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en Romance Castellano por CYPRIANO DE VALERA, sm. 4to.
bound, £2. 158 ; or, fine copy in vellum, £3. 10s

En casa del Ricardo de Campo, 1597
EXCESSIVELY RARE. The book, although printed in London, was meant
for surreptitious circulation in Spain ; but most of the copies fell into the
hands of the Inquisition, and were destroyed.

“Nic. Antonio, á pesar de sus investigaciones, no logró verla ; y
Laserna Santander dice.

peu de livres existent d'une rareté égale à
17208 CALVINI Ultima Admonitio ad Ioachimum Westphalū, 12mo. two
leaves slightly wormed, in the original stamped binding, 288

(Genevæ), Joannes Crispinus, 1557

Prælectiones in librum Prophetiarum Danielis, folio,

autograph of Louis CAPPEL on title, vellum, 18s Genevce, 1561 17210

Sermons sur les deux Epistres Sainct Paul à Timothee, & sur l’Epistre à Tite, sm. folio, original stamped binding, rebacked, £5.

Geneve, Jean Bonnefoy, 1563
17211 DU MOULIN (Pierre) Apologie pour la saincte Cene du

Seigneur, contre la presence corporelle et transsubstantiation,
sm. 8vo. vellum, 24s

La Rochelle, 1609

Defense de la Foy Catholique contenue au livre de trespuissant & serenissime Iaques I . contre la


de F. N. Coeffeteau, sm. 8vo. portraits of the author and of James I inserted, old French red morocco, gilt edges, £3. 16s

One of the most eminent Huguenot doctors of his time. He lived for a

while in England, under the patronage of James I.
17213 GONTERY (I.) la vraye Procedure pour terminer le different en

matiere de Religion, 12mo. vellum, 20s Caen, C. Macé, 1607
17214 NIELLE (Charles de) le Cantique des Cantiques, avec annotations
dediees à l'église de la langue Wallonne à Wesel, 12mo. vellum,

. 20s

(Wesel), Pierre de S. André, 1594
This little volume is probably quite unknown. The writer was a

Huguenot minister, in refuge at Wesel.
17215 LA PATENOSTRE des Huguenots adressee au Prince de l'enfer, père

des Heresies pour l'extermination des peres Iesuites, sm.
8vo. 4 leaves, 30s

s. 7. 1611
In verse ; the composition of a Jesuit partisan whose references to the

infant King and the Queen Regent might have brought him into peril.
17216 [REBOUL (Guillaume)] la Cabale des Reformez, par I. D. C.-

Apologie de Reboul sur la Cabale des Reformez-2 parts in
1 vol. 12mo. vellum, 36s

Mompellier, 1600
A copy fetched at Paris, in 1880, 155 fr. It is an extremely curious
satire against the Huguenots, from whose ranks the turbulent author had
apostatized. His head was taken off at Rome in 1611, for a lampoon against

the Pope.
17217 RICHEOME (Louys) trois Discours pour la Religion Catholique,
les miracles, etc. 12mo. vellum, 158

Bourdeaus, 1599

l'Idolatrie Hvgvenote, stout sm. 8vo. finely engraved title,
limp vellum, 24s

Lion, 1609
Dedicated, with excellent taste, to Henri IV. Richeomme was a Jesuit zealot.

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f. Vaudois. 17220 VIRET (Petr.) de Cautelen met het Canon ende ceremonien van der Misse ... Latyn ende Duytsch, 12mo. vellum, 328

Londen, 1568 17221

the same, 12mo. morocco, blind tooled, by J. Clarke, £2. 16s

1568 17222

Cauteles, Canon, and Ceremonies of the most blasphemous, abhominable, and monstrous Popish Masse . . . 12mo. calf, £2. 108

London, Th. Vautrollier, 1584


gItalian, 17223 BROCARD (Iames) the Revelation of S. Iohn reueled ... Englished by Iames Sanford, sm. 4to. vellum, £2. 10s

1582 Brocard was an Italian reformer, and of course his revelation is anti

papal. 17224 CELSI (Mini) in Hæreticis Coërcendis quatenus progredi liceat disputatio, 12mo. calf, £3. 38

Christlinge, 1577 A rare book, usually but erroneously considered to have been written by the famous LELIUS Socinus (see Barbier); but the imprint is a fabrication, and the typography seems to be assignable to Basel, where Minus Celsus, & refugee from Rome, and one of the small band of Italian reformers, was living

in 1572. It is a noble plea for religious toleration.
17225 OCHINI (Bernardini) liber de Corporis Christi præsentia in

Conæ sacramento, 12mo. fine copy in old red morocco, by
Padeloup, with Girardot de Prefond's name stamped on the leather
lining inside the cover, £2.

Basilec [about 1545]
Girardot's name, with the date 1755, is written on one of the fly-leaves.
This volume was therefore part of his first collection. The label bearing his

name is long, not round.!
17226 Ochino Andreasii de amplitadine misericordiæ Dei oratio Cælio

Horatio Curione interprete; item Sermones tres D. Bernardini
Occhini .... ad Regem Edvardum VI, 12mo. fine copy in red
morocco extra, gilt edges, with Girardot's label in

green morocco
pasted inside, £2. 168

Basilece, at end 1550 17227

Prediche, 5 vols. 12mo. the complete collection of his
Italian Sermons, bound in calf, VERY RARE, £4.

s. n. (? Basilec, cir. 1550-43-44-45)
The complete set of Ochino's Italian Sermons is very rare. Seldom are
more than two or three volumes found together, even in the richest libraries.
The first volume is a reprint, probably executed about 1550, while the others
are original issues, printed apparently in 1543 and 1544. There is no title to

part v.
17228 OCHINI (Bernardini) Dialogi xxx .. de Messia de Trini-

tate, 2 vols. 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome le
jeune, with his ticket, £4. 48

Basilece, 1563 17229

the same, 2 vols in 1, 12mo. fine copy in old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s

1563 The twenty-first section is the famous Dialogue on Polygamy, in which Ochino and a friend argue the question. In his own name Ochino holds the orthodox view, but he plainly allows himself to be out-reasoned by his collocutor, who desired and held it right that one man might have many wives.


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17231 OCHINO. A TRAGOEDIE or Dialoge of the vniuste

vsurped primacie of the Bishop of Rome, and of all
the iust abolishyng of the same, made by master
Barnardine Ochine an Italian, & translated out of
Latine into Englishe by Master John Ponet
sm. 4to. black letter, every page ruled with red ink,
very fine copy in the original smooth calf binding,
bearing an elegant geometrical design in gold and
painted compartments (mosaic) in the Grolier style,
with the arms of Thomas Wotton in the centre compart-
ments; enclosed in a morocco case, £150. 1549

This is one of the most lovely specimens of early English
binding of its kind in existence, and enables Thomas Wotton to
rank as a collector of beautiful books by the side of Grolier
and Maioli. The book has come from the Sunderland or
Marlborough library, and was the only “ English Grolier" in

that marvellous collection.
SOCINUs—see Socinians, in section i.

h. Spanish.
uirum Ioannem Diazium, 12mo. unbound, 8 leaves, £10.

Neuburgi Danubii, 1546
EXCESSIVELY RARE, this original edition being unrecorded by the biblio-
graphers. Diaz finished his MS. of the Summa on the 29th of February,
1546, and had it printed between that date and the 28th of March, when he
was murdered by his brother, In the following November there was
published under the name of Senarclæus an account by Fr. de Enzinas of
the assassination, with an appendix containing a reprint of the Summa, which

even then seems to have become rare.
17233 [ENZINAS (Francisco de)] Dos Informaciones muy utiles, la una

dirigida a la Magestad del Emperador Carlo quinto . . . y la
otra a los estados del Imperio. Y agora presentadas al Catholico
Rey don Philipe
1559—Carta embiada a

Philippe, Rey de España, de Inglaterra
parts in 1 vol. 12mo. vellum, £7.78

Only one other copy scems to be known, which is preserved in the
University Library at Göttingen. The Carta a Don Philippe is evidently wanting
in that copy, as it was not included in the reprint made by Wiffen and Usoz.
There are two leaves wanting here in the Carta, and the Dos Informaciones is

somewhat cropped, but otherwise the book is perfect.
17234 Enzinas, Dos Informaziones, fielmente reimpresas (por Usoz i Rio),
sm. 4to. sd. 28s

(Madrid) 1857
17235 PEREZ (Juan) Breve Sumario de Induljenzias [reimpreso por
Usoz], 16mo. cloth, 158

8. n. (? 1570)—Madrid, 1862
NICOLAS OF SACHARLES- —see Nos. 16652 and 17244.
17236 (PEREZ (Juan) • Peñafuerte [Alonso de)] Imajen del Antecristo
i Carta á Felipe II, reimpresas (por Usoz i Rio], 12mo. sd. 78 6d

(1558) 1849

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S. n.

-2 vols. or



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17237 SERVETUS de Trinitatis Erroribus, 1531-Dialogi de Trinitate,

1531–2 vols. in 1, 12mo. portrait of Servetus inserted, blue morocco, gilt edges, £2. 8s

s. 1. 1531-32 (reprint executed about 1740) There can be no doubt that this was printed in the eighteenth century ; consequently, the statement which appears in the Supplement to Brunet

simply proves that there were two early editions besides the contrefaçon. 17238 [TEJEDA (Fernando de) o Tomas Carrasco] Carrascon, segunda vez impreso (por Usoz i Rio), 16mo. half morocco gilt, 20s

Nodriza, 1633 (reprinted Madrid, 1847) The original edition, printed at the Dutch press of Norwich, is excessively

An interesting bibliographical essay precedes the reimpression. 17239

Carrascon (1847)— Imajen del Antecristo [de Juan Perez), 1849-2 vols. in i, square 12mo. calf, uncut, 258

1847-49 17240 VALDÉS (Juan de) Commentary upon the Gospel of St. Matthew;

now for the first time translated from the Spanish, and never before published in English, by John T. Berts. Added are: Lives of the twin Brothers Juan and Alfonso de Valdés, by E. Boehmer, D.D. 8vo. xii, 512, 30 pp. cloth, 7s 6d

1882 To Mr. Betts and the late B. B. Wiffen belongs the merit of having drawn public attention in England to the great religious movements during the 16th century in Spain and Italy.

The original works having been placed upon the Index are all of excessive

rarity. 17241 (VALERA (Cypriano de)] Dos Tratados el primero es del Papa

y de su autoridad . el segundo es de la Missa . . 12mo.
fine clean
copy in Levant morocco extra, by Thompson, £6. 6s

[Londres] Arnoldo Hatfildo, 1588 EXCESSIVELY RARE ORIGINAL EDITION. The Epistola al Christiano

Letor is signed with the initials C.D. V. 17242

Dos Tratados, el primero es del Papa . . . el segundo es de la Missa ... segunda edicion, augmentada por mismo autor, 12mo. with the two folding leaves, the last two or three

leaves damaged, calf, 36s (Londres) Ricardo del Campo, 1599 17243

another copy, 12mo. sound and clean, calf, £2. 10s 1599 17244


para confirmar en la fe á los cautivos de Berberia, y aviso sobre Jubileos; Nicholas i Sạcharles, el Español Reformado, sm. 8vo. sd. 108

(Madrid) 1854 i. Socinians in Poland. 17245 ORICHOVII (Stanislai, Roxolani) Chimaera sive de Stancari funesta

Regno Poloniae Secta, 12mo. with the very rare folding woodcut, depicting Orichow as the Typus Christiani Militis cutting down the ravenous wolves of heresy, vellum, 10s

Colonice, 1563 RARE. A furious attack upon the Socinian theologian Fr. Stancarus. 17246 SMALCII de Divinitate Christi liber, sm. 4to. bds. £2.

Racovice, 1608 17247 SMALCII Refutationes Smiglecii, Frantzii Vogelii et Peuschelii,

Schopperi, aliorumque, 8 vols. in 3, sm. 4to. two in vellum and one in calf, 36s

ib. 1614-17

17248 SMALCII Responsio ad librum Smiglecii Jesuitæ, cui titulum fecit

Nova Monstra Novi Arianismi—MOSKORZOW, Refutatio Appendicis libri Smigleciani—2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, rare, 258

Racovice, 1613 17249 SOCINI (Fausti) brevis discursus de causa, ob quam creditur aut

non creditur Evangelio Jesus Christi ; et de eo quòd qui credit præmio, qui non credit pæna a Deo afficiatur, ex Italico in Latinum translatus per Val. Smalcium, 16mo. calf ectra, gilt edges, by Pratt, 158

Racoviæ, 1614 17250

ad Andream Dudithium Epistolæ, ex Italico conversæ à M. R. H. 12mo. 20s

Racovice 1635 Bound up with the two following curious opuscula :-BUCOLDIANUS (Gerardus) de Puella, quæ sine cibo et potu vitam transigit, rare, Paris. 1542-CASSANIO (Joan.) de Gigantibus eorumque Reliquiis, Spiræ, 1587.

This fasting girl was then over twelve years of age. She had been

without food and drink for two years. 17251 VOLKELIUS (J.) de vera Religione, et J. CRELLII liber de Deo

et ejus Attributis—2 parts in 1 vol, stout sm. 4to. fine copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome, £2. Racoviæ, 1630

RARE ORIGINAL EDITION of this important work, supposed to be the most complete and authoritative exposition of the Socinian doctrines. The author died a year or two before its date, and the publication of the book was

entrusted to his co-religionist, Crellius. 17252 VOLKELII Responsio ad vanum refutationem dissolutionis nodi

Gordii á Smiglecio nexi, 1618—Moscorovii Refutatio libri de
Baptismo Smiglecii, 1617—2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. vellum, 20s

Racoviæ, 1618-17 The Socinians avouched themselves good Christians, and firmly believed in the divine mission of Jesus, but they attempted foolishly to reason away the difficulties of the Trinity. Romanists and Reformers alike held this to be an unpardonable heresy. Reason may be applied, say the theologians, to digest light and easy morsels, but the heavier food which cannot be masticated must be swallowed whole by Faith.



SEVENTEENTH CENTURY. 17253 Bilson (Tho.) the Perpetval Governement of Christes Church, sm. 4to. bd. 18s

1593 A streuous polemic against the anti-episcopalian writings of the Puritans. 17254 BUNYAN (J.) the Doctrine of the Law and Grace unfolded ; etc. fourth edition, 18mo. gilt binding, 78 6d

1736 17255 L'ISLE (Willm.) Divers Ancient Monuments in the Saxon Tongue,

written seven hundred years agoe, shewing that both in the Old and New Testament, the Lord's Prayer and the Creede were then used in the Mother Tongue, whereunto is added a second edition of a testimony of Antiquity, 1638-SADLER (Anthony) Inquisitio Anglicana ; or the disguise discovered, showing the proceedings of the Commissioners at Whitehall in the examination of Anthony Sadler, 1654—HEYLIN’S (Peter) Answer to the seditious and scandalous challenges of Henry Burton, 1637

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