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" Erthe upon

erthe wynneth castels and touris
Than seith erthe to erthe this is al ouris.
Whanne erthe upon erthe hath biggid up his bouris,
Thanne schal erthe upon erthe suffer scharpe schouris
Erthe gooth upon erthe as molde upon molde,
So gooth erthe upon erthe al glittering in gold,
Lyk as erthe unto erthe never go schuld,

And zit schal erthe unto erthe rather than he wolde."
-and so on through many more lines.

17100 PILGRYMAGE OF PERFECCYON. A deuoute treatyse in

Englysshe, called the Pilgrymage of perfeccyon; very profytable for all chrysten people to rede: and in especyall to all relygyous persones moche necessary. The auctour of this present treatyse hath added unto it the exposicyon of the Aue and the Crede, with dyuerse other thynges (by William Bonde), sm. folio, WITH

FOLDED WOODCUTS (the first of these in wonderful facsimile), EXTREMELY RARE, morocco, gilt edges, £40. Imprynted at London in Flete-strete, at the sygnne of the

Sonne, by me Wynkyn de Worde, M.ccccc.XXXI VERY RARE. Dibdin had never seen it, and only described it after Herbert, and Lowndes merely states the existence of the impression without specifying any copy: The above. formerly in Mr. Dunn Gardner's library, is the only one which has occurred in the sales, except an imperfect copy.




2 vols. folio, an immense number of large and small woodcuts by Hans Scheuffelein and Caspar Rosenthaler, in the original wooden boards, covered with stamped leather, £28. Nürmberk, 1505

ExcESSIVELY RARE and very little known. Next to Dürer's works, the Beschlossen Gart (in which even his collaboration may be detected) is the chief monument of the art of wood-engraving in Germany in the early part of the sixteenth century.

17102 RODORICI ZAMORENSIS SPECULUM VITE HUMANE, sm. folio, old calf, £4.

August., a Ginthero Zainer, 1471 A philosophic book on the various conditions of life, and on the means of avoiding temptation in them. It is a sensible work, full of interesting allusions to the habits and customs of the author's time. He died in 1470, having been Bishop of Zamora and Palencia. His proper Spanish name was Rodrigo Sanchez de Arevalo.

17103 [SCHEYT (Caspar)] DER TODTENDANTZ durch alle Stende vnnd

Geschlecht der Menschen darinnen ihr herkowen ynde ende,
nichtigkeit und sterbligkeit als in eim Spiegel zu beschawen
fürgebildet, vnd mit schönen Figuren gezieret, 12mo. 53 fine
woodcuts after Holbein's designs of the Dance of Death, vellum,

s. l. 1557 The text is followed by other pieces which are mentioned on the title-page. 17104 SAVONAROLA, Opere : Compendio di Revelatione, 54 leaves (a-h) 34 lines a page

Firenze, Buonaccorsi, 1495

8. n.

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Declaratione del Mysterio della Croce, 4 leaves, 34 lines a page

sine nota
Epistola a uno amico, 6 leaves, 38 lines a page
Epistola (Copia duna) ... a madóna Magdalena Contessa della
Mirādola, 4 leaves, 38 lines a page

altra edizione, 4 leaves, 46 lines a page
Epistola • .. cötra la excomunicatione subreptitia, 2 leaves, 34

Firēze, 1497 Expositione del Pater Noster, 24 leaves (a-c), 36 lines a page s. n. altra edizione, 26 leaves (a-d), 30 lines a page

Firenze, Mischomini, 1494
Expositione . . . sopra la oratione della Vergine, 12 leaves (a-6),

28 lines a page
Expositiõē del psalmo lxxviiii, 15 leaves (a-b), 35 lines a page

Firenze, 1496
Fra Hieronymo ... alle suore del tertio ordine di San Domenico,

4 leaves, 33 lines a page Lettera (Copia della) alla Christianissima maesta del Re di Francia, 2 leaves, 37 lines a page

8. 12. (1495) Libro ... della Semplicita della Vita Christiana, 56 leaves (a-g),

Firenze, Morgiani, 1496 Operetta del amore di Jesu, 22 leaves (a-c), 33 lines a page (the

last two leaves containing Lauds or Hymns) Operetta sopra edieci comādamenti, 28" leaves (a-d), 38 lines a page

Firenze, Lorenzo Morgiani & Giovanni di Maganza, 8. a. Operette ... regola a tutti ereligiosi, etc. 4 leaves, 42 lines a page

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8. n.

37 lines a page

S. 11.

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Oratione di Hieremia propheta laquale Fra Girolamo da Ferrara

ha cõfortato, 2 leaves, 30 lines a page
Predica . . . facta adi xxv de Febraio, 1497, 20 leaves (a-c)
Regola del ben vivere, 4 leaves, gothic letter, 27 lines a page
Sermone sopra la nativita, 4 leaves, 38 lines a page
Sermone della oratione a M. A. d. S., 12 leaves (a, b), 38 lines a

Tractato in defensione et commendatione della Oratione

mentale, 26 leaves (a, b), 38 lines on page Firenze, Miscomini Tractato (Breve & utile) della Humilita, 9 leaves (there ought to

be 10), 38 lines a page CONCLUSIONES rationibus ac signis supernaturalibus probande, 6 leaves, gothic letter, EXCESSIVELY RARE S. N. (April, 1498)

This piece is the public challenge of Savonarola's supporters, with the acceptance by the Franciscans, to the famous Ordeal of Fire, which led to the

fall and destruction of the great Dominican a few days later. - together 24 pieces, small 4to. with many woodcuts, sewed, £36.

(1490)-98 17106 SAVONAROLA. Prediche ... facto lanno del 1496 ne giorni delle

feste, finito che hebbe la Quaresima : & prima riposatosi circa uno mese ricomincio el di Sco. Michele a di viii di Maggio, 1496, sm. folio, margins of a few leaves mended, hf. bd. RARE, £3.

8. n. (Florence, 1496)

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17107 SAVONAROLA. Prediche . . facte in Sācta Maria del Fiore

lāno 1494. raccolte por Ser Lorēzo Vivvoli dalla viva voce del predicante, sm. folio, hf. bd. RARE, £2.

Bologna, 1515 This contains the sermons preached during 1494 and 1495. 17108

Expositio in psalmos Miserere mei de' Qui regis . . .; expositio orationis dñice, 1517; Eruditoriū confessorum, 1517; Triumphus Crucis, De veritate fidei, 1524; Libri de Simplicitate Christiane vite, 151145 vols. in 1, 16mo. limp vellum, £2. 10s

(Paris.) typogr. Ascensiana, 1511-24 With the well-known design of the Printing-press on the title-pages. 17109

AN EXPOSICYON | UPON THE. .li. | PSALME. / made by Hierom of Ferrarye, small 8vo. gothic letter, title in facsimile, old calf, £3.

Parys, 1538 VERY RARE : fetched in 1854, at Sotheby's, £6. 128 6d.

COLLATION : title, one leaf; text, sixty leaves; signatures a to h 4 in

eights. 17110 SUBIDA DEL MÕTE SION; por la Via Contemplativa, cõtiene

el conocimiếto nrõ. ; y el seguimiēto de xpõ; y el reverenciar a dios en la contemplacion quieta ; copilado en un convento de frayles menores, sm. 4to. title within woodcut border, the lower plain margin cut off, and numerous woodcuts in the text, vellum, £8. 8s

Seuilla, Jua Crõberger, 1535 The Aforismos Spirituales in rhyme which occupy chapter 37 are a

curious portion of this book. Some of the woodcuts are of remarkable merit. 17111 TAMBACO (Johannis de) Consolacio Theologie, sm. 4to. very fine copy in calf neat, tooled in antique pattern, £7.

8. n. (Moguntiæ, Petrus Schoeffer, 1470) VERY RARE. A curious circumstance in the printing of this book is not noticed by Brunet ; which perhaps indicates that all copies are not like the present. After the fortieth folio which ends the fifth sheet, a single leaf is inserted, printed in a larger type than the rest of the book, for the purpose of supplying an omission made by the compositor. This additional leaf cannot have been added in all the copies, many of which had no doubt been distributed before the error was discovered. Signatures are added to the sheets in red ink by a contemporary hand; the inserted leaf is thus marked f 1, and sheet f

contains nine leav 17112 TAMBACO (Joannis de) Speculū Patiētie cum theologycis con

solationibus [at end : per doctorem Udalricum Pinder compilatum], sm. 4to. two large woodcuts which have been attributed to Albert Dürer, calf, 20s

Nuremb. 1509 17113 VENEGAS (Alexis) Agonia del transito de la Muerte con los

avisos y consuelos que cerca della son provechosos, sm. 4to.

gothic letter, title mended, calf, gilt back, 30s Alcala, 1568 17114 [VILLE-THIERRY (Girard de)] Vie des Riches et des Pauvres,

12mo. fine copy in old French blue morocco, gilt edges, by Padeloup, from the Beckford library, £2.

Paris, 1740 The author's name appears in the “Privilege du Roy."

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b. Imitation of Christ. 17116 IMITATION OF CHRIST, being the autograph MS. of Thomas à

Kempis, reproduced in facsimile from the original in the Royal Library at Brussels, with introduction by Ch. Ruelens, 24mo. stamped morocco, uncut, 25s

1879 17117 LIBER DE IMITATÕE CARISTI cum tractatu de meditatione Cordis,

18mo. woodcut on title mounted, morocco, 30s Colonie, 1501

The second leaf begins “Incipit liber prius egregii viri Thome de

Kempis." 17118 DE CONTEMPTU MUNDI (et de meditatione Cordis), 12mo. waterstain on last two leaves, red morocco, 208

Cõpluti, 1526 At end of the first work “ Explicit libellus de contemptu mūdi Thome de

Kempis 17119 KEMPIS (Thomæ a) de Imitatione Christi libri quatuor, cum vita

Thomæ par Herib. Ros-weydum, 12mo. vellum, 10s Antv. 1626 17120 THOMÆ A KEMPIS DE IMITATIONE CHRISTI libri quatuor, cum vita

Thomæ per Rosweydum, 12mo. engraved title, purple morocco, sille linings, by Lefebvre, £4. 4s Lugd. apud Elsevirios (1653)

“Cette jolie édition est une des plus recherchées et des moins communes qu'aient données les Elsevier.”—Brunet.

“Ce petit volume passe à bon droit pour un des plus beaux et des plus

précieux de la collection Elzévirienne." _Willems. 17121 JOHANNIS GERSEN, Abbatis Sancti Stephani Vercellensis de

Imitatione Christi et contemptu omnium vanitatum mundi libri iv, sm. 8vo. frontispiece by Edelinck, red morocco, gilt edges, £2. 10s

Luit. Paris. 1.674 17122 DE IMITATIONE CHRISTI libri quatuor, roy. folio, LARGE VELLUM PAPER, bds. £2.

Parmce, typis Bodonianis, 1793 A magnificently printed volume. Only 15 of the entire 162 copies were

issued upon vellum paper. 17123 THOMAS À KEMPIS, The Christian's Pattern, or a treatise of the

Imitation of Jesus Christ, now rendered into English by

George Stanhope, sm. 8vo. frontispiece, blue morocco, 278 1721 17124

Imitation of Jesus Christ, translated from the Latin original by Dibdin, 8vo. frontispiece, cloth, 20s

1851 17125 Thomas À Kempis and the Imitation of Christ, 8vo. portrait, s. d. 2s 6d

1883 *This is an able dissertation on the authorship (by Mr. Edmund

Waterton). 17126 KEMPIS (Thomas à) Imitation de Jesus-Christ, divisée on iiii

livres, fidelement traduits du Latin, edition nouvelle, sm. 8vo.
frontispiece and 3. beautiful engravings, old calf, 28s
Paris, de l’Imprimerie et des nouveaux Caractheres

de P. Moreau, 1643 17127

the same, sm. 8vo. a large and fine copy in old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Boyer, £2. 10s

1643 Rare and curious, being the only important work amongst a few books

printed in this type, the invention of P. Moreau. It is an elegant imitation of a written character, something between the Roman and the Italic ; and the

book is therefore, as a singularity of typography, eagerly sought for by amateurs. 17128 IMITATION DE JÉSUS-Christ, traduction de Michel de Marillac, sm.

8vo. printed on fine ruled paper, with 8 beautiful etchings by

Flameng after the designs of J. P. Laurens, s.d. 18s Paris, 1878 17129 KEMPIS (Tom. de) volgarmente intitolato Gio. Gerson, dell' Imita

tione di Christo, 18mo. frontispiece and plates (mounted), calf, 16s

Venetia, 1689 17130 KEMPIS (Thomas de) Imitaçam de Christo que vulgarmente se

intitula Contemptus Mundi, 18mo. calf, 10s Lisboa, 1679 17131 IMITACION DE CHRISTO traducido

por Luis de Granada, 12mo. 4 plates, calf, clasps, 2s 60

Madrid, 1783

c. Illuminati and Visionaries, 17132 BUNSEN (Ernest de) the Hidden Wisdom of Christ and the

Key of Knowledge : or History of the Apocrypha, 2 vols. 8vo. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, 15s

1865 A transcendental work on the origin and development of apocryphal tradition, valuable by reason of the author's intimate knowledge of the early

Church and its history. 17133 JOACHIM magnus Propheta ... in libruz Cirilli de magnis

tribulationib' Explanatio in Apochalypsiz, etc. many curious woodcuts, different from those in other editions, Venet. per L. de Soardis, 1516- Psalterium beati Brunonis, Ant. Koberger, 1497; and other pieces—in 1 vol. sm. 4to. fine copies, original wooden binding, with clasps, £2. 108

1516-1497, etc. The curious Prophecies of the Abbat Joachim concerning the evil fortunes and revolutions of the Church, caused them to be condemned and burnt,

although the Abbat himself was canonized. 17134 JOANNINI (Hieron.) Vaticinia, seu prædictiones illustrium

virorum, sex rotis ære incisis comprænsa, de successione summ. Pontificis Rom. sm. 4to. engraved title and 6 plates, vellum, from the Sunderland library, £4. Venetia, G. B. Bertoni, 1600

A curious work collecting six various sets of prophecies concerning the succession of the Popes, illustrated each by an engraved exposition in orbicular

shape, which the editor calls his six wheels. 17135 KHUNRATH (Henrici) Amphitheatrum Sapientiæ æternæ solius veræ, Christiano-Kabalisticum divino-magicum

folio, engraved title, portrait, and curious plates, some mounted, calf gilt, £3. 16s

Hanoviæ, 1609 An extremely curious work of mystical theology. A double translation of the Proverbs and Wisdom, of which one was new, serves as the string on

which the Cabalistical pearls are strung. 17136 KOTTER, Revelationes Christophoro Kottero, 1616-24 factæ,

portrait and numerous singular engravings of fine execution, 1664 -Revelationes Christinæ Poniatoviæ, 1627-29 factæ, 1664 — 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. beautiful copy in russia gilt, gilt edges, £3. 10s

The Bohemian originals have never been printed. 17136*LIECHTENBERGERS (Johannis) Pronosticatio, 12mo. numerous woodcuts, title mended, calf, 16s

Colon. P. Quentel, 1528

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s. l. 1664

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