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16945 EUSEBE, Discours touchant les miracles attribuez par les Payens à Appollonius de Tyane, traduit par Cousin, 12mo. old French black morocco, gilt edges, 21s

Paris, 1684

16946 on the Theophania, translated from an ancient Syriac version by Samuel Lee, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d Cambridge, 1843 16947 GREGORY (ST.) MORALI DI SANCTO GREGORIO Papa sopra la vita di Job propheta (volgarizzati da Zanobi da Strata ed un anonimo), 3 vols. sm. folio, Editio Princeps, vellum, gilt backs, from Dr. Wellesley's library, £7.

Firenze, Nicholo di Lorenzo della Magna, 1486

This is one of the testi di lingua quoted by the Cruscans.
"Questa edizione è della maggior rarità."-Haym.

16948 GREGORII NYSSENI OPUSCULA nonnulla, Gr. et Lat. nunc primum edita per F. Ducæam, Ingolstadii, 1596-S. Joannis Chrysostomi quòd difficile sit Episcopum agere dialogus G. Brixio interprete, Geneva, 1541-S. Jean Chrysostome Discours de la verité du S. Sacrement, traduict par F. Morel, Paris, 1596-3 vols. in 1, 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, with arms and monogram of the Marquis de Menars in gold on sides and back, from the Beckford library, £14.

16949 HIERONIMI (S.) Epistolæ, large folio, very fine copy, with painted capitals, blue MOROCCO super extra, broad borders of gold, gilt edges, £20. Sine ulla nota (Argentorati, J. Mentelin, 1468)

Extremely rare. The Lomenie copy sold for 1196 francs 95 centimes, and the Brienne Laire for 1200 francs. Although the edition printed at Rome in 1468 is generally considered the first, it will always be a doubtful point, as Mentelin's text is less complete, several letters to be found in the Roman not being in his. Mentelin's certainly could not have been printed later than 1469, as there is a copy in the Bibliothèque Nationale on which the binder, J. Rychenbach, has marked his name with the date 1469.

16950 HIERONYMI (Beatissimi) Epistolæ (ex recensione Theodori Lelii), 2 vols. thick folio, the initials illuminated, one of them containing a miniature, and the capitals painted; fine copy in the original stamped sheepskin binding, from the Sunderland library, Ia. Ru. (sine loco et anno; circ. A.D. 1472) Presentation copy to the Abbey of S. Maria ad Gratias at Neustift in the Tyrol, from Eleanor of Scotland, Archduchess of Austria and Countess of Tyrol. This appears from a MS. inscription in each volume, which must have been written not later than 1479, as the Scottish princess died in 1480.

£16. 16s

This rare edition (formerly referred to Jacobus Rubeus at Venice, and Ulrich Hahn at Rome) is now generally assigned to Sixtus Riessinger at Naples. The type seems certainly to be the same as was used by him; but whence comes the inscription at the end, "Ia. Ru."? Neither Brunet nor Graesse attempts to explain it, although they both state that this was the cause of the older assignment to Jacobus Rubeus. There is a mystery about the matter,— for if we judge from the early Tyrolian inscription (probably written about 1475), and from the fact that another copy, which passed through the market many years ago, belonged, about 1480, to a nobleman of Rovigo,—it would seem, in connexion also with the circumstance that the two volumes were reprinted at Parma in 1480-that the "Ia. Ru." edition must have been produced in North-east Italy. Thus it becomes an interesting problem for the history of early typography in Italy. The book is printed in a small type, usually called semi-gothic but really pure Roman, in double columns of 50 lines to a full page. The last page finishes as follows:-" finis secundi voluminis Epistolarum Beatissimi Hieronymi. Veritas Vincit. Ja. Ru." So fine a copy for

cleanness, absence of wormholes, and general excellence of condition, it would perhaps be impossible to find again. 16951 HIERONYMI Opera (Expositiones super libros Bibliorum), 8 vols. bound in 3, folio, with very beautiful Capital Letters, engraved on wood, old stamped vellum binding, from the Sunderland library, £9. Venetiis, Joann. et Gregor. de Gregoriis, 1497-8

Oxon. 1708

Printed partly in Roman and partly in Gothic. The contents are given on the first page of the book. The printer's device appears twice in the vols. 16952 IGNATII (S.) Epistolæ septem genuinæ, quas collegit S. Polycarpus suæque ad Philippenses epistolæ subjecit, Gr. et Lat. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, old crimson morocco gilt, gilt edges, from the Sunderland library, £3. 3s 16952*CORPUS IGNATIANUM: a complete collection of the Ignatian Epistles, genuine, interpolated, and spurious, in Syriac, Greek and Latin, with English translation of the Syriac, by Cureton, roy. 8vo. sd. 12s Berlin, 1849 16953 JOANNIS CHRYSOSTOMI (Sancti) OPERA OMNIA, Graece et Latine, nova interpretatione, præfationibus, notis, variis lectionibus illustrata et nova Vita, Appendicibus, Onomastico, Indicibus locupletata, studio BERNARDI DE MONTFAUCON, 13 vols. large folio, best Edition, portrait, fine copy, in vellum, £11.

Paris, 1718-38 16954 JOANNIS CHRYSOSTOMI Conciunculæ sex, Græce, Basileæ, 1526-Ejusdem Homilia quod nemo læditur nisi a seipso, Græce, Paris, 1541-Nectarii et Joannis Chrysostomi Orationes, Gr. et Lat. ib. 1554-Gregorii Nysseni Orationes duæ, Gr. et Lat. Lips. 1564 -4 vols. in 1, 12mo. fine copies in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, with the first arms and monogram of Thuanus in gold on sides and back, from the Beckford library, £18. 18s 1526-64


This was probably one of the first volumes bound for De Thou, who began his collection with the books left by his uncle Adrien in 1570, and increased it with those of his father in 1582.

16955 JUSTINI (S.) MARTYRIS OPERA, Græce et Latine (edente Frid. Sylburgio), folio, LARGE PAPER, portrait, old calf, clean copy, autograph of Stephanus Baluzius on title, from the Sunderland library, £2. 16s Lutet. Paris. 1615 Opera omnia, Gr. et Lat. recensuit J. C. T. Otto, 3 vols. in 2, 8vo. calf gilt, 22s Ienae, 1847-50 16957 LACTANTII OPERA, folio, beautiful Manuscript on Vellum, by an Italian Scribe, with rich border and initial letters, finely illuminated in gold and colours, morocco extra, joints, gilt edges, in the antique style by Thompson of Paris, £20. circa 1480

It will always be interesting to possess an ancient MS. containing the works of "the Christian Cicero." Lactantius combines in himself the double character of an almost classical Latin author and a foremost Father of the Christian Church. 16958 LACTANTII FIRMIANI DE DIUINIS INSTITUTIŌIBUS ADUERSUS GENTES. . LIBRI . . folio, Editio Princeps,

with the two rare leaves of Errata, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by BEDFORD-his last work, £160.

In monasterio Sublacensi, 1465

This is not only the FIRST EDITION OF THE BOOK, but is also the FIRST DATED BOOK which issued from the first Italian press, and the FIRST BOOK IN WHICH GREEK CHARACTERS appeared. 16959 LACTANTIUS, folio, Editio Princeps, WITH THE ERRATA, very fine copy in red morocco super extra, rich gold tooling, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £250. In monasterio Sublacensi, 1465


This copy was bound for Count Dmitri Buturlin and formed part of his second collection.

It has a special interest as containing an inscription by the rubricator, who gives his name as Nico. W.-Who was he?- -a German monk in the monastery, or a German workman from Maintz associated with Schweinheim? There is so little known concerning the first Italian press at Subbiaco that even this little item has its value.

idem opus, folio, Editio Princeps, with the Errata; Grolier's copy in the original smooth orange morocco binding, the sides covered with a grand geometrical design of interlacements tooled in broad compartments of silver, with elegant subsidiary ornaments of Mosaic character in green, red, and gold, the centre on the front side bearing the words "Lactantivs Firmianvs Opera," that on the lower cover "in monasterio Svblacensi M.CCCC.LXV.," and the usual inscription "Io. Grolierii et amicorvm" on the front at the bottom, in a red morocco case, £500.

Sub ano dni. M.CCCC.LXV. ・・・ In uenerabili

monasterio Sublacensi. Deo gratias (1465)

The ornamentation on the back of this marvellous volume is like the subsidiary arabesques on the sides, and it is still visible, although some Italian marquis in the seventeenth century had his own coronet and monogram superposed, and notwithstanding that two of the compartments have been attacked by worms. The glorious sides, however, have only yielded to time and lost a little of their freshness.

16961 LACTANTIUS de divinis Institutionibus, de ira Dei, etc. folio, second edition of the text, and the first printed at Rome, fine copy in brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £80.

Rome, Conradus Suueynheym Arnoldusque Pannarts, 1468 From Didot's library. This edition is, perhaps, of equal rarity with the

first, which had been produced three years earlier by the same printers at Subbiaco.

16962 LACTANTII Opera cum notis variorum commentariis, sm. 8vo. fine copy in red morocco, gold tooling, gilt edges, by Boyer, from the Beckford library, 28s Lugd. Bat. 1660 16963 LACTANTIUS. Traité de Lactance de la mort des persecuteurs de l'Eglise, mis en François par M. Maucroix, 12mo. old red morocco gilt, gilt edges, by Boyer, FINE COPY, from the Sunderland library, 28s Paris, 1680

With the autograph of Baluze, for whom probably the book was bound.

16964 NICOLAI PRIMI Pont. Maximi Epistolae, folio, LARGE PAPER, in the original smooth brown morocco, the back covered with fleurs-de-lis in gold, and the sides richly gilt with a geometrical and arabesque pattern, comprising both kinds of the ornamentation which is characteristic of the collector, the full-page fillet-work being, à fers azurés; GROLIER'S COPY, with his name "Io. Grolierii et amicorum" and the title of the book on the front-cover, his motto "Portio mea Domine sit in terra viventium on the back; enclosed in a red Romae, 1542 This beautiful specimen of Grolier's library comes from the Marlborough collection. It is No. 185 in Le Roux de Lincy's list, where the binding is described thus, "Reliure d'une grande magnificence et dans un état parfait de conservation."

morocco case, £300.

16965 NILI Epistolæ nunc primùm editæ ex Bibliotheca Medicæa, operâ Petri Possini, Græce et Latine, 4to. beautifully bound in red morocco extra, edges marbled and gilt, with the royal arms on the sides and the crowned cipher on the backs, from the Sunderland library, £7. Parisiis, 1657

Bound by Boyer about the year 1670-80. 16966 ORIGENIS. . Homiliæ. . divo Hieronymo interprete, sm. folio, a few leaves slightly wormed, oak boards, £2. 10s

Ven. in ædib., Aldi, 1503

The flyleaf was portion of an eleventh-century MS. on vellum. The Prefatio ad Lectorem, which is anonymous, contains an interesting passage concerning the partnership of Aldus and his father-in-law and the great learning of the former.


16967 PATRICII (S.) Synodi, Canones, Opuscula et scriptorum quæ supersunt fragmenta, scholiis illustrata a Villanueva, 8vo. bds. Dublini, 1835 16968 TERTULLIANI Opera . . diligentia Nic. Rigaltii; Ph. Priorius argumenta et notas adjecit; acc. Novatiani tractatus, etc. roy. folio, LARGE PAPER, ruled with red lines, old red morocco gilt, with the Arms of the Comte de Brioude on sides, gilt edges, FINE COPY, from the Sunderland library, £5. 58 Lut. Paris. 1675

A very fine example of Boyer's art.


16970 ALBERTUS MAGNUS de adherendo Deo, nudato intellectu et affectu-Johannis GERSON Tractatulus de Remediis contra Pusillanimitatem-Epistola BONAVENTURE de Modo Proficiendi— Bonaventure doctrina Juvenum: de Informatione Noviciorum et Juvenum-4 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, half vellum, £2.

s. 1. & a. (Ulmæ, J. Zainer, circa 1473)

Printed in Roman characters. All the early books thus printed in Germany are very rare.

16971 BERNARDI (S.) Opera omnia, recognita, digesta, notis et indicibus illustrata, curis Joannis Mabillon, editio quarta emendata, 6 vols. in 4, roy. 8vo. half russia, marbled edges, £3. 3s Parisiis, 1839 16972 HUGO [DE SANCTO VICTORE.] INCIPIT DIDASCALON MAGISTRI HUGONIS DE STUDIO LEGEDI [cum aliis tractatibus], sm. folio. vellum, £4. 4s Sine notâ [Argent. circ. 1475]

This famous schoolman died about 1140 or 1142.

16973 LULLIUS. Practica cōpendiosa artis Raymüdi Lul; explanatio compēdiosaq' applicatio artis illuminati doctoris magistri Raymundi Lull. . per Bernardū de lauinheta . . edita, sm. folio, woodcuts and diagrams, calf, £2. 10s Lugduni, 1523 Libro de la Concepcion virginal, traducido por Don Alonzo de Zepeda, Latin y Español, 12mo. vellum, 36s



Brusselas, 1664 His theory concurs with the dogma that was established by Pius IX. Many queer matters are discussed in relation to the Virgin's parents.

Opusculum de auditu Kabbalistico, folding tables and diagrams, 1578-Articuli Fidei quos Raymundus Lullius probat, engraved diagram, 1578-2 vols. in 1, 16mo. veau fauve extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s Paris, 1578 16976 THOMÆ AQUINATIS SECUNDA SECUNDÆ SUMME THEOLOGICÆ, folio, Printed upon Vellum, first page in each vol. and initials finely illuminated; lower plain margins of several ll. cut off, and seven leaves wanting; otherwise in beautiful condition, old calf, with Marlborough Arms on sides, from the Sunderland library, £50. Mogunt. Fust et Schoeffer, 1467

The imprint of the book is perfect, and the copy is almost entirely throughout a fine and large one, in beautifully fresh preservation. When we reckon up the brief tale of titles of books dated in the fourteen-sixties, and consider their inaccessibility and their usually high prices, it must be admitted that this example, printed on vellum, is a singularly cheap one.

16977 AQUINATIS (S. Thoma) Summa totius Theologiæ, 12 vols. 18mo. ruled with red lines, green calf gilt, £4. Romæ, 1619

This edition has the advantage of a copious general Index.

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