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17301 FRÈRE (Edouard) des Livres de Liturgie des églises d'Angleterre

(Salisbury, York, Hereford) imprimés à Rouen dans les sv et xvi Siècles (1492-1557), roy. 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, 12s

Rouen, 1867 17302 GUERANGER (Prosper) Institutions Liturgiques, 3 vols. 8vo.

hf. calf, gilt tops, uucut, 20s Le Mans, 1840-Paris, 1851 17303 INNOCENTII tertii pentificis Maximi de officio Misse et sacramento

altaris Liber ... 12mo. printed in red and black, the printer's woodcut device at beginning and end, old French calf gilt, 208

(Paris.) Thomas Laisne (circ. 1520) 17304 LEE's Glossary of Liturgical and Ecclesiastical Terms, compileil

and arranged by the Rev. Frederick George Lee, D.C.L., F.S.A., Vicar of All Saints', Lambeth, 1 vol. 8vo, about 500 pp. with upwards of a hundred illustrations on wood (pub. 218), cloth, 78 6d ; or, hf. bd. Roxburghe, 9s

1876 17305

the same, LARGE PAPER, 1 vol. royal 8vo. of which only 23 are printed, half Roxburghe, 25s

1876 Since Pugin's Glossary no volume so complete and useful has appeared

as this elaborate glossary of all liturgical and ecclesiastical terms. 17306 KALENDARS OF SCOTTISH SAINTS, with personal notices

of those of Alba, Laudonia, and Strathclyde, an attempt to fix the districts of their several Missions and the Churches where they were chiefly had in Remembrance, by A. F. Forbes, Bishop of Brechin, 4to. facsimiles, £2. 10s

Edinburgh, 1872 17307

the same, LARGE PAPER, roy. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, £4.

1872 A very valuable and learned work, containing the result of investigations in an obscure but very interesting field of inquiry. The reprinted documeuts

are chiefly from MSS. of great importance. 17308 KRAZER (Aug.) de Apostolicis necnon antiquis ecclesiæ Occidentalis Liturgiis, 8vo. hf. calf, 58

Aug. Vind. 1786 17309 LE BRUN (Pierre) Explication littérale historique et dogmatique

des Prières et des Cérémonies de la Messe, suivant les anciens auteurs et les monumens de toutes les eglises du monde chrétien, 8 vols. in 4, 8vo. hf. calf, uncut, £2.

Paris, 1777-78 17310 [LE BRUN DES MARETTES (J. R.)] Voyages Liturgiques de France ;

recherches faits en diverses Villes du Royaume par le Sieur de

Moleon, sm. thick 8vo. plates, old calf gilt, 24.s Paris, 1718 17311

the same, with new title only, 8vo. calf, 22s 1757

Valuable for the study of the history of the Gallican Church. 17312 LIBRO que tracta de los sacratissimos misterios d la missa ; llamado

Memoria de nuestra redempcion, sm. 4to. woodcut on title, a little water-stained, bound, 36s

Valladolid, 1551 17313 LINDER (Andreæ) Dissertatio historica de Liturgia RomanoSuetica, 2 pts. in 1 vol. 12mo. neat, 78 6d Upsal. 1726-29

A valuable and learned contribution to liturgical history. 17314 MARTENE (Edmundi) DE ANTIQUIS ECCLESIE RITIBUS, libri

quatuor, 3 vols. Rotomagi, 1700; Tractatus de antiqua Ecclesiæ Disciplina in divinis celebrandis officiis, Lugd. 1706; together 4 vols. 4to. calf, £3. 3s


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17315 MASKELL'S Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England accord

ing to the uses of Sarum, Bangor, York, and Hereford, and the modern Roman Liturgy, arranged in parallel columns, second edition, 8vo. pp. clxi and 237, bds. 128

1846 17316 the same, new edition, 8vo. cloth, 15s


occasional offices of the Church of England according to the ancient use of Salisbury, the Prymer in English, and other Prayers and forms, with dissertations and notes, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, £2. 28

1846-47 17318

the same, new edition, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 10s 1882 A valuable and very interesting collection of ancient English services, some in Latin, and some in old English, with a copious elucidation of all the

ceremonies and prayers made use of. 17319 MOEHLER (J. A.) la Symbolique, ou exposition des contrariétés

dogmatiques entre les Catholiques et les Protestants, traduite de l'Allemand, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. bd. 7s 6d

Besançon, 1836 17320 MONE (Franz Joseph) Lateinische und griechische Messen aus dem

2en bis 6en Jahrhundert, 4to. facsimile, cloth, 10s Frankf. 1850 17321 NICKEL (M. A.) die heiligen Zeiten und Feste nach ihrer

Geschichte und Feier in der katholischen Kirche, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, 24s

Mainz, 1836-38 17322 PALMER (Rev. William) Origines Liturgicæ, or the Antiquities

of the English Ritual and a dissertation on primitive Liturgies, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 18s

Oxford, 1832 17323

third edition, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 30s; hf. calf, 32s 1839 17324 PELLECHET (M.) Notes sur les livres liturgiques des dioceses

d'Autun, Chalon, et Macon, avec un choix de Leçons, d’Hymnes, et de Proses, roy. 8vo. sd. 20s

Autun, 1883 A work of sterling value and excellence. It contains a description of a large number of important books and MSS., liturgically classified, with

analyses and critical observations. 17325 [PICCOLOMINI (Augustino Patrizio)] Rituum Ecclesiasticorum

sive sacrarum Cerimoniarum S. S. Romanæ Ecclesiæ . . . est & in fronte operis Corcyrensis Archiepiscopi Christophori Marcelli ad Leonem X Epistola, sm. folio, good copy in old calf, from the Sunderland library, £6. 10s Venet. G. de Gregoriis, 15

Marcellus, the Archbishop of Corfu, published this valuable work as his own, dedicating it to Leo X. It was soon found out to be really an unpublished one by Piccolomini, the editor of the first Pontifical (1485), and thereupon the Pope decreed the suppression of all the copies. They have

consequently become very rare. 17326 PUGIN (A. Welby) Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and

Costume, enlarged by Bernard Smith, roy. 4to. numerous plates richly coloured and illuminated, hf. morocco, £6. 6s

B. Quaritch, 1868 17326* ROZIERE (Eugène de) Liber Diurnus, ou recueil des formules

usitées par la Chancellerie Pontificale du v au xi Siècle, 8vo. hf. vellum gilt, 12s

Paris, 1869

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RARE, £6.

17327 SCACCHI (Fortunati) Sacrorum Elæochrismateon Myrothecia tria

in quibus exponuntur Olea atque Unguenta divinos in Codices
relata, folio, plates, Dutch vellum, from the Sunderland library,

Amst. F. Halma, 1701
A work embracing details of costume and ornament which would not be

suspected from the title.
17328 SAILLY (Thomas de) Thesaurus Litaniarum ac Orationum sacer,

cum suis adversus Sectarios apologiis, sm. 8vo. many engravings
by Peter vander Borcht, with 27 ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS in-
serted, figures of Saints finely engraved by Ganiere, Weyen,
Blois, Mariette, etc. beautiful copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges,
£3. 53

Bruxellæ, 1598 17329 THIERS (J. B.) Dissertations sur les Autels, les Jubés, la clôture du Chour, 12mo, hf. bd. 7s 6d

Paris, 1688 17330

Traité des Superstitions qui regardent les Sacremens,
4 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 10s

Avignon, 1777
A treatise of great learning and value on the ceremonial usages of the

17331 TURRECREMATA (Joannis de) Tractatus de venerabili scacra-

mento - At end : Explicit tractatuľ . . . de corpore xpristi et
contra comunicātes sub vtraqz spē, sm. 4to. fine copy in half calf,

Delf in Hollandia, s. a. et typ. nom. (cir. 1483)
Panzer mentions this work in the Supplement of the Annales, but
without referring it to any date or printer. Hain similarly mentions it,
while Brunet omits all notice of it ; from which we may conclude that these
bibliographers never saw the book. It bears at the end of the Colophon

the escutcheon of the first printer of Delft, Jacob Jacobszon van der Meer. 17332 TURRECREMATA (Joannis de) Meditationes posite & depicte de

ipsius mandato in Ecclesie ambitu S. Marie de Minerva Rome,
lit. goth. 33 curious woodcuts, Rome, Steph. Planck, 1498-Ejus-
dem Tractatus de Aqua benedicta, lit. goth. 10 unnumbered
leaves, s. a. et 1.-Lapide (Johannis de) Resolutorium dubiorum
circa celebrationem Missarū occurrentium, lit. goth. s. a. et l.-
Tractatus Bonaventure de modo se preparandi ad celebrandum
Missam, lit. goth. (8 leaves), s. a. et 1.-—De Utilitate Misse, 4
leaves, Roman letter, s. d. et l.-- Expositio Misse secundū fratrem
Hugonē Cardinalē ordis predicator', 10 leaves, Roman letter, s. a.
et l.–De Defectibus in Missa occurrentibus, 6 leaves, s. a. et l. ;

and 3 other tracts, in 1 vol. 4to. £21.
17333 VINCENT (A. J. H.) Histoire de l’Harmonie au Moyen-Age par

Coussemaker-Note sur la Messe Grecque de St. Denis-
Quarts de Ton dans le Chant Grégorien--and other pieces on
Medieval and liturgical music, in 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, 108

Paris, 1853-64 17334 ZACCARIA (F. A.) Bibliotheca Ritualis (cum Supplementis), 3 vols. in 1, stout 4to. vellum, £2. 10s

Romæ, 1776-81
Rare. The best critical introduction to the study of Liturgical literature.

In addition to the citation and description of all known service-books,
there are lists of writers upon Ritual and Liturgy, and some unpublished
treatises in illustration of the subject.


17335 Tracts. ZIMMERMANNUS de Presbyterissis veteris Ecclesiæ, Anne

bergæ, 1681-Wildvogel de venerabili Signo Crucis, Jence, 1697 -Hildebrandi Compendium veterum Orandi Rituum, Helmst. 1713—Georgius de Liturgiis, Missalibus, et libris ecclesiasticis Tubingą, 1718–Reinhardi Dissertatio qua Liturgia ecclesiæ Evangelicæ adversus Renaudotii objectiones vindicatur, Vitemb. 1721-Gleichius de Liturgiis Orientalibus in doctrina de Eucharistia, Wittenb. 1754--Zornii Historia Bibliorum manualium (Handbibeln der ersten Christen), Lips. 1738--Stoccmeier de jure Liturgico, Hala, 1738—Grupen, Formulæ Veterum Confessionum: alte Fränkische, Alemannische, and Angelsächsische Beicht-Formuln, Hannover, 1767—together 9 interesting works, sm. 4to. sd. £3.





a. Missals. 17336 INCIPIT MISSALE SCDM STILŪ ROMANE CURIE, folio, painted capitals,

and with large coloured woodcut of the Crucifixion, fine copy in purple morocco extra, leather joints, gilt goffered edges, in the old style, £31. 10s

(Colonie) p. me lodouicum de Renchen, 1483 There is no copy of this rare Missal among the liturgical books of the

late Duke of Parma (Conte di Villafranca). 17337 INCIPIT ORDO MISSALIS S'N CONSUETUDINEM ROMANE CURIE, sm. 4to.

printed in red and black, on VELLUM, wanting the last two leaves and the woodcut in the Canon ; fine copy in the original boards, covered with parchment, £20. [? Norimbergæ, Georg. Stuchs, 1484]

Six leaves for the Calendar, and 248 (wanting 4, and therefore only 214) in this copy, make it likely that the book is the one printed at Nurnberg by Georg Stuchs. The last page of the present copy ends thus, “... In

octauo vo | pente. resumit. Aspges me dne.” 17338 ORDO MISSE: secüdum institutionē sacrosancte ecclesie

Romane que est caput & princeps tocius orbis : : .. sm. 4to. printed in red and black, gothic letter, hf. morocco, RARE, £5. 103

Cracouiæ, Mathias Scharffenberg, 1529 17339 MISSALE ROMANUM ORDINARIUM. Missale

Romanum nuper ad optatum comodū quorūcūqz
sacerdotā summa diligentia distinctū
etiā adiuncte sunt multe misse noue . . sm. folio,
woodcuts and music, GOTHIC LETTER, printed in red
and black, the first nine leaves in facsimile and the
last leaf mended ; red morocco extra, gilt edges, by

Bedford, £150. Mexic. Ant. de Espinosa, 1561 17340

another copy, QUITE PERFECT, sin. folio, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £250.

Mexic. 1561 Although the present catalogue contains two copies of this first Mexican missal, it is a book of extraordinary rarity, and

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there are probably not half a dozen copies altogether in existence, perfect or imperfect. As a monument of typography in the New World it has virtually no rival, being the first large and important work produced by the press after the recent

introduction of the art of Printing into America. 17341 MISSALE ROMANUM, small folio, Mexici, Ant. de Espinosa, 1561 ;

facsimiles of the first nine leaves of this rare book, including the title, Calendar, Tabula Dominicarum and folio l; also

folios 134, 326, 327, together 12 leaves, £5. 17341*

the first nine leaves separately, in facsimile, £2. 28 17342 MISSALE ROMANUM ex decreto sacrosancti

Concilii Tridentini restitutum, Pii V. Pont. Max. jussu editum, square small folio, printed in red and black, with large woodcut of the Crucifixion and woodcut initials, one of the initials cut out; in the original magnificent binding of smooth brown morocco, gilt edges, the sides and back covered with geometrical or architectonic patterns in the Eve style, with mosaic compartments in green, red, and silver, the spaces filled in with enwreathing gold lines which terminate in fanfare ornaments and branches of leaves, à fers azurés, £400.

Parisiis, J. Kerver, 1571 17343 ORDINE overo Rito di celebrar la Messa privata & solenne, secondo il Messale Romano, 12mo. vellum, 25s

Brescia, 1576 17344 MISSALE ROMANUM

nunc denuo Urbani VIII auctoritate recognitum, 8vo. printed in red and black, with all the Music, also numerous fine plates, proof impressions before lettering, russia gilt, gilt edges, 368

Antverpiæ, off. Plantin. 1682 17345 another edition, 8vo. old calf, 30s

1711 17346 MISSALE ROMANUM ... ad exemplar Romanum anni 1856

novis interim ordinatis seu indultis festis auctum, roy. folio, gothic letter, printed in red and black, with the Music, elaborate woodcuts arī initial letters ; bound in overlapping vellum, gilt edges, £5.

Vindobonce, 1861 A superb specimen of typography,—the elegant initial letters and woodcuts, which were speciaily made for the work, deserving to rank amongst the highest artistic productions of their kind. In fact this is incomparably the finest missal that has ever appeared since the invention of Printing.

b. Breviaries.


Calendario), 2 vols. in 1, folio, PRINTED ON VELLUM, with exquisite borders, historiated initials and numerous capital letters all beautifully illuminated in gold

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