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17171 SCHEURLI (Christoph.) Nurembergensis, Libellus de sacerdotū

et rerü ecclesiasticarū pstantia, sm. 4to. woodcut on reverse of last leaf, old calf, SCARCE, from the Sunderland library, £2.

Lipsic, Wolfg. Monacensis, 1511 Scheurl is supposed to have become a Lutheran afterwards, 17172 USINGEN (Bartholomaei de) Purgatorium libellus ... de Inqui.

sitione Purgatorii ... et de liberative animar' ex eo p. suffragia viuor' Cotra Lutheranos Hussopycardos, 12mo. title within beautiful woodcut border, calf, £7.78

Bamberge, 1527 Bound up with DIETENBERGER's Grundt vñ vrsach wie unbillich das Salve regina in etlichen stetten wirt underlassen, 1526 ; and BOESCHEN,

STEYN (Abr.) ein nützlich Rechenbüchlin der Zyffer, 1536. 17173 ZWINGLI. Gualtheri (Rodolphi) pro Huld. Zvinglio & operum

eius æditione Apologia, 1545--Orthodoxa Tigurinæ Ecclesiæ ministrorum Confessio, Latinitate donata, 1545 – Zuinglii (Huldrychi) ad Mathaeum Alberum de Cæna Dominica, 1525 -Zuinglii Elenchus in Catabaptistarum strophas, 1527—4 vols. in 1, 12mo. hf. bd. 108

Tiguri, 1525.45 17174 -- (and others). Der Hirt. wie man die waren Christlichen

hirtē . . erkeñen, durch Huldrychē Zuingli, Zurich, 1524– Zwingli, Leerbiechlein wie man die Knaben Christlich vnterweysen vnd erziehen soll, 1524-Histori so zwen Augustiner Ordens gemartert seyn tzu Bruxel von wegen des Evangelii (1524)-Schutzrede item die Wittembergische Nachtgall, in verse—Disz büchlein gibt der zu verston, was etlich priester hondt gethon, in verse--and various other works by Niclaus Simon, Carolstat, Michel Hug, Hans Greyffenberger, Johann Locher, and others; together 41 parts, sm, 4to. numerous woodcuts on titles, £3. 8s

1523-24 Including some Ordnungen for special services. 17175 Various, Savonarola, Auszlegung der dreyer versz des dreyssi.

gisten Psalmen In te Domine speravi, gemacht durch bruder Jheronimum, s. I. 1522- Evangelium Nicodemi in teutsch gebracht, s. n.--Hugonis von Landenberg Bischoff tzu Costantz, Ernstliche Ermanung des Fridens und Christenlicher Eingkeit, mit Summarium der schödlichen gyfften so in disem Mandat vergriffen, Hohensteyn, Hans Fürwitzig-Ain nützliches Gesprech und underweisung, woodcut on title, 1525 - Grielmans (Johannis) Unterricht und ermanung an die Christlich gemeyn zu Cottbus, 1523—Ain säligs newes jar. Von der lieb gottes, woodcut on title, B. J. V. S. 1518 - Wider die vermeyntē euangelischē Bericht, 1523-Eyn wunder schons uñ gar nuczlichs buchlein, 1523–Westerburch (Gerhart) vom Fegefewer und standt der verscheydē selen, very rare, 1523–History bruder Jacobs, Prior zu Antdorff, fine woodcut title, portrait of Friar Jacob at the end (1522 or 1523)–Capito (W.F.) an den hochwürdigen fürsten Wilhelmen Bischoffen zu Straszburg (1532)--Erasmi Paraclesis Teutscht, woodcut on title (1523)–Erasmi von Walfart Vermanung, 15(23)-Eynn kurtzer begriff in wasserley gestalt die Bernhardinenses tzu Preszlaw ausz getribenn seyn, 1522–

Ain schöner dialogus Cüntz und der Fritz Die brauchent wenig witz

ynd sind gut Luthrisch bauren-Dialogus von der zwitrachtung des Glaubens neulich schöner dialogus von Hanns Tholl unnd Claus Lamp--Eyn schöner Dialogus tzwischen eim Pfarrer und eim Schulthayss, woodcut on title-in 1 vol. sm. 4to. £3. 103

1518-32 c. English. 17176 BALE (John, Bp. of Ossory). The first two partes of the Actes

or vnchast examples of the Englysh votaryes, gathered out of ther owne legenades and Chronycles, by Johan Bale, and dedycated to our most redoubted soueraigne kynge Edward the syxte, 2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. black letter, a small hole on first title, original calf binding, £3. 10s

1551-60 Colophon of Part I: imprinted at London by John Tysdale in Knyght Rydestrete, 1560. Part II has the following imprint on title: " London for Johan Bale MD 4 LI (1551) and are to be sold wythin Paules chayne at the sygne of 8. John Baptist.On the fly-leaf is the following inscription:

“E Libris PHILIPPI AYRES an. dom. 1660." 17177 CRANMER (Thomas, Archebyshop of Canterbury) Defence of the

true and catholike doctrine of the sacrament of the body and bloud of our sauiour Christ, with a confutation of sundry errors concernyng the same, sm. 4to. black letter, woodcut title, beautiful large copy in the original limp vellum, £10.

Reynold Wolfe, 1550 As fresh and fine as on the day when it first issued from the press, from which we may infer that when the owner, three years later, had hidden it in safety from the persecutors, it cannot have emerged from its retreat till quite

modern times. 17178 CRANMER. An Answer of . . Thomas, Archebyshop of Canter

burye . . . unto the crafty and sophisticall Cavillation devised by Stephen Gardiner, late Byshop of Winchester, folio, black letter, calf, £3. 10s

London, Reynolde Wolfe, 1551 The rare leaf “ Table of Faults escaped " is found in its proper place

between pages 444 and 445, not after page 460 (as usually found). 17180 FISHER (Bishop John.) Assertionis Lutheranae Confutatio, per reuerendum patrem Ioannem Roffensem Episcopum, sm.

4to. with numerous contemporary MS. notes and Latin verses by a Lutheran whose initials are I. S. and I. S. H., in a stamped hogskin binding, executed in Saxony about 1550, 368

[Coloniæ] 1523 Bound up with COCHLÆUS (Io.) adversus Cucullatum Minotaurum

Wittenbergensem, Francofurti, 1523—a bitter attack upon Luther. 17181

Assertionis Lutheranæ Confutatio, sm. 4to. stamped hogskin binding, 30s

[Coloniæ). 1524 17182

Assertionis ... editio ultima locupletata, sm. 4to. stamped hogskin binding, 25s

Colonice, P: Quentel, 1525 17183

Assertionum Martini Lutheri confutatio, 12mo. a fine portrait of “Martin Luthero hereje" pasted inside cover, calf, 20s

Vbiorum Agripp. [Colon.] 1525 17184 FRITH. A Boke made by John Fryth, prysoner in the Tower of

London, answerynge unto M. Mores letter, which he wrote agaynst the fyrste lytle treatyse that John Fryth made, con

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cernynge the Sacrament, 12mo. black letter, calf extra, antique style, bound by RIVIERE, £2. 108

Richard Jugge, 1548 A different edition from that printed by Scoloker. 17185 HUGHE (William) THE TROUBLED MAN'S MEDICINE, 12mo. black

letter, rebound in calf gilt in the earlier part of the last century, with the embroidered velvet covers of the earlier Little Gidding binding mounted on the sides ; enclosed in a brown morocco case, £4.

London, John Alde, 1567 The ornament on the sides is a flower with leaves and twisted stem

embroidered in silver filigree and silk. 17186 LATIMER (Hughe) The fyrste [seconde, thyrde, fourth, fifte,

sixte, seventh] Sermon whiche he preached before the Kinges Maiestie wythin his graces palayce at Westminster, MDXLIX Ihon Daye and Willian Seres-A notable Sermo preached in ye Shrouds at paules churche, 1548-together in 1 vol. 12mo. first editions, four leaves mended in bottom margins, otherwise a fine copy, rough leaves, purple morocco extra, old style, £10.

(? 1549-50) Excessively rare. The Notable Sermon is Latimer's memorable Sermon

on the Plough. 17187

FRUTEFULL SERMONS, preached by the right reverend father, and constant Martyr of Iesus Christ M. Hugh Latymer newly Imprinted; with others, not heretofore set forth in print, sm. 4to. black letter, full-page woodcut of Latimer preaching, old calf, RARE, with the bookplate of the Earl of Essex, 1701, £7. 10

John Daye, 1571 The inscription at head of the engraving (which is on a separate leaf) has the first line nearly cut away ; otherwise this copy of the book may be called

fine and large. 17188 MARTIN (Gregory) Discoverie of the manifold Corruptions of

the Holy Scriptures by the Heretikes of our daies, specially the English sectaries, 12mo. with the autograph of John Ravenscroft (circ. 1600) on title, fine copy in red morocco, blind tooling in the old style, gilt gaufré edges, from Mr. Maskell's Collection,

Rhemes, John Fogny, 1582 17189 MORE (Sir Thomes) WORKES WRYTTEN BY HIM IN THE ENGLISH

TONGE, stout sm. folio, black letter, very scarce, good sound copy,
with the eight unpaged leaves of Poems written in his youth, and
the leaf “To the Christen Reader,frequently wanting, brown
morocco extra, by Bedford, £26. 5s
Printed at London at the costes and charges of John Cawood,

John Waly, and Richard Tottell, anno 1557
With inscriptions in a contemporary hand, and the signatures “ R. Poyntz"

and “S. Prysteley” on title. 17190 MORE (Syr Thomas) The answere to the fyrst parte of the poysened

booke whych a namelesse heretyke hath named the souper of the lorde, 12mo. wanting folios 43, 228, 229, 257, large copy, with several uncut leaves, in russia, with the Swinton crest on the back, £4.

W. Rastell, 1534 EXCESSIVELY RARE ; no copy having apparently turned up in the bookauctions for at least fifty years. Even the copy described by Herbert and Dibdin was imperfect. The nameless heretic was William Tyndale the martyr, whose work on the Lord's Supper had been printed abroad in 1533.

scarce, £6.

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17192 MORTON (Thomas) Catholike Appeale for Protestants out of

the confessions of the Roman Doctors, sm. folio, fine copy in the original stamped calf, 188

1610 Written in answer to the Apologie of John Brerely (James Anderton) of

1608. 17193 [PARSONS (Robert)] The Warn-word to Sir Francis Hastinges

Wast-word: conteyning the issue of three former Treatises, the
Watch-word, the Ward-word and the Wast-word (intituled by
Sir Francis, an Apologie or Defence of his Watchword) ... by
N. D., author of the Ward-word, 12mo. vellum, £2. 12s

Permissu Superiorum [Duaci], 1602
The initials N. D. stand for Nicholas Doleman, a priest whose name was

frequently used (or misused) by the celebrated Jesuit, Parsons. 17194 POLUS (R.) de Concilio: reformatione Angliæ; baptismo Constantini, 12mo. calf, 20s

Dillinge, 1562 17195 PONET (Iohn) Busshop of Winchester, Apologie fully aunsweringe

.. a blasphemose Book gatherid by D. Steph. Gardiner, D. Smyth, Pighius, and other Papists ... of late set furth under the name of Thomas Martin against the godly mariadge of priests, 12mo. black letter, blue morocco, gilt edges, very scarce, £5.

s. l. (? Basel), 1556 "This attack upon Gardiner and the Papists by Bishop Ponnet or Poynet was printed abroad, and is one of the rarest of his 'tracts.”—Grenville

Catalogue. 17196 RAMSEY. A Corosyfe to be layed hard vnto the hartes of all

faythfull Professours of Christes Gospel. Gathered out of the scriptures by John Rāsey, 16mo. 8 leaves, the last blank, black letter, the marginal references slightly cut into, calf, VERY RARE, £2. 10s

8. n. (about 1550-52) An aspiration for the long life of Edward VI, which forms part of the text of the last leaf, fixes the probable date of this book which may be said to be unknown, for notwithstanding that it is recorded in Lowndes, without any remark, no one else mentions it, and the author himself is wrapped in equal obscurity. “John Ramsey, minister," wrote a “comfortable communication”

at a somewbat later date and may have been identical with the above author. 17197 Roy, Rede me and be not wrothe, 12mo. facsimile reprint, bds. 12s


out of the xyi. Ch. of Luke with an exposicyon therupon lately corrected & prynted, sm. 4to. title within woodcut border, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £7. 10s Wyllyam Hill (1528]

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d. Scottish.

17199 CAMERON (I.) Traicté auquel sont examinez les Prejugez de ceux

de l'Eglise Romaine contre la Religion reformée, sm. 8vo. vellum, autographs of Andrew Boyd (Bodius a Trochoregia) and R. Baylie, 20s

La Rochelle, 1618 Dr. John Cameron was “the most learned man Scotland ever produced.”

Bishop Hall. RARE, £50.

17200 COCBURNI (Patricii) in DOMINICAM ORATIONEM PIA MEDITATIO, 12mo. fine copy, ruled, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, EXTREMELY

In ciuitate Sancti Andreæ, J. Scot, 1555
Patrick Cockburn was a Professor at St. Andrew's, while John Knox
was there, but remained loyal to the old faith ; although indeed there is hardly
anything in this little volume, beyond a few ambiguous references to recent
events in the dedication to the Queen Regent (Marie de Guise), and the fact
of such dedication, to show to which side he belonged. He must have fled to
France not long after the publication of the Pia Meditatio, as he died in Paris
in 1559, having previously held a professorship of Oriental languages at the
University there.

So far as can be ascertained, this was the second book printed at St.
Andrew's, Archbishop Hamilton's Catechism having preceded it in 1552.
So little has hitherto been known of that press that only twenty years ago
Robert Chambers (Dom. Annals), in taking à general review of the affairs of
Scotland in 1558, states that the country possessed then “ a printing-press in

the head town, Edinburgh, but not another anywhere."
17201 FORBES (Patrick) an learned Commentarie upon the Revelation

of Saint Iohn .. wherevnto is added an profitable Treatise of the
Author, in defence of the lawfull calling of the Ministers of
reformed Churches, sm. 4to. limp vellum, £3. 10s

Middelburgh, 1614
Patrick Forbes, of Cotharis (or Corse) was afterwards Bishop of

17202 HAMMILTONII (Archibaldi) Calvinianæ Confusionis demon-

stratio, contra maledicam ministrorum Scotiæ responsionem,
sm. 8vo. title mended, otherwise a fine copy in blue morocco extra,
gilt edges, £5.

Parisiis, 1581 17203 THOMSON (George) la Chasse de la Beste Romaine où est

recherché & evidemment prouvé que le Pape est l'Antichrist,
stout sm. 8vo. vellum, 30s

La Rochelle, 1611
About the same time that this rabid Scotch Huguenot was proving the
Pope to be Antichrist, another raving Scotchman of the same name was
proving at Rome that the Scottish people were about to be reconverted.

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e. French Huguenots.
17204 BEZÆ (Theodori) de Hæreticis a civili Magistratu puniendis

libellus, adversus Martini Bellii farraginem et
Academicorum Sectam, sm. 8vo. old calf, clean copy, from the
Sunderland library, £2. 12s

Rob. Stephanus, 1554
A defence of the execution of Servetus-vile heretic that he was. Mar-
tinus Bellius and Basil Montfort bad had the impudence to find fault with the
noble action of the magistrates of Geneva, and to pretend that the Roman

Church bad done no worse with the Reformers. 17205 CALVINI (Johannis) Institutio Christianæ Religionis, folio, vellum, £2. 10s

(Genevæ), Rob. Stephan. 1553 Best edition of a, powerful and far-reaching in its influence. 17206

Institutione della Religion Christiana, in volgare Italiano tradotta per Giulio Cesare P. 8vo. large copy in limp vellum, 36s

Geneva, 1557 The full name of the translator was Pasquali. This is a rare book. 17207

Institucion de la Religion Christiana, ahora traduzida

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