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16863 LUDOLPHUS DE SUCHEN, de Terra Sancta et Itinere Iherosolimitano et de Statu ejus et aliis mirabilibus que in mari conspiciuntur videlicet Mediterraneo, sm. folio, Editio Princeps, fine large copy in boards, VERY RARE, £21.



(typis H. Eggesteyn), s. a. (circ. 1470) the same, sm. folio, old red morocco, from Croft's and Beckford's libraries, £15. 15s (about 1470) There is no date, place, or printer's name to the above rare volume, but the types are those of Eggesteyn, who printed two editions almost at the same time, each on thirty-four leaves, but the first as above in long lines, and the second in double columns.

Ludolf, Rector or Vicar of Suchen, sometimes called Petrus de Suchen, wrote in 1350 this account of his Oriental travels during five years, 1336-41; saying that, as many others who had made one short pilgrimage found plenty to write about, so he with his long experience of Eastern residence might relate a little. It is a narrative of considerable interest, as the reverend author seems to have been a very observant traveller.

16865 JOANNIS DE HESE Itinerarius a Hierusalem describens dispositiones terrarum, insularum, mōtium, & aquarum . Tractatus. . . de situ & dispositione regionum & insularum totius Indie, etc. sm. 4to. old calf, with the Sunderland Arms on sides, £10.


Parisiis, Rob. Gourmont pro Oliverio Senant, s. a. (cir. 1505) The most curious part of this little volume is the appendix of additional pieces relating to India, which are certainly derived in part from narratives of the recent Portuguese expedition.

16866 TUCHER (Hans) Reysz [gen Jherusalem zu dem heyligen Grab, etc.], sm. 4to. calf neat, £8.


Nuremberg, 1483

This pilgrim is indispensable says Tobler in his list of authorities on the Holy Land. His companions were Otto Spiegel and Sebald Ritter of Nürnberg. -On leaf fiii in the blank space left for a capital Z, an early possessor painted the capital in blue, with his name Hans Feuer Monac' in white upon it. There is also inserted at the beginning an early engraving of the Crucifixion.

16867 BREYDENBACH (Bernardi de) OPUS TRANSMARINE PEREGRINATIONIS ad venerandum et gloriosum sepulchrum dominicum sm. folio, woodcuts including several large folding views, a little defective, unbound, £3. 38

in Hierusalem

Petr. Drach, civ. Spirens. 1490 Second edition of the Latin text, the first having been printed at Mainz four years previously. The plan of the Holy Land is absent; otherwise the book appears to be quite complete.




alia editio, sm. folio, woodcuts, old calf, binding broken, Petr. Drach, civ. Spir. 1502 This is a good and sound copy, but it wants the plan of Venice, the plan of the Holy Land and the engraving which precedes the text.

the same, sm. folio, perfect, with all the woodcuts and large folding views, fine copy in green morocco, blind tooling, gilt edges, £12. Petr. Drach, civis Spirensis, 1502 dis buch ist innhaltend die heilige reysen gein Jherusm. folio, with the same woodcuts as in the original



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Latin edition, but the frontispiece absent, the views of Venice, Rhodes, and Candia, and map of the Holy Land defective, old calf, £3. 10s s. n. (Mainz, about 1488) 16871 BREYDENBACH, die heylighe beuarden tot dat heylighe grafft in iherusalem, sm. folio, portions of the plans of Venice, Candia and the Holy Land, defective, vellum, £2. 16s

Eerhaert Rewich van Vtrecht, in Mentzs, 1488

This pilgrimage was made in 1483 by John, the young Count of Solms, in company with Bernhard von Breytenbach, Deacon of Mentz, and the Knight Philip of Bicken. They became associated with nine other lords, Johannes Lazinus, an ecclesiastical dignitary from Transylvania, Felix Schmidt, a Dominican of Ulm, Paul and Thomas, two Minorites skilled in tongues, and Erhard Reuwich, an artist from Utrecht, who made all the designs which adorn the book. The chief authorship is ascribed in the book itself to Breytenbach (hujus operis auctor principalis), and there is no mention made of Martin Roth the Dominican to whom modern critics assign the work. The Count of Solms died at Alexandria. The story of this journey will always be interesting: it is one of the first printed books of travel; it describes minutely the condition of the Holy Land, and the customs of the various races and sects that inhabited it. Moreover, the alphabets and characters of different languages, including the Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Ethiopic, etc. which appear in this work, were the first examples of their kind. In short, the work possesses interest for every kind of collector.

16872 [BREYDENBACH (B. de)] des Saintes Peregrinations de Jerusalem
et des Environs et des Lieux prochains du Mont Synai et la
glorieuse Katherine (traduit et augmenté par Frère NICOLE LE
HUEN, folio, woodcuts, but wanting map and the engraved views,
fine and very large copy in oak boards, VERY RARE, £5. 58

Lyon, Topie et Heremberck, 1488

Le Huen started on his pilgrimage in 1487, along with Monseigneur de la Mourinière, the Bishop of Cambray, and others; and visited the same places as Breydenbach. The work of description and illustration having been so well done already, he took the liberty of using Breydenbach's text and copying Reuwich's designs.

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16873 LE GRANT VOYAGE DE HIERUSALEM en la seconde partie est
traicte DES CROISEES, 2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, woodcuts, autograph
of Philippes Desportes, veau marbré, without the 2 maps mentioned
by Brunet, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, very scarce,
Paris, F. Regnault, 1522

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(About 1498)
16874 VIAGGIO da Venetia al sante Sepulcro & al monte Sinai
additione di geti & animali che si trovano da Venetia sino al santo
Sepulchro, & per tutta la Soria, sm. 8vo. (12mo.), numerous
woodcuts by Z. A. old calf, from the Sunderland library, £6.

Venetia, per Nic. di Aristotele detto Zoppino, 1533 The artist was probably the well-known Gioan Andrea Valvassore. The date of pilgrimage is not indicated, the book being written for the most part in the form of a Guide-book. It is only towards the end that the author adopts the historical form and says, "We went onward," etc.

16875 BAUMGARTEN (Martini à) Peregrinatio in Ægyptum,
Arabiam, Palæstinam et Syriam, studio et opera Ch. Donaveri,
small 4to. vellum, £2. 8s
Noriberga, 1594

Bound up with a volume "Memoriæ Christiani Saxoniæ ducis et

Johannis Casimiri com. palat. Rheni sacrum," consisting of a number of elegies and other pieces in Latin verse. The vellum wrapper was portion of a Latin classic transcribed in Italy about 1440, and has an illuminated initial.

(About 1520)

16876 PEREGRINATIONES totius terre sancte


Indulgentie concesse

Venetiis (cir. 1520)—AUREA HISTORIA de Vita et Miraculis Domini nostri Jesu Christi, woodcut title and initial letters, printed in large Missal type, extremely rare, Venetiis per Joannem Antonium et Fratres de Sabio, s. a.—2 vols. in 1, 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, from the Beckford library, £12. 12s

(cir. 1510-20)


16877 SALIGNAC (Barthélemy de)—see (1283) Borchardus. (1536) 16878 ZIEGLERI (J.) Terræ Sanctæ, quam Palæstinam nominant, Syriæ, Arabiæ, Ægypti & Schondiæ descriptio . . Holmiæ Clades. . . Terræ Sanctæ altera descriptio authore Wolffgangio Weissenburgio, small folio, woodcut maps, fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, by C. Kalthoeber, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £12. Argentorati, 1536 (1548-9) 16879 REGNAUT (Anthoine) Discours du Voyage d'Outre Mer au sainct Sepulcre de Ierusalem et autres lieux de la Terre Saincte, 4to. numerous woodcuts (by Jean Moni) and two woodcut maps (out of four), last leaf of table at end missing, hf. bd. £5.


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Lyon, aux despens de l'autheur, 1573

This copy has the 26 rare leaves of ORDONNANCES des princes qui ont esté souverains du sainct Sepulchre, which were neither in the Didot nor the Beckford copy (which fetched £12. 5s).

16880 RADZIVILLI (Principis Nic. Christ.) Ierosolymitana Peregrinatio à Thoma Tretero, ex Polonico sermone in Latinum translata, folio, engraved title, calf, 12s Antverp. 1594

(About 1580) 16881 ADRICHOMII (Christiani) Theatrum Terræ Sanctæ et Biblicarum Historiarum, folio, engraved title and numerous folding copperplate maps, old English calf, with the Arms of SIR CHRISTOPHER HATTON on sides, £2. 10s Colon. Agr. 1593 This, the original edition, is seldom seen. It is usually referred to the year 1589, as that date is found at the end of the preface.


16882 ZUALLARDO (G.) Devotissimo Viaggio di Gierusalemme, sm. 4to. numerous views and plans engraved on the text by Natale Bonifacio, calf, 24s Roma, 1587 the same, LARGE PAPER, 4to. vellum, £2. 2s 1587 Original and best edition. Zuallardo made his pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulchre in 1586.




devotissimo Viaggio, 12mo. engraved plans and views, brown morocco extra, by Belz-Niedrée, £2. 2s Roma, 1595 the same, 12mo. olive morocco extra, by Lewis, with the Blandford crest on the sides, £2. 2s


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16887 GUERRERO (Francisco) el Viage de Hierusalem, 12mo. very fine and large copy in calf extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s


Granada, 1612 The pilgrim was a musical composer, Kapellmeister at Seville. The relation is a rare one, although this is apparently the third edition.

16888 COTOVICI (Ioannis) Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum et Syriacum, 4to. numerous engravings, vellum, 20s Antverp. 1619


16889 DANDINI (Jerome) Voyage du Mont Liban traduit de l'italien, créances et coutumes des Maronitas, etc. 12mo. calf, Sunderland copy, 78 6d

Paris, 1675 (1600) 16890 MANTEGAZZA (S.) Relatione tripartita del Viaggio di Gierusalemme, sm. 4to. very fine copy in russia extra, leather joints, gilt marbled edges, with Kalthoeber's ticket, £4. 10s Milano, 1616

An interesting volume full of curiously minute information. The author started on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, from Milan, in 1600.

16891 BENARD (Nic.) Voyage de Hierusalem et autres Lieux de La
Terre Saincte, 12mo. fine copy in old French red morocco, gilt
edges, with fleurs-de-lis stamped in gold on back, from the Beckford
library, £20.

Paris, 1621
16892 AMICO (Bernardino) Trattato delle Piante & Immagini de
Sacri Edifizi di Terra Santa, 4to. fine impressions of the
engravings by CALLOT, calf, £2.
Firenza, 1620

Amico made his drawings in Jerusalem in 1619.

16893 CASTILLO (Antonio de) el Devoto Peregrino: Viage de Tierra
Santa, 4to. plates, some folded, others engraved on the text, of
plans and views, vellum, covered with leather, 30s Madrid, 1656
el Devoto Peregrino y Viage de Tierra Santa, folio,
map and fine plates, fine copy in russia extra, gilt edges, by
C. Lewis, £6. 6s
Paris, 1666



Although there were three or four editions of this really valuable account, the Itinerary of Castillo is very little known to collectors of works on the Holy Land. He made considerable use of Zuallardo in the descriptions of places.

16895 BERDINI (Vincenzo) Historia dell' antica e moderna Palestina,
3 parts or 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, arms of Lord Sunderland on the
sides, £2. 2s
Venetia, 1642

16896 QUARESMII (Francisci) ELUCIDATIO TERRE SANCTE, historica,
theologica, moralis, 2 vols. stout folio, maps and plates, nearly
2200 pp. calf, VERY RARE, £10.


Antverpiæ, ex officina Plantiniana, 1639 Tomus I, stout folio, engraved (and printed) title, map, pp. 40, 924, and 99, bds. 20s Antverpiæ, 1639 Of great value. "A book which is quite indispensable to the scholar."


-Tobler. It is singular that this important work should be one of the very rarest of those that treat on the Holy Land. It may be found in great libraries, but hardly ever turns up at sales.

16898 DOUBDAN (1.) Voyage de la Terre-Sainte, contenant une veritable description des lieux considerables que N. S. a sanctifié de sa presence sm. 4to. plates, title mended, veau fauve extra, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, 30s Paris, 1657 seconde édition, 4to. plates, vellum, with John Locke's autograph, 36s




1661 troisième édition, 4to. plates, neatly bound, 20s 1666

16901 LEONIS (Jacobi Jehuda) de Templo Hierosolymitano libri iv, ex Ebræo Latinè recensiti a Joh. Sauberto, sm. 4to. portrait and plates, old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library, 248


Helmæstadi, 1665 Bound up with Torfæi Trifolium historicum, Hafniæ, 1707.

16902 TERZI DI LAURIA (Biagio) Siria Sacra: descrittione istoricogeografica, cronologico-topografica delle due Chiese patriarcali Antiochia e Gerusalemme, folio, 4 maps, old calf gilt, £2. 10s

Roma, 1695 (1700) 16903 BEAUGRAND (Felix) Relation nouvelle et tres-fidelle du Voyage de la Terre Sainte, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, 188 Paris, 1700-01 16903*RELANDI (Hadr.) Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata, stout sm. 4to. maps and plates, calf, 10s Norimb. 1716


(1720) 16904 LAMY (Bernardus) de Tabernaculo Foederis, de sancta civitate Jerusalem, et de Templo ejus, folio, numerous plates of the Temple, Altar, the sacrificial vessels, etc. calf, 18s Paris. 1720 From the antiquarian point of view, a thoroughly scientific work.

(1817) 16905 (JOLLIFFE'S) Letters from Palestine descriptive of a tour through Galilee and Judæa, second edition, with letters from Egypt, by T. R. J., 8vo. plates, hf. calf, 5s

TOBLER-see ante, No. 16861.



16906 EGERTON (Lady Francis) Journal of a tour in the Holy Land, 8vo. plates, cloth, 58 Privately printed, 1841

(1845) 16907 MUNK (S.) Palestine: description géographique, historique, et archéologique, 8vo. 2 maps and 68 plates, hf. morocco, uncut, 5s Paris, 1845

(1847) 16908 WILSON (John) the Lands of the Bible visited and described, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and plates (pub. 36s), cloth, 22s


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