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cause, 1659

BARNARD (Nicholas) Penitent death of a woefull sinner, John
Atherton, executed at Dublin, Dec. 5, 1640, by Nic. Barnard of
Ardagh, Dublin by the Society of Stationers, 1641-A Tithing
Table, by W. C. 1633—and other tracts on Tithes, etc. in 1 vol.

sm. 4to. old calf, from the Sunderland library, £3. 10s 1633-54 17256 MILTON (John) Reason of Church Governement urged against

Prelaty, 1641—(Milton's) Apology against A Modest Čonfutation

against Smectymnuus, 1642-(Milton's) Doctrine and discipline of Divorce, the author I. M. 1645—(Milton) Collasterion, à reply to a nameles answer, by I. M. 1645—(Milton) Tetrachordon . . . . wherin the doctrine and discipline of Divorce is confirmd, by J. M. 1645—Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, by J. M. 1650–6 pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf, £7.78

1642-50 17257 PRYNNE (Wm.) Unbishoping of Timothy and Titus, reprinted

1661- Apology for tender consciences in not bowing at the
name of Jesus, 1662-A Gospel Plea for the Maintenance and
Tenthes of the Ministers of the Gospel (with the rare single
broud-sheet containing copperplate portrait of Prynne in Prison),
1653—Demurrer to the Jewes long discontinued remitter into
England, 1656—The Republicans and others spurious good old

- Vindication of free-admission and frequent
administration of the Holy Communion to all visible Church-
Members, 1656—The Lord's Supper briefly vindicated, 1658-
The Quakers unmasked, 1655—in 1 vol. sm. 4to. a collection of
some of the rarest of Wm. Prynne's tracts, old calf, from the
Sunderland library, £4. 5s

1653-62 Prynne was a fiery champion of Liberty--i.e. liberty to all who agree

with us.
17258 STILLINGFLEET (Edward) Irenicum, a weapon-salve for the

Churches wounds, 1662—Stillingfleet, Origines Sacræ or
rational account of the grounds of Christian Faith, 1663—2 vols.
in l, stout small 4to. old calf, 7s 6d

1662-63 17259 WHITGIFTE (Iohn) Answere to a certen Libel intituled, An admonition to the Parliament, sm. 4to. black letter, old calf, 30s

Henrie Bynneman, 1572 17260

another copy, 1572—Charge of the Scottish Commissioners against Canterburie and the Lievetenant of Ireland, 1641 -Norwood (Capt. Robert) Additional Discourse, 1653–3 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. half russia, £2.

1572-1653 17261

Defense of the Aunswere to the Admonition, against the Replie of T. C. [Thomas Cartwright], folio, rough calf, 20s ; or, fine copy in old calf, gilt back, 258

1574 17262 Puritan Tracts. Noli me tangere is a thing to be thought on,

engraved title by Marshall, 1642-BAXTER (Richard) the Quakers
Catechism, 1655–Propositions concerning Church Govern-
ment and Ordination of Ministers, Edinb. reprinted Lond. 1647

-The Downfall of the Pretended Divine Authoritie of the
Hierarchy into the Sea of Rome by V.N. V. 1641—The Service,
discipline and forme of the Common Prayers used in the
English Church of Geneva, 1641-HEWES (Lewes) Errours


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of the Service-booke, 1641-Several Treatises of Worship
and Ceremonies by the Rev. W. Bradshaw, n. d.-The horrible
stratagems of the Jesuits lately practised in England, and now
discovered by a reclaimed Romanist, by A. B. Novice, 1650–
Copie of the proceedings of some worthy and learned Divines

with considerations upon the Common Prayer Book, 1641
-Prynne (William) Breife Memento to the present unparlia-
mentary Junto touching their present intentions to depose
and execute Charles Steward their lawful King, 1648—and other

tracts, in 1 4to. old calf, from the Sunderland library, £5.
17263 PonNet (Bp. John) Treatise of politique power, and of the true

obedience which subjects owe to kings, 1642—STUBBS (John)
for the king and both_houses of Parliament, 1670—A Gospel
Engine or Streams of Love and pity to prevent new flames in
England, 1649–Hell broke loose ; a Catalogue of the Errours
of these times, 1646-Lazarus and his Sister discoursing of
Paradise, uncut, 1655-KIFFEN (W.) Remonstrance of the
Anabaptists, 1645—The Cry of the innocent & oppressed for
Justice, a relation of the late proceedings against the Quakers,
1664-A short relation of the sad sufferings of the Quakers,
1670--Trap ad Crucem ; or the Papists Watch-Word; also a
relation of the several fires that have happened in the City of
London, 1670—The Lord Craven's Case briefly stated, 1654–
Tydings from Rome or Englands Alarm, 1667– An Oration
made at the Hage before the Prince of Orenge by the Bishop of
Landaff, 1619–Relation of the several engagements and actions
of his Majesties Fleet under Prince Rupert, 1673—and several
other rare tracts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf, £7. 78 1619-73

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17264 BERINGTON and KIRK, the Faith of Catholics . . revised and

enlarged by Waterworth, 3 vols. 8vo. (pub. 31s 6d), cloth, 20s 1846

A useful classified citation of all the authorities (during the first five
centuries of Christianity) for the points of doctrine held by the Roman

Church and contested by the Greeks and the Reformers.
17265 COOKE (Robert) Censura quorundam scriptorum, quæ sub nomini.

bus sanctorum et veterum auctorum à Pontificiis (in quæstionibus
potissimum hodie controversis), citari solent, auctore Roberto
Coco, sm. 4to. a few letters missing on the last two leaves, calf,
7s 6d

Londini, 1614
A valuable review of early Christian literature, indicating the suppositi-
tious writings usually ascribed to the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and

cited as of doctrinal importance.
17266 E. (F.) Disputation of the Church wherein the old Religion is
maintained V. M. C. F. E., sm. 8vo. vellum, £2. 16s

Doway, 1632
VERY RARE. I have been unable to discover the author's name.

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17267 [HOLDEN (Richard)] Guide in Controversies doctrine of

Roman Catholics concerning the Ecclesiastical Guide in Con-
troversies of Religion, by R. H. sm. 4to. old calf, 30s

No place, 1667 17268 - Discourse of the necessity of Church-Guides, with

annotations on Stillingfleet's answer to N. O., by R. H. sm. 4to.
old calf, 368

No place, 1675
These Romanist treatises are generally attributed to Abraham Woodhead,

but the initials on the title-page of each are those of Richard Holden.
17269 MALARD (Michael) French and Protestant Companion, with the

Death of Popery, in French and English, sm. 8vo. plates, old calf,

By one of the transplanted Huguenots; a curious compound of abuse

and piety
17270 NEWMAN (John Henry) [Works :] The Arians of the fourth

Century, 1833-TRACTS FOR THE TIMES, a complete set, in 6 vols.
1834-42; Supplement (containing pieces by Newman, Pusey,
Williams, Perceval, and Palmer), in 1 vol. 1841-43—Lectures
on the prophetical office of the Church viewed relatively to
Romanism, 1837—Lectures on Justification, 1838—Parochial
Sermons, 6 vols. 1835-42-Sermons bearing on subjects of the
day, 1843-Sermons on the theory of Religious Belief, preached
before the University of Oxford, 1843—Essay on the develop-
ment of Christian doctrine, 1846— Apologia pro vita sua, 1864
-together 20 vols. 8vo. the last two in hf. morocco, the other
eighteen uniform in calf gilt, £20.

An exceptionally perfect set; from the library of Mr. J. C. Robertson,

Ambleside. 17271 NEWMAN (John Henry) Apologia pro vita sua, 8vo. hf. russia, 78 6d

1864 17272 R. (C.) of the Distinction of fundamental and not fundamental

points of Faith, 12mo. vellum, 18s s. l. (Douay ?), 1645 17273 [SHUTE BARRINGTON (John)] Rights of


Dissenters, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. LARGE PAPER, blue morocco gilt,
gilt edges, presentation copy from the author to Damaris Lady
Masham, with her autograph, £4.4s

Very rare. It is not included in the collected edition of Viscount

Barrington's works. 17274 TREATISE of the nature of Catholic Faith and Heresie . . by N. N., sm. 8vo. calf, 7s 6d

Rouen, 1657

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(See passim, under Works of Reformers, various other Sermons.) 17275 BOURDALOUE, Sermons, Exhortations, Pensées, 18 vols. 12mo.

portrait, fine copy in calf gilt by Derome, £2. 16s Paris, 1716-58 17276 FLEMING (Robert) the Blessedness of those who die in the Lord;

a discourse occasioned by the death of King William, 2 vols.
in 1, 8vo. frontispiece, old English blue morocco extra, gilt edges,


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17277 FYSSHER BYSSHOP OF ROCHESTER (Johan) Mornynge Remem

braūce had at the moneth mynde of the noble prynces Margarete countesse of Rychemonde & Darbye moder unto kynge Henry the VII & grandame to our souerayne lorde that now is, uppon whose soule almyghty god haue mercy, sm. 4to. with woodcut representing Bp. Fisher preaching to Henry VII and the other Mourners, beautifully inlaid, morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, EXTREMELY RARE,

£20. Wynkyn de Worde, n. d. (1509) HOADLEY's Nature and end of the Sacrament of the Lord's

Supper-see under Liturgies. 17278 LIBERIUSZ (Iacek) Gospodyni Marya matka Boza : dwudziesta

Kazan na hymn 0 gloriosa Domina, sm. 4to. engraved and printed titles, a little water-stained, hf. bd. 30s

Krakowie, 1650 17279 (NICOLAI PELSNENSIS) ENCHIRIDION seu Manuale Curator' dās

predicādi modum tam latino quam vulgari BoEmo sermõe, 16mo. hf. morocco, £2.

Nornberge, 1518 Books of early date in the Bohemian language tre very rare.

Printed apparently at a private press by “ Johannes Mantuanus Pelsnensis," and full of strange phrases in the Latin preliminaries and headings.

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17290 ARNTZ (J.) Beknopt historisch Overzigt van het Quicumque van

den H. Athanasius, atlas 4to. 3 facsimile pages of the MS., sd. 5s

Utrecht, 1873 17291 BLONDEL (F.) Histoire du Calendrier Romain, 4to. calf, 14s

Paris, 1682 17292 CASTROVOĽ (Petri de) Tractatus super psalmum quicüqz vult

nominatum qui alio nomine dicitur simboluz Athanasii, small 4to. the title missing and a few margins wormed, vellum, £3.

Pāpilone (circ. 1490) The first book printed at Pampeluña ; very rare. 17293 CAVALIERI (Joann. Michaelis) Opera omnia Liturgica, seu Com

mentaria in authentica sacræ Rituum Congregationis decreta ad Romanum Breviarium, Missale, et Rituale attinentia, 5 vols. in 2, folio, vellum, 30s

Aug. Vindel. 1764

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17294 CLAVII (Christ.) Novi Calendarii Romani Apologia, adversus

Mich. Mæstlinum Gæppingensem tribus libris explicata, 4to. the
dedication copy to the Emperor, bound in old crimson morocco,
with elaborate ornamental gilt tooling in the Renaissance style, the
German Imperial Arms on sides, gilt and gauffred edges, £25.

Romæ ap. Sanctium, 1588
The Roman Kalendar had then recently undergone the reform with
which the name of Gregory XIII is associated, and which has since prevailed

throughout the civilized world. 17295 CELSII (Magni) Computus Ecclesiasticus, sm. 8vo. calf, 78 6d

Upsalice, 1673 An important work on the history of the Calendar. 17296 Crassi (Paridis) de Caeremoniis Cardinalium & Episcoporum in eorum diæcesibus libri duo, sm. 4to. vellum, 36s

Romæ, 1580—at end 1581 With the musical notation of the chanted portions. 17297 DENZINGER (Henr.) Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum quæ à Conciliis et Pontificibus emanarunt, 12mo. calf neat, 4s 6d


ORUM. Colophon : Presens raconalis dinor codex
officor' large folio, Printed on Vellum, the
initials painted and ornamented, very large copy in old
English blue morocco extra, gilt edges, in a red
morocco case, from the Sunderland Library, £850.

Per Johannē fust ciuē Magūtinuz, et petru Gernsz-
heym. Clericum dioces' eiusdem. Anno dni
Millesimo quadringentesimo quinquagesimo nono

In these days of iconoclasm and uncertainty, it is a comfort
to possess a noble volume like this, bearing its date and printers'
names in full, and maintaining the undisputed honour of being
the third book printed with a date.

The book itself has long remained a work of standard authority on the history of the Roman Church discipline, the origin and meaning of the various forms of the ritual. It is a creditable monument of scholastic learning in the thirteenth century, and is still indispensable to a correct understanding of the symbolism of all Christian ceremonies.

This was the oldest printed work in the grand Sunderland collection, and is likely to remain, for the next half century, the

oldest dated book that can appear in the market.
17299 DURANDUS. Symbolism of Churches and Church Ornaments,

a translation of the first book of the Rationale divinorum offici-
orum of Durandus, with introductory essay and notes by Neale
and Webb, 8vo. cloth, RARE, 358

Leeds, 1843 17300

du Symbolisme dans les églises du Moyen-Age ... traduit de l'Anglais par M. V. O., avec une introduction par Bourassé, 8vo. woodcuts, calf, 108

Tours, 1847

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