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Summa, cum præfatione M. Buceri, 12mo. brown morocco extra, by Bedford, £15. 1546 The excessive rarity of this Life of Diaz, the Spanish Reformer, murdered by his half-brother, is such that for many years its very existence was doubted.

It has been reprinted in the Reformistas from the only copy which during a search of forty-five years Usoz and Wiffen had been able to procure.

It is supposed that Francisco de Enzinas (also called Duchesne and Dryander) wrote down or revised the narrative given by Senarclé, who was an eye-witness of the murder.

16833 ENZINAS (Francisco de) Mémoires, texte Latin inédit, avec la traduction Française en regard, 1543-45, avec notice et annotations par Campan, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, Bruxelles, 1862


GONZALEZ DE MONTES-see ante, No. 16650.

16834 SERVETUS. Allwoerden, Historia Serveti, sm. 4to. calf, 5s

Helmstadii, 1727

h. Reform in Eastern Europe; Socinians. 16835 CRAIG (J.) History of the Protestant Church in Hungary from the beginning of the Reformation to 1850, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1854

The name of the Hungarian author is nowhere mentioned. Craig only tranlated the book. 16836 KRASINSKI (Count Valerian) Sketch of the Religious History of the Slavonic nations, 8vo. 17 portraits and plates, bds. 8s 6d


Edinb. 1851 Histoire religieuse des Peuples Slaves, avec une introduction par Merle d'Aubigné, 8vo. portraits, hf. bd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1853 16838 LUBIENIECII (Stan.) Historia Reformationis Polonicæ, 12mo. fine copy, 25s Friestad. (Amst.) 1685

The work is of course written from the Socinian point of view, Lubienicki having been one of the great pillars of that Church. He died by poison at Hamburg, in 1675. "Für die Geschichte der Reformation in Polen sehr wichtig."-Uedinck. The Socinians followed Servetus in his endeavour to reduce the subtle doctrine of the Trinity to an article of rational belief.

16839 [OKOLITSANYI (Pauli)] Historia Diplomatica de statu Religionis Evangelicæ in Hungaria, in tres periodos distincta, folio, 22 rude plates, giving portraits of Huss, Jerome, Ziska, and others, vellum, 28s A.D. 1710 16840 TOULMIN (Josua) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Faustus Socinus, 8vo. bd. 58



a. England.

16841 BAXTER. Calamy's Abridgement of Mr. Baxter's History of his Life and Times, 2 vols. portrait of Baxter, 1713-ČALAMY'S

Continuation of the account of the ministers etc. ejected by or before the Act of Uniformity, 2 vols. 1727-together 4 vols. 8vo. calf, 24s 1713-27 16842 MARPRELATE. Sacred Decretall or Hue and Cry for the Apprehension of Rev. Young Martin Mar-Priest, woodcut, uncut, scarce, 1645-State of the Irish Affairs, 1645-Arraignement of Mr. Persecution by Yongue Martin Mar-Priest, uncut, rare, 1645-City Alarm, 1645-Humble Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of London, concerning ChurchGovernment, 1645-Bowles, Proceedings of the army under Fairfax, 1645-Poyntz and Copley, Great Victory at Sherborn, 1645-The Scotish Dove, No. 118, a weekly newspaper, 21 Jan. 1645-His Majesties Proclamation concerning the Book of Common Prayer and the DIRECTORY, 1645-Remonstrance of the General Assembly of the Kirk to his Majestie, 1645-Primerose (Arch.) Short Declaration of the Kingdom of Scotland, 1644-Ordinances of the Lords and Commons (various, all published in 1645)—and other scarce Tracts, 1 vol. sm. 4to. hf. bd. £5. 15s

16843 MARSDEN (J. B.) History of the later Puritans from 1642 to 1662, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d 1852 16844 A PARTE OF A REGISTER contayninge sundrie memorable matters, written by diuers godly and learned in our time, whiche stande for, and desire the reformation of our Church, in Discipline and Ceremonies, according to the pure worde of God, and the Lawe of our Lande, s. 1. e. a.—of the Trueth of that Discipline which Christ hath prescribed, s. l. e. a.—2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. fine copies, original binding, VERY RARE, £10.

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(Edinburgh, R. Waldegrave, 1593)

"This volume was printed in Scotland by R. Waldegrave, in the year 1593, as we learn from Dr. Bancroft's Dangerous position,' printed that year; and many of the copies were seized on their arrival at Billingsgate, and delivered over 'to my Lorde's grace.' See Herbert's Ames' Typog. Antiq. p. 314.' The Parte of a Register' occupies over 550 pp." The forty-seven pieces it contains belong to the earlier literature of the Puritan and Marprelate Conversy against the Bishops of the English Church, and were thus reprinted in a single volume in 1593 by Waldegrave, as forming the corpus doctrine of the Puritans. The interest is more historical than polemical, and the book is therefore placed in this section.

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16845 Oates Conspiracy. TONGE (Ezreel) Popish Mercy and Justice an account of some later persecutions of the French Protestants Two Letters from Mr. Montagu to the Ld. Treasurer, 1677-8, with the Lord Treasurer's Speech upon an impeachment of High Treason-2 parts in 1, sm. 4to. sd. 78 6d

Tonge was the confederate of Titus Oates.

b. Scotland.


16846 [CALDERWOOD (David)] PERTH ASSEMBLY; containing the proceedings thereof, the proofe of the Nullitie thereof, etc. 1619The Course of Conformitie, 1622-The Letters Patents of the

Presbyterie, by James Peregrin, 1632—in 1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, from the Sunderland library, £4. 1619-32

In his well-known history, Calderwood refers to the " Perth Assembly " as having been written by himself. He was obliged to seek refuge abroad to avoid punishment as a criminal; and it was probably in Holland that he printed the "Course of Conformitie," which seems also to be his work. -I cannot find out who was James Peregrin.

16848 [CALDERWOOD (David)] Altare Damascenum, ceu politia ecclesiæ Anglicanæ obtrusa ecclesiæ Scoticanæ opera Edwardi Didoclavij... vindiciæ contra calumnias Iohannis Spotsuodi Fani Andreæ Pseudoarchiepiscopi, stout sm. 8vo. vellum, £2. 1623 Probably printed in Holland. It is a fierce attack on Prelacy. 16849 CALDERWOOD (David) True History of the Church of Scotland from the beginning of the Reformation, unto the end of the Reign of James VI, 1560-1625, folio, old calf (cover broken), £1. 10s Printed in the year 1680

Next to the imperfect book of John Knox, this work is the most important of all that have been written on the history of the origin and growth of the Scottish Presbyterian Church, and its long struggle against Prelacy. Even in 1680, although the author had been about thirty years dead, the printer did not dare to affix his name or that of the town. The Duke of York (James II) was then residing in Edinburgh.


16850 COVENANT (The): with a narrative of the proceedings and solemn manner of taking it by the Honourable House of Commons and reverent Assembly of Divines, 25 September 1643. Also, two Speeches delivered at the same time by Philip Nye and Alexander Henderson, sm. 4to. sd. £2. 1643 First English edition of the famous Pact that led to the ruin of Charles I. An Answer to the Declaration of the Kingdom of Scotland, 1648-The first search, after one grand cause of the wrath of God in the use of the so much idolized Liturgie or Common Prayer, n. d. (? 1644)—The unlawfulnesse of the New Covenant, Oxf. 1643-Iniquity of the late solemn League or Covenant discovered, 1643-Anti-Confederacie, or an extract of certain Quæries concerning the Solemne League and Covenant, Oxf. 1644-Certain Observations upon the New League or Covenant, BRISTOLL for R. Harsell, 1643-Anti-Covenant, or a sad complaint concerning the new Oath or Covenant, 1643The plain-meaning Protestant, or an honest defence of the taking the Covenant, Oxford, 1644-Disquisitions representing the unlawfulnesse of the Oath entituled a Solemn League, Oxf. 1644-The late Covenant asserted, 1643-The Cavaliers new Common-Prayer Booke unclaspt, 1644- Ordinance for the taking of the League and Covenant, 1643-and other tracts relating to the same or similar subjects, chiefly uncut, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf, £5. 1643-48 16852 EPISCOPACY IN SCOTLAND. Letter dropt in the street, 1704Williamson (David) Sermon at the opening of the General Assembly, 1703-Remarks on the Letter and the Sermon, 1703 -Letter to the Episcopal Clergy, 1703-Picture of Prelatists (by Mr. J. Webster), 2 folio leaves -Letter to Mr. James Webster, 1703-Essay for peace . . . about Church-government (by Francis Grant), 1703 - Discourse of the govern

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ment of the Church, 1704-Essay upon Toleration, 1703(Sutherland's) Presbyterian Practice and Doctrine about Baptism, 1703--(Haddo) Doctrine and Practice about Baptism, 2 parts, 1704-Short Character of the Presbyterian Spirit (by Matthew Simpson), 1703-(Calder's) Reasons for a toleration to the Episcopal Clergie, 1703-Presbyterial Government, 2 tracts, 1701 and 1703-Original of Episcopacie, 1703-Antiquity of Epicopacie, 1703-Restoration of Episcopacie, 1705-Funeral of Prelacy, 1704; and several other tracts and broadsides, uncut, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. calf, £12. Edinburgh, 1701-05

16853 LAUD'S PRAYER Book. A Short Relation of the state of the Kirk of Scotland since the Reformation of Religion, 1638-Reasons for which the Service Booke urged upon Scotland ought to bee refused, 1638-The Confession of Faith of the Kirk of Scotland, subscribed by the Kings Majestie and his Household in 1580, and subscribed by the nobles and commons in 1638-Quæres concerning the state of the Church of Scotland, sm. 8vo. UNCUT, reprinted in 1638-Reasons for a Generall Assemblie, 1638— Protestation of the Noblemen, Barrons, Gentlemen, and Commons made at the Mercate Cross of Edinburgh, 4 July, 1638Generall demands concerning the late Covenant propounded by the Ministers in Aberdene, Edinb. 1638-Answeres of some Brethren of the Minitserie (sic) to the Reply of the Ministers of Aberdene, Aberdeen, E. Raban, 1638 Proclamation of K. Charles withdrawing the imposition of the Service Book, no title, Edin. R. Young, 1638-Protestation made at the Cross of Edinburgh, Sept. 22, 1638-The Beast is Wounded, or Information from Scotland concerning their Reformation, printed in the yeare that the Bishops had their downefall in Scotland--Briefe Relation of the passages in the Starre-Chamber at the Censure of Bastwicke, Burton and Prynne, 1638--Divine and Politike Observations newly translated out of the Dutch language upon some lines in a speech of the Arch B. of Canterbury, etc. 1638 -The Beautie of the Remarkable Yeare of Grace, 1638, by T. H., IN VERSE (8 ll.), Edinb. G. Anderson, 1638--A Warning to come out of Babylon in a Sermon preached by And. Ramsay, Edinb. 1638-Abjuration of Poperie by Thos. Abernethie, ib. 1638-Against the apple of the left eye of Antichrist, or the masse book of lurking darknesse, making way for the apple of the right eye of Antichrist, etc. UNCUT, no place (printed in Holland), 1638-in 1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, from the Sunderland library, £20.


A COLLECTION of 16 RARE TRACTS, chiefly relating to the publication of Arch. Laud's Prayer Book in Scotland.

16854 LYNDESAY [David] Bishop of Brechan, Trve Narration of all the passages of the proceedings in the generall Assembly of the Church of Scotland, holden at Perth the 25 of August, 1618, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, from the Sunderland library, £2.

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16855 [MARTINE (John)] Dialogue betwixt Cosmophilus and Theophilus
anent the urging of new Ceremonies upon the KIRKE OF SCOT-
LAND, 12mo. sd. £3. 16s
[Edinburgh] MDCXX-at end, 1621

A curious and rare tract illustrating the Struggle between Episcopalian and Presbyterian principles then taking place in Scotland. At the end Cosmophilus suggests that the ministers of the opposite party should go and preach the Gospel in Virginia.

16856 STEVEN (Rev. W.) History of the Scottish Church, Rotterdam, 1642-1832, 8vo. three plates, hf. calf, 78

Edinburgh, 1833


and Descriptions of Syria, Sec. XI-XIX.

16857 REYSZBUCH desz heyligen Lands, das ist ein grundtliche beschreibung aller Meer und Bilgerfahrten zum heyligen Lande, so biszhero, von vielen Fürsten, Graffen, Freyen, Rittern, etc. vollnbracht [herausgegeben von Nicolaus Roth], 2 vols. in 1, stout folio, over 1200 pp. vellum, £2. Franckfort, Saur, 1609 The vellum sides consist of pages full of writing from a MS. of the XI-XII Century.

The narratives include the Crusades, as well as the Pilgrimages, and begin with A.D. 1095, ending with the later part of the sixteenth century. 16858 CARMOLY (E.) Itinéraires de la Terre Sainte des XIII-XVII Siècle, traduits de l'Hébreu, 8vo. maps, sd. 10s



the same, 1847-Carmoly, Notice sur Benjamin de Tudèle, avec examen par Lelewel, maps, 1852-in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, 20s Bruxelles, 1847-52 16859 BUNTING (Henry) Itinerarium totius sacræ Scripturæ . . done into English by R. B., sm. 4to. calf, gilt edges, 25s

A kind of geographical encyclopædia to illustrate the Bible.


16860 GRETSERI (Jacobi) de sacris et religiosis Peregrinationibus,
libri quatuor
de voluntaria Flagellorum Cruce, sm. 4to.
plates, fine copy in red morocco extra by Boyer, with arms and
monograms of Colbert in gold on sides and back, very scarce, from
the Beckford library, £5. 5s
Ingolstadii, 1606

(A.D. 1217, etc.)
16861 TOBLER'S (Titus) Works. Lustreise ins Morgenland, 2 vols.
Zürich, 1839; Bethlehem in Palästina topographisch und
historisch geschildert, St. Gallen, 1849; die Siloahquelle und der
Oelberg, ib. 1852; Golgatha, seine Kirchen und Klöster, St.
Gall. 1851; Denkblätter aus Jerusalem, St. Gall. 1853; Topo-
graphie von Jerusalem und seinen Umgebungen, mit Beitrag,
3 vols. Berlin, 1853-55; Thetmari Iter ad Terram Sanctam,
1217, ex MS. ed. Tobler, 16mo. St. Galli, 1851; together, 10 vols.
bound in 6, sm. 8vo. maps, plans, and plates, calf, £2. 1839-55
(A.D. 1283).
16862 BORCHARDI Descriptio Terra Sanctæ et Regionum finiti-
marum; item Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum Barth. de
Saligniaco, sm. 4to. vellum, 18s
Magdeburgi, 1587

Barthélemi de Salignac's pilgrimage took place in 1522. Borchard the monk was in the Holy Land in 1283.

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