloges, Armes, Blasons, Preuues de Cheualerie, etc. 2 vols. in 1, folio, title a little stained in the middle, with about 500 beautiful plates and Coats of Arms, by Michel Van LOCHEM, £10. Paris, 1643

This copy is from the library of Mr. Kenelm Digby, author of the

“ Broad Stone of Honour.” “Ouvrage peu commun. "_Brunet. 16684 STATUTI della sac. Religione di S. Gio. Gerosolimitano, portrait

of the Grand Master N. Cotoner-Ordinationi del Capitolo generale-Cæremoniale super electione Magni Magistri Hos

pitalis-3 vols. in 1, folio, vellum, 26s Borgo Novo, 1674 Templars : 16685 DUPUY (Pierre) Histoire de la condamnation des Templiers . .

schisme des Papes, etc. 2 vols. 12mo. portrait, hf. bd. 10s 1713 16685*WILCKE (Ferd.) Geschichte des Ordens der Tempelherren, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 12s

Halle, 1860

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