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and colours, with the arms of a Cardinal in the lower
margin; from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace,
old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, £300.

Venetiis, Nic. Jenson, 1478
This, as an artistic monument, is equal to a fine illuminated
MS. The borders and figures, and painted ornaments are
extremely elegant, and include some work in fine camaieu-rouge.
Among the animal-figures, there is one of an elephant. There
are MS. additions, evidently made for the Cardinal, on the
blank-leaves of the book, to supply certain offices not included
in the original impression.

This Breviary on vellum belongs to the most magnificent

productions of the Jenson press.
17343. BREVIARIUM ROMANUM . . pars æstivalis, thick sm. 8vo. in

the original dark red morocco, entirely covered, back and sides,
with an exquisite pattern in gold, combining the geometrical inter-
lacements, the fanfare ornaments, the palm leaves and wreaths of
foliage, a very beautiful specimen of Olovis Eve's work in marvel-
lously fine preservation, £20.

Antverpiæ, Plantin. 1612 17349 TEUTSCH ROEMISCH BREUIER vast nutzlich vnd trostlich. Nämlich den klosterfrawen

auch der priesterschaft weltlich und ordenszleut Mit ainē Claren directorion, etc. stout sm. 4to. printed in red and black, with many woodcuts, including a set in the Calendar similar in character to those in the Calendars of French Livres d'Heures, old smooth morocco gilt, gilt edges, £10.

Augspurg, Alexander Weyssenhorn, 1535 EXCESSIVELY RARE; as, independently of the damage caused by use, a book like this must have been obnoxious vot only to the Reformers but also to the zealots amongst the Romish priesthood; and consequently have seldom escaped destruction.

The book is curious as containing the first translation of the Breviary into any European vernacular. It may be compared with the English Primers of the same period.


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C. Psalters,
17350 PSALTERIUM cum precibus canticisque variis et symbolo, sm.

4to. fine large copy (with rough leaves), painted borders and
capitals, the initial letters illuminated in gold and colours ; olive
morocco extra, gilt edges, EXCESSIVELY RARE, £25.

Impressum per Fridericum Crewsner de Nurenberga, 8. a.
Printed about 1473 in large gothic missal type, with 19 lines to a full

page. It begins “ Beatus uir” without any heading or title-page.

small 4to.

Beautiful Manuscript on Vellum, by an ITALIAN SCRIBE, richly illuminated in gold and colours, the reverse of the first leaf exhibiting the intitulation : Incipit Liber Psalmorum, 8c. in letters of gold on an azure ground, above and beneath which are winged boys supporting escutcheons, surrounded by laurel wreaths,

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on which are depicted armorial bearings very similar to those of the MEDICI family (9 Torteaux).

The Psalms commence on the next page in letters of gold, also on an azure ground, beneath a Miniature of David kneeling in a rich landscape, and playing on a psaltery, his gaze fixed on the clouds in which appears the Almighty bearing a cross with Christ crucified. The elegant border of this page is composed of exceedingly rich ITALIAN ARABESQUES of gold and colours, in which the armorial bearings are also repeated. In this border are also exhibited 8 fine Miniatures (the Annunciation, 5 small half-lengths of figures of the Prophets, each holding a scroll with a prophecy concerning Christ: Joseph and Mary kneeling with the infant Jesus, and a very elaborate painting of the Day of Judgment). The margins of these pages in letters of gold are painted green, and ornamented with burning branches in gold and red.

The Psalms are divided into 7 Nocturns, at the commencement of each having an elegant border formed of flowers, birds, infants, and golden studs. The volume is further decorated with innumerable capitals alternately in gold and colour. The nnmerous large initials are also in gold ornamented with burning branches, which no doubt formed the device of the owner.

old French blue morocco, gilt edges, £275. About 1500 Attributed by the late author of the History of Christian Art to Sinibaldo of Perugia, who was painting at Gubbio about 1520.

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d. Antiphonals. 17352 DIRECTORIUM CHORI . . . a Ioanne Guidetto olim editum, in hac

postrema editione a Stagmina auctum, 12mo. printed in red and black, every page full of music, 30s

Rome, 1665 17353 MODULI Passionis Dominicæ in maiori hebdomada, folio, 10 staves of Music on every page, bds. 12s

Florentice, 1768 17354 PROCESSIONALE Romanuz cum officio mortuor' & missa p. defunctis

in cantu, sm. 8vo. printed in red and black, with the Music, a

little water-stained, vellum, 308 Venetiis, L. A. d Giūta, 1513 See also Ceremonialia and Hymnals.

e, Offices and Horæ.
17355 OFFICE OF THE HOLY WEEK according to the Missall and Roman

Breviary translated out of French ... enricht with many figures,
Latin and English, sm. 8vo. 7 plates by Hollar, calf, £3. 16s

Paris, 1670 This curious volume fetched £5. 2s 6d at the Townley sale. The words " translated from the French,” only refer to the explicatory notes in small type found at the beginning of each section. The Latin prose and verse of the original are rendered into admirable English,

the metrical portion being of very superior merit. The translator was W. K. B., who dedicated the book to his mother the Lady M. B.


17356 OFFICIUM BEATÆ VIRGINIS MARIÆ secundum consuetudinem

Curiæ Romanæ, 16mo.

Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum, beautifully written by a Florentine Scribe, several pages written in gold on crimson and blue ground, illuminated capitals, borders, and 11 superb Miniatures, CHEFS-D'EUVRE of their kind, and evidently done by a master hand, bound in blue velvet, gilt edges, from Sir Thomas Gage's library, £84.

In castro Carpi, per

Sigismundum de Sigismondis de Carpo, 1498 17357 OFFICIUM B. MARIÆ VIRGINIS, 4to. (or sm. folio), beautiful

full-page plates, proofs before letters, olive morocco extra, gilt
edges, with geometrical interlaced patterns in gold on sides and
back, with wreaths of foliage in the spaces and several fine roulette
ornaments, £20.

Venetiis (1619) 17358 OFFICIUM BEATÆ VIRGINIS MARIÆ secundum Usum Romanæ

Ecclesiæ, cum Calendario, 12mo.

Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum, with 11 beautiful
Miniatures within ELEGANT BORDERS and numerous
LETTERS, all FINELY PAINTED in gold and colours by a French
artist, olive morocco, dentelle borders, silk linings, gilt edges, by
Derome, £60.

Written probably at Auxerre or Bourges, about A.D. 1500
A very elegant specimen of late French work, equally attractive in the
delicacy of its miniatures, the florid brightness of its borders, the elegance of

its calligraphy, and the tasteful character of the binding. 17358*OFFICIUM GLORIOSÆ VIRGINIS MARIÆ secundum Sanctam

Ecclesiam Romanam nuper ex concilio Tridentino reformatum

-Devota Preparatione innanzi al divino uffizio, per la Riforma della Chiesa ; in 1 vol. 12mo. printed in red and black, gothic letter, woodcut initials, etc. in dark green morocco, gilt edges, fine large copy, £3. 10s

Venetiis, Leuncinus, 1571 VERY RARE and curious. The volume begins with a Calendar in Italian, and finishes with 72 pages of prayers in that language, as used by the “ Fratelli di S. Maria dell' Humiltà ;" they commence strangely enough with

the Office of the universal Reform of the Church.
17339 OFFICIUM B. MARIÆ VIRGINIS, Svo. every page printed within

woodcut borders, several large woodcuts by Pieter van den Brock
and A. van Lunderseel, in a sixteenth century binding, rebacked,
with stamped centrepieces of the Annunciation on one side and of
I.H.S. on the other, the sides covered with a geometrical pattern in.
Grolier's style, with silvered compartments, £10.

Antverp. 1573 17360 HORÆ BEATÆ MARIÆ VIRGINIS, cum Calendario, sm.

4to. Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum, written on 198 leaves
(6 by 5 inches), and ornamented in a very unusual style, the
Calendar with 24 curious pen-and-inle sketches and the services
with 12 Miniatures in Grisaille, heightened in gold and colours,
every page resplendent with gold ivy-leaf borders, capitals and
terminals richly illuminated in gold and colours, russia, gilt
edges, £75.

About A.D. 1420

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17361 LIVRE D'HEURES, or Prayer Book of Sir JOHN

illuminated MS. on vellum, with Miniatures;
containing several pieces of English poetry in Talbot's
own handwriting, £1000.

Probably a present from the Regent Duke of Bedford to
Talbot, on the marriage of the latter with the sister of their

common friend Lord Warwick.

Romane ecclesie (cum CALENDARIO), 4to. Illuminated Manu-
script, on 175 leaves of vellum, with 23 large Miniatures of the
Life and Passion of Our Saviour, and of the Lives of the Saints,
with rich floral and arabesque borders to every page of the book,
many of them containing also figures of birds, insects, and hybrids ;
bound in silli, with silver clasps, £100.

About A.D. 1480
This MS. was formerly in the possession of M. Carmartin, Conseiller
d'Etat (about 1680), and was purchased at Ayliffe's Sale in 1769 by J. Bow!c,
editor of Don Quixote. See note on the fly-leaf.

The first office in the Proprium Sanctorum, with a Miniature, is that of St. Godeleve, who was venerated in North France and Flanders, which shews the locality from which the MS. originated. The prayer for noster rer, how. ever, and the style of the paintings, indicate rather French Burgundy than Artois or Flanders, and it may be that the volume was written soon after the

seizure of Burgundy by Louis XI, on the fall of Charles the Bold in 1477. 17362 HORÆ. Prayer-book of ISABEL QUEEN OF PORTUGAL, daughter of

Isabel la Catolica of Castile, and wife of the Portuguese King
Don Manoel, 12mo. MS. on vellum, with beautiful Miniatures by

About 1500 17363 CES PRESĒTES HEURES a lusage de Rome furēt acheuees le

siziesme iour doctobre. Lan Mil. CCCC. jiii. xx. et xv. Pour
Simo vostre . . . 8vo. 74 leaves (signatures a-h in eights and
i in ten leaves) with 19 larger woodcuts, and hundreds of smaller
woodcuts in the borders, very fine and large UNCOLOURED copy in the
original stampeu vindiny, £60. Paris, Ph. Pigouchet, 1495

Very rare; only one other copy, being recorded, which was imperfect. 17364 HEURES A LUSAIGE DE ROME avec Calendrier et

Almanach (1488-1508), PRINTED ON VELLUM, within
elegant woodcut borders of sacred and grotesque
subjects (including DANCE OF DEATH, Dance of
Peasants, Rural Sports, Nondescripts, dc.), orna-
mented with large and small wood engravings (UN-
COLOURED), having the capital letters iluminated in
gold and colours ; beautifully bound in brown morocco,
super extru, richly ornamented with gold tooling and
a mosaic design of variegated leather's, in the Grolier
style, lined with red morocco, gilt gaufré edges, Hardy-
Menmil linder, Marius-Michel gilder, in morocco case,

Paris, pour Symon Vostre, 1498

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17365 HORE BEATE MARIE VGINIS secundū usū romanum,

roy. 8vo. PRINTED ON VELLUM, 22 large engravings and numerous small ones, with woodcut borders, illuminated in gold and colours, beautiful copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome le jeune, £120.

(Paris, Vostre, 1508) 17366 VOSTRE (Simon) Hore christifere virginis marie

secüdum vsum Romanu . cū illius miraculis & figuris apocalipsis et biblianis vna cū

cũ triūphis cesaris, roy. 8vo. 102 leaves (A-O in eights, except F, G, fours, and 0 six leaves), with 14 very large and 12 large woodcuts, and a constant succession of elegant borders containing an immense number of smaller woodcut figures, including the Dance of Death, ALL UNCOLOURED ; a very fine and very large copy bound in old velvet, gilt edges, £200.

Paris (1508) The first year in the Almanac is 1508; from which we conjecture the date. This is a superb copy of the Grandes Heures of Votre, almost uncut and in wonderfully fresh

condition. 17367 HORÆ in laudem beatissimæ virginis Mariæ ad

vsum Romanum, 12mo. printed in Roman letter with
rubrications, numerous delicate woodcut illustrations,
and every page enclosed within an elegant woodcut
border of fruits, flowers, birds, insects, and other figures
(the work of GEOFFROY TORY), in an Italian
red morocco binding of the sixteenth century, decorated
with gold tooling in the Venetian style, and bearing on
the sides the medallion of the Canevari library, Apollo
driving his horses over the waves to the rock where
Pegasus awaits him, and the inscription, opaws kai
un dotc@s ; in a blue morocco case, £150.
Parisiis, Oliv. Mallard, sub signo vasis effracti, 1542

“Livre précieux, dont je ne connais qu'un exemplaire."Bernard, Geoffroy Troy. The single copy known to Bernard, then belonging to M. Aerts of Metz, was apparently the same which has since been sold at the Didot auction, for 3000 francs.

f. Ceremonialia. 17368 BAPTISMALE siue Cathecumenus iuxta ritum s. Romane ecclesie,

in quo etiam officia que apud egrotū atqz defunctum fieri oporteat, continentur

Additi sunt etiam Exorcismi


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