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17067 STATŪTI (gli) della sac. religione di S. Gio. GEROSOLIMITANO, con

le Ordinationi : .. Privilegii . . , etc, bound in 2 vols. sm. 4to, engraved title and frontispiece, old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, þroad floreated borders in gold on the sides, £2. 108

Roma, 1609

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8. Papal Jurisdiction; rights and privileges &

of the Church,

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17068 BARCLAII (Guil.) de Potestate Papæ : an & quatenus in Reges &

Principes seculares ius & imperium habeat ... liber posthumus, sm. 8vo. old French edition, morocco, gilt edges, 36s

s. l. 1609 17069 [GODEFROY (Denis)] Maintenue & defense des Princes sov.

verains et Eglises Chrestiennes contre les attentats, vsurpations, & excommunications des Papes de Rome, 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, £8. 88

Anno MDXCII The work is a rare defence of Henri IV against the excommunication

and against Papal assumptions in general. 17670 Do HAMEL (Jacques) la Police Royalle sur les personnes et choses

ecclesiastiques, 12mo. 4. prel. Il. and 206 pp., vellum, from the Sunderland library, 14s

Paris, 1612 17071 HÉRICOURT (Louis de les Loix Ecclésiastiques de France avec une analyse des livres du Droit canonique conférés avec les

usages de l'Eglise Gallicane, folio, bound, 128

Paris, 1756 17072 HUGONIS (Johannis) DE SLETSTAT Quadruvium Ecclesie,

quatuor prelatorum officium quibus omnis anima subjicitur, sm, folio, several large woodcuts, calf gilt, £2.

Argent. Grüninger, 1504 17073

another copy, with marginal notes which are said to be in the handwriting of Melanchthon, green morocco extra, £2. 108

1504 This curious work on the duties and mutual relations of the four estates

(Pope, Emperor, Bishop, and Laity) was put in the Index Prohibitorum. 17074 MARSILII PATAVINI Opus insigne cui titulum fecit autor Defensorium

Pacis, folio, fine woodcut on title, probably by Burgmair, woodcut borders and initials, original stamped calf binding, 36s

[Basileæ, 1522] A defence of the prerogatives of the Emperor Lndwig IV against the assumption s of the Pope, written in the year 1324.—The editor, “ Licentiatus Evangeli sacerdos,” is believed to have been Zwingli, whose preface to this

work was probably his first attack upon Rome. 17075 [PARSONS (Robert) An Answere to the fifth part of Reportes

lately set forth by Syr Edward Cooke .. concerning the ancient & moderne Municipall lawes of England which do apperteyne to Spirituall Power & Iurisdiction ... by a Catholicke Deuyne, sm. 4to. calf, £2. As (St. Omers) 1606


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h. Indulgences.
17076 INDULGENCE. Hereaft' foloweth the abreuiacon of the graces

idulgēces & staciós which our moste holy fad' Pope Alexãder vi
graūteth to all true beleuige people: of euery sexe or kynde
wyllige to enter into the fraternite of the great Hospytall of
saynt James i Cõpostell: lately edifyed & bylded : as is
côteined i his letts apostolykes graūted to euerlastige memory
& cõfermed by our holy fad' nowe beige Pope Juli', a broadside,
oblong folio leaf, printed in gothic letter, serving as a fly-leaf to
ERASMI Adagiorum opus, Lugduni, 1528, folio, original stamped
binding, £10.

[? Wynkyn de Worde, cir. 1503]
Probably unique in this impression. Å single copy is also known of

another edition, described by Dibdin in the Typographical Antiquities. 17077 THE HOLY & GREAT INDULGENCE & pardon of plenary remissio

a pena et culpa graūted by dyuerse popes & newly confirmed
with many amplycacions of our most holy father godes vycar
vpõ erth pope Leo the x that nowe is at the comaūdemēt
of our moost drede soueraygne lorde kyng Henry the viii, ben
examyned by .. my lorde archebysshop of Caunterbury ..
is institute, publysshed, & erected in the conuentuall howse of
the Graye Freers within the towne of Ypswhiche . . . oblong
8vo. a single broadside, black letter, with a rude woodcut in the
corner ;


up with blank paper so as to fill out a volume, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £13. 13s

(? Wynkyn de Worde, about 1520)

PROBABLY UNIQUE. 17078 FRATER JOHĒS DRYUER, Prior Monasterii ordi fratrū scte crucis in

suburbiis Colcestrie. Indulgētias & peccator' remissiones

oblong sm. 4to. an oblong broadsheet, printed on one side,
with rude woodcuts at bottom, £12. 10s Richard Pynson (1523)

This indulgence was granted by Leo X some years before, for the benefit
of the Crutched Friars' monastery near Colchester. The order was suppressed
not long afterwards, and the house became the residence of Sir Harbottle
Grimston in the time of the Civil War.
-see also post BreVIARIUM, of Salisbury use, 1525.


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a. Mystical and Ascetic Writers.

17079 BOLSWERT (Boetius a) Pelerinage de Colombelle et Volon-

tairette vers leur bien-aimé dans Jerusalem ... traduict en
langue Françoise par M. M., 12mo. plates, vellum, £2. 16s

Anvers, 1636
A curious work, singular even to grotesqueness in its ideas and language,
but intended to bear a spiritual meaning. The sister Volontairette is con-
tinually falling into misfortune through her foolish whims, while Colombelle,
a wise but prosy maiden, reaches Jerusalem safely and weds her lord.

An account of the Book is given in Southey's Life of Bunyan, p. xciv.

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17081 BONAVENTURA (S.) Incomincia le deuote meditationi sopra la

passione del nostro signor Jesu Christo cauate originalmente
da Sancto Bonaventura cardinale ....& da Nicolao da Lira

approbate, sm. 4to. woodcuts, fine copy in blue morocco extra,

gilt edges, 368 Bologna, Hieronymo di Benediiti (sic) 1520 17082

Incipit preclar' op' qd BIBLIA PAUPUM appellat', small 4to. contemporary oaken binding, clean copy, £4.

s. A. et l. (? Aug. Vind. cir. 1485)
This is the rare original edition, consisting of 102 leaves printed in
double columns. Although the book is stated in the colophon to be editum
à sancto viro Bonaventura, the Saint is not considered to have been the real
author. It is a book of reference for preachers, being texts from, and references
to, the Bible arranged under headings such as Poverty, Treachery, Hypocrisy,

Wrath, Humility, etc.
17083 BUDÆI (G.) de Transitu Hellenismi ad Christianismum, small

folio, LARGE PAPER, fine copy in the original stamped leather
binding, two leaves of an ancient Latin service book used as fly-
leaves, £2. 28

Paris. R. Stephanus, 1553
17084 CATHERINE OF SIENA. Libro de la diuina prouidētia coposto

in u’lgare da la Seraphica uergene sācta Chaterina da siena
suore del terzo ordie d' sācto Dominico, sm. folio, hf. russia, £4.

Sine notá [Bononiæ, B. Azzoguidi, 1472]
Editio Princeps, from the press of Azzoguidi, the first printer of
Bologna. It has neither pagination nor signatures, and is in double columns
of 40 lines each. The text is followed by Barducio Canigiani's account of the

saint's death.

adunate insemi con grandissima diligentia & faticha per spatio di
circa uinti anni per ... frate Bartholomeo da Alzano da Bergamo,
folio, very fine large woodcut portrait, dark olive morocco extra,
gilt edges, £6. 10s

Venetia, Aldo, 1500
This edition cited as Testo di Lingua is very scarce and much sought
after in Italy.

“Se si riguarda l'eleganza de' caratteri, la bellezza della carta, la nitidezza
della stampa, quest'edizione, di cui si trovano con estrema difficoltà esemplari
nitidi marginosi e ben conservati, è uno de' piu bei monumenti delle stampe

del vecchio Aldo." - Gamba.
17086 DREXELII (Hieremiæ) de Aeternitate considerationes, 18mo.

beautiful little copperplate engravings of the joys of Heaven, by
Ph. Sadeler, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, with brilliant gold,
paper linings

Monachii, 1627
Infernus Damnatorum carcer et rogus, Aeternitatis
pars II, 18mo. exquisite copperplate engravings (evidently by
Sadeler) of the discomforts of Hell, blue morocco extra, gilt edges,
with leather joints

Monachii, 1631
together 2 vols. 32mo. £10.
17087 FICINI (Marsilii) Liber de Cristiana Religione ad Laurentium
Medicem, small 4to. old calf, £3.

(absque nota)
EDITIO PRINCEPS ; RARE ; supposed to have been printed at Florence

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by the Cennini, the prototypographers of Florence, before 1480. Only one
other book is known produced at that singular press which holds the credit of
an independent practice of topography not derived from German workmen or
teachers. It is printed in Roman letter, without marks, on 135-11. (the 2 ll.
of table wanting in this copy). The work was written in 1474, as appears from

a statement on folio 21.
17088 FICINO (Marsilio) della Christiana Religione, 4to. large and fine

copy in old calf gilt, £5. Sine nota (Florence, about 1476)

This Italian translation is excessively rare. It contains 114 11., 2 being occupied by the table, and i blank.

It has been stated that the types used in this volume were the same as Niccolo di Lorenzo used in the Vita di Colombini, but it is almost certain from close inspection that it was printed with the same types as the Latin original, or, as seems more probable, with a clearer and sharper fount produced from the same matrices.

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17089 THE FRUYTE OF REDEMPCYON. The last prayer contains

mention of the author's name, thus:-
charyte praye for the Anker of London Wall, wretched Symon
that to the honour of Jesu Chryste

hath com-
pyled this mater in Englysche for our goostly comforte that
understande no Latyn, sm. 4to. woodcut, fine copy, hf. morocco,

Wynkyn de Worde, 1532 Prayer and full devoute Contemplacyons.”. Excessively rare, unknown to Lowndes, who mentions only an edition with signatures A to E, dated 1530, which is probably imaginary. This copy has signatures. A to F. The only

other editions known are those of 1514 and 1517. 17090 [GAIGNY (Jean de)] LE LIURE DE NOUUEL REIMPRIME FAISANT

PAROLLES que nostre benoist saulueur et redempteur Jesuchrist dit en lärbre de la croix; small 4to. 9 fine woodcuts, none of them repeated, beautiful copy in the original stamped binding, inscribed in MS. “A Senr. Phelippe de Gheldres," £12.

Paris, Ch, Wechel, 1535 17091 GRANADA (Luis de). Memoriale Granatæ ; der dritte Theil

des güldin Denckbüchleins ... der sechste Tractat handelt von
dem innerlichen Gebet'.. ausz den geistlichen Schrifften
des . . . Ludwig von Granata, stout 12mo. every page surrounded
by a woodcut border, in the original leather-covered boards, the
sides stamped with beautiful designs of the Crucifixion and Resur-
rection within arabesque borders, 36s

München, 1588





17092 [HENRY (J.)] LIVRE DE LA TOUTE BELLE sans pair qui est

la Vierge Marie, 12mo. lettres gothiques, fine copy in maroon
morocco extra, gilt edges, from the

Beckford library, £18.

Paris, J. Petit, s. d. A very singular work, notwithstanding its piety. One chapter is on "le sacré ventre de la Vierge,” followed by a “ Méditation aux cuisses.". It is not therefore surprising, while he dwells on the sacré ventre, and “ces dignes et precieuses cuisses," that the author says “De ceste fontaine de vie située au jardin de delices spirituelles . procède un fleuve de grace qui arrose toutes les belles vertuenses herbes diceluy jardin.” Another meditation is on the Virgin's dignes flancs.


17093 INTRAS (Jean d') Le Pressoir Mystique, 16mo. beautiful plates

by L. Gaultier, fine copy in veau fauve extra, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £4.48

Paris, 1605 The frontispiece has a curious representation of Christ in a wine-press, bowed under the pressure of the screw, with blood spirting forth from his

breast, which flows into a chalice below. 17094 INTRAS (Jean d') Le Pressoir Mystique, 12mo. fine plates, real

morocco extra, gilt edges, probably by Bradel, from the Beckford library, £5.

Paris, 1650 17094* LAMOTHE GUYON (Madame de) Euvres : la Bible avec des

Explications et Reflexions, etc. 20 vols.--Opuscules Spirituels, portraits by Dunker, 2 vols.--Justifications de la Doctrine de Madme. de la Mothe-Guion par M. de Fénelon, 3 vols.—Discours Chrétiens et Spirituels, 2 vols.—Poesies et Cantiques Spirituels, front. 4 vols.--Sa Vie ecrite par elle-même, portrait, 3 vols.L'Ame Amante, front. and numerous plates of Emblems, 1 vol.Lettres Chretiennes, 5 vols.-together 40 vols. 8vo. fine series in tree calf gilt, by Eedy, £10.

1767-91 Such a long series of the works of this lady is rarely met with.

Madame Guyon was like St. Teresa in her conception of spiritual marriage. Human conjunction was considered improper and debasing, but the extasy of the divine embrace seems to have been sensually identical with

the mundane joys which they deprecated. 17095 (LE ROY (Francois)] LE DIALOGUE DE CONSOLATION ENTRE LAME

ET KAISON ; FAIT & COMPOSE PAR UNG RELIGIEUX DE LA REFORMATIO DE LORDRE FONTEURAULT, sm. 8vo. (12mo.), woodcut, old stamped calf, £10.

Simon Vostre, s. a. (cir. 1499) A VERY RARE EDITION, and probably the first. It contains 160 11. Signs. a-u in eights. The small device of the printer is on the title, and the large

one on reverse of the last leaf. 17096 MAIERI (MICHAELIS) Arcana Arcanissima, sm. 4to. red morocco

extra, borders of gold, gilt edges, by Bisiaua', with his ticket; from

the Beckford library, £8. 88 s. 1. & a. (? Oppenhemii, circ. 1613) 17097 MEGE (Dom Jos.) Dissertation où l'on explique les avantages de

l'état de la Virginité, 12mo. fine frontispiece, old calf, gilt edges, 10s

Paris, 1689 17098 PASSAVANTI (Jacopo) Lo Specchio di vera Penitenzia (dato a luce

da L. Salviati), 12mo. old red morocco inlaid with black, rich ornamental gilt tooling, gilt edges, £8.8s Firenze, B. Sermartelli, 1585

The finest binding ever executed for Lord Sunderland during the twenty

odd years which represent his life as a collector of books (1696-1722). 17099 PECOCK (Bishop Reginald) Outdrawzt fro pe first pti of de

Donet of Christen Religion, early English Manuscript on Vellum, finely written

About 1440 ISIDORE. pese be pe gaderid Coūcels of Seint Ysidre to enforme

mā how he schuld'fle vicis & ase vtuis. Considācioū of a man hīsilf, early English Manuscript on Vellum; extracts from St Austin and moral sentences in English verse at the end About 1440

the two books in one vol. sm. 8vo. brown morocco, £30.

At the end of the Isidore are found some celebrated rhymes, which stand in the present MS. thus :

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