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in qua præter ea quæ Labbeus et Cossartius et novissime Coleti
edidere, ea omnia insuper que Joannes Dominicus Mansi
evulgavit, editio novissima, 31 vols. folio, frontispiece and
vignettes, vellum, £125.

Florentiæ, 1759-98
As long as Christianity continues to exert a vital influence over the
destinies of mankind, so long must these thirty-one great volumes be indis-
pensable to the student of history and to the theologian. The collection is a

monument of learning, industry, and patience.
17030 THE SECOND SYNOD OF EPHESUS (A.D. 449), together with certain

extracts relating to it, from Syriac MSS. now first edited by
the Rev. S. G. F. PERRY, English version, 8vo. pp. xxxii and 459,
cloth, 5s

Privately printed, Dartford, 1881
This work contains in full detail the proceedings at the Second Session
of the “ Latrocinium Ephesinum” (where the heresy of Eutyches received
dogmatic sanction), and affords an extremely singular and curious historical

picture the Christian Church in the middle of the fifth century. 17031 CANONS and Decrees of the Council of Trent, translated by Waterworth, 8vo. cloth, 58

1848 17032 SAENZ DE AGUIRRE (Josephi) Collectio maxima Conciliorum

omnium HISPANIAE et Novi ORBIS, 6 vols. folio, part of leaf 209

in the first volume torn off, calf gilt, £2. 10s Romæ, 1753-55 17033 STATUTA seu Decreta provincialium et diocesanarum SYNODORUM

Sanctæ ECCLESIÆ COLONIENSIS, ex pervetusto codice, folio,
vellum, 36s

Colonice, Quentel, 1554 17034 JUSTELLI (Christophori) Codex Canonum ecclesiæ Africanæ, ex

MSS. edidit Græcam versionem adiunxit, 12mo. calf, with the
arms and cipher of Denis de Sallo in gold on the sides, 20s

Lut. Paris. 1615 17035 [LYNDEWODE (Guillelmi)] PROUINCIALE seu Costitutiones

Anglie, sm. folio, printed in red and black, title within elaborate
woodcut border, a few of the headings slightly cut into, old red
morocco, gilt edges, £3. 10s

London, in cimiterio sancti Pauli, apud Franciscum
Bryckman-At end : Antwerpie, Christoph. Endou.

impensis Francisci Brickman, 1525
Thomas Hearne’s copy with his autograph, dated 1714. Between the
colophon and the table, there is a leaf containing woodcuts of the English

arms, the Tudor rose, and of St. George slaying the dragon.

subtilissima interpretatione dni Johannis de Athon .
et ɔstitutiones prouinciales ab archiepiscopis Cantuariensibus
edite ... sm. folio, printed in red and black, with some woodcuts,
including that which occupies the title-page and represents
St. George and the Dragon with other figures, and the royal
escutcheon of England; old red morocco, gilt edges, £2. 16s

Parrhis. Wulfgangus Hopilius, 1504
PATRICII (S.) Synodi-see No. 16967.

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segundo, 1555 y 1565 : Concilium Mexicanum tertium, 1585, cum Statutis ; curâ et expensis F. A. à LORENZANA, Archipræsulis ; 3 vols. in 2, sm. folio, vellum, £2. Mexico, 1769-1770

Priced, 1822, Thorpe, £6. 68 ; 1846, Stewart, £5. 58 ; Salva priced a copy £3. 38, and remarked, “ these two parts are seldom found together.”

Aguirre, in his collection of Spanish Councils, only gives the third of

the above from the text of the edition mentioned below. 17038 CONCILIUM PROVINCIALE MEXICI celebratum anno 1585,

præsidente Petro Moya Contreras, cum Statutis, 2 parts in 1, folio, corners of a few pages mended, otherwise a good copy in vellum, scarce, £2. 10s

Mexici, 1622 The engraver of the title-page was Samuel Stradanus from Antwerp. 17039 [BORROMÆI] (Cardinalis Caroli) ACTA ECCLESIÆ MEDIOLA

NENSIS, Federici Card. Borromæi jussu collecta & edita, 2 vols. folio, EDITIO OPTIMA, ruled with red lines, fine copy in old crimson morocco gilt, gilt edges, from the Sunderland library, £6.

Mediolani, 1599 C. Rota Romana. 17040 CÒCLUSIONES SIVE DECISIONES ANTIQUE DNOR'AUDITOR' DE ROTA— [Continuatio :] Ego Guilhelmus Horborch

... cepi colligere et scriberē cötinuādo usq' ad ānū dni. M.CCCLXXXI-2 vols. in 1, folio, some leaves a little wormed at beginning and end, hf. morocco, £10.

Magunt. Petrus Schoyffer, 1477 In connexion with recent investigations into the early history of Printing, we should not forget to notice small and obvious matters such as this. Here is a book in which Peter Schoeffer, exactly twenty years after the first dated book bearing his name, prints a colophon styling Mainz the first inventress and polisher of the printing art. Yet he does not claim the honour as his own, nor had it been claimed in any of the earlier books from his press, although Mr. Hessels seems to have proved that Schöffer was printing in 1454. After all, the absence of documentary evidence does not invalidate

tradition, when there is no rational alternative to the latter. 17011 BOUCHER (Nicolas) Virdunensis Episcopatus N. Bocherii ad D.D. Judices, Romæ, in S. Rote Auditorio, sm. 4to. vellum, fine

Virduni ex off. R. Gregorii, 1593 PRESENTATION copy from the author, with inscription on title, to Petrus Benetius, Canon of Verdun. The title also bears the autograph of STEPHANUS BALUZIUS.

This was an answer to a suit instituted in the papal court to deprive Boucher of his Bishopric, as having been unduly invested with it. It involves an elaborate antiquarian discussion of the old political status of Lorraine, of the privileges of the Gallican Church, and the prerogatives of Pope and Emperor. The Chapter of Verdun had elected the Canon Jean Rembervillier,

whose claim was supported by the Emperor and the King of Spain. d. Pænitentialia; Digests of Moral Theology;

Treatises on Infractions of the Sacraments. 17042 CANONES PÆNITENTIALES cum quibusdam notis Antonii Augustini Archiep. Taraconensis, sm. 4to, fine copy in vellum, £3. 15s

Tarracone, ap. P. Mey, 1582 These Canones are amongst the most ancient monuments of Ecclesiastical

copy, £3.

Law, and consequently deal in a singularly frank and open manner with the most curious details of the crimes of the flesh. They range in date of compilation from the sixth or seventh to the twelfth century; and it is noteworthy

ihat the penalties grow in severity with time. 17043 ANTONINUS. Tractatus de instructione seu directione simpli

cium Confessorum, editum a domino Anthonino archiepiscopo
florentino ; Sermo beati Johannis Crisostomi de Penitentia, s. n.
-THOMÆ DE AQUINO Summa de articulis fidei et ecclesie
sacramentis, s. n.-2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. very fine copies in

ancient boards, covered with leather, £6.

(Colon. Ulr. Zell, 1469-70) The chapter-numbers are printed in Arabic numerals—a singularly early

typographical use of them. 17044 BUTRIO (Antonii de) Tractatus seu Directorium ad confitenda Peccata, 8vo. bd. £2.

s. n. (? Romæ, circ. 1468-70) A rare example of some early printer. The typography is of a rude and

unusual character. 17045 CANGIAMILA (F. E.) Embriologia Sacra overo dell'ufficio de'

sacerdoti, medici, e superiori circa l'eterna salute de bambini racchiusi nell'utero, sm. 4to. vellum, 30s

Palermo, 1745 An infamous book, insisting on the exercise, even by force, of the Cæsarian operation, for the purpose of baptizing the unborn foetus ; the child's chance of life being far less important than the ceremony of baptism,

and the mother's peril or death a matter of sınall concern. 17046 CLARET (Padre) LLAVE DE ORO, seguida del Apparatus pro

doctrina sacra in concione proponenda, auctore Richardo ARSDEKIN, 12mo. sd. 78 6d; calf, 10s

Barcelona, Libreria religiosa, 1857-60 More objectionable than Sanchez de Matrimonio, because it is written in Spanish and in a popular style ; with amusingly naïve dialogues between the

priest and the penitent upon subjects of the most curious character. 17047 Dens (Petri) Theologia Moralis et dogmatica, 8 vols. sm. 8vo. hf. calf, 15$

Dublinu, 1832 With the cancelled Dedication to the Roman Catholic Archbishop (Murray) of Dublin. This author's ample and minute treatment of all sins

connected with the sexual passions has given some notoriety to his work. 17018 FLOURE OF THE COMMANDEMENTS OF GOD, sm. folio,

woodcuts, wanting title and 12 leaves of tabula at beginning and Xx 4-6 at end, EXTREMELY RARE, calf, from Archdeacon Cotton's library, £9.

(Wynkyn de Worde, 1510) One of the rarest productions of Wynkin de Worde's press.

It was translated by Andrew Chertsey from an anonymous French original (the first edition of which was printed in Rouen in 1496) which seems to have been chietly drawn from the Sermones de Sanctis et Promptuarium Exemplorum of thc Discipulus (J. Herolt.) The marvellous stories contained in this volume are not surpassed in any work of fiction : some of them are very

interesting as well as little known. 17049 GRILLANDI (Pauli) Tractat' de Hereticis & sortilegiis, omnifariam

Coitu, eorumq' penis, 12mo. title within woodcut border, old
French red morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2$ Lugduni, 1536

17050 KUGLER (Patris Joannis) Tractatus theologico-canonicus de

Matrimonio, 2 vols. folio, calf, £2. 10s Herbipoli, 1713

The author complains that Sanchez should be thought to have exhausted the subject, and with reason. His ideas of the way in which a lady's confessor is to frame his delicate inquiries modestly, are highly amusing. The penitens is not to be bluntly asked an ipsa seminaverit, but utrum tempore conceptut

vel prope paulo ante vel post senserit magnam voluptatem. 17051 LAGHI (N.) Miracoli del santiss. Sacramento con historie, sentenze, etc. small 4to. about 100 fine woodcuts, vellum, 36s

Venetia, 1628 The sudden punishments of heretics recorded here as wrought by the “Holy Sacrament” show that the author credited the Deity with superhuman

cruelty as well as superhuinan power. 17052 LIGORIO (Alphonsi de) Theologia Moralis, curavit Mich. Heilig, 10 vols. 12mo. hf. calf, 30s

Mechlinice, 1845-46 17053 MEDICINA Theologica ou Supplica humilde a todos os Senhores

Confessores sobre o modo de proceder com seus penitentes na emenda da Lascivia, Colera, e Bebedice, small 4to. half blue nuorocco, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £2. 28

Lisboa, 1794 Extremely rare, most of the copies having been destroyed by order of

the Inquisition. 17054 Meneses (Philippe de) Luz dl Alma christiana, contra la ceguedad

& ygnorancia .. en el qual se da luz assi a los confessores como a los penitentes sm. 4to. title in red within elegant

woodcut border, vellum, £2. 10s Sevilla, Sebastian Trugillo, 1566 17055 MEXIA (Vicente) Saludable Instrucion del Estado de Matrimonio,

sm. 4to. the title supplied in MS. about two hundred years ago, and the first leaf of approbation wanting, calf, 308

(? Madrid) 1563 He discusses freely all the arcana of marriage, while excusing himself for

his natural want of experience in the matter. 17056 NYDER (Johannis) PRECEPTORIŪ DIUINE LEGIS, folio, with coloured

capitals, fine copy with the edges almost entirely uncut, wooden boards covered with stamped leather, the title written on a slip of paper underneath a transparent plate of horn which is fastened

on the front cover, £5. Sine nota (Colon. Udalr. Zell, circ. 1473] 17057 THORDYNARY OF CRYSTEN MEN. Colophon : Here endeth

the boke named the ordynarye of crysten men newely hystoryed
and translated out of Frensshe into Englysshe, sm. 4to. with
woodcuts, fine copy in olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford,
Enprynted in the cyte of London in the Fletestreete in the
sygne of ye sonne by WYNKYN DE WORDE, ye yere of our

Lorde, M.CCCCC.VI (1506) This second edition by Wynkin de Worde is excessively rare, and the opy is particularly desirable from its fine condition. The title and the last leaf have woodcuts, with the title block-printed. COLLATION: A, 4 leaves ; A, 6 leaves ; B to X and Aa to Mm, in alternate sheets of four and eight leaves ; Nn in four leaves, Oo and Pp six leaves each ; making altogether 218 leaves.

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17058 RAIJNERI DE PISIS. PĀTHEOLOGIA qsi tota theologia, stout

folio, Editio Princeps, magnificent copy in the original oak boards covered with stamped leather, with clasps, £10.

Nurmberge, Joh. Sensenschmid et Henr. Kefer, 1473 Specimens of this press are very rare. The book was composed in the

fourteenth century, and is a rich repertory of Casuistic theology. 17059 (RICHARD (Pierre)] Confessionale Richardi, seu pastoralis

decalogus, curatis necessario requisitus, sm. 8vo. woodcut title by G. Tory; with initial letters,' richly illuminated in gold and colours, green morooco, gilt gauffré edges, by Thompson, £16.

Parisiis, Simon Colinceus, 1524 Extremely rare; unknown to Brunet and his continuator. The work is a sort of Vade-mecum for Confessors, and contains sundry very extraordinary instructions and examples of deadly sins,

The Lorraine cross on the border of the title-page indicates clearly the hand of Geoffroy Tory, who, as is well known, often worked for his friend

Simon de Colines. 17060 SANCHEZ, de sancto Matrimonii sacramento disputationes, 3 vols. in 1, folio, old calf, 20s

Antverpiæ, 1652 17061

ejusdem operis accuratior editio, mendis expurgata, 3 vols. in 1, large folio, sd. UNCUT, 20s

Viterbii, 1737 “Ouvrage célèbre, à cause de quelques passages singuliers qui s'y trouvent.''--Brunet.

The old story that the author wrote this work standing with naked feet on cold marble, characterises the book very well. . Like moths round a flame, the enforced celibates of the Roman Church loved to explore the volcanic crater

of Sexual Passion—not always with impunity. 17062 SWINBURNE (Henry) Treatise of Spousals or Matrimonial Contracts,

wherein all the questions relating to that subject are ingeniously debated, sm. 4to. calf, 12s

1686 He enters into the same delicate matters as the Roman canonists before him,

e. Laws of the Inquisition. 17063 EYMERICI (Nicolai) Directorium Inquisitorum, cum commentariis Fr. Pegnæ, etc. folio, vellum, 18s

Roma, 1587 Best edition of the standard Code of the Holy Office. 17064

Directorium Inquisitorum, folio, vellum, 10s Venet. 1607 17065 VALLE DE MOURA (Emanuel do) de Incantationibus seu Ensalmis, folio, vellum, 258

Ebore, 1620 A curious book by an Inquisitor, giving a general condemnation of Charms and Spells, but showing that he firmly believed in their force, and that he was inclined to view with favour the use of at least some.

f. Statutes of Religious Orders.

. 17066 STATUTA Ordinis Cartusiensis a Domino Guigone Priore Cartusie

edita, the 5 parts in 1 vol. folio, with woodcuts, Dutch vellum, from the Sunderland library, £2. 16s Basil. Amorbachius, 1510

This vol. contains (I.) Statuta Guigonis, 24 ll. ; (II.) Statuta Antiqua in tribus partibus, 106 ll. ; (III.) Siatuta Nova in tribus partibus, 5411. ; (IV.) Repertorium Statutorum, 66 1 (V.) Privilegia Ordinis, 60 ?).

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