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b. Benedictines:
17418 PSALMORUM LIBER secundum Usum Monacho-

rum Sancti Michaelis Montis Oliveti Ordinis S.
Benedicti, sm. 4to.

Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum, by an
Italian Scribe, with over 30 delicious Borders and
Miniatures and numerous initial letters, finely illu-
minated in gold and colours, from the Duke of

Roxburghe's library, in an olive morocco case, £300.

Val d'Acona, near Siena, about 1480
A chef-d'ouvre of the most exquisite beauty. The finest
specimens of French execution are not worthy to take a place
even far beneath it; and indeed the Italian schools have pro-
duced few works of art to rival this MS. In each of the minia-
tures there is a background, in which the glorious beauty of the
Italian sky and landscape is vividly empictured. The figures
are small but marvellously fine in drawing, colouring, and
perspective ; the decorative borders are at once rich and pure in
taste; and the tout ensemble forces even upon the dullest capacity
a recognition that work like this could only have been executed
by'a masterhand, in the very home of Art.

The MS. was probably painted and written for a chief of
the order, who may be traced by means of the heraldic emblems
that occur in the borders. These are: azure, a chevronel
between three fleurs de lis, or which seems to be the bearing of
the Cinuzzi family at Siena ; and a shield azure with a bend,
gules, bordered or, and charged with three letters d, or. This
last appears to be the cognizance of the Albergati of Bologna

with the three ds superadded.
17419 LIBER FAMILIARIS s’m Consuetudinē Monialium sancti

Laurētij Uenetiarum : Ordinis Scti Benedecti, sm. folio, woodcut
capitals and music, and large woodcut on the back of title, 4 leaves
mended, morocco, gilt edges, £12.

Venetiis, Petrus Liechtenstein, 1541 (at end 1542) 17420 CANTORINO OLIVETANO da Alfonso Bovio, 3 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. rough black morocco, £2.

Venetia, 1661

C. Carmelites.

17421 BREVIARIUM Fratrum B. V. Mariæ de Monte Carmeli, 2 vols. 4to.

printed in black and red, with numerous fine plates by D. Coster ;
old black morocco, gilt edges, the sides and back blind-tooled (by
Padeloup), 208

Antwerpiæ, 1735 17422 PROCESSIONALE ordinis Carmelitarum, operâ Casimiri Vire, sm. 4to. entirely engraved, with illustrations, old calf, 30s

Lugd. 1739

d. Carthusians. 17423 ORDINARIUM Cartusiense, 16mo. bound, 25s

Lugduni, 1641

e. Cistercians, 17424 MISSALE CISTERCIENSE, folio, MS. on vellum, with painted capitals and Music; oak boards covered with leather, £24.

Circ. 1228-35 This venerable MS. would seem to have been written before 1228, as the office of St. Francis, who was canonized that year, is added in the margin in the original scribe's handwriting. The office of St. Elizabeth (canonized in 1235) is similarly added by the original hand. From the prayer for the Rew Christianissimus, it is plain the work was written in France; although the handwriting in which some deficient leaves were supplied in the fifteenth century is of Italian character. In the missa votiva the words which had originally stood famulos tuos were altered about the end of the fourteenth

century into Astorgium pastorem nostrum. 17425 ANTIPHONARIUM CISTERCIENSE, folio, MS. on vellum, with painted capitals and music, oak boards, £10.

Sec. XIV As a volume of old Church Music this MS. is interesting and curious. 17426 GRADUALE CISTERCIENSE, folio, MS. on vellum, with all

the music, large painted capitals, some of them elongated into floral border ornaments, some teaves defective and wanting, ook boards, with brass corner pieces, £6.

Sec. XIV

f. Dominicans. 17427 MISSALE ad consuetudinem fratrum Predicatorum ordinis sancti

Dominici, sm. 8vo. (12mo.), printed in red and black with woodcuts and woodcut initials, and music, fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £8.

Parisiis, vidua Thielmanni Kerver, 1529 17428 PROCESSIONALE sacri ordinis Predicatorum--Officium Hebdomadæ

Sanctæ-2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. entirely engraved, with vignettes, old calf, £2. 108

Paris. 1707-11

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g. Franciscans. 17429 LES FRVICTS SACREZ du Cordon Indulgenciaire de St. François,

12mo. pretty plates by L. Gaultier, fine copy in veau fauve, gilt edges, £3. 10s

Paris, 1621 The second part contains the prayers and offices to be recited by participators in the special Franciscan Indulgences.


17430 CALAMATO (Alessandro) HINNI SACRI del Breviario Romano, con le

Quattro Sequenze del Messale, tradotti e comentati, 2 vols. in 1, 16mo. vellum, scarce, 24s

Messina, 1629 The Latin Hymns of the Church, with an Italian Commentary.

17431 CANTIQUES SPIRITUELS consacrez aux amours & louanges de Jesus,

Marie et Joseph, accommodez aux airs du temps, sm. 8vo. brilliant impressions of the plates, veau fauve, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £3. 38

Le Mans, 1648 17432 DANIEL (Herm. Adalb.) Thesaurus Hymnologicus sive Hymnorum

Canticorum Sequentiarum circa annum MD usitatarum collectio amplissima, Vols. I-III, 3 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, 36s

Lipsiæ, 1855 17433 FERRERII (Zachariæ) Hymni novi Ecclesiastici juxta veram metri

et Latinitatis normam, sm. 4to. without the preliminary leaves, fine copy, ruled throughout, in old calf, 258

Rome, 1525 17434 IACOPONE DE BENEDECTO DA Topi, li Cantichi o uero laude, sm. 4to. bds. 36s

Firenze, Francesco Bonaccorsi, 1490 17435 JUSTINIANO (Leonardo) LAUDE DEVOTISSIME ET SANTISSIME,

smallest 4to. (12mo.), numerous pretty woodcuts, some of them with borders, fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt marbled edges, very scarce, from the Beckford library, £25. Venetia, 1517

Some of the cuts are of remarkably elegant design, and it is evident that the artist had his training in the school that produced the famous Poliphilo,

Ovid and Æsop. 17436 KANCYONAL PIESNI NABOZNYCH (Hymns according to the use of

the Roman Catholic Church, in Polish and Latin), oblong 12mo. calf gilt, RARE, 36s

Krakowie, 1721 17437 LATIN Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, with interlinear AngloSaxon gloss, 8vo. cloth, 12s

Surtees Society, 1851 17438 LIBER HYMNORUM; the Book of Hymns of the Ancient Church of

Ireland; from the original MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, edited by the Rev. JAMES HENTHORN TUDD, 2 vols. sm. 4to. cloth, £2. 10s

Irish Arch. Soc. 1855-69 17439 MONE (F.J.) Lateinische Hymnen des Mittelalters, aus Handschriften herausgegeben, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, £2.

Freiburg im Breisgau, 1853-55 17440 [URATISLAUIA (Michaelis de)] Expositio hymnor'q3 interpretatio ex doctoribus in gymnasio Cracouiēsi, sm. 4to. vellum, £4.

Cracou. 1516 The Hymns are printed in Roman, the commentary in Gothic letter. 17441 WIMPFELING. De Himnor' et Sequentiarú auctoribus. Generibusqz

Carminū que in Hymnis inueniuntur, erudiciūcula Ja. Vymp. sm. 4to. 10s

(Heydelb. 1499)


17442 RENAUDOTII (Eusebii) LITURGIARUM ORIENTALIUM Collectio ; accedunt Dissertationes quatuor, 2 vols. 4to. calf gilt, £2.

Parisiis, 1716 17443 editio secunda correctior, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd. uncut, 25s

Francofurti, 1847 Comprising various Greek Liturgies, in Greek and Latin ; and the Nestorian, Coptic, Maronite, Ethiopic, and other liturgies, in Latin.

Greek Church,

17444 EUCHOLOGION sivi Rituale Græcorum, complectens Ritus et

Ordines divinæ Liturgiæ . juxta usum Orientalis Ecclesiæ, Gr. et Lat. operâ JACOBI GOAR, editio secunda, expurgata & accuratior, folio, old calf, gilt back, £6. 108

Venet. 1730 The learned Frenchman, Goar, lived for nine years in the island of Chios as friar of a Dominican monastery, and neglected no opportunity of collecting

and testing the materials of this great work. 17445 MENOLOGIUM Græcorum jussu Basilii Imperatoris Græce olim

editum, nunc primum, Græce et Latine prodit, studio et opera Annibalis Card. Albani, 3 vols. in 1, large folio, LARGE PAPER, 437 engravings in facsimile of the miniatures in the original Byzantine MS. vellum, £10.

Urbini, 1727 The pictures, with their text, form an almost complete illustrated Martyrology of the Greek Church. The MS. from which they were reproduced was written for the Emperor Basilius II about the beginning of the eleventh

century. 17446 LITURGIÆ sive MISSÆ Sanctorum Patrum Jacobi Apostoli,

Basilii Magni et Joannis Chrysostomi (cum variis Opusculis] de Ritu Missæ et Eucharistia, Latine, ed. Joannes à Sancto Andreâ, sm. folio, calj extra, £3.

Paris, 1560 Published for a controversial purpose, to show the conformity in doctrine

and discipline between the Early and the Latin Churches. 17447 HORÆ BEATISS. UIRGINIS secüdum consuetudinem romanæ

curiæ. Septem psalmi pænitentiales că lætaniis & orationibus, Græce, 16mo. title printed in red in Greek and Roman letters, el woodcut on the back, the text in black and red, beautiful copy in blue morocco extra, doublé with red morocco, exquisitely ornamented, gilt edges, Camille relieur Bénard doreur," £40.

Venet. Aldus, 1497 EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST ALDINE Edition. 17448 HOROLOGIUM, Græce, sm. 8vo. printed in red and black, fine large copy in red morocco, gilt edges, by Bozerian, £4. 4s

Florent. Junte, 1520 17449 NEOPHYTUS, the "Rituale Ordinance," edited by F. E. Warren,

with account of the “Misfortunes of Cyprus" by Neophytus, by Edwin Freshfield, 4to. facsimile, sd. 2s

1881 17450 [WHELER (Sir G.)] LITURGY, composed after the model of the Ancients, folio, neat MANUSCRIPT, half calf, £5.

1712 (transcribed about 1780) An interesting unpublished work by a respectable scholar, the learned Sir George Wheler, who is so well known by his travels in Greece. Its value here consists in the reproduction of the ancient liturgies of St. Basil and St. Chrysostom. Great portion of the service is in English metre.

b. Russo-Greek Church, . 17451 TCHASOSLOV (Daily Hours and Offices equivalent to the Greek

Horologion, in the Church-Slavic language), sm. 8vo. Russian binding, 7s 60

Moscow, 1843

17452 KNIGA TREBNIK (RITUAL and offices of the Russian Church,

in Old Sclavonic), stout folio, printed in black and red, original leather-covered boards, 20s

Moskva, 1750

C. Syrian Churches. 17453 MENOLOGIUM, for the month of Ob, in Syriac, 4to. MS. on bom

bycine paper, written in red and black in a modified Estranghelo character, in the ancient binding of wooden boards covered with leather, £10.

Anno Mundi, 7002 (? A.D. 1502) Divine offices for the thirty-one days and nights of the month of August, according to the Melchite rite.

MSS. of this kind are very rare, and of no small liturgical interest. 17454 BADGER (George Percy) the Nestorians and their Rituals, narrative

of a mission to Mesopotamia and Coordistan, 1842-44, and a late visit in 1850, researches into the condition of the Syrian Jacobites, Papal Syrians, and Chaldeans, and the religious tenets of the Yezeedees, 2 vols. 8vo. portraits and maps (pub. 36s), cloth, 12s

1852 17454* HOWARD (George Broadley) the Christians of St. Thomas and

their Liturgies ... translated from Syriac MSS. obtained in

Travancore, sm. 8vo. frontispiece, cloth, 78 6d Oxford, 1864 17455 GOUEA (Antoine) Histoire Orientale des grans progres de l'Eglise

en la reduction des anciens Chrestiens de S. Thomas . . tournée en François par lean Baptiste de Glen, stout 12mo. vellum, £2.

Anvers, 1609 At end : LA STE MESSE des anciens Chrestiens, in Latin. For the Portuguese original, see No. 16748.

d. Coptic Church, 17456 LITURGY. Prayers for the Fasts and Festivals of the Coptic

Church, in Coptic and in Arabic, sm. 4to. MS. on thick bombycine paper, written in red and black, with a few ornamental initials, in the native binding, £2. 10s

Egypt, about A.D. 1700 17456*OFFICES of the major and minor ABRUSAT, and of the SHA’ANIN, in 1 vol. 12mo. MS. in Coptic and Arabic, hf. calf, 20s

1579 (1862)

e. Abyssinian Church,

e 17457 DEVOTIONS for each Day of the Week, commencing with the

Second, in Ethiopic, 8vo. fine MS. ON VELLUM, numerous illuminations, Oriental binding, £20.

Sec. XVI This MS. contains meditations and devotions having special reference to the Passion of Christ as well as to other events in his life. The Formula at the commencement is intended to be used before each of the daily devotions, which invariably conclude with a Prayer for a blessing “on the Servant," for the insertion of whose name a blank space is left throughout. No name, however, of scribe or owner is inserted after these words, as is so commonly the case. This MS. is valuable as throwing light upon the private devotional habits of Abyssinians. Contains 131 leaves, double columns; 93 by 63 inches.

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