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hideous in the plain Scottish rhymes-is often torn out; and the metrical Admonition, unknown to Lowndes, is so rare that it has sold separately at high prices, and probably not more than three or four copies of it are extant. This book is a curious source of information concerning the private lives of the Reformers, and must not be neglected by students of the history of the sixteenth century.

16786 SIMPSON (Richard) Edmund Campion, a biography, 8vo. cloth, 1867

3s 6d 16787 BOMBINI (Pauli) Vita et martyrium EDMUNDI CAMPIANI martyris Angli è Societate Jesu, 16mo. smooth morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2s

A scarce and valuable little volume.

Antverpiæ, 1618

16788 [CHANCEI (M.)] Historia aliquot nostri Sæculi Martyrum Angliæ, sm. 4to. short copy, calf, scarce, 35s Moguntiæ, 1550

Original edition of a work which has supplied important contributions to the history of the time. The author was a Carthusian, named Maurice Chauncy, who evaded by flight the troubles to which his contemporaries succumbed. His book relates to Bishop Fisher, Sir Thomas More, and the slaughtered members of his own order.

16789 HISTORIA aliquot nostri Sæculi jucunda, 12mo. vellum, £4. 4s

Martyrum, cum pia tum lectu Burgis ap. Ph. Juntam, 1583 The first edition of this interesting and scarce work on the lives of Bishop Fisher and Sir Thomas More (the running title of which is "HISTORIA MARTYRUM ANGLIE "), was published in 1550 at Mainz. This reimpression, made at Burgos for lhe Bishop of Evora, has a preliminary epistle by him signed, “Theotonius a Bragança indignus Archiep. Eborensis." 16790 CLARKE (Samuel) Martyrologie, 2 parts in 1 vol. small folio, wanting title and last leaf, curious plates, calf gilt, 15s (1651)

The Martyrologie is of course a Protestant or Puritan one, illustrated by rude engravings of seenes of torture (several compartments in each plate), and is followed by lives of English divines, with four portraits.

16791 CONÆI (Georgii) de duo, sm. 4to. russia

duplici Statu Religionis apud Scotos libri extra, gilt edges, by Lewis, £6. 15s

Romæ, 1628 The Scottish author was as

A curious work, as well as a very rare one. bigoted a Catholic as his later relatives were bigoted anti-Romanists. He says "when George Wishart's insane obstinacy in error was found inflexible, alike to reasoning and to menaces, he was delivered to the flames, and now the Scots put him on their list of pseudo-martyrs.”

16792 ESTCOURT (E. E.) Question of Anglican Ordinations discussed, 8vo. facsimiles, cloth, 78


16793 FÖXI (JOANNIS) RERUM IN ECCLESIA GESTARUM. . . COMMENTARII, Pars prima... de rebus per Angliam & Scotiam . . . atq in primis de horrenda sub Maria nuper Regina persecutione, folio, calf extra, g. e. by Bedford, £8. 8s Basilea, 1559

First and Best Edition; containing many facts omitted in the English text of the Book of Martyrs.

There are an inscription and some MS. notes by Israel Wieland, a noted Lutheran preacher of the sixteenth century.

16794 FOXE (Iohn) Actes and Monuments of these latter and perillous dayes touching matters of the Church, stout folio, the text complete from page 3, facsimile title; nine of the preliminary leaves, the leaf Ci, and six leaves of the table wanting; without the separate woodcuts at pp. 25, 41, 69, and 1548, but having that at

p. 1374, numerous woodcuts in the text, generally a fine sound copy in blue morocco, gilt edges, £47. 10s John Daye, 1562-63 16795 FOXE, another copy, bound in 2 vols. sm. folio, having seventeen leaves reprinted, purple morocco, blind-tooled, £65. FULLER'S Church History-see No. 16580.


16796 MENDEZ SILVA (Rodrigo) Parangon de los dos Cromueles de Inglaterra, 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, scarce, 36s Madrid, 1657 A life of Thomas Cromwell, designed to serve as a warning to the great Oliver.

16797 MORRIS (John) Life of Father John Gerard, of the Society of Jesus, 8vo. plates, cloth, 108

1881 A book of intrinsic importance for the history of the persecutions under Elizabeth and James. 16798 [PARSONS (Robert)] Elizabethæ Angliæ Reginæ hæresim Calvinianam propugnantis sævissimum in Catholicos sui regni Edictum, promulgatum Londini, 29 Nov. 1591, cum Responsione ad singula capita, quâ non tantum sævitia et impietas tam iniqui edicti, sed mendacia quoque et fraudes et imposture deteguntur et confutantur, per A. Philopatrum, small 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, 368 (Roma) 1593 alia editio, sm. 4to. fine copy in green morocco extra, gilt Roma, Al. Zannetti, 1593 Elizabethæ Regina Angliæ Edictum 29 Novemb. 1591 Andreæ Philopatri ad idem edictum Responsio, 12mo. calf gilt, 20s 1593



edges, £2. 2s

This is a most curious volume illustrating the events of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The work commences with an abstract of the lives and actions of Lord Chancellor Bacon, Dudley Earl of Leicester, Sir F. Walsingham, Sir C. Hatton, and Sir W. Cecil (Lord Burleigh), against all of whom the writer is very furious. It also contains some singular notices of Sir Francis Drake and Sir Richard Grenville, described as pirates and robbers, of Mary Queen of Scots, the Earl of Essex, Cardinal Allen, Cardinal Pole, Cranmer, the Duke of Hamilton, Douglas family, Lord Darnley, Sir W. Raleigh, and many other eminent persons.

16801 PETITION APOLOGETICALL presented to the Kinges most excellent Maiesty by the lay Catholikes of England, in July last, sm. 4to. (20 11.), title and last leaf soiled, scarce, unbound, £2. 2s Doway, Jo. Mogar, 1604 16802 RIDLEY (Glocester) Life of Dr. Nicholas Ridley, sometime Bishop of London (the Protestant Martyr), 4to. portrait, calf, 7s 6d 1763 16803 SANDER (Nicolas) Rise and growth of the Anglican Schism, pub

lished 1585, with a continuation by Edward Rishton, translated, with introduction and notes, by David Lewis, 8vo. cloth, 7s 1877 16804 STRYPE (John) Life of the learned SIR JOHN CHEKE. . . to which is added a treatise on Superstition writ by the said learned Knight, sm. 8vo. thick paper, portrait, fine copy in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Clarke and Bedford, £4. 4s

d. France and the Huguenots.


16805 [BEZA (Theo).] Dialogi ab Eusebio Philadelpho cosmopolita in Gallorum et cæterarum nationum gratiam compositi, quorum

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primus . . . auctus: alter nunc primum editus, sm. 8vo. very fine copy in the original limp vellum, £2. 16s

Edimburgi, 1574

The autograph of "Thomas Summasterus " on the title-page. anagram, of bitter Huguenot flavour, is written on the fly-leaf :

Catherina de Medicis Regina mater

Dira Medea regnat in me, Circe, Thais.

The authorship of these Dialogues is uncertain.


16806 BOSQUETI (Georgii) Hugoneorum Hæreticorum Tolosa conjuratorum profligatio, sm. 4to. (top margin of title cut off), vellum, 21s Tolosa, Jac. Colomerius, 1563

On the title is the following: "Prohibitus est hic liber supremo Parisiensium edicto anno 1563. STEPHANUS BALUZE TUTELLENSIS."

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16807 COLIGNY. The Life of the most godly, valeant and noble Capteine Iasper Colignie Shatilion, sometyme greate Admirall of Fraunce, translated out of Latin by Arthur Golding, 12mo. fine copy in the original morocco, gilt edges, the anchor of Vautrollier impressed in gold on the sides, £4.

Thomas Vautrollier, 1576 16808 VIE de Messire GASPAR DE COLIGNY Seigneur de Chastillon Admiral de France, a laquelle sont adiousté (sic) ses Memoires sur ce qui se passa au Siege de S. Quentin, 2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, silk linings, £2. 12s 6d.

Leyde, Bon. & Abr. Elzevir, 1643


"Ce petit volume est un des plus recherchés de la collection elzévirienne." 16809 HAAG (Eug. et Em.) LA FRANCE PROTESTANTE, 10 vols. 8vo. cloth, boards, £4. 4s Paris, 1846-58

A noble work, of permanent value and importance. It is arranged as a biographical dictionary in the order of the alphabet, which is preceded in the first volume by a masterly "coup-d'œil sur l'histoire du Protestantisme en France."

16810 HERMINJARD, Correspondance des Réformateurs dans les pays de langue Française, 1512-38, 4 vols. 8vo. (pub. 40 fr.), sd. 14s

Genève, 1866-72

A valuable collection, more extensive than the title indicates, since it comprises the letters of many personages who resided in Switzerland, but who did not belong to a French-speaking population.

16811 HISTOIRE veritable du Calvinisme, ou memoires historiques touchant la Reformation opposés à l'Histoire du Calvinisme de M. Maimbourg, 12mo. red morocco extra, EDGES UNCUT, £10. 10s Amsterdam, avec la sphère, 1683

An anonymous work by a learned and able Huguenot, whose language is as temperate as it is firm.

16812 [HOTMAN (François)] Brutum Fulmen Papæ Sixti V, adversus Henricum sereniss. Regem Navarre & illustrissimum Henricum Borbonium Principem Condæum, sm. 8vo. (12mo.), fine copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome le jeune, £9. 9s

s. n. (1585)

Sometimes described as printed at Rome in 1585, because the leaves P6 to Q4 contain the original Papal Declaratio, reprinted with its proper title-page of Rome, 1585. The book was probably printed in Protestant Germany to escape the reach of Catholic persecution. This copy has a

considerably enhanced value from the fact that a very rare translation of the
Papal declaration has been inserted at the end :-"La Declaration de nostre
Sainct Pere le Pape . . . a l'encontre de Henry Bourbon, soy disant Roy de
Nauarre... Thoulouze, par Jean Durand 1585."


16813 LE FEVRE (Jacques) Nouveau Recueil de tout ce qui s'est fait pour et contre les Protestants, particulierement en France, 4 parts in 1 vol. 4to. calf, 208

Paris, 1686 16814 LISLE (Francis de) A Legendarie conteining an ample discovrse of the life and behauiour of Charles Cardinal of Lorraine, and of his brethren of the house of Guise, 12mo. bd. £5.

No indication of place or printer, 1577 Rare; very much rarer indeed than the French original, which is so much sought for in France. Lowndes was unable to quote any copy sold by public auction. It is a work of importance for the History of the Huguenots, and also includes an account of the Marriage of Queen Mary of Scotland.



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16815 MAROT (Clement) et le Psautier Huguenot, etude historique . et bibliographique contenant les mélodies primitives des par O. Douen, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. with Music, sd. Paris, 1878-79 The life of Marot is part and parcel of the History of the Huguenots. 16816 MORNAY. Histoire de la Vie de Messire Philippes de Mornay ... soubs Henry III, Henry IV, & Louys XIII, 4to. vellum fine copy, 20s Leyde, B. &. A. Elsevier, 1647 16817 DAUY (Jacques, Euesque d'Eureux) Actes de la Conference tenve entre le Sieur Evesqve d'Evreux et le Sieur du Plessis, en presence du Roy à Fontaine-bleau 4 May 1600, 12mo. calf, 7s 6d Evreux, 1601 16818 TRAICTÉ DE LA IVSTICE DE DIEU et Horrible vengeance contre les meurtres commis par les Princes & Potentats de la terre, 12mo. 16 leaves, unbound, £15. S. 7. 1562


the same, 12mo. red morocco, by Bedford, £20. 1562 A copy of this rare Huguenot treatise is stated to have fetched 2000 fr. at a sale in Paris in 1878. It was printed secretly, without the name of either the author or the printer, or the place of impression. There is a motto on the title-page, taken from Deuteronomy, which runs thus-" Gens, louez le peuple de Dieu, car il vengera le sang de ses serviteurs et rendra la vengeance a ses adversaires." The skirmish, or massacre, of Vassy had just taken place, and the Duc de Guise was marked out for destruction by the Huguenots, as it actually happened in the following year. Who was the author? He may have been the great Theodore de Beze himself.

16820 VARAMUNDUS FRISIUS (Ernestus) de Furoribus Gallicis, horrenda et indigna Amiralli Castillionei, nobilium atque illustrium virorum cæde . . . sm. 4to. ruled throughout with red ink, fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, £10. 10s Edimburgi, 1573

16821 VOLKYR DE SEROUVILLE (Nicole) LHISTOIRE & RECUEIL de la TRIUMPHANTE et GLORIEUSE VICTOIRE OBTENUE CONTRE LES SEDUYCTZ et ABUSEZ LUTHERIENS mescreans du PAYS DAULSAYS & autres par treshault et trespuissant Prince . . . Anthoine . . Duc de Calabre, de Lorraine et de Bar etc. en deffendant la foy catholique, nostre mere leglise, et vraye noblesse, sm. folio,

lit. goth. (title slightly mended), 8 woodcuts, including one on title, vellum, from the Sunderland library, £50.

(Paris, Galliot du Pré, 1526)

Three of the woodcuts in this rare book are the size of the page, two of them bearing the mark which has been attributed to Geoffroy Tory, and other artists of his time-namely, a G enclosing an S of smaller size, and supporting the Lorraine cross.

This book affords a remarkably early instance of the use of the word Lutherien in French. The history refers to that portion of the Bauernkrieg which extended to Lorraine and Bar.


Switzerland and the Vaudois.

16823 GILLY (W. S.) Waldensian Researches during a second visit to the Vaudois of Piemont, 8vo. map and plates, cloth, 8s 6d 1831 16824 LEGER (Jean) Histoire generale des Eglises Evangeliques des Vallees de Piemont ou Vaudoises, folio, frontispiece, portrait, map, and various engravings on the text, exhibiting the varieties of torture inflicted upon the Waldenses by the Piedmontese soldiery, old calf, 188


Leyde, 1669 the same, folio, portrait, map, and plates, very large and fine copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, £4. 4s 1669 16826 MUSTON (Alexis) the Israel of the Alps, a complete history of the Vaudois of Piedmont and their colonies, translated by John Montgomery, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and plates (pub. 18s), cloth, 10s


16827 PORTA (P. Dom. Rossi de) Historia Reformationis Ecclesiarum RAETICARUM, 2 vols. thick small 4to. FINE PAPER, with the scarce plate of the "Bourg de Plours," hf. calf, 36s

Curice Raet., 1772-77 "The Historia Reform. Raeticarum Ecclesiarum, by R. a Porta, has furnished me with a number of important facts respecting the Italian refugees.”—M'Crie's Reformation in Italy.

16828 RUCHAT (Abraham) Histoire de la Reformation de la Suisse, avec Appendices, et la Vie de Ruchat, par L. Valliemin, 7 vols. 8vo. uncut, 12s

f. Italy.

Nyon, 1835-38

16829 BENRATH (Karl) Bernardino Ochino of Siena: a contribution towards the history of the Reformation, translated from the German by Helen Zimmern, 8vo. portrait, cloth, 58


16830 YOUNG (M.) Life and Times of AONIO PALEARIO, or a history of the Italian Reformers in the sixteenth century, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. 32s), cloth, 16s


g. Spain.


16831 CASTRO (Adolfo de) Historia de los Protestantes Españoles y de su persecucion por Felipe II, 8vo. hf. morocco, 12s Cadiz, 1851 16832 DIAZ (Juan) Historia vera de morte sancti uiri Ioannis Diazii per Claudium Senarclæum, et Christianæ Religionis

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