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17137 [SWEDENBORG (E.)] de Cælo et ejus Mirabilibus, et de Inferno,
ex auditis et visis, 4to. hf. calf, 128

One of the most curious works of the great Mystic. It gives a detailed

description of the customs and pleasures of life in heaven.
17138 SWEDENBORG, Summaria expositio sensus interni librorum pro-

pheticorum Veteris Testamenti, necnon et Psalmorum, 4to. calf,

Londini, 1784

du Commerce établi entre l'Ame et le Corps, 8vo. calf,
7s 6d

Londres, 1785
All the organs, offices, and pleasures of sex are retained in heaven, but

corporeal prolification does not ensue.
17140 SWINDEN (Tobias) Enquiry into the nature and place of Hell, sm.
8vo. calf, 78 6d

Hell is in the Sun, says the author, who uses a good deal of learning to
prove that its fires are real, not figurative, and that they neither purify nor
destroy the wicked sufferers, but torture them for ever—a very comforting

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a. The Precursors.

VELLUM, 466 pages, with borders and capital letters illuminated in
gold and colours, calf, gilt edges, £60.

circ. 1400
This truly valuable Manuscript is divided as follows :-Prologue ; of
Belief; on the Creed; Decalogue ; Pater Noster ; of perfect Life, virtuous
Patience; Temptation; the Charter of Heaven's Bliss ; of ghostly Battle ; of
the name of Jesus ; Love of Jesus ; of very Meekness ; of Man's Will, of
active and contemplative Life; the Mirror of Chastity.

6. This tretys eompilid of a pore caitif and nedi of goostli help of al cristen
puple, bi ye greet merci and help of god, shal teche symple men and wommen
of good wille ye rizt weie to heuene if yei wolen bisie hem to have it in
mynd and worche yeraftir, wiyouten multiplicacion of many bokis.
This extract from the first page is merely given as a specimen of the
language of the book. (The Saxon letter for th has been necessarily trans-
formed into y in printing.)

As a memorial of the great Precursor of the Reformation, as an old-
English text of the writer, who has been called the Father of English prose-
literature, and as an example of English language and calligraphy five
hundred years ago,—this MS. is extremely interesting.–The name of Wyclif
is not found in the volume, but he was certainly the author of at least the

major portion of the text.
17142 WICLEFI (Io.) DIALOGORŪ libri qttuor quorū primus diuinitatē

& Ideas tractat, Secãdus uniuersarū creationē cöplectitur.
Tertius de uirtutib. uitiisqz ipsis côtrariis, etc. sm. 4to. fine
woodcut title, slightly water-stained, old calf, £2. 103

(Basil.) excusum anno a Christo nato 1525
“ Cet ouvrage a été soigneusement supprimé et est devenu très-rare."-

Brunet. “ Livre rare et précieux."-Deschamps.
17143 SHIRLEY (W. W.) Catalogue of the original works of John
Wyclif, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

Oxford, 1865

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17145 HUSS (Joannis) Opuscula. Ioannes Huss de Anatomia Antichristi

. . Appendix Othonis Brunnfelsii ...-Ioannis Huss ... Tomus secundus-Sermonum Ioannis Huss ad Populum Tomus tertius–Processus consistorialis martyrii Io. Huss[Lutheri] Resolutio Lutheriana: de Potestate Papæ

5 parts in 1 vol. sm 4to. woodcuts, calf, £2. 2s (Argent. 1525) 17146

Epistolæ quædam Johannis Hus, cum Lutheri præfatione, J. LufftDisputatio Joannis Hus quam absolvit dum ageret Constantiæ, N. Schirlen: ---Tragedia Johannis Huss

welche auf dem unchristlichen Concilio zu Costnitz gehalten. portraits of Huss, Georg. Rhaw-3 vols. in 1, 12mo. old calf, rare, £2. 10s

Wittemberg, 1537 The last piece is arranged as a regular drama, in rhyme, closing up with

à warning address by a Prophet, one of the dramatis personce. 17147 HEMMERLIN (Felicis) VARIE OBLECTATIONIS OPUSCULA ET TRAC

TATUS, sm. folio, with woodcut portrait of author on title, old blue morocco, with ornamental gilt tooling on the back, gilt and marb. edges, by Padeloup, FINE COPY, £5.58 absque nota [Basil. 1497]

Contra validos mendicantes"; contra Beghardos Beginasque ; Lollhardorum descriptio ; de Exorcismis ; de credulitate Demonibus adhibendâ ; etc. The author, Hemmerlin or Malleolus, made himself so obnoxious by his attacks upon the unworthy classes in the church that, even after an attempt to assassinate him, his enemies contrived to have him thrown into prison for some

years immediately before his death. 17148 INSTITORIS (Henrici). SANCTE ROMANE ECCLIE FIDEI DEFENSIONIS


folio, arms on title, and device at end, corner of last leaf mended, otherwise fine copy in vellum. £5. 108

Olomūcz, C. Baumgarthē, 1501 FIRST EDITION ; RARE. The reverse of the title contains a fine woodcut

of St. Wenceslaus. 17149 BUCERI (Martini) Apologia qua fidei suæ circa Christi cenam rationē ... reddit, 12mo. calf, 6s

Argent. 1526 17150

Acta Colloquii in comitiis Imperii Ratisponæ habiti, hoc est Articuli de Religione conciliati & non conciliati omnes, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. original edition, old calf, 168

(Argent.) 1541 All Bučer's books are rare. These two are of high historical importance. 17151

Iudgement concerning Divorce now Englisht [by John MILTON]

wherein a late book restoring the doctrine and discipline of Divorce is heer confirm’d, small 4to. sd: 25s 1644 17152 BULLINGERI (Henrychi) Bullæ Papisticæ ante biennium contra

Reginam Elizabetham & contra inclytum Angliæ regnum promulgatæ, refutatio, orthodoxæque Reginæ & universi Regni Angliæ defensio, 1571-Fidelis Servi, subdito infideli responsio,

errorum et calumniarum quarundam examine quæ continentur in septimo libro de visibili Ecclesiæ Monarchia a Nic. Sandero conscripta (sic) (auctore BARTH. CLERKE), 1573–De Visibili Romanarchia contra Nic. Sanderi Monarchiam, 1573— 3 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. vellum, all clean copies, £2.

Lond. Joh. Day, 1571-73



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17153 CAROLSTADT (Andreas Bodenstein von) Berichtung dyesser

Red ... Regnum Coelorum vim patitur, etc. Wittemberg, 1521
_Von gelubden unterrichtung Andres Bo. von Carolstadt, ib.
1521- Klagbrief der armen Dürfftigen in Engenlandt an den
König, widder die reychen geystlichen bettler, s. l. (1529) —
History von vier Ketzer, woodcut, s. 1. (1509)-Andres Bo. von
Carolstad Antwort geweicht wasser belangend, Wittenberg, 1521
--Derselbe von beiden gestaldten der Messze, ib. 1521-
Zwingly, Artickel so 1523 offentlich disputiert, s. n.-
Ecolampadius, das die

beicht nitt schwer sey, 8. 1.- Ecolampadii Nunc dimittis, s. n.—Die verteutsch Bulle des Bapst Leo wyder Doctor Luther, 1. 1.—and other pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4to. bd. from the Norfolk collection, £5.

1509-29 17154 CONCUBINARII. Underricht ob ein Priester ein Eheweyb oder Con.

cubin haben mög; item von Nutz der Pfaffen Mägdt und ihrem erlichen Leben, etc. sm. 4to. woodcut on title, 158

s. n. 1545 A curious treatise, advocating the marriage of priests, and exhibiting a curious picture of sacerdotal life in Germany in the description of the

Pfaffen-mägde or concubines, whom it was usual for priests to keep. 17155 EPISTOLE OBSCURORUM VIRORUM . . . 12mo. ruled with red ink, and

bound in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. Londini, 1710 17156 ERASMI (D.) Concio de Puero Jesu (edente S. Bentley), facsimile,

presentation copy, with Editor's autograph inscription, red morocco, gilt edges, by J. Clarke, 36s

1816 Only 25 copies printed for presents. 17157 HUTTENI (Ulrichi) super interfectione propinqui sui Ioannis

Hutteni .. ad Ludovichum Huttenum .. in Ulrichum
Wirtenpergensem sm. 4to. wodcuts, old calf, RARE, 36s

in arce Stekelberk, 1519 Privately printed in the good knight's castle. 17158 LUTHER (Martin) Sermo de Pænitentia P. Martini Luther

Augustiniani Wittenbergensis, 4 leaves, including title within coloured woodcut border, Wittenb. J. Grunenberg, 1518—Eynn Sermon von dem Ablass unnd gnade durch den wirdigen doctorū Martinů Luther, 4 leaves, Wittenberg, 1518-in 1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, £4. 4s

1518 Bour up with Ricardus Sancti Victoris de Trinitate, 1519, and Cypriani Opera, 1512, both printed at Paris.

The Latin sermon begins thus-Often have I spoken to you concerning the

Indulgences, so often that I might have feared I should be accused of heresy. 17159

Contra Henricum Regem Angliæ Martinus Luther, sm. 4to. woodcut title, margin cropped, old calf, clean copy, from

the Sunderland library, SCARCE, £2. 2s Wittembergae, 1522 17160

de abroganda Missa sm. 4to. headline cut into, and some MS. notes on margins, vellum, 21s.

1522 17161

(AND OTHERS). Ain Christlyche und vast wolgegrünte beweysung von dem Jūgsten tag, und von seinē zaichen D. M. L. (i.e. MARTIN LUTHER) Wittemberg, 8. a. (circ. 1520)–Offenbarung des Endtchrists ausz dem propheten Daniel wider Catharinum, Wittemberg, 1504 (for 1524) -Das Wolff Gesang, curious woodcut frontispiece representing the Wolves attired as Pope, Cardinals

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and Monks, trapping Royal and other Geese in a net, 8. n.-Theologia teutsch, disz ist ain Edels und kostlichs büchlin von rechtem verstand was Adam und Christus sey; und wie Adam in uns sterben und Christus ersteen soll, Augspurg, 1520–Eyn Sendtbrieff und verantwortung etlicher Artickel an ayn Christliche gemain der Stat Eszling, Martinus Luther, Wittemberg, 1523—BODENSTAIN VON CAROLSTAT, von mạnigfeltigkait des

ainfeltigen ainigen willen Gottes. Was sünd sey, s. 1. 1524–

I. Anzaygung wie die gefallene Christenbait widerbracht müg werdñ in jren ersten standt, 1524–Wie der Hailig Vatter Bapst Adrianus eingeritten ist zu Rom. 28 Augusti, 1522, a satirical dialogue, between an Abbat, a Courtier, and the Devil in a Monk's dress, s.n.-Absag oder vhedschrift des Hellischen Fürstē Lucifers, Doctor Martin Luther yetzt zugesandt (1524)—Von dem Papst Esel zu Rom und Münch kalbs zu Freyburg in Meyssen funden, ain deuttung der zwü grewlichen figurn, Philippus Melanchthon, Doct. Martinus Luther, with two large and extraordinary woodcuts, Wittenberg, 1523—Vonn walfart : Erasmi vermanung wo Christus uñ sein reich zu suchen ist, in Roman letter, 1522—Resolutio Lutheriana super propositione de Potestate Papæ, 8. n. (Wittenb. 1518)-Suggestio Deliberandi super propositione Hadriani pont. Rom. s.l. 1522—Bulla contra errores Martini Luther & sequacium, with the seal of the Bishop of Augsburg, Dilling, 1520-in 1 vol. sm. 4to. wooden boards, all fine copies, £10.

1520-24 17162 LUTHER (and others), curious Anti-Papal Tracts, including the

following in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old binding, £3. 10s 1524-1582 Luther, etliche schöne Predigten aus der Ein Schrifft des achtbarn Doctoris Martini ersten Epistel S. Johannis Von der Lutheri wider den Eisleben

1549 Liebe, woodcut title Wittemberg, 1533 Form und Weiss einer Ertzbisschoflichen das Liji Capitel des Propheten Jesaia, Visitation am Rein

1549 Von dem Leiden und der Herrligkeit Etliche Sprüche aus Lutheri Schriften 1551 Christi, woodcut title

ib. 1539 Ein Gebet zum Herrn Christo in KriegszEin Gesprech auff das kurtzt zwusche nöten ... C. S.

1553 eynem Christen und Juden, woodcut [Schpauss (Ciriacus)] ein Lobsprüch für

1524 die wolthaten Johans Fr. Herzog zu Ein Warnung gedicht (beginning

Sachssen, in rhynie

155.2 "O Gott ërlöser aller Welt

Johanns Fred. zu Sachsen Christlich Gebet Dein wort hast uns jetz für gestelt") 8. a. in Creutz Not, woodcut Carion (J.) Bedeutnus unnd Offenbarung

Nürnberg (1568) (Prophecey, 1540-50) dated Berlin, 1540 Matth. FLAC. ILLYR. wider die newe Ein Ermannung an die Keyserliche Majes- Ketzerey der Dikaeusisten tat... darinnē auch ein Trewe warnung

Magdeburg (1550 ?) au Vnns Teutschen, in verse 1546 17163 LUTHER, Uthlegginge der Euangelien . . . geprediget dorch

Martin. Luther, stout 12mo. numerous woodcuts, fine copy in stamped hogslin, .£4.

Magdeborg, Hans Walther, 1533 VERY RARE. The first edition had appeared at Wittenberg in 1528, but without the woodcuts. This Platt-deutsch version was made by

Bugenbagen. 17164

Vom Abēdmal Christi Bekentnis Mart. Luth. sm. 4to. beautiful woodcut border to the title, by Lucas Cranach, bound, £5.

Wittemberg, 1534

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17165 LUTHER (and others) (MELANCHTHON, Unterricht der Visitatoren

an die Pfarherren) mit Luthers' Vorrede, no title, Wittemb. 1539
-Melanthonis Verantwortung auf der Cölnischen unter Clerisey
Schrifft widder Martin Bützern ausgangen, mit der Vorrhede
Lutheri, Witt. 1543—Bugenhagen, Leiden und Aufferstehung
Christi, Witt. 1544-Luther, an Kurfursten zu Sachsen und
Landgraven zu Hessen, von dem gefangen H. zu Brunswig,
Witt. 1546-Luther, zwo schöne und tröstliche Predigt
von der Tauffe Christi . . . von der Bekerung S. Pauli

, fine
portrait of Luther on the reverse of title, Witt. 1546—Jonas (Justus)
zwo Tröstliche Predigt uber der Leich D. M. Luther, 1546—
Melanthon, Oratio uber der Leich Martini Luthers, fine portrait
of Melanchthon on reverse of title, Witt. 1546—Bugenhagen,
Predigt uber der Leich Luthers, Witt. 1546-and other pieces in
1 vol. sm 4to. stamped hogskin, £5.

1539-46 17166

(AND OSIANDER) Berättelse uthaff Gudz Ord och Scrifft om Religions Artiklar, aff L. Osiandro, medh the smalkaldiska Artiklar sammandragne aff Luthero til thet Concilium i Mantua, 1537 (svensk), uthtälkade aff Petro Johannis Gotho, sm. 4to. original oak boards, covered with stamped and gilt leather, 25s

Rostock, 1603
17167 MELANCHTHON. Die haubt artickel und fürnēsten puncten

der gantzen hayligen schrifft durch Philipp Melanchton La-
teinisch gemacht uñ folgent verteutscht, ayn wunder guts
biechlin, title in red and black within woodcut border, RARE, s. 1.
1522 — ULRICHS von HUTTEN Gespräch büchlin, woodcut title
and portrait, s. l. et a. (1521) Doc. MARTINI LUTHERS,
Augustiner, ain trostlichs Büchlein, geteutscht durch Georgium
Spalatinum, title within woodcut Border, Augspurg, 1520 -
ERASMI Klag des Frydēs, durch Leo Jud vertütscht, title in
woodcut border, Zürich, 1521 Das WOLFFGESANG, curious

satiricol woodcut, s. 16.—5 pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4to. bd. £5. 1521-22
17168 NAOGEORGI Regnum Papisticum et alia Poemata, 12mo. BEST
EDITION, calf gilt, rare, 25s

(Basilece), 1559 17169

the same, 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome le jeune, £2. 28

1559 The Regnum Papisticum of Thomas Kirchmayer is looked upon by Roman Catholic theologians as one of the most detestable productions of the followers of Luther.

He lost the friendship of Luther ard Melanchthon through holding the
doctrine that the Elect never forfeited their state of grace, even while

grievously sinning.
17170 PIRKHEIMER. Bilibaldi Birckheimheri de vera Christi carne

& vero ejus sanguine ad Ioan. Oecolampadium responsio-
Ejusdem adversus cõvicia Toánis, qui sibi Oecolāpadii nomen
indidit, responsio secunda—2 vols. in 1, 12mo. bd. 30s

Norembergæ, 1527
The first response is a kindly one, but the second very different, for the
question of the Real Presence had turned these two former friends into
bitter enemies of each other.

Pirckheimer remained always a son of the Church, but his tendencies were towards Lutheranism.

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